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The Source Of My Information
Asserting The Existence Of A Supramental Plane

Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


This short essay is based on chapter 36 of my book ‘Essential Gnostic Truths’.

Up until 1984, I was a very busy doctor in Melbourne, Australia. I knew very little outside of Medicine and almost nil about Gnosticism, Metaphysics and the Paranormal.

After a very brief ‘awakening process’ I suddenly was able to write material that was quite unfamiliar to me then, as you can verify in my books. How was that possible? I had not studied anything of that nature at all. Obviously it was a case of acquiring ‘a priori’ knowledge whose rationality appeared to reside in a level of information and consciousness far above that of me as a mere human.

But, if that phenomenon is accepted as having occurred, more questions arise: where did that knowledge come from? Who supplied it? Why to me? Etc., etc.

It is virtually begging the question to say that in that process of a fulminating awakening and of self-realization, a plane of Consciousness far beyond the known (lower) intellect had been contacted by me, the little ‘i’, in order to acquire such answers and information which had been unavailable to this plane previously, as far as I know, in the detail which I wrote and published.

The mechanism of acquisition of esoteric and arcane knowledge, and of Supramental information, appears not to lie within the lower being that I have often described as a container, a Cardboard Box, which is merely an instrument. By inference, we see that mechanism lies in ‘something’ undefinable on this level, which is much outside the lower being and is a superior ‘intellect’ altogether.

It is in the recognition of this `external and superior' Essence, and acceptance of ‘It’ as a guiding mentor, that awareness expands beyond the constraining borders of the human intellect, and progress of a phenomenal nature can be made.

Unless one can accept the fact that far greater Consciousness resides outside of the human psyche, then one cannot progress satisfactorily in the path of expanded awareness, for one will remain trapped in the myopic, delusional and rather ignorant cocoon of the little human.

Recognition of a superior intellect, consciousness, being, etc., is the first and most important step in the process of man's quest for awareness and answers to questions such as:

Who am I?

What Scheme am I in?

What is the purpose of my life, of all life?

Who or what is beyond that which I can perceive with my physical senses, etc.?

If a man convinces himself that he is the total sum of beingness, of intellect and of awareness, his self-delusion will prove to be destructive in a very short time.

But, in these years now upon us, no one can afford the destructive, illusionary, smug luxury of being able to wallow in the Arrogance of Ignorance.

People's focus is going to be forced to alter to a spiritual one because of a number of reasons many of which I have already discussed at length in my former books, essays and radio shows.

Changes are already occurring throughout the globe and more will follow which will make people stop in their tracks and reconsider their existence from a different perspective.

Recent findings in Astronomy, such as the existence of Dark Matter, and its Dark Energy, and the findings in Physics from experiments such as those at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (called Cern) with their particle splitting accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider, and the quest for the ‘God particle’, have alluded to the notion that a new definition of Reality, even of the Physical World, is about to force itself into our lives.

(Just BTW I mentioned this hidden matter, this Dark Matter as it was later called, in my very first book that I wrote in 1985, long before Dark Matter was even considered in popular publications, indicating, surely, that I was being given information from a Superior Level. Jan Oort is supposed to have proposed such a matter in 1932 to explain anomalous stellar velocities in the Milky Way. In 1985 I had no idea about astro-physics, or of Oort and very little knowledge about the Milky Way.)

Imagine then the changes brought to the awareness of all beings by affirmation of the existence of UFOs and Aliens and the Reality of the Numinous!

Even in the latter half of 2012 here in Australia, I am astounded at the entrenched ignorance of supposedly well-educated people on these very subjects, inspite of the massive amount of data that is available for all to see and digest.

Even the non-Permanent Atom Beings (which I have mentioned previously as the progeny of the Evil essence and whom I classed as Demons and robots who have no idea of anything outside of the Virtual Reality) will awaken, for their awareness also needs to expand in order for them to see that which is truly occurring.

Of course, the fools, and there are many of them, will sink back into their complacency inspite of the repeated stimuli to awaken. These will be the ones most forcefully programmed by Evil to defend its spuriousness and continue the status quo of senseless Obfuscation, Ignorance and Stupidity at all costs.

But none of the True Beings, and Viables, no matter how deeply buried in traps, will be fooled by them any longer, for they will awaken and start to perceive with True vision. I asserted that would happen in the mid-1980s with my publications, and now I am witnessing it occurring daily from the responses to my books and publications and Radio Shows and also from the correspondence I get daily.

Initially of course, I had a terrible time at the hands of the evil robots and Demons who slandered me for giving this information out. They were fools then and they are fools now. More than that, I now know which ones are the damned fools.

