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Surrendering To Islamic Violence
In The Guise Of Appeasement

By Frosty Wooldridge


Interview with Tim Murray, Canada

Islamic violence against humanity rages today since it started at the 1972 Olympics. It continues in bombing airliners out of the skies.  It continues in beheadings, burnings, car bombs, shoe bombs, underwear bombs, and subway and train bombings.  It’s the nature of that religion to blow people up including themselves.  To pretend that Islam seeks peace reminds me of Hitler’s promise to be a good neighbor.

Everything in the Koran speaks of violence toward Jews and all non-believers.  Muslims kill their wives and daughters over perceived dishonoring of the family name. Muslims cut their daughters as to female genital mutilation.  Muslims kill gays and force arranged marriages of their little girls.

Last week, an inane movie parody of their barbarian leader Mohammed caused riots, shootings and killings of innocent people.  None of them ever gets upset when their jihadists and al-qaeda operatives blow up Western countries.  They danced and cheered in the streets over 9/11.

The cowardice that encouraged WWII

Back in 1938, British politician Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler for fear of confronting him.  Chamberlain gave multiple concessions so Hitler wouldn’t wage war on Great Britain.  Instead of backing Hitler down, it emboldened him.  Those concessions showed weakness and fear.  Hitler’s war machine savagely attacked Poland and continued onto Paris and London.  If not for the United States, France and England would be colonies of Nazi Germany.

Today, at the drop of a hat, making of a movie, some politician speaking incorrectly about their barbaric Prophet Mohammed—and his followers go nuts.  They sustain a kind of “crazy emotionality” that has moved beyond reality into the realm of insanity.  Moments later, in our Western democracies where free speech provides our most potent freedom, our leaders like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned a movie parody with words such as, “Reprehensible, vicious, blah, blah….”

How much more cowardly can our president Obama be when he bows to Islamic leaders and apologizes for our rights of free speech?

I talked with Canadian Tim Murray about his thoughts on Islam and its continuing quest to overrun Western democracies.  Can you give us an idea of what has happened to Canada and what America faces Mr. Murray?

“What is the goal of waging "ideological jihad" if not this,” said Murray. “To shift the focus away from a particular outrage--a murder, a bombing, a hijacking, an outburst of mob violence and the threat posed by Islamic terrorism---to the allegedly unfair treatment of Muslims in this country and other Western democracies. Hey, it works, doesn't it?

"Progressive politicians and liberal media, having wet their pants at the prospect of future Islamic violence, quickly validate those tactics by apologizing for whatever offence  the terrorists claim to has justifiably "provoked" them. And why wouldn't they? They are largely the product of decades of college indoctrination where two generations of students have been taught that Western Civilization and all its works--the product of "Dead European White Males"--is decadent and rotten to the core.

“In Canada, confessing regret for past wrongs has almost become a national character trait. Bump into a Canadian in a lobby or a doorway entrance and before you can move your lips you hear, “I’m sorry.” That may be an admirable mark of civility in ordinary people, but when politicians fall over themselves issuing apologies to every group that English Canadians ever encountered in the last three centuries, it becomes tiresome. The possibility that the British or the French or other Europeans ever contributed some useful or valuable to this country seems lost in a parade of mea culpa. One is given to wonder why so many millions of migrants from other continents have aspired to come here given the mess that Europeans allegedly made of this place.  Did they come to teach us lessons about the rule of law, parliamentary democracy, freedom of expression, the right of collective bargaining or the Rights of Man? Or lecture us about racism or caste prejudice having imbibed it at home?

“One gets the distinct impression, at times, that in Canada having British or European ancestry is akin to having a disease, a stain that can never be removed no matter how many apologies, ethno-cultural grants or preferential hiring quotas are provided. CBC journalists have been heard, with thinly veiled disdain and total impunity,  to refer to certain neighborhoods, towns or provinces as "white-bread" and "boring", while the slightest departure from politically correct language in reference to other places or peoples instantly provokes censure.  Putting down 'whitey' has become Canada's new Newfie joke, and a badge of political correctness if uttered by a "whitebread" comic, radio commentator or party guest.  If one wants to prove his or her credentials as a certified member of the smart set, there is nothing like gratuitous English-Canadian self-deprecation. Congratulations, you are now a paid-up member of polite society.

