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The Right To Accuse
Cannot Be Silenced Or Kept Secret

By Jim Kirwan


ARTICLE ONE of the U.S. Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The freedom to assemble and the freedom of speech’ contain the inherent meaning - “We hold these truths to be self-evident” which means that the right to freely assemble cannot be infringed. The sole purpose for creating the Police-State was the outright takeover of the nation, through ‘illegal-regulations’. This reduces the inherent freedoms of us all. ‘FREEDOM’ as codified by the U.S. Constitution was done to protect Americans, but in reality stands for the rest of the world as well.

We have allowed the Constitution to be illegally-silenced in the false-name of national-security. With that we opened the door to the same criminal-infringements that are being reshaped for the Internet. The new PATRIOT ACT for the NET demands that our founding documents be ignored. The internet is being undermined by definition: Instead of being the international-forum - for the freedom-to-assemble on-line - which the Net was always intended to be.

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights became the written form for ‘the truths that are self-evident’ for all that seek to continue to live-free in a state wherein the government is the servant of the people, and is NOT the master of ‘the people’, which ‘the government’ was created to serve.

U.S. Incorporated (USI) in the “Act of 1871” provided a separate Government over the District of Columbia, by congressional decree, with no constitutional authority for their actions. This legislation created a Corporate State that actually controls the United States, and governs the Constitutional version of our, formerly Democratic, Republic. This criminal action coupled with the crime of 1913 that established the Federal Reserve Bank; set this nation on a collision course which one hundred years later (In 2013) has come full circle and must be obliterated from the state that existed after 1871.

What has transpired here since the illegal Act of 1871 transformed this place from a nation of free-individuals, into the national-security-state that we are now living in. That was only the beginning of the end of America ­ but of course we did not know that then…

In the 1886 Supreme Court decision, that freed American corporations from individual responsibility for their actions: This was the basis for our two tier systems of both law and life—which is directly responsible for the current global-criminality on which the massive-multi-national-corporations have become the monsters that are literally eating the world alive. This will not stop until those corporations have their charters shredded and their false-powers terminated by those who are not corporate-slaves. (1)

Most can clearly see that all of this was done with intent and premeditation to be able to take total-control of this place which was once both prosperous and free. Instead of continuing to expand either our national-prosperity or the freedoms we enjoyed—virtually everything has become subservient to ‘falsely-claimed national-security’ combined with basic-insecurity and government-intrusion at every level of daily life. The old USA is still alive in this hideous place but our lives can be destroyed in an instant, by the slave-state.

The political hour is long-past our ‘metaphorical-midnight’ in the search for personal-survival. But ‘survival’ can never be defined. What is at issue is not survival, but real-FREEDOM. We know that QUESTIONS must form the basis for getting to any truth that still exists. Yet all questions have been outlawed. We also know that questions have to be based on what is known about the facts in any case before us. Right now investigations of any kind remain secret!

Flipping the script

Every false flag event in recent memory has been accompanied by a staged drill. In the middle of the drill, an actual bombing or other attack is carried out, and the script is suddenly flipped from a "drill" to a "terror attack." All the assets that were set up for the drill -- law enforcement presence, bomb-sniffing dogs and professional actors playing victims -- suddenly become key elements in the national news broadcasts covering the "real" terrorist attack.

The drill-false-flag format is highly effective because patsies who are going to be blamed for the event are simply told, "You're participating in a
drill." This is likely what happened to the two brothers accused of carrying out the Boston marathon bombings. Evidence clearly points to the possibility that they were FBI assets who were likely told they were taking part in a "drill." We have already established that local law enforcement was informed of the existence of a drill... and that they shared this information with some participants in the marathon.

Even where
drills aren't used as a backdrop for carrying out staged false flag events, the drills still have the effect of indoctrinating the local populace to a police state presence. They get people used to seeing militarized goons running around pulling innocent people out of their homes in total violation of the Fourth Amendment.

It also gives the FBI insight on how local law enforcement will react to the terror plots actually being
staged by the FBI itself. This is invaluable information necessary for formulating yet more domestic terror plots in order to keep the population in a never-ending state of unbridled fear and government obedience.” (2)

Bringing Freedom of Speech and Assembly into the Twenty-First Century must include your keyboard and your mouse! Think: Then point & click!

Censorship and false-security are the tools of cowards that have enabled the nanny-state of helplessness, which must be shattered, if we are to be free again.

To answer the question of who is responsible for where we are, we cannot exclude what has been done to create these impossibly huge and global crimes against humanity.

To establish what can be known we must be able to differentiate between ILLUMINATION and the special DARKNESS that has befallen most of us.

The USA, as the USI, is on trial in the Court of World Opinion. We have said over and over and over again that we are NOT responsible for what has befallen so many nations and people around the world. But these global-crimes are beginning to become literal charges with real consequences. There can be no ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ unless there are real CONSEQUENCES for what has been illegally done, repeatedly, mostly to “others”. Now those crimes are beginning to come back here to the place where a great many of those crimes originated.

To release the debilitating weight of this grossly-criminal activity ­

Just admitting the truth is not enough!

We must answer for these crimes that were based on greed and arrogance.

Truths that have always been self-evident’ cannot be denied!

The brilliance of the open and clear codification of freedoms as outlined in the US Constitution is undeniable. The would-be masters would have us believe that the Constitution is “OUTDATED” and in need of being upgraded to include their new rationality for the corporate-pirates and the outlaws who really run this world (in their opinion). The world stands silently on the edge of the abyss waiting for the coming-moment when the criminals formally-declare outright WAR on the human-race. The “time of waiting” is over. We must stand against these common-criminals as human beings who can no longer be denied.

Those who seek to enslave us are not gods; they are only creatures, just perversions of who they claim to be. No one on the planet is bulletproof. They need to feel our wrath because of what they have done to billions of us—and they will very soon be forced to understand the folly of what they continue to attempt to do. Their view is unnatural by any and every measure of what it still means to be alive…

There’s No looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective-bargaining to rely on. The Awakening is You… There is nothing more important in this life, for you and me, than waking up… Waking costs everything, so what? What are you saving up for? Aren’t you paying that price anyway? Even if you’re not waking up, life always costs everything. You’ll leave here eventually like me and the cost will be your life: How did you spend it? Consciously or trying to conform and using that to hide behind? To justify living as a comfortable, lazy brain doaner to the system: That’s the battlefield. You, me, it goes no further. The only thing is for conscious spiritual reality ­ there is no predator, that’s the secret. We are eternal consciousness having an experience. We individually have to change first. We have to commit to consciousness; get free of entanglement and live a conscious life. ” The Battlefield is You! (3)

There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have, has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit.” From the Golden Compass

Life is a mystery to be lived not just a problem to be solved’… Joseph Campbell.

1) Challenging Corporate Power, Asserting the People’s Rights

Session III — Corporate Personhood

2) Government admits using 'professional actors' to play the role of victims in terror drills

3) The Battlefield is You - 6min 48 sec - VIDEO





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