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Preliminary Sketch
For The Pretenders

By Jim Kirwan


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Eight by Five foot preliminary sketch 1973
For the doors to “THE CITY”
Home of ‘The Pretenders’

The ironic situtation that I allowed to happen, because I didn't finish the work, the three months of drawing that went into creating "The CITY" - which amounted to 40 (lost) years that could have raised the needed awareness that had could have come from a finished work. (the doors I included in "Preliminary Sketch)
But there was no internet, and the "art-world" had already died by 1973, which is why I had to move to other venues if I wanted to stay alive as a viable artist.
Just thought that bit of background might clarify some of the reasons for releasing this complex-image but unfinished work now, for the world to print, if people choose to look a bit further into our collective past...



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