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Phase Of The Shells
 Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It

Please note that I have modified this essay which I originally wrote in November 1999.
Before reproducing the modified essay called “Phase of the Shells”, I want to make these comments about what it is that I am doing with my writings and also make comments about Prophecy that will hopefully clarify this subject a little.
In the mid-1980s, after a Conference which I described in one of my books, I agreed to make an attempt to contact those that would perhaps listen to my information and prepare for inevitable changes that would affect all of us in our physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives.
I can understand that readers may find it difficult to accept what I just said, especially about the unprecedented changes, but they will need to look deep within themselves to see if I am making all this up for entertainment purposes, and to perhaps scare the wits out of the population, or whether, in fact, I am reasonably representing what is to happen.
The fact that events have unfolded in general terms in the way I described in 1985 should give solace to those who suspect that what I say may be more than possible. Many have written to me to say my books, more than anything else, have helped them understand what is going on
Thus far people can only judge on the information I released which includes the Plans for Permanent Rectification of this Unholy Abomination called the Physical Dimension and the Definitive Solution for the Problem of Evil.
I described the Reality that would open up for all of us and gave details of a Virtual Reality that has kept us blinded to Truth and trapped in the Ignorance of Darkness.
• I explained how this mess we are in developed;
• I described the changes that were to happen;
• I explained why the changes are to occur;
• I gave an approximate timetable for manifestation of changes;
• I explained the need to understand what is going on so that FEAR, pain and suffering could/would be minimized.
Now, you would think that thinking people would be appreciative of the opportunity to prepare so that they would cope better with changing conditions, regardless of what those changes may be, or at least think about possibilities of future events.
But no, idiots are idiots, right to the wire. So what do you think were the thanks I got for attempting to awaken people? In the main, I received attacks galore on my person, my reputation, my mental function and my parentage.
Even institutions like the Medical Boards got into the act and declared me worthy of being abused and defamed any way they thought fit. Thus, even in the last confrontation I had with the Queensland Medical Board a few short years ago, its officers called my work ‘outrageous, irrational and deluded’. How many of my 32 books do you think they read? Not one, I am sorry to say. Yes, you are right if you say they judged in utter ignorance. But, fools do that, don’t they?
This is what I wrote in my book “My experiences of Aliens…..”
In this year, 2010, I have been warned by the doctors’ Medical Board of Queensland not to talk about Ufology in my surgery. Go figure the logic in that, especially when I have seen mentally distressed patients who have been put into that uncomfortable state by experiences of alien abductions and attacks by succubi, etc. Further, the Board has described my writings about Aliens, UFOs and world changes as ‘outrageous, irrational and deluded’.  But even now, in the early stages of massive changes we see that it is they who are outrageous, irrational and deluded. They are the ones who will go from the Arrogance of Ignorance to the Shame of Ignorance. Mark my words.
It’s true that I reacted very differently from what the idiots thought I would react when they started attacking me. They must have thought I would run for cover at the very first opportunity I got to do so. But no, I knew what I was dealing with, and the worth of my information, and where it came from, so I stuck to my guns.
BTW, the systems of the Virtual Reality, in an attempt to minimize their exposure, have developed self-defense mechanisms whereby ‘whistle blowers’ are now targeted and threatened from the onset, even before they get a chance to ‘spill the beans’. It is simply a case of the Evil System attempting to protect itself, is it not? But, it won’t succeed. Those with true vision can now see through the rottenness and fraudulence everywhere!
Every snippet of Evil needs to, and will be, exposed, for this is the Endtime and everyone needs to see why the whole Physical Universe is being terminated. And we must all see who is who!
In the sense that I did not want to give up, inspite of all the pressure to do so, I probably am a little ‘different’ simply because I refused to give up! Under the circumstances in which I found myself, of persistent personal attacks by individuals, by the media, by various societies, by Medical Boards, by Religions, etc., any so-called “normal person of the Virtual Reality” would have quit and let the unawakened ones suffer the consequences of their unpreparedness that they seemed to relish.
