Sleight-Of-Hand Of War And Invasion
By George Paxinos

Every good stage-magician performing tricks of manual dexterity or “sleight-of-hand”, can make his act seem even more mysterious by also misdirecting the attention of his spectators at the critical moment when his trick goes through.

A boxer feints with one hand and wallops with the other, successful military men use deception and misdirection to fool the enemy that their forces are stronger, weaker, poorer-equipped or better-equipped or even somewhere else altogether than where they are really deployed, as the case might call for, catching the enemy off-guard and winning a strategic or tactical advantage over them.

Sometimes the best place to hide something is out in the open where everyone can see it -- and then misdirecting attention from it using more-discussable and spectacular, controversial events -- and saying those who see it are mentally ill.

Take the case of Chemtrails -- those much-disputed contrails in the sky that don't dissipate again like water-vapour from engine exhausts normally does after a few seconds have elapsed, but spread-out and collect water-vapour around them and become a white-out all across our skies almost every day now :

All we really know about them, is that one of their components, the element Aluminum, is ultimately deadly to almost all life on Earth.

That means, it kills you.

It also kills your wife, your kids, your your parents, your family and friends.

It also kills your pets.

It will also kill all other animal and plant life on Earth. All life on earth as we know it, will die.

We die, our loved ones die, our pets die, our livestock dies, our edible plants and all other plant-life dies, all life in the seas dies, ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, DIES.

Right now, there are companies developing genetically-modified Aluminum-resistant strains of plants. FOR WHOSE BENEFIT ARE THEY DOING THIS ?


The many wars are a distraction. Sleight-of-hand. It is happening now. TO YOU.

See how you can hide an alien invasion right out in the open ?



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