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Soros Created ‘Abenomics’
To Suicide Japan’s Economy

By Yoichi Shimatsu


Japan is staggering under the apocalyptic forces of economic stagnation, chronic debt and nuclear disaster, and now comes the Fourth Horseman of vampire capitalism. George Soros and the Goldman Sachs group have arrived to pounce on what’s left of a mortally wounded economy and to debase the yen.

When it comes to stone-cold avarice, no merchant of Venice comes close to the blood-sucking thievery of Soros, who forced currency debasement on the post-Soviet Russian ruble and later triggered the Asian financial crisis with the fall of the Thai baht and Indonesian rupiah. In every past instance, “shock therapy” proved to be utterly disastrous and certainly no a remedy for a faltering economy.

The Hungarian financier never acts alone, of course, since he needs local mafia, corrupt politicians, terrorists, phony NGOs and lunatic-fringe “financial experts” to get away with the gang-rape of vulnerable economies. The results of his hostile takeovers are all-too predictable: pensioners losing their life savings, factory closures, nations deprived of their resources, countries stripped of their sovereignty and, more cruelly, tons of child-sex slaves and human organs for sale on the streets.

The Opening Shot

The attack on Japan’s economy began last summer when Soros and his erstwhile employee, the Tokyo-based hedge fund manager Takeshi Fujimaki, raised unfounded fears by predicting Japan would soon default on its huge public debt. The financial markets did not give much credence to the doomsayers, being wary of the Hungarian fraudster’s repeated attempts to crash the euro.

Few fund managers, except a handful of his Wall Street co-conspirators, realized that Soros had an ace up his sleeve by the name of Shinzo Abe. In late autumn, the head of the Liberal Democrats while campaigning for the premiership called for the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to print trainloads of money to artificially create an annual 2-percent rate of inflation. Since the central bank’s lending rate has hovered near zero, any further cut in the prime rate means that the BoJ would bleed billions of dollars in losses annually from the precipitous fall of the yen, rapidly depleting the treasury and thereby prompting investors to sell off government bonds. The Japanese government would then be forced to default, bankrupting millions of pensioners and homeowners.

Who benefits? A bond collapse would break the banks, and so the only remaining option is to put one’s money into hedge funds like the Soros Management Fund. After the 2008 Lehman debacle and the subsequent Wall Street crisis, retirees have been justifiably distrustful of unsecured derivatives hawked by financial hucksters. The crash of the Japanese economy, in short, puts a handgun to the head of every saver. Surrender your cash to Gyorgy Schwartz or you’re finished. Soros is so dodgy that he doesn’t even go by his real name.

Next Global Meltdown

Sensing the imminent threat posed by Shinzo Abe’s irrational calls for an ever-weaker yen, finance ministers of Germany and the Group of 20 economies recently blasted Tokyo for launching a “currency war”, which could soon force every central bank to debase its paper money, thereby bringing on a global depression.

The LDP electoral victory, which powered Abe’s comeback, had the knock-on effect of spurring foreign investors to sell off their yen holdings. Armed with insider information from corrupt LDP politicans, Team Soros already had a long lead in the yen-dumping race. Between November and January, the Soros Management Fund gained a windfall $1.2 billion in profit by shorting the yen.

In rationally regulated markets, the deliberate spread of false rumors to manipulate trading is punishable by fines and imprisonment, but not in Japan, at least not while Abe holds the reins. His grandfather Nobusuke Kishi looted military-occupied Manchuria, where fascist militias routinely chopped off civilians’ fingers to remove their golden rings, and Shinzo follows in those boot steps by robbing his own countrymen in Japan.

Hot Property

The ongoing attack on the yen was planned well in advance since Soros and Goldman Sachs earlier made the preparatory move of setting up a holding company called Ishin Hotels, which purchases undervalued commercial property in Tokyo. The vulture capital operation is organized as a real estate investment trust. This sort of REIT promises private investors an easy profit once the renovated and re-branded hotels are sold off to Arab or Chinese tycoons, who might otherwise face insurmountable local opposition in trying to acquire land in prime locations.

These sorts of proxy deals between “reputable” financials and shady tycoons require licensing and tax benefits arranged by bribing Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials and LDP politicians. Probes by the Tokyo Police, the Finance Ministry or even investigative reporting by the Nihon Kezai financial newspaper are all unlikely to ever happen.

These insider property transfers are sealed at expensive Japanese restaurants in the Akasaka district. Deep inside a ryotei, the president of a real estate company welcomes a key politician to sit down on the tatami floor. A corporate vice president then silently slides a suitcase under the low table and bows deeply, touching his forehead to the straw mat in gratitude. The politician grunts, polishes off his cup of sake and then leaves for the next payoff appointment. That’s exactly how the Soros fund, Goldman Sachs and Stanley Morgan do the dirty deed in Tokyo. And that’s how Shinzo Abe amassed the money to buy the parliament.

The Gang of Four

Fulfilling his backdoor deal with Soros and the other Wall Street crooks, Abe is appointing supporters of lax monetary policy to head the Bank of Japan: Haruhiko Kuroda, former chief of the Asian Development Bank, and as deputy director Kikuo Iwata, a Hitotsubashi economics professor who advocates drastic expansion of the money supply.