But, I had decided to persevere to the End. As I said above, many responded to my message and they claimed it has helped them. Some have said they have seen the Light of Truth with the help of what I have written. According to them, their lives have been enriched.
Realize that I gain nothing personally from what I do. I simply knew what I had to do and got on with it. Unlike the morons, sheople, mushrooms, idiots and the genuinely deserving, but as yet unawakened, Viables, I knew from the beginning what Fate awaited this Earth and its non-Viables, and what I needed to do.
Having completed the major portion of my esoteric work, I returned to my profession 5 years ago. Of course the Medical Board was not going to voluntarily register me after the books I had written, even though they did not read any of them. They went by the complaints some filed into them. The spurious and ridiculous complaints invariably arose from my ex-wife and her supporters, would you believe?
Through the Freedom of Information Act, needing them for one court case, I obtained copies of the complaints made to the Medical Boards. A classical one was from a Dr. Phillips in Tasmania. His wife had seen the Light after reading some of my books. He objected to the fact that my writings destroyed the fear of death in her. So, he wrote to the Queensland Medical Board complaining about that very fact. The Board quickly realized it could not have doctors like me destroying the fear of death in people so it tried to censure me and my writings. Can you believe it? Do you really think the Dark Ages have finished?
BTW, would you be surprised to know that Steffan Stanford, the convicted felon from Oregon, and Amitakh’s latest husband, was the one who made the most numerous false and ridiculous complaints against me to the Medical Board, even before I exposed him running a tax scam here in Australia?
What does that tell you?  It tells you he was trying to stop me and my work from the earliest days. Does that not indicate that he and Amitakh, who supports him completely, are working for the Darkness? They are part of the Anti-Christ energy.
This brings me to the point that I have often made: This evil realm is run on fear and unrelenting exploitation. Think about that. Loss of the fear of physical death liberates beings forevermore. Thus, the saying ‘And the truth shall set you free’.
Look at what Hollywood produces to keep the sheople in line: The movies are all about the Fear of Death, with very few exceptions.
Governments are forever keeping the population terrified and therefore meek and controllable by the false thoughts of an external ‘enemy’ that wants to kill them. They have developed this scenario into an art form.
But, I digress. Let me return to my journey: The Board made it almost impossible for me to return to Medical Practice inspite of jumping through all the hoops it placed in front of me. My final recourse was to get my Member of Parliament to ask questions in the House as to why my registration was denied. It was only then that I was granted the license to work. And you thought the Inquisition was dead?
Apart from the Ad Homonym attacks, the only things I have gained from the morons while I did my work were attempts to physically injure me, and a lot more swear words and pejorative terms that I never knew before. Naturally I learned to cope with the abuse, the defamation and the attacks; otherwise I would not be here today.
As in the case of all genuine whistle-blowers and those who exposed corruption and evil, the Evil System has sent no end of attacks trying to involve me in all sorts of court cases, defamation cases, personal attack cases, etc., etc. They have all been bogus and obvious, ridiculous set-ups, and thus far I have been triumphant in them all. The Evilness does this to wear persons down and make them give up on their attempts to expose the Virtual Reality and its evil tricks that keep people in the Darkness, where they are fed BS, just like mushrooms. It has not worked on me. Perhaps I was too dumb to realize I should stop? Ha Ha.
So, in all this commotion, what is my consolation?  I am consoled by the thought that we will all receive exactly what each of us deserves.
I will not feel comforted by the distress unprepared ones will suffer. Like everyone else I will need to guard against the massive emotional drainage that their suffering and torment will sponsor. But, I will be even more distressed, perhaps, by the thought that they had the chances to prepare and to reduce their suffering, but instead spat in my face and in the faces of all who tried to warn them to prepare.
Have I failed in my role? Of course not! I have persevered, even as they called me Dr. Doom, Dr. Death, etc., etc. My role was to deliver the message. That I have done. It was not to prepare people. That was their job. All I had to do was deliver the message. And that I have done. I have persevered with giving the Message and will do so until this dimension is no more.
The Plan of Correction will not fail. Those of us who can see into the future can see it has succeeded admirably.
The only failure is in those who would not listen and would not prepare for what is to come. Their pain, suffering and fear are all of their own doing.  They can blame no one else. And if I were to take a leaf from Christopher Columbus’ story, I could easily, simply, say “I told you so”.

