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Six Days In November

By Jim Kirwan


An extremely volatile situation in New York and New Jersey following the devastation of superstorm Sandy is getting worse by the day, with civil society deteriorating so rapidly that residents are arming themselves with anything and everything they can, including shotguns, baseball bats, machetes - even bows and arrows.

With looting getting worse and authorities stretched thin, "hardened New Yorkers are ready to battle lowlife criminals to protect their homes and stores in storm-ravaged areas" hit hard by break-ins and pilfering, the
New York Post reported.

Residents in Staten Island, Coney Island and other boroughs are complaining that they have been forgotten by emergency responders and city authorities, as evidenced by the dramatic rise in criminal activity. That has forced residents in the most beleaguered parts of the city to load up guns, sharpen machetes, and brandish a host of other weapons as a show of force against predators.

One resident, Jacinto Gonzalez, 42, armed himself with a baseball bat and stood guard outside his two-story rowhouse located on West 27th Street, near Neptune Avenue, with his family nearby.

Desperate residents using anything they can find as a weapon

Another Coney Island resident, Roberto Aviles, was seen brandishing a rusting, three-foot-long machete and warning that he had a gun as well. Having lived on Coney Island with his wife since 1995, Aviles said he was ready to take on criminals, singling out phony burglars who were posing as employees of the local power company, Con Edison.

"I'm prepared inside here," Aviles, 76, told the
Post, showing off his machete.

A resident of the Coney Island Houses, Chris Lane, 50, assembled a small arsenal to repel looters and criminals, including a double pump action shotgun. He told the paper he had already scared off a group of thugs lurking around the hallways of his building when Sandy came roaring through the city Monday evening.

"They were roving in packs, not just one or two people. I had more than a little something, too," said Lane, referring to his weapons. "I let it be known that my floor is off-limits."”

The problem can best be seen, looking back to the San Francisco Earthquake in 1989. Twenty-two years ago when that quake happened I was managing a nine-unit building in the city. While the two disasters are not comparable as NY & NJ are much worse; there were some basics that have not changed. Immediately after the quake-residents from all over this block got together at the local bar, to compare notes. Most of the people living here knew each other then. People from each building spoke openly about the problems that the lack of electricity and power in general had created.

Looters were the problem that most worried about, while the power remained off for an undetermined-number of days. Because this was a city, and most of those affected on this block were all renters (And not wealthy), we had always tended to work together (regardless of politics) to protect ourselves until the city or the state or the feds got their act together to end the problem.

In NY & NJ, this time, people seem to be focusing on individuals trying to each protect only their own space; as opposed to whole blocks coming together to keep the individual-neighborhoods free of the gangs.

It would seem basic to the situation to come together to be able to protect property and lives 24-7 and to allow everyone to get some sleep, while others kept watch to keep the gangs away, and while the victims began to scrounge to alleviate the problems related to food and water etc. In 1989 survival dictated what had to happen, and no great or formal plans were required once the situation we were all in became clear. While the problems created by SANDY are much different and far more severe: The way to respond to this situation, it would seen, is still basically the same—however it is now 22 years later and the USA is no longer what we once were!

Some people hounded the politicians to DEMAND HELP. Others patrolled the neighborhood, and still others began to try and pool whatever resources there were to help everyone.

In NY & NJ today the same basic plan could help them now. Some people could look for or find what can still be used like the generators and the food and water left on the cities’-sidewalks: Just waiting for “the marathon” that was NOT held. The sidewalks belong to the people of the cities (and always have)—so whatever is left there should be usable by the survivors to keep people alive until FEMA, the Red Cross and the City can begin to get their heads out of their collective asses and start to help those people that cannot help themselves. This did NOT happen in NYC.

““We have an explosive mix here,” said Sanders. “People will take matters into their own hands.” Without Garbage Services, Trash piles up on the streets of the Rockaways. With media coverage turned towards the elections, many New Yorkers will likely die as temperatures plunge into the 30s and an estimated 1.9 million homes are still without power. It’s really pretty sad, and really highlights how totally unprepared and useless the government really is during a disaster.