The proponents of fast money have yet to explain in any detail exactly how bankrupting the BoJ is supposed to restore the bubble economy. No matter how cheap it is to borrow, manufacturers will continue to move their factories overseas closer to foreign markets, streamline their office staff and push employees into early retirement. The cost of borrowing has no major influence on corporate restructuring in an aging society. Worsening matters, consumers faced with higher prices for imported food and fuel, will purchase even less than before, further curbing domestic spending.

While a cheaper yen supposedly make manufactured goods more competitive in overseas markets, the fatal flaw in Abe’s economic reflation strategy is capital flight because banks, financial institutions, corporations and individual savers will steadily see their wealth shrink by holding onto or borrowing yen. The inevitable result will be full-blown depression, a contagion that will spread to American energy and food corporations.

The former Soros fund employee Fujimaki recently earned notoriety for saying: “There’s no way out of Japan’s crisis. The only option left for Japan is to either default or print money (to spur) hyper-inflation.” Anyone familiar with economic history realizes that hyperinflation under the Weimar Republic is what enabled Adolf Hitler to become the Chancellor of Germany.

Another advocate of yen debasement is Fujimaki’s business partner Yo Nakamura who runs Masstune, Japan’s largest online investment fund. His name on the roster of financial saboteurs completes the Gang of Four run by Soros and Goldman Sachs.

A Jew for Fascism

During the Asian financial crisis of 1998, investors fled Thailand after sustaining huge losses on their baht-denominated holdings in a Soros-rigged panic. The Hungarian tycoon made his windfall profit by impoverishing Thais, so when he tried to fly to Bangkok to deliver a speech at the Oriental Hotel, Soros was told in no uncertain terms that he would be shot on arrival by military snipers. The coward was a no show.

If anyone deserves exit by euthanasia, it is Gyorgy Schwartz and the honor of assisting by all rights should go to a fellow Jew.

In response to media exposes of his youthful Nazi associations, Soros admitted in his autobiography to having worked during his teenage years for his father, who served as an accountant for the German forces. Since he did not mention any details, perhaps a quick summary of the historical record can refresh his lost memory banks.

During World War II, Hungary was one of the Axis allies under the conservative nationalist regime of Miklos Horthy. The Hungarian government did not support the Nazi Party’s anti-Semitism but shared the same revisionist fascist ideology as militarist Japan, which enlisted Jews to fight against the Anglo-American-Soviet alliance.

While Jewish refugees from Slavic countries were deported to appease the Nazis, Horthy protected Jewish supporters of fascism, including Manfred Weiss, the head of the nation’s armaments industry. Thousands of Jews volunteered for military service to combat the Soviet forces on the Eastern Front. Most of them never made it back to Budapest.

To protect their government contracts or to keep their customers, many Hungarian Jews joined the Arrow Cross Party, which sponsored a fervent fascist and xenophobic paramilitary force. During the German Army retreat from Stalingrad. SS field commanders in Budapest encouraged the far-right Arrow Cross Party to depose Horthy. The extremist regime then ordered the confiscation of Jewish properties for removal to Germany.

It was at this precise moment in late1944 that fascist Jews with the Arrow Cross Party, who understood Yiddish, began to collect and tally the valuables of the Jewish elite. On the train to Germany, the wealth of the Jews filled 19 boxcars while the possessions of all Hungarian government officials were loaded onto merely 16 cars. Gyorgy Schwartz and his father were among those Jews who robbed their fellows on behalf of the Nazis, and that’s how George Soros got his career start as a professional thief. His resume makes Bernie Madoff look like a Cub Scout.

Meanwhile, other ardent fascist Jews in the Arrow Cross militia were busy organizing mass executions of  non-political Hungarian Jews who were deemed lacking in patriotic fervor and therefore defeatist. Before long the Red Army tanks rolled into Budapest, and the fascist Jews either died in street battles or switched sides. It’s not a story told by Leon Uris.

At the Brink of Destruction

Zionism, of course, has placed an extra-large fig leaf over the truth of Jewish culpability in the carnage. To be fair, every social group and each nation was divided by the war issue, including Germans and Japanese, but it remains only the Jews who refuse to acknowledge their own role as the sometimes perpetrator. World War II was many local wars within a global war, and the lines and motives were often blurred in the fog. No side, no individual comes away entirely clean after such a bloodletting.

Aboard the Death Star

Some people learn from their mistakes, others don’t. The criminality of the Soros-Abe plot against the Japanese economy is not simply about profiting from others’ losses or taking advantage of a radiation-damaged nation. Their attempt to spark a global depression is the prelude to a bigger objective, which is to smash the postwar international order and subjugate humanity under a neo-fascist regime.

George Soros as world emperor and Shinzo Abe as his Darth Vader? Soros said of own youth: “I fancied myself as some sort of god.” Although it may all sound like a zany parody from Gene Wilder, this insane megalomaniac is capable of causing irreparable damage.

At this point, with his drooling fangs about to strike at the jugular of Fukushima victims, there are only two solutions: a wooden stake or Abe Lincoln’s silver axe. That’s Honest Abe not Shinzo Abe, the Soros apprentice.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly, is a science writer based in Hong Kong.





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