PROPHECY is very much a tool of Warfare, and I write these points to allay the confusion in the minds of those who are not familiar with its applications and manifestations.
In an earlier essay I wrote that in my books historical aspects are discussed where these are relevant and many of my books are manuals to assist readers to awaken to their own truth within and also give exercises to assist them in the processes such as meditation, protection, cleansing, strengthening character, eradicating negative traits, recognizing shortcomings, limitations, etc.
The books are to act merely as trigger mechanisms for certain ones to awaken to their own truth within. Prophecy is one such mechanism.
Prophecy in general and specific terms is dealt with in my writings and many prophecies are given. It is important to understand the mechanism of prophecy which, as I said, is a valid weapon in this Celestial War.

 Prophecies may be accurate at the time they are given and then if circumstances change they can also change.

 Secondly, prophecies may have been given to fool the enemy and were never meant to happen. In other words, an enemy, in thinking a course of action will occur against it because of what it is doing, may modify its mode of behavior (to its detriment) in order to avoid the prophesied consequences.

 Thirdly, prophecies may be manifested on a varying time scale so that some occur before the time given for their manifestation, and some after that time.

 There are pre-determined Time Cycles in which prophecies manifest.

 Within those Time Cycles, the energy patterns to produce prophetic changes remain viable if they are still required. Thus, on the subject of eradicating Evil, sooner or later in the recurring Time Cycles, the prophetic devastations as part of the Plan of Elimination of the Physical Dimension will manifest as they must!

 For example, I have predicted Nuclear War. The energy pattern for this is very much in existence and the possibility is still intensely and extremely viable. In fact, it appears that in the next cycle it will be a near certainty. It will happen in due course.

  I have predicted a Comet strike on Earth. The energy pattern for that is still there, waiting to come to fruition. It will happen in due course. Since making the prediction, I learned that astronomers have calculated the chances of such a hit as being a certainty.

 I have predicted the Earth will fall on its axis within my lifetime. The energy pattern is there for that to happen. It is only a matter of time. Note that the actuality of Earth falling on its axis, whereby the North-South axis becomes the East West axis, and v.v., has occurred many times before. You can imagine the manifested destruction and massive loss of life such a thing would cause.

