Shiva's Return
Whence the American Dream?

By Joseph Chiappalone MD
Motto - Take It Or Leave It

When scanning daily newspapers via the Internet each morning one has to wade through the filth set out to feed the demons, and the trivia to keep the robotic minds occupied and programmed, in order to connect the dots on developing trends or find an ounce of truth in the midst of the baloney and polluting propaganda.

Occasionally something like the following article appears that is of extreme significance. It is a news report worth reading


It is the most overt expression of Archonic intention that one could read since WW2.

And what are we to make of this article?

Is the intention of conquest and post war occupation not clear enough for you? Is America in the generation in which it will pay for the Zionist-inspired opium abuse of many generations of Chinese which destroyed millions of lives, and for its other sins?

We had continual reports, of course, of the intention of wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and many, many other nations and communities, etc., and the murderous sanctions for those who would not comply with the wishes of the Evil Masters of the Planet.

But, until the first article above, we have never had such a clear expression of what lies ahead between different classes of Archons.

If you need reminding that Archons are bellicose, just revise this (incomplete) list of wars in which the USA involved itself and ask of yourself: Can warmongers really be children of God?:

Now with our knowledge of false flag operations to initiate wars and bring supposed peace by inducing Terror and Retaliation, we know how the Archons live and cause others, even their own, to die, for they feed on the detritus of the dead!

As I have said many times, the evil rulers are programmed to self-destruct in this Endtime Period, bringing the planet to its long-expected demise, and this article tells us so explicitly.

Some of you may recall that in the 1990s I wrote repeatedly, and said repeated on the Jeff Rense Show, that a stage was being set for the Archons to fight each other, but this time to their true death.

Those of you with access to Jeff's Archives should listen to those shows.

In them, I said the Reptilian Masters who had governed the USA for a long, long time were about to shift to China for a number of reasons and, by doing so, they would allow another group of reptiles, called the Vulturite Reptilians to take the reins of the abandoned USA.

Remember that all Reptilians are Evil. There are other groups of reptilians overshadowing the cardboard boxes on the planet, but these I mentioned above are the predominant two groups.

These two groups of Reptilians, controlling China and the USA respectively, are bitter natural enemies, more so than more sedate reptiles, and they are forever fighting. However, even though the Vulturite Reptilians are far more ruthless and deceitful, they have NEVER won a war against the group that abandoned the USA and went to China.

I said this in the shows and former articles, and I also said that China would become the dominant power on the planet in a few short decades.

That has already happened. The forecast has been fulfilled.

Their imminent conflict will engulf the whole globe. No one can or will remain neutral. Note Colonel Liu's advice to Australia to butt out! That was rhetoric, of course. China sees Australia as one big lucrative patch on their future landscape. To them, it is but one big source of coal, iron ore and uranium mines. So, what do you really think it wants to do with Australia really?

How did I know that this conflict would arise? How do I know anything?

At any rate, you will agree that China has made an almost unbelievable improvement in its status and role on the planet, economically, politically and militarily.

Some ten years ago, you may recall, a Chinese official had said that a major war between China and the USA (implying the WEST) was/is INEVITABLE.

I also said in the shows and essays that, seeing the Reptiles who are now so successful in China have never been defeated in a war with the Vulturites who rule the USA, the USA will lose this war too. And they WILL lose it. But in the end, all of Evil will lose.

Realize that these Reptiles are consciousnesses beyond the 'human' class 4 plane. They can, of course, incarnate into a body, overshadow it, or even possess it (demonic possession). Some of you, again as I predicted, are regaining your psychic vision and seeing these reptilian consciousnesses in human 'cardboard boxes'.

Why did the Reptiles who controlled the USA move to China?

It was a matter of expediency. They realized the trapped robots in the USA were beginning to awaken and would be harder to control. We have now seen that this is so. More and more stringent measures are being implemented to contain the awakening sheople. See the url below.

