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Summary Of My Teachings
Dr. J. S. Chiappalone

Since 1985 I have published certain books which contain fundamental KEYS needed to understand what is going on in society and provide a means of Making Sense of the Madness which has gripped our planet.

The point that people should be free to believe what they like, however, is emphasized throughout my writings. Readers are urged to think for themselves at all times and only accept that truth which resonates within them. It is stressed that such philosophical and spiritual discourses are for the individual alone to assess and should be a private matter at all times.

The concept of personal accountability is prominent and many other realizations of what is happening are fostered by the facts presented.

My writings point out that nothing is as it seems in this world of illusion and that there have been continuous efforts throughout history to prevent the Truth from being known in its fullest. When one awakens sufficiently, one realizes that there has always been a well-orchestrated conspiracy against exposure of the controlling Evil Essence and Revelation of the Truth. The aim of the writings is to stimulate certain people intellectually, philosophically and spiritually so that their process of awakening can be facilitated.

Inspite of apparent scientific progress, this plane is run on ignorance, deception, confusion, stupidity, emotional exploitation and hatred which form the Maya or illusion of this world.

The BASIC TENETS of my "philosophy" are that:

·         Consciousness and the physical body are two separate and distinct things,

·         Existence of consciousness is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and that

·         The physical mind is limited in its ability to comprehend all the factors that make up the Reality in which we live, which is not always the Reality we perceive and of which we are aware.

All consciousnesses on this level, with the exception of a few, are trapped in a cocoon of IGNORANCE. The purpose of this, my "philosophy", is to break through that ignorance and bring forth the Light of Knowledge. It was anticipated from the onset that many of the Dark side would fight to prevent this happening.

My writings explain the reason for the presence on this planet of so much SUFFERING and pain which are really not consistent with an existence created by a loving, caring God.

The crux of my philosophy is that there are 2 feuding CREATIONS in this dimension. The Ancient Gnostics understood and professed some of the basic tenets of this philosophy.

The uncensored texts of the ANCIENT WISDOM found in Hermetic texts, in the writings of Manichaeus, in the Apocryphal Gospels contained in The Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls all talk about the TWO FEUDING CREATIONS.

Other evidence of the existence of two creations is found in

·         The Christian Bible (Old Testament),

·         Chaldean Cutha tablets,

·         The Mesopotamian creation myth called the Enuma Elish,

·         Hermetic mythology,

·         Orphic myths,

·         The Hindu sagas (the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, Various Vedas and Puranas),

·         The doctrines of Zoroaster as contained in the Zend Avesta,

·         The Platonic writings and many other sources.

Basic points of realization contained my books include the following:

·         There are TWO CREATIONS: the original Divine Creation and the Evil Creation superimposed upon a section of the True Creation. Evil is a parasite on the Divine Creation. This physical dimension as it now exists is the creation of a demigod who came into being from an evolutionary aberration which has been termed a "Celestial Error". Evil is not part of the Divine Plan. Evil is an aberration, and Evil definitely exists. Evil was doomed from its inception. From this you can extrapolate that an END was the natural conclusion to its manifestation. Hence, the Physical Dimension, which Evil spawned, was doomed from its very beginning as were all its creations unless they accepted the offer to step into the True Light.


·         Since the TAKEOVER by the Evil Essence of the ethereal dimension which solidified to become this dimension, and up until this point, a loving just God has NOT been in control for a number of reasons. This planet has been controlled by an evil usurper (called demiurgos by Plato). It has taken time for the Divine Essence to investigate the Error, formulate a Plan of Rectification and then execute it. We are in the phase of Rectification of the Error.


·         All those in the levels of consciousness in this universe (there are Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, HUMAN, Devic, Galactic and Universal levels) belong to one of the two creations, with the vast majority being part of the evil creation. Over 70% of humans are of an evil ontology. These are called ROBOTS and DEMONS and throughout time have exploited the energy of the True Beings (the ontologically Divinely-created beings) of the Divine Creation. Exploitation of the True Divine Race is their role.