The last time it happened has been universally recorded as the Great Flood, and one such account is in the story of Noah and his Ark. The Biblical account is not the only account of that Universal Flood. The ones who wish to deceive the mushrooms have used it as their own tool of their ‘god’s’ work for their people, using their hero ‘Noah’. That account is all spurious nonsense. But, the flood did occur because of the fall of Earth on its axis.
Note that this physical fall of the Earth on its axis is a very devastating event. It has nothing to do with magnetic polarity altering its orientation. That is of no consequence to humans and only momentarily disrupts creatures that need the polar directions for homing decisions. Magnetic shifts have happened many times before also.
• Similar circumstances apply to other prophecies as yet unfulfilled, unless they are no longer needed, in which case the energy patterns for them dissipate and new ones form.
People with a true, inner understanding of these writings were and are able to appreciate these points. Those with no understanding whatsoever and those of the Dark Side have been dismissive of the validity of the whole "philosophy" because some of the prophecies which they did not understand in the first place did not occur when they thought they would occur.
I have calculated that the cycles for massive destructive effects to occur in this, our Endtime, are of a periodicity of between 16.5 to 17 years.
The first cycle began in 1985, just after I made “contact”. The next began in 2001. Was it coincidental that 9/11 occurred when it did?
BTW, as is becoming obvious, 9/11 and other false flag events, now so easily recognized by the more aware members of the general population are not so much just for promulgation of Evil, as in previous times, but now they are to highlight how evil this plane is and to alert the awakening populace of that irreducible Evilness. As each aspect of the conduct of the Archons is examined and is found to have an Evil footing, awakened ones will come to the conclusion that this is, in fact, an Evil Dimension, that we are living in a purposely deceptive Virtual Reality and that if it is allowed to continue, the only result that can ensure is total destruction of everything in it. This is, in fact, the fate that many other planets have suffered.
The Archons, who are sons and daughters of the Evil Principle that manifested from the Celestial Error, have always been destructively evil. Whatever they created, for example, the robots to work for them, were for the purpose of carrying out their evil agendas. Evil ultimately self-destructs. That is why an end to its actions is mandatory.
We are due for a new cycle in 2017. I think that is when we are going to get the devastating Nuclear War and the Comet strike. But, the possibility is ever-present and those events plus many more, such as the collapse of the San Andreas Fault, further destruction of Japan, Italy, etc., volcanic explosions of a grandiose nature, etc., can occur before 2017.
Just to sidetrack for one moment, here is an explanation for the strangeness in “psychic readings” many readers will have experienced if they have gone to a reader for any life reading, etc. I know this is true because many people in my audiences at lectures have brought this matter up.
And what is the strangeness? They comment that many of the readings they have received are very accurate except for the timing of future events given by the ‘readers’ which is, in nearly in all cases, erratic. And they ask me “Why is that?”
It is because of the existence of “Time Cycles” for the manifestation of future possibilities. I have a classic example to give: ‘Accidents’. The reader may be adamant s/he has seen an accident for the subject in the future and gives a specific timing. The ‘accident’ will occur in a future cycle that applies for that individual. Hence, if s/he is in a cycle of 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, years etc., that accident will occur in such numerically cyclical years after the reading is given. Examine the readings you have been given and you will find that is so. (Yes, Fibonacci’s numbers apply, proving once again that Italians don’t travel abroad just to open Fasta Pasta restaurants!)
Those of you who are still awake will want to ask me why my cycles of calamities don’t follow Leonardo’s system which he learned from the astute Arabs anyway. That is because I am using Supramental time frames. I may explain this further soon.
Governments are very aware of prophecy, especially when it comes to talk of war, economic changes, monetary collapses, spiritual influences, etc., etc. Many are the stories of the Nazis seeking the ‘secret’ of Good and Evil.  (BTW, Hitler, a secret agent, as I have revealed before, was a Gnostic, and his hero was Jesus.)
The USA government is particularly interested in prophecy, whether you want to believe it or not. That is why it attempted ‘Remote Viewing’ etc., and why it keeps a close watch on ‘seers’.
At the turn of the century I migrated to the USA with the intention of becoming a US citizen. I was located in Montana. Previously I lived in Idaho. Before that, I had lived in Colorado, Arizona, and before that, California. For those of you with an inquisitive mind, the answer is “Yes”, I was performing esoteric energy work at each location.
After a radio Show with Jeff Rense in which I mentioned that the Reptilian Consciousness ruling America had shifted to China and that it would become the major world power and would eventually destroy the USA, CIA agents infiltrated my self-development classes in Montana.