Conversely, in China, at that time, they had over one billion robots ready to be used as unquestioning workers and cannon fodder. They were not only asleep but ready to work hard to achieve material gain and National Prestige. And, of course, their progress would enrich and aggrandize their Reptilian Masters, as, in fact, has been the case.

In contrast to the meteoric rise of China that I predicted, the USA began a slide into cruelty, ruthlessness and decay which we have witnessed since the commencement of George W Bush's Presidency.

That decline will continue inexorably. More pain, suffering and sorrow will be felt by those trapped in the USA as time proceeds, brought on by the actions of the vicious Reptiles that control them and the consequences of their foolish actions against the Superior Reptiles who now control China.

Tell me it is not so? Tell me you are enjoying the Land of the Free and the Brave as was promised to you in your childhood!

Just look at this item:


Examine the newspaper article quoting Colonel Liu and you will clearly see the intention by China to destroy the USA and its allies. In it, Colonel Liu is warning Australia not to support the USA. But really no one is fooled. The intentions are clear.

Such rabid talk is of unmistakable significance.

What is also very clear from the article is that the USA seems to have grossly underestimated China's power and this will be a fatal mistake.

This rhetorical and yet aggressive and confronting article follows another that is surely not more than a week old in which a USA spokesman assured the West that it, the USA, has the MORAL right to a NUCLEAR PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE AGAINST CHINA. It was in the context of the dispute by Japan and China about regional islands with the USA claiming it is supporting Japan.

In these days of satellites that can read newspaper print on the ground and of self-guided intercontinental nuclear missiles, what advantage can a Pre-emptive strike offer? 2-3 minutes? More like 0.25 seconds which is the average reaction time of a female operator to press the retaliatory button! Why a female? They have faster reflexes. Think about that Pre-emptive Strike and its fallacious advantage.

Re-read the article and more revelations will come to you.

The reason I drew attention to it is that it follows the precise pattern I had predicted long ago.

These Demonic Reptilian consciousnesses are purposely programmed to fight each other and self-destruct.

They WILL destroy most of the physical world around us and the cardboard boxes that count as Humanity.

Their EGOs rage. Ego is an evil creation.

Timing is not of great importance if you have understood my writings.

I recall a Chinese General saying less than 10 years ago that a confrontation of China with the USA is inevitable within 10 years. That 10 year period is almost up.

Be fearless! We all need to leave these cardboard boxes and Viables are to return Home.

The rest, failures, are as Wraiths awaiting spiritual dissolution upon their physical extinction.



In a previous essay, I mentioned a New Divine Energy had been released onto the plane.

Its function is very different from that of the nurturing New Green Energy that is sustaining the Viables through this horror phase of existence. The 5000 helpers around the planet are acting as dispensing stations for the NGE, distributing it to the 650 million or so Viables that are to be rescued.

The very latest energy of which I speak is to be anchored onto this level and directed by one individual, the Last Avatar, to act as a detonator in the Hot Spots around the planet in order to bring them to their fulminating End. A splinter of the Consciousness of the Last Avatar and Its energy are on every structure of this Universe, doing the same job.

Those of you who like analogies should recall the story of Shiva and consider that He has descended into this doomed dimension for the last time in his Rudric form to allow the Agni aspect to consume all Evil and all its progeny with fire!

Remember, all these concepts, such as Shiva, Rudra, Agni, etc., have been recalled by aspects of Humanity from eras past, long before this one, and the so-called myths that recount their lives originated from the Truth of a Greater Reality. Like all knowledge, eventual corruption on this level has reduced them simply to the mythical fables of certain religions.

But, no matter how convoluted, entangled and distorted all Myths become, once they are unraveled, they all reveal a kernel of Truth.

Could all this be true?

You tell me.

Look long and hard at your life, and the planet.

What do your eyes see?

What does your Higher Mind tell you?

As the planet implodes, realize that the presence of this second New Divine Energy that will bring matters to a close demonstrates that the True Divine Consciousness has really always been in control.


