Questions Of Finality
By Dr J Chiappalone

I shall begin this essay by posing a question. Can we use lower mind logic to assess the fate of the Physical Universe? I think we can, as I will demonstrate. It is a very complex matter, as you will no doubt appreciate. But I am going to attempt to make it as simple as possible.

But, before I continue, I need to warn you that this is not a polemical dissertation. It is, in fact, a Declaration of Finality for the Earth. It is time to reveal more to you.

It is now accepted the Universe had a beginning (some have called it the start in the Big Bang Theory).  Atheists have a problem from the outset with this, for they cannot explain how anything can arise from nothing in contradiction to the Law of Conservation of Energy.

At one ‘moment’, before which there was NO measurable Time or Space as we know them, a ‘ball of energy’ exploded and precipitated ‘matter’ into the myriad of structures we now see forming and occupying the Universal Space, and as the Quantum Physicists would want me to add, all its other dimensions, making it a Multi-Universe.

I repeat, according to the most fundamental of all Physical Laws, the Law of Conservation of Energy, nothing can come from nothing. That very first Law of Physics states that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Hence, this very dense ball of energy that formed our massive Multi-Universe must have come from “somewhere”.

But, the point is not to get into a discussion about Multi-dimensional Ethereal Universes (a concept beyond the scope of the lower mind in Humans) but rather, it is to make the point that this Physical Universe had a Beginning. It is then that its Time began, and its dimensions expanded. We have means of estimation the Date of Birth from isotopes. If it had no beginning, we certainly could NOT do that.

The concept I want to present here is that it precipitated from another, more ethereal, dimension. I know it did. Is there any other pointer to that, apart from my assertion? Edgar Cayce, the well-known prophet of last century, was shocked when, in trance, he stated that Ethereal Spirits were trapped in Matter that precipitated from an ethereal state. I did not need to read his books to know that information.

I know that all dimensions begin as bubbles from ‘parent’ dimensions, and when they do, their Time and Space commence as they evolve from that birthing dimension. Even the slightest familiarity with String Theory will have you thinking of a multi-dimensional Universe, just to accommodate the complexity of what we see as ‘our Universe’.

This physical dimension is no different. Thus, it has had a beginning. This dimension had a beginning whether scientists want to agree or not. What they cannot all do, but some Quantum Physicists can, is extrapolate to the point of saying that it must have precipitated from a “higher” level, thus alluding to the existence of the Numinous. As I said above, we can tell its age roughly from isotopic decay.

When the dimension collapses, Time and Space for it will finish, and all its NON-PHYSICAL contents need to go elsewhere if they are to continue existence. The dimension itself is then finished.

The next point to consider is this: Anything that has a beginning must have an END.

Thus, from this, we can extrapolate that we are living in a Time Capsule, a Tomb for the Spirit, a time-limited Tomb which will, of necessity, end, and of course liberate the ‘trapped Spirits’ of which Cayce spoke and of which I have written extensively.

My point is that it must have an END. That is an empirical rule. All things that have a Beginning must have an End!

Is there any evidence to indicate an End? Yes, there is. Isotopic decay clearly demonstrates that the physical structures will, at some stage, all finish. The elements began by the coalescence of the most minute particles, some of which we, on the physical, have not fully discovered, inspite of our powerful particle-shattering accelerators, and they formed elements of greater and greater atomic weight as the Periodic Table, with which we became familiar as school children, tells us.

But no sooner did the elements form than they began the process of DECAY which will see their eventual demise. The process of coalescence requires ENERGY to form the various “bonds” between the “bits”. Some are called Strong and Weak electromagnetic forces, gravitational force, and various Valency bonds such as ionic, covalent, metallic, etc. That energy forming the bonds is given off when those bonds are broken, as we see in the various demonically-created and very murderous nuclear bombs.

The important thing to realize here is that if there is insufficient energy to form those bonds, Matter, as we know it, will disintegrate at the sub-atomic, atomic and molecular level. It will simply come apart and return to an ethereal form of energy.

The Physical Universe began by coalescing into those particles, and by having the ENERGY to hold them together. Those particles will disintegrate when the bonding energy dissipates, and that is how the Universe is going to end in due course.