As the Reptilian Consciousness that had ruled the USA for quite a while shifted to China, I predicted that the USA would come under the control of another Reptilian race called the Vulturite race.
Thus, as I said, shortly after that show, my classes in Montana, where I was conducting Self-development classes, saw two new students appearing from nowhere. I was expecting them. They were the CIA agents. I humoured them and gave them all sorts of false prophecies which they hurriedly scribbled down in their note books to be forwarded to Washington. One of them was persistent. He wanted to know how, when and by what mechanism I received the prophecies, especially those relating to China. All the other students in my class knew who they were as I explained the situation to them, and we would laugh at their antics when they were not present. I tell you, they stuck out like giraffes at a Teddy Bears’ picnic!
BTW, you should go back and listen to that show on Jeff Rense’s site and examine the accuracy of the prophecy. What I said would occur has occurred exactly as I described. I also prophesied that there would eventually be a war between China and the USA in which the USA would be totally demolished. The Vulturine Reptilians who now control America have never won a war against the more advanced Reptilians that are controlling China.
And, you may have noted that since the more advanced Reptilians left the USA and taken over China, the USA has gone down, down, down, in all parameters except its manifestation of Evilness, whereas China has climbed unprecedentedly to the Top of the World in all measurable spheres such as economy, influence on poorer nations, and military clout.
The USA’s fear of China’s potency is what is holding back the attack by Israel and the USA on Syria and Iraq. They know China will be involved and that it has the capacity to annihilate the USA, Israel and all their allies.
But, that fear will not stop them forever. The energy pattern for them to attack and be annihilated is very real and will manifest in due course. The USA and Israel are programmed to attack sooner or later, according to the prevailing energy cycles. They simply will be unable to help themselves; such is their hubris and avarice, and their lust for destructiveness. And, as a consequence, that is how Nuclear War will ensue, and precipitate the virtual death of the USA and Israel as has been prophesied long, long ago.
As I was writing the above, news came through that for the third time China and Russia have vetoed another attempt by the USA in the United Nations to impose far stricter sanctions on Syria. War is looming. BTW, you all know that murderous sanctions are very evil, imposed by evil agents to destroy nations.
As you probably heard, in response, the USA declared it will work outside of the Security Council to get what it wants. Sounds familiar does it not? Remember Iraq? War looms large on the horizon!  I am telling you, they are programmed to self-destruct. And it is all part of the Plan for the elimination of all Evil.
Take particular note of the hypocritical words used by those who want to destroy yet another nation. Hypocrisy is a hallmark of Evil.
Thus by now you will have realized that the PLAN OF LIBERATION of this plane continues to involve a number of prophecies which are being fulfilled, as a review of my prophecies will show. Major geographical disasters predicted in 1985 have been postponed for various reasons and are due to occur in later cycles. In fact, I warned in the 1980s that if the events are postponed, they will eventually all occur simultaneously, and that will be far more terrifying for those who do not understand what is going on.
Thus, not only will the USA be in a MASSIVE war with China and Russia, that it cannot win, but it will, as things stand now, also suffer the precipitation of cycles leading to geographical destruction, economic collapse, far more than is seen now, flooding, Civil war, and uncontrollable diseases for its population. Call it instant Karma if you wish.
At that stage, meddling by alien consciousness will be exposed as the norm, so even the most unaware ‘mushrooms’ will gain a glimpse of the Greater Reality to be confronted.
As the End approaches, the Evilness of the plane will be exposed more and more as will be the ontology of all who are in the physical bodies. We will know who is who and what each will receive as it’s due.
Readers are warned to be prepared and to be flexible. We are caught in a War of Essences and all should expect the unexpected.
With the explanations I have given above, simply add 16-17 years to the predictions I made in 1999.  I know that to many readers this is not very satisfactory, but on this level, we are victims of factors we cannot control.  I am also a victim of all this obfuscation on this level as is everyone else, regardless of what or who the Higher Being using my Cardboard Box may be. But realize that the War of Essence is not being fought to suit our human wants, needs or thinking. Rather, it is we who must fit into the War in the best way we can. After all, none of us on this level is indispensable.
Here is the modified essay:
Phase of the Shells
After today, (November 1999) this world will be a world of "shells"  the vast majority of which contain non-viable, counterfeit consciousnesses, for viable consciousnesses will have been mostly removed, in preparation for the total termination of this dimension of, and around, Earth.