In order to prepare yourself further, please read my essay 'Terminal Madness of the Endtime' which I wrote and published in 1998, if you have not already done so.


Here is an expanded version of the essay, the original of which you can find on my website. In both versions I give the prophecy of future animosity between China and the USA and its consequences.

Terminal Madness of The Endtime
An Examination Of The Status Quo

Explaining Terminal Madness of The Endtime

Originally Published Jan 7, 2001

Reprinted on the site on March 5, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how willingly and deceitfully the Counterfeit Consciousnesses attempt to fool themselves.

As you are well aware, many, many articles which are proudly presented on the web, by the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, are presented with false joy, proclaiming also, with the Arrogance of Ignorance, that all is well, that the Earth is merely reacting to minor human abuse of it and that really all human consciousness is about to ascend into godly levels, for the planet is undergoing a vital, necessary and timely spiritual initiation. In this quantum leap into a rewarding nirvana are included all the most evil demons and derelicts of Hell which are becoming more and more obvious to those with even the slightest true spiritual acumen.

Some of the false writings, of course, vary in the degree of assertiveness about the supposed soon-to-be-made jump, and give leeway to freewill in order to account for the most evil whom they consider perhaps unprepared to enter heaven with the rest of the wonderful and evolving members of humanity.

You know from what I, as a representative of the Team which is assisting the Correction on this level, have written and declared, that the above scenario is all bunkum. Nonetheless, there are many versions of this "rapture" process - a distortion of the true process of Evacuation of Consciousness!

A description of the status quo follows. Before I start the description however, you should be aware of the fact that Humanity is not an ontologically homogeneous entity, as those of Darkness would want you to believe. Certainly the physical shells share a common genetic basis, but the consciousnesses which inhabit those shells are of 3 distinct groups. They are either of a theomorphic origin, or products of the Counterfeit creation and classified as either robots or demons. I have explained these metaphysical facts in detail in various books, and mention them here briefly in order for readers who are not familiar with the details to understand the concepts in this essay more clearly.

The vast majority of Theomorphs (consciousnesses created by the True God Creator) who were trapped in this Counterfeit creation, and bound to this Earth and its astral or etheric planes, have been liberated. They have been rescued, salvaged if you will, and are in a safe, evil-free dimension, in temporary intermediatory villages, awaiting entry into a New Dimension outside of this Evil and doomed Counterfeit Creation altogether. As I explained many times previously in other writings, the evacuation has been one of the consciousness, not of the physical bodies some of which died for various reasons. Other bodies still exist on this plane driven by the basic temporary biological consciousness of the body. Still others have been possessed by other consciousnesses, usually non-viable ones, descending from the astral planes, or ascending from the lower planes. There is a very practical point to knowing this point. You may know of someone who, for no apparent reason, has changed personality completely. It may be an entirely different consciousness occupying the vacated shell!

There are still a number of Theomorphs on the planet - warriors, and civilians who are assisting them, who are performing functions which are relevant to the energy patterns which are affecting the process by which this Celestial Error is being brought to a permanent Correction.

There are many counterfeit beings - beings created by the Usurper, the false god, the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, who have been assessed as being spiritually viable in the context of the Corrective Process. They are being helped by the theomorphic warriors and their assistants, in ways which we on this level do not necessarily need to understand. All we need to know is that these 'counterfeit Viables' are also being evacuated. They come from the robotic class of beings created in this artificial creation. As you will know from what I have written previously, there is also a DEMONIC class of consciousness created by the Evil Mind of this Celestial Error. No demon consciousness has turned to the Light.

Not all the consciousnesses I am referring to are just in the Human Class of Consciousness. All classes have robotic and demonic consciousnesses. And all classes have theomorphic warriors and civilian consciousnesses in their midst. This may be difficult for the lower physical mind to understand, but the fact that one cannot understand the concept fully does not mean it is not true. Hence, the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, the fifth (spiritual, devic, angelic) class, the galactic class and the universal class are all undergoing this selective evacuation and fragmentation and correction.