·         There are basically two beings in society:

1. PERMANENT ATOM BEINGS, (PA beings) created by the Divine Essence. These are the True Beings. Many of these have not remained faithful to the Light. They have accepted the polluted energy of the evil demigod.

2. NON-PERMANENT ATOM BEINGS, (non-PA beings) created by the evil usurper. They have been called Mock or Counterfeit beings. Some are demons. Very few of these have responded to the Divine Light and rejected their evil essence.

·         As the Physical Dimension developed over the last 14 to 18 billion years or so, it entrapped the consciousness of the True Beings. Evolution eventually imposed these physical structures and bodies onto the trapped consciousness of True Beings. True Beings were forced to use them by the changing conditions imposed by Evil. The bodies are subjected to various programming factors and reflexes which distort the expression of the consciousness of the True Beings who reside within them.


·         The physical body is affected by the environment and the principle AGENTS OF PROGRAMMING which in today's world include such things as Oxygen, various Foodstuffs, Alcohol and tobacco, Drugs, Sex, Radiation, Talismans, Microbes, Wealth or lack of it.


·         Thoughts can be the result of IMPLANTATION from either the Evil or the Divine force.


·         A Divine Consciousness is not the body or the so-called soul. It was originally created to experience, explore, express, evolve and enjoy in order to return at the end of its evolutionary cycle, to the Divine Mind which created it, thereby enhancing it.


·         The consciousness of True Beings exists within the bodies in 7 Centres of Consciousness (chakras) each of which has a nucleus containing: Divine awareness, the essences of the Creator, permanence, a Divine heritage and the blueprints for the Divine evolution of that individual centre of consciousness.


·         The metaphysical, anatomical structure of beings on this planet includes:

I           an astral body,

Ii          an etheric body,

Iii         an emotional body,

Iv         a physical body with its physical mind and

V         a filtering mechanism which prevents adequate recall of out-of-body experiences, and past lives.

All these structures have been imposed by the evil demigod. The body we wear is programmed by the genes and the chromosomes, by the physical mind and the agents acting upon it, and by behavioral patterns which are both congenital and acquired.


·         There are 10 major classes of consciousness in human bodies and they are physically indistinguishable while in the physical bodies.

These classes are as follows:

i Ancients,

ii Ancients of Ancients,

iii Earthling PA beings,

iv Translocated PA beings from other planets (beings who have been kidnapped from other planets -- many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings),

v The counterfeit, Evil-created non-PA beings (both robotic and demonic),

vi Class 5 beings (Spiritual beings called Walk-ins), of both essences. Reptilians are in this class. They are all demonic and therefore evil.

vii Fallen Class 5 beings (from the Angelic, Devic class),

viii Special Creations of the Supreme,

ix Evil incomplete beings (called soulless beings) and

x The Divine Rescuers (Avatars).


·         Most True Beings are TRAPPED at this stage of their existence here. Every situation on this plane has been set up by the evil demiurge, his archons, minions and non-PA beings to attack, drain and pollute the True Beings.  The Evil Empire cannot exist without the energy within the Theomorphs, and this knowledge has been used to terminate the Evil Dimension as I have discussed elsewhere.


·         Traps within the trap often include

I                       Cults, sects and religions with their mind-numbing doctrines, Dogmas and indoctrinations,

Ii                      Marriages, that is, to Demons and Reptilian beings,

Iii                     Families, communities and countries run by evil beings,

Iv                     Programming by excessive wealth, or poverty,

V                     Social responsibilities that burden the being excessively and reduce its spiritual focus,

Vi                    Effects of Racism,

Vii                   The illusion of cultural superiority, social, career or financial status,

Viii                  Nationalistic hubris

ix                     Ubiquitous, destructive Peer Pressure,

x                      Elitist education which can close the mind off to spiritual attunement, etc.