When the energy reaches a critically low mass, all physical structures will become momentary puffs of “ethereal smoke” ­ which is “Primordial Energy” - and then they will be no more. That day is not far away at all, for, as I have said many times before, all useable energy has been cut off from this enclosed Physical System.

Energy in the Physical System is finite. I have explained the reason for that in my books. Hence, that elemental Creative Process will eventually come to an end. No new stars or planets will form.

But all the elements and the isotopes will continue to decay until they exist no more. This Process of Decay has now been greatly accelerated, and very much on purpose.

We have measured the life span of such things as the sodium atom. Thus, all the atoms of which we and all the structures of the Universe are made are on DEATH ROW. The Physical was doomed from its first moment because eventually it would run out of “bonding energy”.

Many will ask, “Is there any evidence, apart from the Mental, the Financial, the Climatic, etc., etc., fragmentation we can now observe in our lives to indicate the commencement of the fragmentation of bonds holding particles together?”

“Yes, there is!” is the answer. The phase of the inadequacy of bonds due to energy deficiency is indicated by the SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION THAT THE RATE OF ISOTOPE DECAY HAS BECOME ERRATIC. That fact is indisputable.

Hence, it can be taken that we are in the Final Phase of the Demolition Process. It will slowly progress until it reaches a critical point and then matter will seem to dissolve in a flash. Before that, rescue of Viable Consciousnesses will have occurred and I will discuss this further below briefly, and in detail, in subsequent essays.

The CELESTIAL ERROR, which I have mentioned many times, that accidentally spawned the Physical Dimension was a run-away experiment, a temporary aberration which now is in the process of total Correction. And this Correction means, in simple terms, the total eradication of the Physical Universe and all its structures. There is a very important reason why it needs to be eradicated.

What is of utmost importance to us is to know the fate of the Original Ethereal Spirits trapped within this “accident’.

Some of the consciousnesses within the Physical Dimension are creations of the Physical Dimension itself, Children of the Error; Children of the Lie! So, in reality, they too are doomed, for they are part of the Physical Universe and not from outside it. They are doomed unless modifications are made to them in order to allow them to survive outside of their original habitat. These are the Robots and Demons created by the Creator of the Physical Dimension, and I have discussed their fate at length elsewhere. A small percentage will have modifications made to them which will allow them to continue after the death of the Physical Universe.

The fact that there is no replenishing energy for the Physical System means that at some point, no isotopes, no atoms, no physical structures can be re-created. They cannot regenerate. The formative process giving new atoms, new stars, will stop.

Can this Final Phase of Total Correction and Complete eradication of the Physical be further accelerated? Yes, it can, and I will come to it in a moment.

Are there any Observable Man-made Laws that demand or govern the End? “Yes”, is the answer.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics prognosticates and demands the death of this system. The basic facts are that this physical system (dimension) is unique in the sense that it has no eternal or external source of Energy. All “living” structures need energy. Elements and Plants need the energy from the Sun. Our Physical Bodies need energy from there too in order to form ATP as we all learned in Biology class. The Ethereal and Astral Bodies that are also part of our Metaphysical Anatomy need Pranic Energy.

The Theomorphs (the Divinely created beings who were trapped by the manifestation of the Error) need the Divine Energy brought in by the various Avatars throughout their period of entombment. This is the Energy that has prevented them from expiring quickly.  It is also the energy that the Evil ones need desperately, and steal, in order to run the “Error” and stay alive. None can live without energy.

People pray to God by saying: "Deliver us from Evil" in the Lord's Prayer.  Some of us remember the quotes in the Bhagavad Gita from Lord Krishna (an Avatar):  "Whenever Evil overwhelms this plane, I manifest." He comes to bring regenerating energy. This has been the major role of all visiting Avatars.

