The Pretenders
By Jim Kirwan


First US Coin Minted, never circulated

The symbols of this place, this want-to-be-Empire, have told the true story behind the empire from the beginning. Knowing what we now know about the Illuminati, how significant is the above coin; and the fact that it was never circulated? You can Google the name to see it more clearly. . .
From the earliest beginnings of this Republic ironically, the whole point behind our creation was to give new and unfettered life to the criminals of the Old World Empire, from whom we never actually escaped, even after the Revolutionary War: Because we were not able to ever completely cut the monetary chains that bound the colonies to the corrupted Old-World-Empire. Beneath the Constitution and the Federalist papers the plan for expansion of Colonial-appetites which America could and did finally achieve, for the Old World Order. Thus we actually accomplished all that they could not do for themselves in the New World. That began in 1913 when the US gave away the power to print our money to the illegal and privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, and this nation has been going downhill ever since.
The next huge and obvious encroachment of the élites into American life and government came with the elevation of Harry S. Truman. By 1950 Dirty Harry had been able to replace the U.S. Congress with the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and they removed the congress and replaced it with their own decisions since they were created to do just that. Dirty-Harry also illegally created the CIA, and we have all seen how far that disaster has taken us into the realms of Darkness where no crime is too hideous for them to commit in their defense of the Empire. Dirty Harry also brought us the United Nations and Israel. The UN was needed to create the only place on the planet that was not formed naturally by their own citizens—but instead became an occupation of an already existing nation whose “occupation” was overseen by a global criminal institution (The United Nations), who are currently pushing their own AGENDA 21, which seeks to do the exact same thing to the planet that Israel has done to Palestine.
 But Harry, a mob-connected haberdasher from Kansas City, who just happened to be a Zionist as well, also began to introduce the country into what we had also been from when we thought we had established a Republic. We were also following the very same plans for Empire as did ancient Rome. And the proof for all of this is actually made clear on the back of the Truman Dime! Say hello to the Fasces, established by Rome. Here’s a bit more on all of the ways this country has used this symbol to conquer whatever might remain from the ideal of individual freedoms: You remember that; it was what “AMERICA” WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ABOUT? (1)
Rome, as she began to disintegrate, fell into a habit of over-extending her armies, the world over. And walking hand-in-hand with the shadows of her military-powers came the corruption and perversions of the lives of Roman citizens ‘at home.’ Just how different are our “PRETENDERS” of today from those ancient orgies of empire that eventually caused Rome to be scattered to the four winds; which was followed by the darkest of shadows that we still call the Dark Ages.
 After Dirty-Harry, the next gate-keeper who became famous for what he let in instead of what he kept out was the stumbling-bumbling Gerald R. Ford, the only senator that could be found who would PARDON Tricky-Dick, for all his treasons. But Ford did a lot more than just prevent this country from putting an end to Treasonous presidents: He actually appointed Rockefeller to be his vice-president so that the Powers-that-wanted-absolute-rule could connect the Banking industry to the all-powerful military-industrial-complex, along with some other crucial details that couldn’t be done in the usual ways. Just have a look at who the influential powers were in his cabinet—and remember where they are today!


It was here that the rats were introduced; they were referred to as “the Crazies” that were supposedly confined to the basements of government ­ but in fact they used their time to gnaw away at the political infrastructure of the nation, preparing things like the Patriot Act for future use.
All countries lie, cheat, steal and sometimes murder: but the way the United States went about this was unique because of the length of time that the lies went totally unchallenged, along with the outrageous assertions as to American-Exceptionalism. There was the Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny all of which was SOLD to the public as “ordained by God” himself—something which the countless billions that we slaughtered might have vehemently disagreed with had anyone ever had the chance to correct the record: Yet this was only made possible by the internet, ironically a gift to the world from the Pentagon and our overworked U.S. Department of WAR.  
We are obviously in the final phase of all of this corrupt and orgiastic greed coupled with blatant arrogance that absolutely believes that everyone not born into power is destined to become the slaves that serve their OWNERS every whim. See the fasces and just think how well Rome would have fared without having enslaved so many of the world’s peoples in that day and time. The world needs to unleash the serfs (symbolized by the rods) and use the bonds in those fasces that once tied them; to encase the OWNERS for as long as it takes to end that concept for at least the next hundred years.
Who are these “PRETENDERS” of today? Well they are all the mindless-idiots that spend their time trying not to see or hear or think about their actual situations here inside this place where quite literally EVERYTHING  is about to be made both SECRET & ILLEGAL. However when everything is SECRET, then there cannot be any real SECRETS. When everything is classified, then in actuality everything is known. And the same is also true for all Illegalities ­ IF literally everything is illegal, then how can life exist when it is constricted into this living coffin made from the denial of our every thought or word or deed ­ just as fasces were used to restrict the Roman citizens until that Empire was destroyed, from within and without almost simultaneously! This begins to look a lot more like what is about to happen to us, rather than anything else on the agenda's of late.
To build a nation in order to have a future takes work, lots of it and some of it is back-braking, sometimes bloody and it’s always challenging. To destroy anything, including nations, is actually simple and can be done rather quickly like the firebombing of Tokyo that killed 500,000 people, before we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or take Dresden, done by the Brits, possibly the Canadians and especially the Americans, another massive slaughter of civilians that had no military point, except to show the world that we too could be barbarians! If you want to understand why we do what we do today in so many foreign nations then “the PRETENDERS” need to ask themselves why the first thing we always do is to destroy the infrastructure, the water supplies and the hospitals; after we have nearly starved the population with our punishing and illegal “SANCTIONS” which is just more WAR without the bombs and bullets. The next thing we do is begin shooting anyone that has an IQ above 50, and whoever is left we round up and begin torturing until we become “FEARED” (and viciously HATED for a thousand years) by the whole country that we have unilaterally decided to invade.
“THE  PRETENDERS” are the brain-dead Amerikans that insist on pretending that none of the above has ever even remotely happened! And because they missed the outright murder of the Constitution and the Republic; (the murders probably conflicted with a Big GAME somewhere) along with every other potential freedom that was connected to those deaths—they insist on “just carrying on” as if nothing at all had ever changed for them or in the society they actually think they are living in. . .
The End-game is nearly over and the PRETENDERS will have to face the facts very soon. That will be particularly ugly! The “preppers” will become the newly slaughtered with that the look of utter-surprise that will border on horror, still frozen on their mindless faces that will be dead-forever. No one will miss them ­ ever—because none of them ever bothered to live or to fail, or to strive for anything while they were here entertaining themselves for all eternity!
Have a great Weekend Amerika ­ it won’t be long now!  
1) Symbols



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