As this evacuation of 'Viables' occurs, they take their energy and Light with them. Hence, there is less and less in the classes remaining. What this means in pragmatic terms is that the percentage of failed, doomed beings of Darkness in all classes is increasing.

This is obvious from the behaviour of beings we see around the globe. There is not just fragmentation of human minds, but also an inexorable breakdown of all aspects of the mineral, climatic, biological, counterfeit spiritual and celestial infrastructure of this Counterfeit and impermanent creation, which in true terms, is a Virtual Reality.

In a previous essay which I called "Terminal Madness of the Endtime", the reading of which may assist you to assimilate this information faster, I wrote about the Physical, Mental and Spiritual perspectives of the decay of this Earth, and after addressing the groups of objectors to my writings, I asserted that there was no other explanation to what is going on in this Earth outside of the explanation I am providing. This assertion stands. In fact, with each passing day, it is more and more clear for those with any degree of spiritual awareness.

* The Greenhouse Effect: The deleterious effects of Global Warming which have now been even more vigorously confirmed than when I wrote that first essay, and of pollution, as well as ozone depletion, have increased exponentially.

* Physical Disease: The looming dangers of diseases, old and new, have increased. These are affecting, not just humans, but animals and vegetation as well.

* Mad Cow Disease is spreading beyond borders in a manner which frightens those who fear physical death the most. Guesstimates of the number of possible victims always increase the numbers.

* The AIDS Syndrome, as I predicted, is continuing with its unstoppable march. Again I assert that no AIDS virus exists. The generally accepted scientific explanation of this doomsday disease is a hoax almost equalling Jehovah's ridiculous and egotistical and very evil assertion that he was/is the One and Only God! Not only is there no virus to cause the disease, but the demonic exploiters are making a fortune selling dangerous drugs to the people kept in ignorance, people who are victims of this terminal syndrome.

I have stated previously that the causative agent is a prion which has a deactivated dark matter component attached. This component cannot be identified at present with the gross technological tools at humanity's disposal. It is activated by pathological levels of cellular oxidation caused by such things as severe stress, persistent subclinical allergies (just as one can suffer from Genetically Modified foods), by excessive radiation, chronic malnutrition, chronic diseases such as TB, Malaria, worm infestation, etc. This month's United Nation Conference to establish a more rigorous policy to treat AIDS worldwide is but window dressing as you will see, employing empty words in another act in this Virtual reality, another act on this stage of dishonest, ignorant and evil fools.

* Chemtrails, which even the most inert minds are now sighting, are as sinister as the most paranoid of persons suspect. These effusions are being used to distribute a number of agents which are intended to alter the physical well-being and the GENETIC code of humans on a mass scale. As well as various prions, the chemtrails contain other agents which are attaching onto the genes of people and will cause various mutations when they are triggered by mechanisms set up by those who have authorised the chemtrail saturation of humanity. Biological components found in the assays of chemtrails aver to the fact that such may well be the case. I realise this is beyond the scope of most people to understand and/or accept.

However, the scenario is a reality. Fuller understanding can only come with a degree of cognisance of the fact that there are other consciousnesses, apart from human ones, who are attempting to redefine existence on this plane, and are working against those assisting with the Corrective Process I have mentioned.

* GM Foods: The apparently commercially sound practice of using Genetically Modified foods in all aspects of the food chain is nothing more than a clandestine and very purposeful attempt by the Archons to invade the genetic pools of vegetation, animals and humans in order to manipulate them at will in due course. The other effects of such foodstuffs, such as allergy, cellular stress, etc., which may activate disease causing prions in those not protected by certain vaccinations given by the aliens (usually at the time of forceful abductions) are in essence a bonus to these experimenting, meddling evil aliens.