Also: Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita explained the total insignificance of the physical expression. He alludes to the insignificance of the physical as these extracts demonstrate: “These bodies, which act as enveloping coverings for the souls occupying them, are but finite things of the moment ... They perish as all finite things perish. He who in his ignorance thinketh: “I slay” or “I am slain” babbleth like an infant lacking knowledge ...  Be self-centred and uncontrolled by the illusions of the finite world. When thou shalt rise beyond the plane of illusion, then shalt thou cease to disturb thyself regarding doctrines, theology, disputations concerning rites or ceremonies, and other useless trimmings upon the cloth of spiritual thought ... You will be liberated from those who would interpret that which they fail themselves to understand; but instead, shalt thou fix thy mind in earnest contemplation of the Spirit, and thus reach the harmony with thy Real Self ... That which seemeth real to the men of the sense-world is known to be illusion by the Sage. Knowing the whole Truth, thou shouldst beware of unsettling the minds of those not yet prepared to grasp it, as untimely teaching may drive from their work such as see only half-Truths, and become unsettled thereby.”

I have recently written that this energy has been cut off, for the Evil System was able to steal it and use it to run the Physical Dimension. But this grand, surreptitious theft can be no more. And hence, the Dimension will collapse even faster ­ very fast, in fact.

Thus, it is in the process of Termination through the process of Entropy. Eventually all energy in this enclosed system will expire and it will become a silent, lifeless blob before evaporating into Primordial energy.

My contention is that it will collapse upon itself and be reabsorbed into the Primordial Pool of the Numinous from whence it came. As a corollary, this explanation makes fools, which they are of course, of all who claim to be Atheists. It just shows that they are utterly ignorant morons.

This Final Process of Correction, of collapse, decay and death, applies to all the Physical Dimension.

Do the same circumstances apply to the spiritual component of which some of us are aware? The answer is “YES!”. Any and every spiritual being requires energy to exist. If its energy is depleted, its consciousness will start the process of Collapse and, in due course, ceases to function. It will terminate.

This Process of Collapse, which I wrote about in the 1990s, is what is giving us the Process of Terminal Madness of the Endtime, as I called it then, and we are now witnessing it everywhere. Minds are decaying at a rapid rate due to this very process I am describing which is the depletion of energy.

This Collapse and eventual Madness affect all levels of consciousness: the Mineral, the Vegetable, the Animal, the Human, the Deva Level, the Galactic and the Universal levels.

In the Mineral Level we now see it as the erratic decay of isotopes, of the erratic behaviour of our Sun, of Comets, of Galaxies losing their paths and colliding, of Black Holes becoming even more polarizing and insatiable. BTW, Black Holes, in spiritual/metaphysical terms, are fallen Galactic Consciousnesses.

In the Vegetable Kingdom we see it as the growth of abnormal types, of super weeds, as more poisonous plants, etc., and in vegetation that is strangling more normal structures.

How will consciousnesses that have been deemed Viable to continue after the death of the Universe proceed in this enclosed entropic system seeing that the energy for the system is coming to an End?

The answer is the creation of a new form of selectively sustaining energy. It is called the New Green Energy (NGE). It is immutable and cannot be used by Evil at all. In fact, it neutralizes Evil energy on contact, rendering Evil inert, and thus accelerating the process of decay to its Endpoint.

Thus, the distributor of this NGE, now on this level, is both the Rescuer of Viables and the Destroyer of Evil ­ the Dreaded Judge of Antiquity!

More and more people are now becoming aware of the existence of this New Green Energy.

As I said, the NGE is energy which the Physical System and its physical components cannot use to sustain themselves. In that group I include the “spiritual components created by the anomalous creator of the Physical System that in this sector has been called, in our Western Culture, “Jehovah”.

The only ones that can survive the death of the Physical Dimension are those who are sustained by the New Green Energy. Those who had been created by Evil cannot survive unless they receive modifications made by the Light. Without the modifications, the Process of Entropy would, in due course, terminate them and everything else. But, with the modifications, they will be spiritually alive as they are extracted from the moribund dimension.

We are in the process of modifying approximately nine per cent of Earth’s population (in the robotic sector of the population) that have been designated as Viable so that they can be sustained by the New Green Energy until they are extracted.

If you examine the Universe in its present state of fragmentation, you will note, if you are astute, that the process of Terminal Entropy is well into its final stages. Thus empirically, we know an END must come.

The question now that we must consider, is of Timing. Do we have any clues about that? It is my contention that, seeing that the NGE is here, we can conclude that we are in the Final Phase. Of course, this fact will become more obvious as more and more people become aware of the NGE. At present very few are aware of it.