The reasons why awareness will be greatly expanded and why a spiritual focus will become predominant in these years leading to the End include the following (remember that I wrote this in the 1980s):

1       More UFO sightings and more heated debates about ET life will occur. I have already mentioned elsewhere that even the Vatican has pre-empted this New Reality by asserting via the Papal Nuncio, Monsignor Corrado Balducci that UFOs exist and that Aliens are real. He appeared on Italian Television 5 times to assert this. Of course it may be the Archons’ scheme to prepare people for their own agenda, such as the New World Order, in this way. To read more in this visit the following site:

2       Exposure of massive cover-ups about UFO's, ET's, and spiritual messages such as the Third Message of Fatima will occur. Note that spiritual messages can be from side, Good or Evil.

This exposure has happened to a great extent since I first wrote this book in the 1980s.

Since writing the book, I have mentioned Colonel Corso being on Italian Television and spilling the beans about the Roswell Affair. It is interesting to note that the USA Government labelled him a liar for a long, long time but has now come clean and said that what he wrote was true. His book is called The Day after Roswell.

Read the pusillanimous abuse Phillip Corso had to confront in sites such as this:

Now that affirmation of his accuracy has been given, where are these miscreant fools who attacked him out of total ignorance and out of malice? Many knew, of course, he was telling the truth, but the evil ones are programmed to deny it and called others liars even when they themselves know the facts.

How often have we seen the ignorant morons attack pioneers of truthful new knowledge? I have witnessed it thousands upon thousands of times, and I too can vouch personally to that evil mechanism that attempts to keep people buried in ignorance!


BTW, you should know that there are basically 2 groups of aliens: Aliens from other areas of the Physical dimension, and 'Divine Aliens' from the Supramental Plane. It is the latter supplying this information, and it is 'They' who will conduct the evacuation of Viables,

3       Accurate prophecies will be given for worldwide changes which will awaken populations to the operation of factors and energies outside of, and superior to, those of the Human Consciousness level.

With due modesty, I point you to my essay “Terminal Madness of the Endtime”. “I”, the Superior Consciousness, wrote it as a blueprint of what was to come, and what was to be followed to the last day.

Go back and read it if you have not done so. It is on my website and at


4.   Intensification of the mechanisms for personal spiritual awakening will occur. And the mechanisms include:

I.   Dreams ­ prognostic, intuitive and propositional;

Ii.   Intuitional guidance to seek beyond the physical

Iii   Meditational visitation and messages

Iv   Channelling of purer messages

V   Recalled astral tuition

Vi   Spontaneous regression and recall of other lives on and in other planets, meeting Higher Consciousnesses, recall of memory about  being kidnapped, transported and trapped on this plane.

Vii      Astral travel and tuition during the visits.

Viii     Near Death Experiences. Although these are experiences still within the Virtual Reality, information about the coming changes can be, and has been, given by Guides and Helpers.

Pay attention to phenomena that occur to you and around you. Do not dismiss communications lightly. You are not going insane; you are not schizophrenic. You are simply being contacted by the Higher Realms in order to awaken you and prepare you for what is to come.

Do your part by purifying physically, mentally and spiritually so that you will be a worthy vessel for the material being sent to you.

If you don’t know how to do that, start reading my books, if you have not already done so.

Restoration of memory of past events, and other lives, may possibly stimulate others to search for more truthful answers than the ones being given by `orthodox' religions.

Once dismissed as merely ‘aberrations of genetic memory’, the occurrence of spontaneous past life recalls can and will awaken beings to the existence of Reincarnation, etc., and that possibility alone may be the stimulus they need to search beyond the confining dogmas of extant religious philosophies.

The emphasis will be on Gnostic Metaphysical Science, rather than illogical dogma, tradition and perverted scriptures.

Inexplicable phenomena will now occur more and more, and wider and wider coverage will be given by the Media because of the bizarre nature of the occurrences.

(It was a stormy night with lots of lightning and thunder when Babaji said to me, “Let’s go for a drive”. I had learned not to ask questions when he came out with unusual remarks or requests. We jumped into the Landcruiser and made for the hills around the town in Far North Queensland. No rational human or beast was out in that storm. But, as I was to learn later, Babaji had planned something.

Suddenly a massive flash of lightning made us both look up into the sky. The luminosity was such that night became day just long enough for both of us to see the sky being torn apart, as it were, like a curtain would be, in order to reveal a massive spacecraft beyond the aperture.

Instantly all my knowledge of science became obsolete. Here was a tear in the Space-time fabric of our dimension, revealing another dimension outside of ours. The sighting of the spacecraft was not novel, as I had not only seen them but also been in one.