My Journals, books, essay, shows, and other public works may continue in order to sustain the various Viables still on the plane. They will be assisted in some way, and they will continue to still need energy. The few warriors remaining on the planet to assist me are also providing energy to various ones around the globe in ongoing phases of the fragmentation. (I have mentioned the New Green Energy, NGE, on numerous occasions since writing this essay).
Remember at all times that we are in the midst of a War of Essences (of Good versus Evil) and, as in any War, there can be abrupt changes without notice. Also realise that prophecy and propaganda are always part of any war.
Having mentioned prophecy, you will have realised that the "script" for what is to happen on this plane has not followed exactly what Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and other earlier seers have foretold. The reason is because the final plans were never given. The former seers were given information from other levels of consciousness while still working under the old energy patterns controlled by the demiurge. Even the ‘cardboard boxes’ of Frederick Nietzsche and Shri Aurobindo, whom I revealed to be of the Avataric Consciousness, and who, in their own way, predicted the advent of the Supramental Man, were not privy to the Plans of Finality while on this plane in their lifetimes.
From this day (in 1999), it will become increasingly obvious that this level of consciousness is doomed. There will be accelerated decay, with more violence, anarchy and wars. The processes of decay I have mentioned previously will continue.
The spread of diseases will accelerate.
The violence of the weather will increase and more upheavals can be expected.
More massive earthquakes will shatter all continents.
Madness will be the order of the day as demons are unmasked more and more, and they, being desperate for energy, will do the most malicious things to try and gain that much needed energy. (This is one of the reasons for the perennial wars we now have all over the globe and the ubiquitous, engulfing violence, dishonesty, abuse and pornography.)
Sexuality in all its vile forms - perversion, bestiality, paedophilia, necrophilia, abusive pornography, etc., will be openly flaunted and will indicate the moral decay of all the societies now dominated by the demons and counterfeits and their vile essence. Earth is now confirmed as a sub-stratum of Hell.
The war between evil UFO groups around this Earth and those of Light is obvious now to astute ones, but will become more so from today.
Massive exposures of corruption in every field of endeavour will occur, so much so, that the rottenness of the basis of the counterfeit "Humanity" will leave no one in any doubt that the whole "show" has to go.
Demonic Deniers of a Terminal Phase, of this Endtime, will not be so tolerated by the robotic "shells" as the End becomes obvious to all except the most malicious, deceiving demons. The shells shall rebel!
Scientific explanations of increasingly frequent but most unusual observations and occurrences, such as strange UFOs and battles with "fire in the sky", will be seen to be inadequate; and with such an assault on the restricted awareness of the "shells", minds will shatter and go crazy. Extant Science will be seen to be the fraud that it always has been.
Religions too, unable to give satisfactory explanations, will be seen to be false facades maintaining the duping frontiers for the "shells" in a fragmenting Virtual Reality.
Anger and rage will reach their zenith as the "shells" realise they have been deceived and exploited by the demonic archons. Their emotions will be released with dire consequences for those who deceived them. (We have seen the start of this all around the globe, have we not?)
Initially, the changes will occur slowly and perhaps erratically, just as they are occurring in a lesser way now, but by 2001, a crescendo will be reached and massive destructive effects will be seen in that year all over the world. The same cycle will recommence in 2017.
The Children of the False God, Jehovah (Yahweh, Satan, the Demiurge), will slowly become aware of the counterfeit nature of their creator and their consciousnesses, and will undergo further mental fragmentation with the realisation of their inability to exist outside of this counterfeit dimension.
(If you recall, I classified Children of the Darkness, both Robots and Demons, as the Non-Permanent Atom beings, for a very good reason. Nine per cent of them have actually been deemed fit to continue and have had modifications made to their spiritual structures in order to survive once this dimension is obliterated.)
Zionism will be exposed and attacked in all lands and the backlash will fulfil the prophecy of the destruction of those of that ilk. (This we are beginning to see today. All their dirty tricks are being exposed. Many are asking ‘How did we not see all this evil before?’)
Seeking safety in greater numbers, evil Reptilian consciousnesses will invade the consciousnesses of the Chinese and make them the dominant evil force to be contended with in the world very, very quickly. China will confront and attack the USA within 3 years (as things stand today).
[That has not eventuated as yet, even though China specifically said it will need to militarily confront the USA sooner or later. There are five more years in this cycle that ends in 2017. You will agree that the talk at this stage is all about destroying Syria and Iran? That is what demons do ­ destroy, destroy, and destroy! If they do not attack before 2017, it will be a near certainty that the confrontation will occur after 2017.]