On April 14, 1985, “I”, the consciousness that I am, attended a Conference on a Craft outside of this dimension to discuss the Final Phase of the Rescue Mission, and the evacuation of Viables from Earth in preparation for the total destruction of this illicit area of Creation. I was not an invited person as such. I was returning to my temporary Home and this body was again allowed to recall all the details, for it was time to do certain work.

“I”, the Higher Consciousness, has made the trip on innumerable occasions since occupying this physical body.  I recall going to the craft even when I was a child. On every occasion similar to my experiences, the expendable body many be young or old, but the Higher Consciousness within is a constant. This goes for all who have such a consciousness, be they babies, puppies, Oak trees or Crystals.  Let the ignorant fools scoff. Their time is short.

BTW, if you have trouble understanding my meaning of Higher and Lower consciousness, you are welcome to read my books for explanations. Also, if your knowledge of Ufology, and of Aliens, Reptilians, Demons, etc., is deficient in any way, you should avail yourself of some of the reliable evidence found on the Internet which is replete with worthwhile material. Just realize that some of it is nonsense. Learn to refer everything you see, read, hear, touch, experience, dream or feel to your “Higher Self” and evaluate it without emotional input.

Also, take the opportunity to research the latest Medical advances in Thanatology and in Near Death Experiences of adults and very young children as explained by expert physicians and paediatricians.

Outer mind knowledge is not really important in order to understand the Process of Correction I am describing, but the knowledge may make you feel more accepting of concepts you will meet as we progress along the Path together. If you do NOT understand what I say with your lower mind, you will, if you are a Viable, understand it with your Heart, so do not be too concerned.

At that particular Conference in 1985, it was decided it was time to reveal to the people and consciousnesses of and around Earth, and all its sub-dimensions, what was planned to occur.  Apart from revealing the Plans for Correction, with details given when it was appropriate to do so, “I” was to begin preparing those to be evacuated, and also act as a conduit in the physical, not just for the information, but for that certain New Green Energy as well, for it would prove to be indispensible in the Endtime.

I knew what to expect and my “Spacecraft Colleagues” told me too: “You know what to expect down there! Demons are demons! ” “I” have played this role many times in many other locations, planets and sub-dimensions, and memory of some of those episodes eventually filtered through to the lower mind of this body as the need arose.

I knew I would be subjected to ridicule, personal attacks and scepticism from many quarters, for had not innumerable “prophets” previously declared the ‘End of the World’ throughout history? But for me it was different. First “we” would initiate the Terminal Changes, and then, secondly, tell the people what the changes they observed were all about. That is the reason why I have been so relatively silent since 1985 and why I did not give specific information or the Source of the information until near the year 2000.

Thus, I predicted the changes. But few read my books. They were too busy ridiculing me.

I directed the changes on this level. Admittedly no one could know that for I hid it from the Demons and the unawakened fools.

I then began pointing out the changes in various essays.

I explained at length what the changes were and what they signified. Still the fools laughed.

How many of the previous “End of World” prophets have made terminal changes and then explained them to the masses?

Once the Plan of Action was established, after the 1985 Mothercraft visit was concluded, I closed my Medical Practice and busied myself with writing books containing information the awakeners would need. I began free public lectures in Melbourne, Australia. No sooner did I open my mouth, of course, than the Evil fools laughed at what I had to say.

On one occasion, one of the Television stations invited itself to one of my lectures and made a complete mockery of proceedings. They had brought with them a member of the Sceptic Society, a sullen, pernicious, underfed lawyer. He actually looked like a scavenging buzzard to me.  

He must have thought he owed his TV patrons a performance, and so at the first opportunity he got, he gave a grandiose display of the Arrogance of his Ignorance as he attacked the metaphysical explanations I had given in the lecture, which he understood not at all. And, in great amusement for the masses, he attacked with the acerbic vitriol of a doomed demon. It was the Circus Maximus revisited ­ sans ferocious four legged animals. Instead, present were Reptilian demons such as this lawyer and others in human disguises. Often have I encountered such evil reptiles in my journeys as I got on with what I had to do.

