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Jeff Rense

During this year of 2012 on the internet, there are those from the dark side who have chosen to add to the chaos and confusion of life.  They sow seeds of dissension in order to divide and conquer those who congregate at alternative news sites which are dedicated to disseminating reality.  Extraordinary events have recently occurred that vividly portray this state of affairs...and clearly manifested by the unprecedented attacks on myself and, by extension, all of our site visitors and listeners.

Therefore, this public statement has been written for all well-intentioned people.  Because every one of us is vulnerable - at any time - to the occult cabalistic machinations referred to below, it is critical to know exactly what we're dealing with.  By shining the light of awareness on this ugly and dirtiest state of affairs, we sincerely hope to dispel some of the the darkness that has been lurking around many a truth-seeker and truth-speaker alike.  With these revelations, and more to follow, the intentions of those who seek to undermine people of good will will be unveiled.      

As many of you know, I have been under truly unprecedented personal attack on the net recently. Attacks on me go back close to 20 years.  

The current terror assaults are designed to foment hate by proffering the complete perversion of reality and to lead to my potential death by assassination.  Make no mistake about it...this is a possible killing exercise to rid the net of one of the few remaining, un-compromised sources of genuine news. This kind of operation is also commonly tied to other such criminal acts as blackmail and extortion.  They national and international hate crimes designed to incite hate and exposing myself to extreme physical violence. That is how evil works.

I posted meticulous Replies destroying, exposing and discrediting every single aspect of the first three attacks against me and then stopped...because it takes too much time away from my already overloaded schedule.  Further, ANYONE capable of even modest thinking can see there is only ONE side of a story being published.  In fact, less than one side.  There is a diametrically opposite side which I and my legal staff have decided to hold in abeyance until the time is correct.  The other side of the story will shock, stun and ultimately enrage most decent men and women when it is finally revealed.  These defamations are the most diabolical and deranged libel I have ever encountered in 25 years as a professional journalist.  Attacks like these share a common genesis and are usually linked to textbook blackmail, extortion, character assassination, defamation and sheer libel of the first degree.  

In sum, I hereby categorically and with utter disgust and revulsion, reject and denounce every single accusation, statement, characterization, libel and defamation being thrown at me in this planned and carefully orchestrated assault on myself and, by extension, on all of you...our readers and listeners.

The statements and claims made against me and my professional and personal life are grotesque and are hallmarked by the oldest technique of disinformation itself - the lie of omission.  Do not forget the Bohemian Grove ritual of 'The Cremation of Care'  Never forget that.

Psychopathic thought has no 'Care' whatever.  Lying has become such an accepted 'norm' now that it becomes an almost useless endeavor to expose it.  The attacks against me and David Icke are agenda-driven evil, emblematic of the war on GOOD being waged by the dominant Satanic consciousness on the planet and people of extreme hate and spiritual pathology.

If people take the time to read my first three Replies, they will fully understand exactly how the enemy is playing this psy op mind-control hate crime.  

I will not be taken down by it unless they succeed in their wishes and I am eliminated by some lunatic who buys into the lies and filth being thrown at me.  

We respectfully direct all interested parties to my existing three Replies and request that it be kept firmly in mind that the exact same kind of revelatory truths will emerge regarding every ugly piece of filth written subsequently. Simply defaming and smearing someone seems good enough for many of the sheep who care not to think and discern any longer.

''Since when is there only ONE side to a story?' someone wrote the other day  I unequivocally repeat that, if I took the time, every accusation, characterization and defamation would be exposed exactly as I have already done in the 3 posted Replies.  These libels are quite literally the projected reversals of is white, up is down, good is evil.

We trust those who intuitively know this will have already seen through the tricks and corruptions as the mind-manipulations they are.  Every coin has at LEAST an equal and OPPOSITE side.  Ours will be posted at the right time and when we are given
the go-ahead.
The kind and overwhelming support that has poured in here from THINKING people will never be forgotten.  Very few were deceived by this latest round of created and corrupted accusations... which stem from totally human events to the completely absurd... none of which have any legitimate place on the kind of internet we know and respect.  The current slime certainly won't be the last hurled our way.  In the meantime, our thanks and deepest appreciation for your wise, perceptive and steadfast support.



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