“In other words, "Western guilt" is now firmly entrenched into our national psyche---it even underpins the environmental movement. Having fled from their foundational roots, which included a focus on overpopulation as a key ingredient of environment degradation, they coined an absurd non-sequitur called "environmental justice"--an apples and oranges hybrid customized for watermelon greens who analyze our global environmental problems through a rejuvenated Marxist paradigm dressed up in green clothing. The ulterior motive, it seems, is not to save the environment, but to save a worldview that one would have thought was discredited when the Berlin Wall came down. The name of the game is to "get" capitalism and bring down Western civilization. It is a strategy that was born long ago, in the 1920s, by Marxist theoreticians like Antonio Gramsci and the academics of the so-called Frankfurt School. It is called "Cultural Marxism", and it is alive and well.  As they chanted in college, "Hey hey, Ho ho, Western civ has got to go."

“One suspects that their focus on climate change is not driven by science--as compelling as it may be--but by a need to excuse the sins of the global poor by focusing on the "greed" of the rich---a category defined as the "one percent" in one forum, but inclusive of nearly all Westerners in others. Since we churn out a disproportionate amount of GHG emissions, it is argued, we deserve a disproportionate amount of blame.  Not one article on the environment, it seems, can fail to parrot the mantra that North Americans represent only a small percentage of the world's population but consume so much more of the world's resources or that--my personal favourite--Canadians are "energy hogs" (Try living through a Canadian winter without using a ton of energy).  Seldom is the conversation about the massive destruction of biodiversity occasioned by the mere expansion of human numbers in Central America and the continents of the southern hemisphere. In fact, any discussion about overpopulation is said to be implicitly if not overtly "racist".

“Deforestation? Don't blame the poor, that's our fault. It's the multinational logging companies---- peasant farmers who cut trees for firewood or clear forests to plant crops are not on the radar. Be it poaching wildlife, burning coal in cooking stoves--or having five children---the poor are not to be held to account. They are not to be assigned any personal responsibility. Maybe the Devil made Flip Wilson do it,  but it is poverty that drove them to it. Poverty which---you guessed it---is all down to “capitalism”. And men of course. One cannot mention "patriarchy" and female "empowerment" and "education of women" too many times these days. The notion that in some cultures women may want to have five kids is beyond the pale of consideration. And if they do want five kids, no one has the right to try to interfere in any way with that decision.

“On the other hand, people in Western society must be made to believe that they are personally responsible for everything they consume or do---even though institutional decisions by governments and corporations, as Derrick Jensen pointed out, account for more than 80% of energy consumption in America (cf. "Forget Shorter Showers").  What is interesting about this prescription of personal responsibility for ourselves but not others is that it is not seen for what it is----a  highly patronizing attitude toward the poor, who are in effect being  treated like children who are not responsible for what they do.  Is not this “infantilization” itself a kind of 'racism'---- an application of double standards?

“It should therefore come as no surprise that we have been rendered defenseless before this latest barrage of Islamic violence and intimidation. We have been ideologically disarmed by many years of indoctrination and ideological engineering.  Like the French who fell to self-doubt and defeatism long before they fell to Hitler's invasion, we surrendered years ago by surrendering our own self-respect. We have been taught by a Puppet Intelligentsia to question our own legitimacy, and to interpret a lethal challenge to our core values as an opportunity to embrace "diversity" and enrichment.  Despite Muslim leaders constantly re-affirming their contempt for our values in both words and deed, we persist with the pretense that Muslims will integrate as seamlessly as Europeans did, notwithstanding their fervent  allegiance to a belief system that has not been reformed by the Enlightenment or informed by an appreciation for the concept of a separation of mosque and state.

“In truth, the enemy does not lie outside our gates, but in our schools, our broadcast studios, our parliaments and in the mindset of a generation of Quislings who have been taught to regard their own cultural and economic displacement as an expression of 'tolerance'. This tolerance, however, does not extend to those of us who would lift the mask of this hallowed "diversity" to expose the ugly sore of capitulation and betrayal that lies beneath it.”

Contact Tim Murray: Contact him at :  Tim Murray, , or, said, “I came upon an orchestration, the environmental movement, and all the musicians were playing violins to the tune of “Overconsumption, overconsumption, overconsumption.” They refused to play any other tune or use any other instrument to compliment that narrow repertoire. Apparently some corporate donors were paying them to be a one-trick pony.


Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. In 2012, he bicycled coast to coast across America.  His latest book is: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, copies at 1 888 280 7715/ Motivational program: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, click:



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