Hence the evening was a total wash-out for delivering such an important Message. The telecast segment of my lecture on public television was worth a good laugh because of the rough-house tactics on that evening by some of the audience, and that was all. The populace was definitely not ready for what I had to say. Alas, a wonderful opportunity had been lost!

As I continued in the public forum, magazines and newspapers defamed me with malicious intent. It was all expected. Beer-swilling Ozzies (‘Strayins, Australians) showed they were as good at being dumb bigots as others anywhere in the world. I just got on with my work. With my Medical Practice behind me, I prepared myself for work with the NGE.

I clearly recall some journalists and radio listeners in particular, for I had begun shows on the Radio by that time, who appeared to literally fall over themselves in their attempts to find pejorative labels for me. I think my favourite was “Dr. Gloom and Doom”, for that is indeed what I represented to these empty-headed Ananchephalics. They are more than that, of course; they are evil fools, who will soon laugh no more.

Those early days were not easy. At times, the lower mind of this “cardboard box” that I use on this level thought it was not worth the effort. It had not been an easy feat to awaken it and to connect its lower mind to the Higher Consciousness in the first place. But, we persevered.  I wrote about that in my book called “My Experiences of Aliens…..”

I decided to quietly do the work I was to do, and to re-introduce myself to the public at a future date when the changes of the Correction would be more obvious and the anticipated Terminal Madness would be more pronounced. I eventually made my way to the USA where more than a few lent me a sincere ear. I convinced myself that the days of appreciation of my Message were just ahead.

BTW, by the “cardboard box” I mean the Physical Body and its lower physical (monkey) mind which are instruments created by Evil for Evil. They are a prison for the True Spirit and are inimical to it. They act as wild beasts, draining the Spirit with their thoughts, actions, emotions, entrapments and hungers. That is their role. That is why the True Spirit was trapped in and by them. The body and its lower mind are EASILY affected deleteriously (as far as the Spirit is concerned) by Evil’s Agents of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination. It is this effect, of programming by Evil, which is breaking down and allowing some to awaken while others go insane with the Terminal Madness I have described for they have no Inner True Spirit.

Think back to your reactions in the lower mind when you first began awakening to the Notions of a Greater Reality! One must, of necessity, harness the Physical Body, the “cardboard box” and its lower monkey mind, in order to make any sort of progress on the Spiritual Path. I am not the first to say this. It is a Fundamental Principle of which we have constantly been reminded by all the True Spiritual Masters since Antiquity.

I have discussed these topics in detail in my books.


A War of Essence had been raging between Good and Evil Consciousnesses since the illegal formation of the Physical Universe. Why I call it illegal I have explained in my books.

I am the representative Member of the Team of Rescuers. I do not work alone. From 1985 to 2003, I travelled the world, contacting those I needed to contact, and implanting NGE packages in strategic areas for what was to occur later. I shall not divulge what I did or how I did it.

Two of my constant companions were (the real) Sai Baba and Heidekhan Babaji, also Members of the Rescue Team. I had previously travelled to India to meet them both. They would materialize whenever we needed to work together on the physical level. On one of my more dangerous missions, Sai materialized at 3 a.m. in a locked Motel room in Fremont, Ca., to give me a device to protect me from Evil’s attacks. There have been many attacks on my life. He had given me a similar one in Australia before I departed as part of my panoply, but in my haste I had left it behind. Details of such events and other adventures can wait for another day. I mention this here to show you that the True Reality is more than the sum of the normally observable parts.

I have approximately 5000 helpers on Earth in human form. I also have many in the Animal and Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms. Believe it or not, my pets and vehicles are major players in this Rescue. We are not necessarily in communication at the lower mind, conscious level at all times, but we certainly are on the Supramental level. It is a co-ordinated effort.

BTW, you would be wise not to attempt to judge me on the physical aspects, attributes, properties and capabilities of the “cardboard box” which I inhabit on this level at this incarnation. It is not the “box’ that is important, but “what is in the box”.

In 1999, as a major part of the Plan of Rescue, a mass evacuation of Theomorphs occurred. As I explained at the time, in an essay and on a radio Show with Jeff Rense ( the fools again laughed.

