Smoking Out The Monster

A  Message From David Icke...

A very clear theme is emerging that I can see in my own life and in that of many others who work in my field to a larger or lesser extent. We are seeing ever more obviously people who claim to be one thing revealing themselves to be quite another by their own actions. It seems that they can't stop themselves from doing so.

Good, it is about time their mask was lifted and  how appropriate that they are doing it themselves while thinking they are harming others trying to do some good in the world. Poetic justice tends to 'do' irony.

I have been threatened with the same attempt to destroy me and my work and I absolutely can't wait for those involved to make themselves known (again) as they try to do so (they are only wasting their time - they have plenty - and exposing their true self, but they are too stupid and consumed by hatred to see it).  - David

Smoking Out The Monster

“There’s a monster on the loose,
   It has our head in a noose”
'The Monster'

By Jay Weidner


There is something in the air.  Those of us who have been around for a while can almost smell it.  It is the smell of the Monster. It is putrid and greasy.  The Monster hides its ugly face from all of us.   
It fears to show itself.

None of us have actually ever seen the Monster, only the aftermath of its work.  We know its there and we know it lurks in a million different places at once.  More fearfully we know it lurks in a million people at once.  It is difficult to tell who works for the Monster and who does not.

Although it is difficult to see the Monster, the enemy of all humanity, it is getting easier every day.

The agents of the Monster are used to hiding and doing its will in solitude and anonymity.  That day is ending.  The agents of the Monster are being forced out into the open.  Because a few brave humans have stood up to the Monster the beast is being forced to come out in the open,  if for nothing else than to attempt to devour its enemies.

Now with the smoke of war on the horizon the Monster has been forced to show its teeth and claws.  Will it expose its entire body next?

If so that is also when it will expose its soft underbelly - where the sharp stick gets pointed.

In the last few days a number of coincidental(?) events have occurred that bear discussion.

1.) Yesterday, out of the blue, Three of the four Republican candidates for President decided to not do the CNN debate.  Ron Paul was the only one willing to debate.  CNN canceled the debate.   
Neither Gingrich nor Santorum have any money.  Why would they renege on a chance for a national audience?

2). Judge Napalitano was coming out fiercely for Ron Paul on his great show Freedom Watch.  He was fired last week by Fox Business Channel. It should be noted that the Judge was also fiercely anti-war.

3.) Stephen Colbert came out, in a serious manner, for Ron Paul.   
Yesterday his show was ‘suspended’.

4.) Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC yesterday.  He was against the current wars and would surely be against an attack on Iran.  He was probably a secret Ron Paul supporter also.

5.) Jeff Rense, who runs a popular anti-war and anti-corruption website ( was unexpectedly and unfairly attacked by a former contributor, Henry Makow, a few days ago.  It what can only be described as bizarre behavior by Mr. Makow, the attacks have zero merit.  Interestingly, Makow was one of the few alternative researchers to trash Ron Paul and claim that he is an agent and a freemason.  I have looked into the last charge and ­ so far- there is no evidence that Ron Paul is a freemason.

What is going here?

War is coming.  The Monster is attempting to get rid of and/or silence anyone who is against the corrupt criminal warmongers that rule this country.

It is coordinated, performed by agents both covert and overt.  And it is not over.

The second wave is starting now.

The good news is that we are smoking them out, one by one.

Now, if only the Monster would expose its belly.  I have this stick here and ...



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