·         Almost everything we have been taught is wrong or distorted by Evil. Until now there has been no escape from the endless cycle of birth and death.


·         REINCARNATION and KARMA do occur, but they are evil mechanisms to exploit individuals in a closed system, for up to this time no one has been able to escape.


·         We are in the midst of a massive CELESTIAL WAR; a battle of essences on all planes; of Good against Evil.


·         There are HIGH BEINGS among us and on all other levels of consciousness that have come to liberate the True Beings that have remained faithful. They are executing the Divine Plan of Liberation. We are never alone. There is a Spiritual Hierarchy and a Supreme Divine Being who IS of True Love (The True God) to whom each consciousness is responsible and accountable.


·         The more one awakens and sees through the Maya, the less is one satisfied or harmonious with this Evil System because one becomes more and more aware of the exploitation of energy that occurs in this system, the pollution that occurs and the destruction of the Divinity within True Beings.


·         Awareness of what is going on can keep one from continuing to be a helpless, exploitable victim in the illusion of the plane.


·         It is important to TURN WITHIN, to connect to the Divine spark that is within each True Being.


·         Meditation, with proper protection and cleansing, is essential for this connection to occur. Help is given to all those who sincerely turn to the Light. In their pursuit of spiritual awakening and understanding, no one should be dictated to by religions, governments or anyone else.


·         The True Beings need to PURIFY and DETACH as much as possible. The physical mind, the emotional body, negative energy, the ego and EVIL programming all need to be overcome.


·         DIET is important. Drugs and addictive foodstuffs such as alcohol and tobacco must be avoided as they are spiritual poisons as well as pharmacological ones. Caffeine in moderation is OK, as is the Cabbage family since Babaji cleared it of Evil in the 1990s.


·         Everyone is involved in this WAR in one way or the other. One cannot sit on the fence. One is either for or against the Light.


·         True Beings must be strong in this time of upheaval. They must stand up for their rights for they have been oppressed for a long, long time. They must speak up and no longer be fooled,


·         Viables must AWAKEN to the Truth, and realize who they are.


·         In this final phase, more and more people are awakening to the fact that PLANETARY DESTRUCTION is a real possibility. If Jesus and all the other Avatars spoke about it, who are we to contradict them? They were the Ones with the Inner Divine Knowledge. We are the mushrooms trying to awaken to that Divine Knowledge.


·         To consciously choose to serve the Divine by SURRENDERING to the Divine Will (that is, to reject the whims and dictates of the evil personal ego) is the way to overcome Evil. But, to know the Divine Will, you must connect to It.


·         Constant PROTECTION and CLEANSING are important to ward off the constant attacks from Evil. Various entities can affect and even invade human consciousness if one is not protected. The evidence of such astral entities acting destructively upon us is growing and I prophesied it in my writings.


·         The Evil Essence has infiltrated everything on this plane and is so entwined within the trapped creation in this sector that the Physical Dimension needs to be totally destroyed after all the levels of consciousness associated with it are classified and judged. EARTH is too polluted to continue. It has been CONDEMNED. In truth the whole Physical Dimension needs to be destroyed.


·         The Evil System will be totally destroyed:


·         A finalization of the Celestial War on this planet will take place soon. As timing can vary, however, due to many variable factors, the final destruction can be delayed. In November 1999, some one billion Permanent atom beings were evacuated spiritually. For them, the War was finalized then.


·         The CLEARING PROCESS is going on now through many different means including natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, floods, etc.) by diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, TB, malaria, new diseases, etc., by starvation, accidents, wars, etc. This Clearing Process of the planet is taking place now before its total destruction. The planet is now in its death throes. All people are to leave the physical before the planet is destroyed. Hence no one on this level will witness the final days of the destruction.


·         The final stages of clearing of the planet of all consciousness, of the planet's destruction, the separation and JUDGEMENT, reward and TRANSMUTATION of consciousness will be supervised by the manifestation of the Superior Consciousness which will descend onto this plane.