Up until that time, it was agreed not to reveal too many details of our operation of Rescue. But once the evacuation (which was a spiritual one) had occurred, and our Theomorphs were safely out of harm’s way, I was at liberty to give details. From the moment of that Rescue of Viable Theomorphs, energy was then completely cut off from this Earth, and the Fragmentation began in earnest as expected.

Hence, the supply of energy was completely limited and was, and is, being used up very fast by the unaware demons in control (the Archons). The massive evil activities around the globe, such as the persistent wars, although they are an attempt by the evil Archons to steal energy from wherever and whomever they can, are, in fact, acting contrary to their aims. They are using up the available energy even faster, thus accelerating the coming of the End and their deserved physical and spiritual demise. Do they know that? Of course not; they are evil fools.

Since the Rescue of 1999, if you have been paying attention, you will have noted that all things began to get worse on Earth in all aspects of our existence. Now it appears that Evil is in full control. And it is allowed to be, in order to undergo the Process I had prognosticated earlier ­ the inevitable Process of Demonic Self-Destruction!

Exposure of all Falsehood is occurring. You may have noticed that there is no longer any attempt to cover up gross Hypocrisy, Dishonesty and Demonic behaviour in any society. The curtains of Hell have been raised for all to see the Truth of how things really are on this spiritually illegal level. This is the Virtual Reality I have written about which will fracture and liberated the remaining Viables.

Someone is bound to ask me why ALL the Viables were not rescued in 1999. The ones to be rescued now need modifications to be made to their Spirits - their consciousnesses need to be made permanent - so that they can survive once they are out of this dimension. The Theomorphs that were rescued in 1999 did not need those modifications. Secondly, the Viables to be rescued soon are travelling on a different pathway to a separate dimension than the Theomorphs. Their evolutionary path is slightly different.  Details of that process are not important to this discussion.

At the Conference in 1985, as I said earlier, it was decided it was time to tell the world.  That was one of my roles on this level. Later I wrote an essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime, and published it widely, outlining the course that Earth and Humanity would follow and why. Few realized it was a blueprint directing the energy at “My” disposal. As the fools read it, again they laughed. If you wish to read that essay, please go to my website. The URL for my website is given below. It is also on Jeff Rense’s site. Jeff has been of inestimable value to the Work I am doing and I consider him a wonderful friend. The scathing, undeserved attacks he is receiving from demons, in reality, show he is a True Warrior.

My Message was received very poorly in 1985 and again many times later, as was expected. I ignore the fools and got on with my work. Nonetheless, many others were told of the Message in dreams, while Astral travelling, during Near Death Experiences (NDE), etc. I had seeded the “ether” and the message was filtering through to those who needed to know.

People around the world were told. Space crafts landed in various areas around the world and told people directly that the “good would be rescued as the Earth was to end shortly”. I have described these things in detail in my books.  Up to 80% of people now believe in aliens and UFOs, but those in governments, and the blind fools, very much a minority, still scoff with the Arrogance of Ignorance.

As an aside, let me say this: In preparation for the official announcement of the existence of life beyond Earth, for they can no longer conceal the fact, the Militaries of many Nations have released their data on these matters. A search through the Internet is all that is needed to gain this data. While this exposure is part of Evil’s Plan for a New World Order, the Elite are really co-operating with their Evil Alien Masters to cull Humanity to about one billion with their Eugenics Programs and to enslave the others openly. Chemtrails with their respiratory diseases and Morgellons, HAARP and its calculated, precise destructiveness, Vaccines with their carcinogenicity and sterilization potentials, HIV-AIDs, GM foodstuffs, Prions, etc., are all part of their tools for the eradication of the major portion of Humanity. Before this era, it had been done surreptitiously, but now the Robots are awakening to the Evil schemes, and they are rebelling all over the world, due to the Fragmentation of the control mechanisms that kept them subdued. This is what I had predicted.

I also described the occasion of the Feuding aliens, the Evil ones telling us all is well; that they are here to heal the planet, while they plan the assassination of 90 % of humans! Well, they are Hypocrites, don’t you know? Divine aliens who are also visiting and are stationed around Earth are telling people the Truth, namely, that Earth is finished and Evacuation of the deserving is progressing.