This was an occasion set up by Babaji to expand my awareness further and make me realize Human knowledge was really useless in terms of explaining the true existence.)

While the mainstream Media, run totally for the benefit of the Archons, as most of us have seen in recent times, attempts to obfuscate the Truth and promote the LIES that keep us trapped in the Virtual Reality, it cannot help itself in exploring that which interests people in order to increase its own pecuniary profits. In doing so, it will expose cover-ups, and phenomena which will lead to the expansion of awareness, the very thing the Archons do not want, for in their view, an informed populace is much harder to fool and keep harnessed like cattle (Goyim), and far less exploitable.

Sceptics will be shown to be a ‘low breed’ indeed, for they have the least plausible excuses for refuting that which occurs. Those who rely on the simple senses entirely to define their Reality will be like the programmed, foolish marionettes of a puppet show. They are dormant minds, vacuous and doomed.

Crashed UFO vehicles are going to be seen by many more people, and the authorities will be unable to suppress the information. These vehicles and their crews will act as auspicious occasions in order to achieve certain aims.

With such happenings, the belief of other life and Superior Consciousness will become far more valid than the denial of such things. This will cause massive and sudden change in the orientation of the awareness of many. Of course, many others will argue that the accidents are planned by Government with humanoid robots etc., etc., in order to confuse further. But the scales will be tipped on the side of Truth and people will begin to awaken to it.

These occurrences will prepare people for the time when the true, Divine, `Space Command' crafts will make themselves visible and begin evacuation of people.

As the War is resolved in other dimensions, those crafts and personnel of the Light will be free to reveal themselves and perform the tasks for which they have been called and trained.

There will be a physical evacuation for many.

Some Viables will not die on Earth. Teleportation will be used to convey people from the surface of the Earth into the spacecraft. Many of the people taken up will simply disappear as far as neighbours and others are concerned.

But as they enter the crafts they will go into certain chambers which will `dissolve' their physical cardboard boxes, including the etheric and astral `coats', and they will be fitted with ethereal manifestations suitable for their expression in the New Dimension.

As far as they are concerned, they will change clothing as in the process of undressing, showering and redressing. The consciousness will not be disturbed and the appearance, as far as they are concerned, will be unchanged, for a while at least.

This will all be done within the ethereal covering of the craft. Once elevated, no being can return into the mundane physical unless it does so as a walk-in. But, there will be no reason for this to occur as the planet is all but finished.

Viables will be instructed on what to do and how to behave as the time draws near. Thus, you see the importance of purifying and establishing a good line of communication with the Higher levels.

The spacecraft will be visible in various locations as they perform their function of teleporting various ones off the surface. They will no longer try and disguise their presence. Remember, I wrote this book long, long before the movies Independence Day and Matrix were even conceived.

Weapons will be useless against the crafts and governments will not attempt to fire upon them. As they appear, and as people begin to disappear, the fact that the planet is doomed will become more and more public and accepted.

Those who are left, those who are not contacted and those who realize they will not be rescued will panic and undergo horrendous anguish. You may well imagine the pandemonium on the surface of the planet. (Madness is indeed gripping the planet. An item in yesterday's News Bulletin on Australian National radio stated that some 88% of adults in Australia were seeking assistance for mental problems.)

There is no process that can be initiated from the earthly level which would allow people to be evacuated into any of the spacecraft. Only those to proceed into the New Dimension will be evacuated. Many who are to be rescued in due course but have unfinished tasks will remain on Earth to complete various aspects of their roles until it is almost time to destroy the planet.

Many to be taken up will have a good deal of warning and they will be directed as to what to do.

What is about to occur is so different from what people have thought or expected, that many will remain incredulous, even though they see things with their own eyes.

A whole new existence will be opened up for all to see, even while still on Earth in the physical. I know some of you are already experiencing mental premonitions and good feelings, including Joy, of the New Dimesnion.

Only those whose awareness has expanded sufficiently will be able to cope with the change.

The Rescue Work now involves distributing the New Green Energy (NGE) sufficiently so that all to be awakened will be. Then the visible aspect of the Rescue Mission will begin.

As the energy is spread, physical changes will occur all over the globe so that people will focus on the changes and on the unusual events which beg consideration of a spiritual reason, that is, a supernatural explanation for what is going on.

Many will try to confuse the occurrence with mundane, trite explanations, but the True Beings will no longer fall for the bluff. They will walk out of all the traps holding them prisoners in Evil’s Virtual Reality, including the evil religious traps.


 Copyright 2012  Dr J. Chiappalone, MD



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