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Sandy Hook's New Psy-OP
Three months after the event!

By Jim Kirwan




unveiled to the public. BEGINNING ROUGHLY JUST TWELVE


This happened:

"The impetus for the initiative started on the evening of the shooting" Conway said. When he hosted a HOLIDAY PARTY with dozens of tech heavyweights as well as Mayor Ed Lee, former Mayor Willie Brown and Gabrielle Giffords, and her husband

Mark Kelly." (1)

Did the grieving parents attend this PARTY? Maybe this was the reason the parents were kept in SILENCE & SECLUSION - away FROM THE PUBLIC for the last 90 days, (while the facts were SEALED by the state of Connecticut) WAS THAT DONE BECAUSE SOME PARENTS MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE GONE to this party?

Why else would the "privacy" of the parents and their statements about that day - have been kept from public knowledge?

According to this story in the San Francisco Examiner: (March 15, 2012)"Thursday marked the three month anniversary of the shooting that has sparked a nation-wide debate about gun safety. And Barden and his wife, Jackie, along with other parents who lost children that day, came to San Francisco (March 14th, 2013) to launch an initiative that aims to stop gun-violence and improve mental-health research through technological innovation."

Reading the Article in the San Francisco Examiner, word for word, this paragraphs leaves in doubt, where the December 14th party in 2012 took place. But angel investor Ron Conway put the party together. Why would investors be motivated to "tap the creative minds in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley to help curb gun-violence" BEFORE the Sandy Hook gun-deaths in Sandy Hook Connecticut happened?

By the time the PARTY began the parents already each-had had state police-officers assigned to them (individually) to keep them isolated from the public - supposedly. This MUST BE INVESTIGATED and the bumbling-fool Lt. Lance MUST explain himself and "THE PARTY"! This "EVENT" just might BACKFIRE-BIGTIME instead of being the newly added fuel to PUSH THE PUBLIC TO OVERWHELMINGLY CONDEMN THOSE WHO LEGALLY OWN THEIR GUNS - and are protected by the 2nd amendment. This could finally give the American people the truth about a lot of things that happened on Dec 14, 2012.

The planning for this scam goes WAY-BACK, but planning "a party" on the night of the supposed murders of "twenty" children? This CALLOUS ACT TOPS ANYTHING I've heard before, about these supposedly "grieving people" that were sequestered & protected from the public since the moment the shooting happened - while they had already begun to create

"The Sandy Hook Promise Innovation Initiative"

Hey - this must be every surviving parents' ABSOLUTE DREAM in their newly created survivor hood - ?

'I know - since the kids are gone - let's all go to the PARTY & let's block anyone from talking to us until we're ready to unveil our new gun-scam? Oh, oh, oh, and we can go to San Francisco - on bicycles - for the UNVEILING AMONG sooooooooooo many O’Bama-loving traitors that they'll all just get behind this latest trick to impose the tragedy that we apparently DID NOT

FEEL upon the nation.'

Downtown Willie Brown - and Fat-Ed Lee, I wonder what "contributed" to the idea of bringing all of this shit back to San Francisco?

'Then maybe we could end this presentation by showing the confiscated crime-film of the totally obliterated bodies of the kids, that had to have been taken before the "bodies were moved." Oh and of course we could finally get to see the bullet-holes in the classrooms which had to be there since the bodies of first-graders would not have stopped those bullets. (Thereby giving us the critical crime-evidence needed), before the school (that is slated to be bulldozed), is no longer there'?

If the crime scene photos were shown then the actual number of bullets could be counted, and examined to confirm how many bullets had destroyed each child, (the DNA) if the number and the caliber of bullets were proven, then even though there would not have been much to identify - the public would have been given absolute confirmation both of the supposed facts about which guns were used, and literally what happened to each child. But then again since all of this was also a hoax they'd have to lie about that too.

If there were any children at all who actually were cut down in their youth on December 14th, 2012 in Sandy Hook. The world needs to know this for a fact!

That this criminal road-show has now come to San Francisco, the sucker-city of the nation; probably having given more money

to Feinstein, Obama and all their criminal-friends than most other-cities combined ­ except maybe Chicago ­ is a further insult.

The teckies and their cute little bikes can leave this place and take their new "friends" with them. They and their so-called sponsor's are A PUBLIC OUTRAGE - that must be thoroughly investigated which of course will never be done - because this party was planned long before December 14, 2012!

NOTE: Have the grieving parent’s financial statements been thoroughly examined both before and after the hypothetical-event? In light of the fact that they might have been so irreverent as to go to THIS PARTY, to plan a fiscal event during the same day that their "children" were supposedly murdered - and "if not"


1) Brains Vs. Bullets





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