Since 1999 especially, we have all seen the Fragmentation and Madness on Earth. No one is left unaffected by this process. This, the Divine Aliens, and I, had forecast. Who, then, is telling the Truth? Is it the Save-the-Earth lying, evil brigade, or the Sons of God?  Oops, I’ve answered it for you.

If you can point to one aspect of improvement anywhere on Earth in order to support the story of the Evil Aliens, please tell me. I am being cynical there; I know there is no aspect of true improvement whatsoever.

The question for you is this: “What shall I believe?”

Well, you need to think a little. Am I making all this up?

What does the examination of what is going on in the world and in the entire Universe tell us?

The terminal changes I describe are clearly observable if you are astute.

Besides, why would I bother to give this information?

Is it to frighten people or, to gain fame?

Don’t be ridiculous. All I have gained for my labours from the Demons and the Fools are ad hominem attacks and unjustifiable abuse.

I predicted the changes. Few read my books.

I directed the changes. Admittedly no one could know that for I hid it from the Demons and the unawakened fools.

I then pointed out the changes in various essays.

I explained at length what they were and what they signified. The fools laughed.

Hence, inspite of all that, I am either right, or I am wrong. The only way you are going to answer it for yourself is to contact your Inner Higher Being who will guide you through this period which I have called the Endtime. “It” will give you  your answer.

So, what of Timing?

As I wrote above, the END will be accelerated by reducing the energy to a critical level at which the bonds holding atomic and sub-atomic particles together will shatter. That day is not far away.

In the meantime, the more gross fragmentation will take place, and we will experience greater and greater Madness of Climate, of Volcanoes, of Irradiation from space, of decaying side-effects of our Sun, Wars without end, hyperactive Black Holes and the disappearance of massive structures such as Galaxies, into them. We will see Terminal Madness in Animals, as their minds decay, just like Human minds will. Vegetation will fail. Demons will become more overtly dishonest, hypocritical and murderous, as will their antics become more erratic and obvious. That is obvious now, is it not?

This globe will turn into the proper Hell it has always been, for it is now allowed to reveal itself in its true form, and then self-destruct.

Can we pinpoint a Final Day?

Crafts are gathered all around this globe, as they are around all other structures throughout the Universe that have consciousnesses to be rescued. It is a massive operation beyond the lower human physical mind’s comprehension. Nonetheless, meditate and be open to communication that may come to you. Reject nothing, but do NOT act in any way to any directions you receive that may disadvantage you or anyone else.  Cleanse and protect. You cannot expect to contact pure levels if your cardboard box and its lower mind are filthy with the evil pollution of the plane. Details are in my books on how to purify.

In the Final Stages, many will be physically evacuated by crafts and they will shed their physical bodies, their Emotional, Astral and Etheric electromagnetic envelopes (they are structures imposed by Evil) in special sections of the crafts.

Alas, the majority will shed their physical bodies by undergoing physical death via the myriad of disasters that will occur.

If you are mentally prepared, you will not suffer at all. You will focus on the Transition that is occurring, and you will find yourself lifted up almost instantly into the craft.

In the craft, once the Evil-imposed bodily structures and all evil pollution are eradicated, the consciousness will express in an ethereal body appropriate for it, and enter a state of Bliss commensurate with its state of evolution.

That bliss cannot be diminished or tainted by the memories of all the pain, suffering and misery we have endured life after live after life in this demonically-controlled Virtual Reality, for the promise has been made that such memories will be totally eradicated from the memory banks. It will be as if the Illusion had never existed for the Viables. Thereafter, nothing can spoil our Divine Progress to reach the Ultimate Supreme (God) Consciousness and be part of “It” in due course.

When all those to be rescued, including all consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness throughout the whole Multi-Universe are safely in crafts, they will be transported into another dimension, and it is only after their exit that this one will become the “puff of Nothingness” that I described above. Realize that it is, as I said, a massive operation, involving as it does, rescue of consciousnesses through all the Galaxies, and their sub-structures, and all the sub-dimensions and their sub-dimensions. But really, nothing is beyond the Power of the Ultimate Consciousness.

On completion of the Mission, the Miracle of True Ascension will have occurred!



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