* Alien Agendas. More and more people are becoming aware of aliens among us and around us. Inspite of the best efforts by sceptics, who are really programmed bigots attempting to keep the plane in perennial ignorance, people are awakening to the reality of UFOs, Aliens, alien abductions, beings of, and doorways to, other dimensions, etc., etc. I predict that the amount of physical evidence which will confirm these other aspects of a Greater Reality will explode and leave no one in any doubt of what is going on.


On previous occasions I have also written and spoken about three realities impinging on our lives.


This consists of the fraudulent Triad of History, Science, and Religion defining what we are, how we live and what is going on. These are False Facades of a Failing Virtual Reality as more and more people are suspecting. They are part of the illusion of the Plane, using lies to keep us trapped in Ignorance and proclaiming that Humanity is in control of the Earth and its own destiny. But, in reality, they are failing miserably to maintain us in the cage of Stupidity of this false reality.

Thus, more and more are questioning the History that is presented as truth. That is why Science is at an apparent loss to integrate the reality of UFOs. Aliens, Evacuation of Consciousness, Terminal Madness, etc. And that is why awakening people are leaving Religions in droves, realising no valid answers are there to be gained. Of course, the more fully programmed robots and demons are fighting for their sanity by sticking to the fragmenting scenario of this History, Science and Religion as best they can. Others have seen the fraudulence, but being unable to integrate the reality of Spiritual Accountability and Judgement, are wallowing in the shadows of madness as they seek escapisms from that which cannot be avoided.

For details of why I have written this about History, Science and Religions which have corrupted Seeds of Truth in order to enslave bodies and minds, I refer you to my website and books.


This is also a pseudo reality but its awareness allows an awakening to the control of Earth and its inhabitants by occult Brethren of Darkness. There are Alien Civilizations in and around Earth whose agendas have been part of human affairs for far longer than most imagine. These are evil aliens who colonized this planet, as they have many others, and, in fact, set up the physical aspect of Humanity as an ongoing experimentation, using stolen plans acquired illegally from the True Creation. In the process of usurping this area they entrapped the Theomorphs who were already here in differing forms.

This aspect of reality is complicated. There have been many, many alien civilizations which have not only visited Earth, but also have been interactive with other aliens here, with the biological experiments set up by other aliens, and with whom they have often waged war. Most of these aliens have energetically exploited Humanity in various ways, especially the entrapped Theomorphs, while remaining well hidden from view, as would keepers in a well-stocked zoo. This reality too is undergoing fragmentation, for all levels of the Counterfeit Virtual Reality are doomed to finish.

These are the aliens who have provided technology, some apparently benign, but most of it certainly destructive, who have now impregnated their biological experiments with agents such as prions, which have caused Mad Cow Disease, AIDS, etc. These are the ones who have cloned many humans, who have become evil human walk-ins, who control the world in various ways. They are experimenting with hybrids such as chupacabras which they hope will survive the changing Earth conditions so that their own consciousnesses will be catered for.

They are the Archons. They are a more advanced class of Sons and Daughters of Darkness. They are being seen more and more as the Virtual Reality fractures and people are acquiring true inner vision, psychic visions, as I said they would as the Endtime approaches.

There are many groups of these aliens, but 6 major ones have shared the "wealth" of this planet of late. The Reptilians, who until recently controlled the world through the US government, are the most powerful of these evil alien clans. They have now shifted their consciousness to China. They are preparing to conduct open warfare with their most threatening foe, the Vulturites, who have been able to gain control of a very much-weakened USA since the Reptilians moved on. These points are of relevance in understanding why World War 3 will begin and why the USA and China are such bitter enemies.


Regardless of what many may want to believe to the contrary, a True God Consciousness does exist. Via Beings called the Elohim in ancient texts (true Divine Consciousness, as I use the word), this Consciousness is the one which has been balancing this evil plane with its Light while its Theomorphic offspring were evacuated bit by bit over a long, long time. We have now come to the end of this Process of Evacuation. This is the Consciousness which has accessed each consciousness, whether Theomorphic or Counterfeit, and judged it for spiritual worthiness. In other words, the Final Judgment of all "souls" has already occurred.

