Is This For Real?
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone, MD
Lately our Oz Governmental Radio National Broadcasting Network, the ABC, has begun 5 am broadcasts of interviews with  New Age know-alls around the globe ­ mainly American, mind you ­ reinforcing the fact that this is a wonderful, nurturing world, and that the combined efforts of these do-gooders are making a tremendous difference to our lives, for the better.
The conclusion at the end of each session is that we can look forward to a wondrous future of health, wealth, happiness, love, felicity, tranquillity and harmony.
I know. I know, it sounds like these people have been taking the likes of LSD and other magic potions!
Well, these broadcasts are a sort of verbal LSD being distributed to the masses in the hope they will be lulled back into a demented twilight from which they will not see the real state of the world or question what is going on.
But, as you know, it's too late. Many have awoken.
With emotionally charged voices, different ones come to be interviewed and tell us how they saved seven baby seals the other day, how the Kiwi count was down to 14 in a particular area of NZ, but with 24hour vigilance and lots and lots of money, effort and technology, they have managed to increase the number to 17.  They ignore the fact that at the same time as this occurred, thousands upon thousands of human babies were aborted for various reasons and many children died of starvation or minor illness, usually easily, inexpensively treated diarrhoea, around the world,
With a plaintive cry in their voice others tell us of the majestic beauty of nature in Africa which they will save, of the rainforests of the Amazon that they will conserve as well as the deep, mystical blueness of our skies.
This BS gets right up my nose faster than anything you could imagine. It is truly nauseating to listen to them. No mention, of course, occurs about the millions dying from starvation in Africa due, in the main, to the US government's policies to depopulate that continent so they will eventually be able to easily steal all its resources; no mention of the rape and murderous destruction of the Amazonian basin by loggers and land-clearers, all in the name of profit, to feed meat to the cannibals in human form; and certainly no mention of the Chemtrails that are making ALL of us sick in one way or another.
BTW, If you have noted, there is no such thing as a common cold any more. A respiratory infection becomes a battle for your lungs. It goes on and on and on. We used to have seasonal respiratory infections, but now they are perennial, and people suffer for weeks on end. This was never the case. And just as the bout seems to be over, it freshens up all over again.
I have never seen so many cases of bronchopneumonia and frank pneumonia as in the last 18 months or so in my practice. I am certain it all stems from the poisons we are inhaling that have been liberated in the Chemtrails.
But, my main point here is to highlight this ability some have in being able to focus on the false positive of the Virtual Reality while ignoring Truth.
This ability is a well-known trait of the Hypocrites.
It is truly nauseating to sense the smug self-satisfaction these hypocrites ooze at presenting what we truly know is false. That is what we cannot stand. We have seen through their lies and can stand them no more. When a person can see through them, s/he has truly awakened.
So, below I reproduce a short essay I wrote almost 20 years ago. Its validity has been confirmed with the passage of time:
"Is this for real?" is often asked by those who are confronted for the first time in their lives by the sort of reality I am writing about. My answer is simple:
"Well, if it is not for real, we have to entertain a litany of denials that I have listed below. Have you noticed how they have been erased from the news? They truly are trying to lull the sheople back to sleep.
1  We would have to deny the occurrence of Ozone depletion and the ultraviolet sterilisation of the world. Plankton is dying due to the ultraviolet radiation. As a consequence those sea creatures who depend on it for food are dying. In turn the predators are starving to death and fish populations are disappearing. The Worldwatch Institute reported in 1996 that as a consequence, world fish catch per person is declining. Seafood prices are soaring. The radiation is also affecting crops. Again we turn to the Worldwatch Institute which reported that during the years 1990 to 1995, the world grain harvest did not increase at all. And grain stocks have fallen to just 48 days of world consumption, the lowest level on record!
It is of interest to report that Prof. Mario Molina, famous for implicating CFCs in the destruction of ozone in 1974 had stated in a symposium that humanity is on its way to licking the problem!