·         ALL WILL BE JUDGED. No one will escape True Divine Justice. The evil ones will be punished by their own evilness, the trapped True Beings will be liberated and the Divine Order will be re-established. Those who are irretrievably evil will be judged as such and will undergo a process of TRANSMUTATION.


·         Only those deemed spiritually fit to continue will do so in a New Dimension.


·         My ‘philosophy’ also discusses and\or answers questions about the following:

1        The present and real situation on this planet today.

2        The identity of the EVIL DEMIURGE in relation to Christ and religions.

3        The WAR OF ESSENCES in which we are caught and how it manifests.

4        The concept of MAYA and why this world is called illusional.

5        The effects of EVIL PROGRAMMING.

6        The major and minor AGENTS OF PROGRAMMING that affect humans, and all other consciousnesses.

7        The process of thought implantation.

8        The evilness of the majority of beings in the 7 classes of consciousness.

9        The connection between the Divine beings such as Zeus, Hera, Athena, Horus, Isis, Osiris, Hermes Trismegistus, Moses, Plato, Orpheus, Socrates, Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Manichaeus, Buddha, Jesus, King Arthur,  Mohammed, Haidiyakhan Babaji, (the real) Sai Baba.

10    The evil distortions in religious scripture, the EVILNESS OF RELIGION and the reason behind this.

11    The innate EVILNESS of the material manifestation.

12    The ORIGIN OF EVIL as the result of a Celestial Error as in the `Pistis-Sophia' Gnostic text.

13    The Centres of Consciousness, Evil Possession, Channelling, Sleep, Dreams, Pollution of Prana, etc.

14    The Existence and structure of Permanent and Non-permanent Atom beings.

15    The anatomical, metaphysical structure of humans, animals, plants and even minerals.

16    The intermingling of the TWO CREATIONS in this dimension and the number of evil consciousnesses.

17    The existence of KIDNAPPED CONSCIOUSNESSES from other planets, solar systems, etc., and

18    The existence of walk-ins, stand-ins, body-snatchers, etc.

19    The Evil trap of RE-INCARNATION and the Evilness of the law of KARMA.

20    The evil exploitation of energy by all forms of SUFFERING.

21    The explanation of the 10 different major types of Consciousnesses in human shells.

22    The extensive details of HOW, WHEN and WHY this MESS will be cleaned up.

23    The Mechanism of Psychic Attack and the urgent need for PROTECTION at all times.

24    The evilness of consciousness in some animals, vegetables, plants, and minerals.

25    The mechanism of Energy Extraction by the evil system and REGRESSION of human consciousness into animals and plants.

26    The condemnation of Society as evil.

27    The futility of those thinking they can "save" this evil dimension; greenies, New Agers, etc.

28    The identity and EXPOSURE of channellers and channelled material such as Lazaris, Ramtha, A Course in Miracles, Seth and others as Products of the Evil Consciousness.

29    The apparently mysterious ability of CRYSTALS.

30    The Breakdown of Inter-dimensional Barriers resulting in interaction with ghosts, astral beings, UFO's, etc.

31    The MYTH of the Brotherhood of Man and the evil Doctrine of MONOTHEISM.

32    The connection between UFOs, Extraterrestrial consciousness, channelling, Clearing of the Planet, Evacuation of consciousnesses, Space Command and the prophets of old.

33    The identity of The (Dreaded) Judge as being none other than the Higher Consciousness that existed in such beings as Jesus and , King Arthur who was recognized as the Liberator by the Gnostic Druids 1500 years ago. This was recorded in Celtic Mythology. Arthur was and is none other than HAIDIYAKHAN BABAJI, also known as LORD SHIVA, the World Teacher, and the twin of JESUS.

34    The connection between the consciousnesses of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, St. Malachy, Mother Shipton and others.