The Corrective Process involves the Liberation of True Beings and all others deemed viable from Darkness. As a consequence, the structures holding such beings in Darkness will collapse. This is why this world, and the entire Physical Universe, is collapsing. The non-viable aspects will simply disintegrate for they can no longer gain energy, as they did from the Theomorphs, to sustain themselves. You see, the Counterfeit Creation has been a parasite on the True Creation. Now, unable to feed itself, it is starving to death.

The consciousnesses deemed non-viable will be made inert by a Process of Transmutation. This process itself however is not inert. Those undergoing it will relive the horror they have caused others. In the course of True Justice, each will get exactly what it deserves, as all have been given countless chances to step out of the Darkness into the Light. All who are now non-viable have chosen in various ways to remain in the Darkness, for it suited them. They gained too much from the suffering of others with the Evil they committed and convinced themselves that their nefarious feasts were never-ending, inspite of the countless warnings of a Final Judgment, of Accountability, given by Beings such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., etc.

These evil, renegade aliens who infected this Earth after escaping from various celestial wars are being rounded up for transmutation also. No one can escape the process.

An awareness of this very complicated matter, even to a moderate degree, allows some sort of understanding of the Fragmentation Process to which this Earth and all its people, all its processes and its inhabitants, even the non-human, are being subjected.

The instability of Climate, Tectonic plates, microbial life, vegetation, animal and human minds is due to the shortage of spiritual energy being suffered by the plane as the Light recedes. This Earth is plunging headlong into an Abyss of Darkness from which it cannot be retrieved. However, be not concerned for nothing of value is being lost.


Madness is everywhere, is it not? Alas, it is a modern day truism that Fear and Anxiety, often for no apparently rational reasons, are masters of the non-viable human psyche.

This being the case, you can extrapolate exactly what is to occur. With minds steeped in Darkness and with the ratio of demons increasing, there shall be an ever-increasing demonic madness which will engulf the plane. Already we are seeing this.

* The Madness of Climate is obvious to all.

* Vegetation, with ubiquitous, poisonous and strangling superweeds, with failure of crops, with encroaching Genetically Modified seeds, with allergenic components, with loss of rain forests, with release of toxins more and more, with fast disappearing species, is reflecting biological decay and madness.

* Animal behaviour is becoming more unpredictable.

* Human minds are fragmenting, imploding, decaying.

* The unnecessary culling of animals in danger of minor illness, as occurred in Britain recently involving Foot and Mouth Disease, reflects human madness. The so-called commercial and health excuses given by those who claim they are in control only highlight the stupidity which accompanies the madness. Of significance is the way they treat the animals as objects to be exploited at will, paying no attention to the suffering and misery to the animals and to many of their owners which they unnecessarily cause. Oh, my, what a wonderful world!

Expect more such inappropriate decisions by the Archons as their minds decay.

* However, the increased ferocity of animals, their unpredictable behaviour, the imbalance of certain numbers while other species become extinct all demonstrate the system, as well as the animals, are going mad for they, and the system, are subjected to the same Process of Fragmentation as are all physical manifestations.

* A return to dangerous hybridization experiments and cloning, as was done in ages past, before this epoch of history (which is the last of 7 on this Earth) is paving the path to horror, terror and further illness, disease and instability both for animals and humans. If time permits, hybrids with mixed animal and human genes will be "created" by mad scientists, not just for body parts, milk, vaccines, etc., but also for sexual gratification of demons, again as was done in ages past. Bestiality, much on the rise as demonic consciousnesses express more and more in human shells, is a pointer to this.

* If for no other reason, aspects of Humanity can be condemned totally for their exploitation, abuse and murder, in a metaphysical sense, of beings in other classes of consciousness which have been forced to share this Earth. More and more are awakening to the horrendous suffering and misery to which the animals of the world have been subjected. The abuse is even more ghastly when it is realized that many human consciousnesses are forced to regress from human into animal bodies in the ridiculous and evil cycle of Reincarnation and its law of Unjust Karma. Those who quote distorted and spurious texts of ancient manuscripts, including the Judeo-Christian Bible, as self-defense for their demonically carnivorous ways are doomed to perish in the Darkness of such fraudulence.