Is it not just like saying the world is getting better by the day when in fact it is deteriorating by the hour? Just who is fooling whom here?
And this is in the face of the fact that the ozone depleted hole over Antarctica is the worst on record with each passing year. It had widened to record size the last time I checked ­ to be as large as the combined area of the U.S. and Canada. "Another record-setting season," said Dr. Rumen Bojkov, ozone adviser to the World Meteorological Organisation.
2 We would need to deny the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and the pressure-cooker effects these are having which will kill all living things if the planet continues. Being the plane of confusion, many erudite scholars are even today denying that the planet is warming up! Of course the cause is not human pollution but solar disturbances.
3 We would have to deny the process of Salination which has been ignored and neglected, yet is causing, and will cause, even as an isolated measure, crop failure and world-wide starvation.
4 We would need to deny the presence of Diseases, old and new, such as HIV-AIDS, Malaria, TB, Mad Cow disease, etc., which are decimating populations and will continue to do so. Have you noticed how no one talks about these anymore? They are not only present, they are hastily spreading.
5 We would need to deny the Pollution, in the form of chemicals and nuclear waste, which has poisoned all soils, air and water.
    i      Air: The United Nations itself, that bastion of Establishment correctness, claims 20% of the earth's population will die simply from air pollution. This figure is very conservative and bound to escalate. You know how authorities lie to minimise the truth. In other words, the air we breathe is going to kill us. Have you noted the increase in asthma and deaths related to it and other respiratory diseases; the increase in lung and other cancers? The Japanese irradiation is far worse than the authorities will admit.
    ii Chemical poisons: These organically mimic hormonal precursors and are sterilising all creatures, even humans.
    iii Water: Soon there will be no pure natural water to drink, anywhere on the planet. Only the richest of countries will be able to afford purification plants. Cholera is on the increase. The vibrio has been found in large and small lagoons throughout Queensland. I dare say it is present everywhere, just biding its time.
    iv      Food: There has been an alarming increase in food poisoning. Many deaths are occurring. A virulent E. Coli in bad meat is responsible for "burger disease". We had prophesied carnivores are going to be in for a tough time. But now even fruit and vegetables are infected with deadly cyclosporins. There will be no respite.
6 To say that what I have written is unreal, we would need to deny the existence of moral and natural Evil.
-      How are you going to deny all the corruption and exposure of demons, archons, minions occurring everywhere?  How are you going to explain away the fact that you can see reptilian demons in human bodies?
-      How can you deny the Evil which causes so much suffering in the world? Not one being escapes the horrible pain and suffering of this world. Even the most favoured Sons of Darkness have to undergo the pangs of death. And then they are the most frightened of all at that hour.
7 We would have to deny the Fraudulence of Religions and the deceitfulness they have perpetrated on gullible victims throughout the ages. Are we to be ignorant of all the wars and murders they fostered or are we simply to absolve them because they say they represent God? My very strong contention is that they do not represent God at all, but the evil Moloch. And hence, they deserve utter condemnation. I ask those who are not familiar with my book "Death of an Evil God" to read it.
8 We would have to deny the evil side-effects of Modern Science and its technology which will erase us all from this planet if all other mechanisms fail. See through what the evil scientists, such as Carl Sagan, have said. They are mendacious monsters, demons of disinformation. His last book was called "A demon-haunted World" and is the work of a deceitful, deluded demon-donkey, not what one would expect from an erudite man at all.
Genetically modified foods will take their toll in due course, as will man-made polluted vaccines (all containing carcinogenic viruses, as has recently been admitted) and irrationality used chemicals, of which the Chemtrails are a classic example, as I stated above.
9 We would have to deny the existence of other levels of consciousness and other dimensions as experienced by many people including meditators, witnesses of UFOs, abductees, those who have voluntarily visited other dimensions, etc. Such levels are virtually demanded by the questions of Quantum Mechanics that need answers.
Scientific investigations of the Near Death Syndrome, Astral Travel and Out of Body experiences by University departments leave us in no doubt about the existence of outer dimensions.