35    The prophecy of "The Generation Which Will Not Know Death".

36    The mechanism of, and need for, the Process of Transmutation.

37    The accurate and detailed description of the EVENTS OF THE LAST DAYS.

38    The facts with which one can make total sense of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime which has gripped this planet.

39    The Etheric and Astral Worlds which are evil-created illusional worlds, visited when people pass out of the physical vehicles, and needing to be totally destroyed forever.

40    The consciousness of all the 4 lower classes which are trapped by an astral ceiling of 400,000 km above the surface of the earth.

41    The distortion of the Doctrine of Eschatology by Jewish and Christian Fundamentalists.

While the writings explain how and why society is generally evil, and explain the solution being applied to rectify the situation, readers are warned not to fall into the trap of taking the law into their own hands and then being punished by the Evil System. All are responsible for their actions and are accountable at all times.

Other topics discussed include



Peer Pressure,

The Ego,

Doubt and Scepticism,

The Media,


Channeling and Clairvoyance,

The Mechanism and Value of Suffering,

Health and Healing,

The mechanism and value of Miracles,


Schizophrenia and other mental diseases,

Near Death Syndromes,

Out of Body Experiences,

Emotions and their exploitation, and

Types of Love ­

1  Emotional, draining, entrapping, fear inducing Love and

2  True, Universal Love.


HISTORICAL aspects are discussed where these are relevant and many of my books are manuals to assist readers to awaken to their own truth within and also give exercises to assist them in the processes such as meditation, protection, cleansing, strengthening character, eradicating negative traits, recognizing shortcomings, limitations, etc.

The books are to act merely as trigger mechanisms for certain ones to awaken to their own truth within.

PROPHECY in general and specific terms is dealt with in the writings and many prophecies are given. It is important to understand the mechanism of prophecy which is a valid weapon in this Celestial War.

Prophecies may be accurate at the time they are given and then if circumstances change they can also change.

Secondly, prophecies may have been given to fool the enemy and were never meant to happen.

Thirdly, prophecies may be manifested on a varying time scale so that some occur before the time given and some after that time.

People with a true inner understanding of these writings were and are able to appreciate these points. Those with no understanding whatsoever and those of the Dark Side have been dismissive of the validity of the whole "philosophy" because the prophecies which they did not understand in the first place did not occur when they thought they would occur.

The PLAN OF LIBERATION of this plane did involve a number of prophecies which are being fulfilled, as a review of my prophecies will show. Major geographical disasters predicted in 1985 have been postponed for various reasons and are due to occur later. Readers are warned to be prepared and to be flexible. We are caught in a War of Essences and all should expect the unexpected.

Apart from the prophecies, the fact that this philosophy makes so much sense to some and is attacked so vehemently, without any obvious reason, by others is a validation of its accuracy.

The ultimate confirmation of this information will come with the total destruction of the globe, but by then it will be far too late for those who would not listen or did not attempt to undergo even the slightest preparation for what is to come. It is abundantly obvious that those who have been sincere and examined the information, and themselves, have been able to eliminate FEAR and PANIC in their lives with the understanding these writings bring.

Note that I put most of these points together in 1997. A monumental event occurred in November 1999. Approximately one billion Theomorphic consciousnesses were lifted out of this dimension in preparation for the total annihilation of the Physical Dimension and its sub-dimensions. The bodies remained on ‘automatic pilot’, or died off or were taken over by robotic and/or demonic consciousnesses. Similar evacuations occurred from all other inhabited structures in the Universe.

This is of paramount significance for 2 basic reasons.

1  It means the number of exploitable True Beings has been greatly reduced. This in turn means the Evil Empire is going to starve of energy, and that was part of the Plan for the Eradication of Evil. Some 5000 Theomorphs remained to assist in the awakening of viable consciousness in ‘robots’ and other classes of consciousness.

2  Secondly, it defines in temporal terms the margins of the Endtime, for this surely tells us the End is very, very close.

I announced this evacuation, in an essay called ‘The Phase of the Shells’, which I will reproduce soon.


July 10, 2012.



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