Government Inaction

Generators and Supplies sit on the side of the road unused as millions struggle to stay warm… Unused Generators brought in for the New York Marathon.” (2)

Here’s an example of the multi-billionaire-Mayor Bloomberg of New York coming down to the crowds with his bodyguards, NOT BRINGING either food or water with him to talk TO the victims about what “THEY NEED TO DO" which is to continue to WAIT while he and his cronies continue to remain safe and warm and out of harm’s way. With these kinds of responses, this situation will become violent much faster than the city planned for… (3)

Today, because of what is scheduled to hit the same areas again tomorrow; in tandem with whatever obscenities come from the selection process guarantees that the plight of those STILL WAITING FOR HELP, now in the sixth day, will most likely be forgotten in whatever new disaster slams into both New York and New Jersey beginning within the next 24 hour news cycle.

What is clear to me in both New York & New Jersey is exactly what was done to New Orleans under cover of Katrina’s devastation that was compounded, rather than being relieved by FEMA: That CRIME can still be seen today thanks to those that were shipped out, silenced or dead while their lands and interests were REMOVED by the same governments who were supposed to have protected those people from harm.

Even five years after Hurricane Katrina, the names of hundreds of the dead remain a mystery and the death toll is mired in dispute.

Of an estimated 1,464 victims officially recognized by the state of Louisiana, more than 500 names have not been publicly released. And Louisiana's once-ambitious efforts to tackle dozens of related cases of missing persons and unidentified bodies ran out of money in 2006 and has never been revived.

"We didn't complete the mission," former Acting State Medical Examiner Dr. Lewis Cataldie, a Baton Rouge-based physician who once ran the state's efforts told the Chronicle this week. "I'm very angry about it…"

Yet no state or federal agency today keeps track of those who remain missing from Katrina — or have since been confirmed dead. There is no central place for scattered surviving families to call.” Houston Chronicle August 30, 2010 (4)

This is why I was so upset about the manufactured numbers dead by Sandy. I think it's in the thousands, maybe up to 10,000. It's such a mess down there nobody really knows and of course the homeless have no-one to report them as missing or dead. Sorry about the long link, but you tube has deleted this video.” rj

k – Stated in several posts related to Katrina that “there was a policy in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina where dead bodies could be dropped off at the morgue, by police, no questions asked. I was not able to confirm or deny that statement—however I am putting it here because of the link from the Houston Chronicle above that clarifies policies and outcomes surrounding Katrina.

The following video will be controversial for some, however if we are to ever motivate anyone to investigate this further:

This video needs to be seen.

This video was released in 2008 (4 years ago) Cynthia McKinney Reveals 5,000 Executed Post Katrina..

Cynthia McKinney tells CR 10 about 5,000 mostly men executed in N.O. post Katrina | 2:14 | 4 years ago |

k) Just like the death toll in Katrina that has continued to grow; the path created by Andrew & Katrina shows that New Jersey and New York will be going down the same dead-end streets that will end in either disappearance or death—for far too many people!

IF, amid these continuing disasters there is to ever to be a different outcome than either Hurricane Andrew or Hurricane Katrina had—then the numbers of us that are still able to track and comment on what the hell is still going on—despite the millions of people that have been left to die – needs to continue to GROW. What this government creates (every fucking disaster) and what they want to keep on doing until this place is finally a complete FAILURE from New York and New Jersey to California and Louisiana must be stopped.

The one thing every DISASTER HAS IN COMMON NOW, is the refusal of this government to help any of the voiceless-survivors while they continue to steal land and destroy lives by the millions…

1) NY, NJ residents arming with anything they can find – shotguns, bows, bats, machetes

2) Hell in New York Media and Politicians Ignore Chaos, Looting & Death

3) Bloomberg and Rockaway Residents – 2 min 27 sec VIDEO

4) 5 years after Katrina, storm's death toll remains a mystery

5) Cynthia McKinney reveal 5,000 executed post Katrina





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