And, if we want to deny the existence of other levels of consciousness, we would have to label as liars Avatars such as Rama, Krishna, Manichaeus, Buddha, Jesus, etc., whom many of us revere as Sons of Light.
Right now, the Zionist attack is on the very existence of Jesus. Yet, in their books, they have him boiling in a hot vat of excrement in Hell. Well, they can't have it both ways. He either existed or he didn't.  But, if he didn't exist, are they going to deny the existence of the other Avatars who left us solid proof?
10 We would have to deny the Existence of UFOs, and would therefore have to call all the witnesses of UFOs (millions of them) liars who have colluded to deceive the rest. This is very unlikely and a stupid proposition really, considering the vast numbers involved.
The Sagan I just referred to said they were all sharing one large hallucination! How many had he interviewed? What psychological, medical or psychiatric qualifications did he have? (None is the answer!)
By the way, some amazing film footage is being produced by professional film crews of sightings in Central America. Many of you are probably aware of the Internet story of 2 aliens captured on January 20, 1996 in Varginha, Brazil and the massive cover-up which followed. Spectacular videos of plasma crafts, and other UFOs, seen south of Mexico City, are now commonly available.
The US Military labelled Colonel Corso a mendacious, demented old fool for writing his book "The Day after Roswell" and claimed he made it all up. Now, in the last year or so, that same military has admitted he was accurate. Go figure. The system is breaking down, and the Virtual Reality is being torn asunder.
11 We would have to deny the existence of Psychic Phenomenology such as clairvoyance, channelling, prophecy, ESP, etc. And yet those of us who have experienced these phenomena can no more deny them than we can deny that we ourselves exist.
12 To deny this reality I am writing about, one would have to deny the bloody-minded savagery of the majority of Humanity which arises from its ontological evilness. If you have trouble coming to grips with this concept, just think of all the rotters you have met in your life. Where do you think they come from?
Think of the evil people commit in the name of racism, in the name of nationalism, for their religion, for their governments, etc. Hideous war crimes are not something the Nazis invented in World War 2. And such crimes do not just occur in wars. They are part of all human activities.
Remember when the US military was hit by the extent of the scandal of sexual harassment of females in the various branches of the services. They can no longer cover up the assaults and rapes. Listening to what some of the victims have had to endure, the mass rapes in the Bosnian fields appear to be voluntary social gatherings. When are we going to stop making excuses for the demons and call them exactly what they are - evil?
The globe is being torn asunder by war, war and more war. And more is predicted.  These wars are not based on Love or Justice or for protection of Human Dignity. They are not means of protecting 'Mother Nature' in all her Glory. They are based on Hate, Greed and unrelenting Exploitation of the weak by the strong. That is the manifestation of Evil no less. Jesus was right. These demons who perpetrate such violence and evil are liars and murderers like their father the devil, and have been so since their beginning. Those of us who have seen through their camouflage grow impatient for their eradication from the face of Creation.
On one morning, immediately after the program to calm the sheople, three items made the news which contrasted with the content of the program just broadcast. One was the number of Australian soldiers being killed needlessly in Afghanistan. The second was the number that comes back psychiatrically crippled. Mental Health in the country cannot cope with them.
The third item was the exponential increase in suicides, not just in these demented soldiers, but in the population in general.
Oh Maya, where is thy beauty now?
13 We would have to deny the gross injustices of the plane, the unrelenting exploitation, the ignorance, deception and gross hypocrisy, the corruption in government, in the judiciary, in police, in industry, in the legal system, in the medical system, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Can we really do that?
14      We would have to deny the unwillingness of the majority to share, to love, to live in peace, in harmony and goodwill. One just knows the majority thrives in the chaos and exploitation! Look at riots and the atavism that occurs in previously well controlled mindless robots who then act as demented crazed mindless robots!
