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Are Sandy Hook & Aurora
Both In Dark Knight Rises?
What Are The Odds?



In the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" there is a scene where the word 'AURORA' shows in bright RED LETTERS on a tall building. We have not personally seen the film and cannot validate this scene as actually being in it. We would appreciate any input and a video freeze frame from The Dark Knight proving Aurora name on a high-rise does, indeed, appear.

There is a second scene where they are looking at a map where a major crime is expected to happen. Someone then points to the map where the expected crime is going to occur...and puts his fingers right under the words 'Sandy Hook'.

The global evil running this planet are known to often telegraph their plans in advance... a smug and arrogant mocking laugh at the helpless, hapless sheep. Is this such an act? Or just a coincidence or misinformation?

Here is a freeze frame of the purported 'Dark Knight' scene with
AURORA in bright red lights on top of a tall building...

HOWEVER, the AURORA is also seen in the current James Bond release, 'Skyfall'.

Here is a freeze frame at :41 seconds of the trailer at


Does this post from Godlike Productions offer one explanation of how the
AURORA was thought to be in the Batman 'Dark Night' film?

There is another scene in the film where they are looking at a map.
On the lower left of that map is Sandy Hook. 
Here is a freeze frame of that scene...

Here is a freeze frame when the actor puts his finger right below 'Sandy Hook'

Now, here is an enlargement of the map in that scene
clearly showing what appears to read 'Sandy Hook'...

Important Note
'Sandy Hook' has been the name of a commonly-known borough in 'Gotham City' for a long time. It is also known as 'South Hinkley' as you will see in the first sentence of this page from the site



Click HERE to see the full page

You might want to watch the following video which started the 'viral' flap over the two names...Aurora and Sandy Hook. As with many similar conspiracy videos, more research could have easily been done before turning this kind of speculation loose on the net. The topic is worth researching...and we have endeavored to do so in this article.

SANDY HOOK And AURORA Are BOTH In The Dark Knight Rises - Vid


1. In the blockbuster movie Matrix...released in 1999...the lead character Neo's passport expired on 9-11-2001.

2. The AURORA is Shanghai's Aurora Plaza. Shanghai is a major motion picture venue and may have been used to create part of the Gotham City skyline. We have not seen the film

For more about the Aurora Plaza

3. Several have written in and noted the coincidence of Hurricane Sandy's $50 billion disaster and the name Sandy Hook.





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