* Violence, anarchy, ruthlessness, selfishness and ungodliness are increasing daily.

* Pornography is rampant, increasing at an alarming rate. As mentioned, even animals are not safe from demonic sexual predators.

* Greed and exploitation by those in control of the concrete jungle are increasing as masses are herded like cows into ever-tighter physical and mental compartments.

* Fragmentation is affecting programming methods previously used successfully by the Archons to control people. Thus, forms of the Media, Religions, History, are no longer as effective in manipulating minds which are escaping the indoctrination of former times. The exposures on the World Wide Web, which the archons are desperate to control, to censor, have played a large part in freeing minds. But, in order to regain lost ground, even more surreptitiously evil mind control processes are attempting to dangerously reprogram the minds of the common denominators, the sheople, the goyim, so that they can be pacified, lulled back into the illusion of the Virtual Reality, and then further exploited and turned into tax-paying pawns who, when given the signal, will march into a war from which they gain naught.

I cite the destruction of Iraq and the former Yugoslavia as recent examples.

* Paranoia is mounting, and, in a form of escapism, some are attempting to fragment countries and governments while others seek friends to form blocs in which to feel safer and with which to attack others in due course.

* Fragmentation is affecting all levels of society. Not just nations, but states, communities, institutions, families and couples are showing the mental decay, the result of which is dissipation, for many minds now are subjected to internal stresses giving doubt, confusion, anxiety, fear and suicidal depression in increasing numbers. It is a paradox, because in this age, with material abundance, stability should be the result. But it is not, for the very reasons I am giving.

* Beware! No unprotected mind is safe, for the ever-present twins, Anxiety and Fear, are bubbling up to affect the outer minds of individuals from their deep subconscious where the truth of what is going on is being told to each consciousness unerringly.

* Fear from financial and emotional insecurity is also threatening minds as never before. And as financial instability affects most of the world, fear, insecurity, anger and paranoia inflame self-pitying minds whose belligerence is easily inflamed by demagogues and poor politicians alike. Have we not, on countless times, seen war being used as a means to restart economies regardless of the real consequences of such a war? Times are ripening for such abuse of power by those who think they can afford to exercise it.

Alas, there appears to be no end to the depravity and evilness of the Counterfeit Creation.

* In a futile attempt to blot out the reality of Judgement, of Failure and of Finality, and with a deficiency of energy with which to uphold the Virtual Reality, vulnerable outer minds are becoming trapped by their inherent fears. Some express this as anger, others as anxiety, still others succumb to the gloom and doom of their own failure and seek a means of physical escape.

* Suicides are increasing at exponential rates for that reason.

* Still others grasp at straws, and seek longevity by absurd means. Some are already eating foetuses in order to gain the stem cells found there in an attempt to prolong their lives. Soon, as demons will have it, babes will be eaten publically and unashamedly, as I predicted will occur.

* Others, as I said, are attempting commercial and illegal cloning and the manufacture of body parts in animals. This hybridization is not new. It was done in the time of Atlantis and on Mars not long ago.

* The Madness of Nations is seen in the preparation for Nuclear War everywhere, in the firm willingness to commit to battle no matter the consequences. This is the War I have predicted, a war no one can win.

* Hatred and the lust for Vengeance grow with the madness as the lowest common denominators of populations urge their leaders boldly and openly to conduct war on their enemies, not realizing they are clammering for their own annihilation as well. Such is the nature of Terminal Madness.

* The Search for the Ethnic Bullets to obliterate other competitive races, is just another form of nihilistic madness.

I am certain that each reader can make an expansive list of other incidents which highlight the destructive, aberrant, demonic behaviour of members of this Human Race.