15 We would have to deny that the majority do not respond to True Love. If people did, we would be rid of this whole evil dimension overnight! It's not True Love that has sent you broke. The Financial Crisis was born and bred on Greed, Greed, Greed. Greed is an evil trait!
Even if you are a goody-goody New Ager and want to deny the existence of Evil, you at least now know, with your looming poverty, artificially induced, that you are a victim of it. Makes you a sort of unique fool to deny Evil now, does it not?
16 We would have to deny that the majority are mean, bellicose, destructive, and unresponsive to the slightest hint of True Love and Light. We would have to deny that they are spawns of the Counterfeit Creation, who are there simply to exploit the trapped True Beings. Which of you has not awoken to the fact that this world runs on shameless, unrelenting, punitive exploitation?
The only ones that seem happy are those that form the scum on top of the pile!
17 We would have to deny the massive increase in pornography and jail systems which are two very fast mechanisms for the extraction of energy.  I have stated the system is running out of energy, It is being allowed to do so, for its death certificate has already been signed. It is due to collapse totally in due course.
18 We would have to deny that The Divine Consciousness reincarnated again and again as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., etc., and that he did not come into this lowly dimension and that He did not mention the End of the World, did not mention Judgement, did not mention accountability and the arrival of a day of Real Liberation.
To call all that I write about unreal, one would have to postulate that I am a clever, little (well, perhaps not so little) fellow with nothing better to do but put all these facts and figures together just to build up a fantasy and fool you all, perhaps even frighten you a little. My motive would have to be well hidden too, for the effort costs me energy, time and money, and in the main all I get for my efforts is abuse from the morons.
But wait one moment! All these things are happening as I describe them.
It is no fantasy.  I cannot be simply making it up. It is happening and I am giving you empirical, as well as philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric reasons why it is happening.
I am not making it all up, I am not that clever. Besides, some of the information I have been given to relay to you has been given esoterically to this level in days long ago, but I did not know it existed elsewhere in other languages with which I am not familiar. How then could I have made that information up?
I could expand this list for a good deal yet. But I am sure you get the picture if you really want to. Those who do not want to see the reality of it all would deny the sun rises in the East in order to deny this reality.
Give them a skip. They are doomed fools and mockers whose laughter will very soon turn to the whine of decaying worms. But I repeat, and stress, that they only have themselves to blame. They have rejected infinite chances to step into the Light.
Since I wrote that, many of us have developed psychic abilities that we had not even thought possible.
Many are now seeing demons in human bodies. They see reptilian eyes, demonic features, smell the unmistakeable odour of depravity, etc.
Many are seeing empty-headed robots acting as humans. As one looks into their eyes, it is obvious there is no consciousness within. It is an empty shell walking around. These "beings" run on the programming, pollution and indoctrination of the plane as I have explained in my books.
But, all the factors of programming them are breaking down. Hence, we see the occurrences of mental illness more and more (Terminal Madness of the Endtime), the increase in suicides, the need for greater and greater numbers to be on anti-depressants just so they can get through the day, etc.
These empty robots make up the cannon fodder of wars, the mindless soldiers who go and blow themselves and others up without knowing why or even questioning why.
But,  as the programming is breaking down, they are questioning their very existence, their control, their masters, etc. And so they are rioting, the Arab unrest being a good example. And wait until the American Military is hit by these questioning, dysfunctional soldiers ­ these killing machines the government has created. Who are they going to kill? Who is going to kill the killing machines?.
We are clearly seeing the beginning of the END of this doomed orb.
Many are dreaming of this End.
Near Death Experiencers are being shown the End on their "trips".
Others get the information in Meditation, and many just know it is so.
No matter how much emphasis the Archons and Demons give to the falsehood of their Virtual Reality, we who are awakened can never be deceived again.
If others want to argue with you about the state of the world, and insist all is fine and nothing at all is happening, walk away. They are fools.
You will walk away, not because you are a coward, but because if you are seen arguing with fools, you run the risk of being taken for one!
Copyright 2012 -  J Chiappalone
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