The atavistic tendency which will see the darkness of demonic souls expressed more and more freely and violently on this plane is not so much a regression due solely to external factors. Rather, it is the unbridled release of the nature of the Counterfeit souls (consciousnesses) who have always yearned for the opportunity to express this, their true behaviour.

Now, with diminishing Light on the globe, and with mind energy (prana) at starvation levels for the failures, their rampage in search of energy is occasion for them to express their vile demonic nature fully. Those who are not of the demonic clan, but are failed robots nonetheless, will be programmed by the pervading Darkness of demonic minds and will be swept headlong into the horrors of the fulminating, destructive Endtime. Quick glances at Rwanda, Indonesia, Kosovo, etc., give previews of what is to come on a grand scale.

As this process engulfs the globe, all will see who and what these failures are. And each will recognize the need for Correction and the reason why such beings are failures and can have no part in any process outside of the influence of Evil.

The Evil basis of Humanity, and of the Aliens who created this absurdity, under the direction of the Evil Mind of the Celestial Error, which itself is undergoing transmutation, will be exposed as never before.

Although what I have written here may appear to some as extreme, let those who want to see the Truth of what is going on identify clearly the signs of the emerging reality.

Apart from the exceptions I mentioned, all who have yearned for Justice and Peace have been evacuated. They were the ones who prayed for this Hell to end. For them it has ended, in the best way possible. They are out of it and in a place of Joy and True Freedom. For them there is no longer the battle against injustice, nor the constant pain, suffering, exploitation and misery of this hellish and vile Counterfeit Creation.

Those who luxuriated in the iniquities of this abomination now have to go through the process of their own Madness, having created it by their constant denial of the need for Justice and Accountability.

I write these words not to frighten anybody but to accelerate the understanding of those who wish to know what is going on, and to advise those who are to succumb to the fires of their own Hell, that it was they who fanned the flames with their own iniquities. These were the fools who could not wait to ridicule what I had to say. They can blame no one but themselves for what they suffer. Truly each will get exactly what it deserves, no more and no less.


If readers genuinely wish to know more about this information, I ask that they listen to the various interviews I have given to Jeff Rense which may be heard in his program archives, read the newsletters, articles, essays, etc., on my website ( and, if need be, read some of my books and listen to lectures I have given over the years.

A recent lecture is on You Tube:


Are you feeling a little traumatized by this information?

Worse is to come. Prepare properly. Emotional turmoil is unavoidable, so you have to train yourself to be unaffected. What did the Buddha say?

Here is one example of what is in store: I have already revealed that over 30% of consciousnesses in human bodies are of a demonic essence. That means literally that in an extended family of, say, 9, three will be demons. And you will realize that, and see them, before the end. If you are a Viable, realize that they are your mortal enemies in essence, regardless of their familial associations.

But, on the other hand, consider this: If you received news of the end forever of all pain, suffering, misery, illness, death, poverty, unrequited love, boredom, anxiety, fears and depression, how would you feel?

If you were promised a world with no taxes and no bullies, no hypocrites, no cheats, no liars and no murderers, no more war, no more episodes of personal failure in anything you attempt, would you not be ecstatic?

Would you not be impatient for such a world?

Well, the process we are undergoing on this level at this very moment is to make that promise real.

Smile, for if you truly are one of Peace, Truth and Love, this is the most joyous news you could ever possibly receive.

OK, so you have to 'drop the shell', leave the cardboard box, physically die. So what? You have done that thousands of times and are still in existence. This last time is no more traumatic. In fact, it should be joyous if you make the full realization that you will be physically dying for the very last time.

Read any accounts of those who have had Near Death Experiences. Not one wants to voluntarily come back into the physical, even though they only experience the Astral World, which is still part of the Virtual Reality.

Can you imagine how much better the True Reality is? It is so wonderful that it really is beyond our imagination and comprehension

Awaken fully and prepare for take-off.

I repeat, this is the best news you will ever hear!

*** Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone January 25, 2013

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.



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