The USA, weakened by internal strife, not short of civil war, will fragment morally, socially and physically ­ the process being compounded by massive damage from Earthquakes and terrorist attacks by nations whom the USA had, under its Zionist control, punished most unreasonably with its military might, and with its population-destroying commercial sanctions. Indeed, foul deeds will inherit foul deeds. That which was sown will be reaped!
(You will note that part of this is occurring now. Financial dissolution has crippled the people of the USA, and Civil war cannot be far away. The ruling Archons recognize this and they have made many plans to contain the ‘demented morons’. Besides, they had set out in the first place with the impurities in Chemtrails to lobotomize the populace all around the world!)
In 1999 I wrote: ‘As things stand today, the Earth may linger on for 10 to 20 years, perhaps. However, it could blow up at any time due to the erratic and destructive behaviour of the Reptilians who are realising they are trapped. They have the knowledge and means to blow themselves and the planet up completely.’
If Earth continues, war, famine, drought and heat, with anger and rage in all populations, who will become increasingly intolerant, will make existence most unpleasant, and slowly, impossible.
If Earth continues, nuclear war in 2003 (as things stand today) will kill 2 billion people in 3 months. Another 2 billion will starve to death within 2 years.
(As I have already explained, this seems to have been postponed till after 2017, although anything is possible. Talk that Fundamentalist Muslims have nuclear weapons is not exaggerated. And they cherish the thought of killing as many in the West as possible for the unjustified atrocities committed against Muslims in the last 20-30 years by maleficent Western Archons.)
You should realize that the evil rulers and archons conduct war for monetary and energetic gain, not simply for ideological purposes. I shall discuss this further in a coming essay.
If Earth continues, a massive meteor will strike in 2007 and devastate half the remaining population. Thereafter, one billion or so will live in prehistoric conditions. (I explained the delay for both these predictions above.)
Add 16 - 17 years to the date I gave in this segment:
By 2012, if Earth continues, disease and starvation, wars and the Rage of Terminal Madness will have reduced the population to some 200 million, scattered throughout fractured continents.
Communication and intercontinental travel will be non-existent.
By that date, most alien forms will have been captured by the Elohim and placed in Transmutation vats, as had been the consciousnesses of the "shells" which perished from this date onward.
By 2018, if Earth is still in existence, another massive meteor will strike and will fracture it completely, as did Maldec whose remnants now form the meteor belt. And all life on the planet will cease.
Those who remain between 2001 and 2018 will witness the decay and destruction of other celestial bodies including Earth's Moon, and the termination of ALL life in this dimension will become obvious. The depth of despair in the minds and consciousnesses of the "shells" will be unprecedented.
In the meantime, those viable consciousnesses that had been evacuated will have been transported from "intermediary villages" to the New Dimension which I have previously mentioned.
Realise that details may change from day to day; however, the general gist of it, and the timing, are fairly accurate.
Is this possible? Is this probable? Is it true? Only you can decide what to believe. Only you can decide what is true for you!
Again, this is what I wrote in 1999:
Esoterically, this date is significant for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is exactly one week before the completion of a very, very important EVENT!!!
On this day, it is safe to assume that if you are reading this essay, regardless of the website in which it is located, you are doing so because you are aware enough to want to know more about what is going on in your life, in your country, and in the world generally. It is obvious that massive changes are occurring everywhere. Hence, the reasons ought to be known if you are to be more aware.
Here are some points to assist you in your acquisition of more complete awareness. Please understand that I am giving a very general outline only, and that the situation is very complex. As always, you are free to accept these points as you see fit.

 Earth is undergoing a Final Process as a result of the resolution of a War of Essences.

 Humanity is inexorably involved in this Process as are all units of consciousness in all classes of consciousness in this Universe. There are seven classes of consciousness in this physical dimension and for details readers are referred to my books.

The Process involves destruction of the physical dimension - all of it - in due course.

Consciousnesses have been assessed for viability. In other words, whether you want to believe it or not, the Final Judgement, as such, has been accomplished. All that needs to be done now is to have the verdict given to each unit of consciousness.

The viable consciousnesses - their spirits, not their decaying bodies - have been steadily evacuated. This Process of Evacuation of Theomorphs is scheduled to be completed one week from 11-11-99.

A few thousand workers/warriors, who are of course Viables, will remain in physical bodies to assist me as I supervise the Process which will terminate Planet Earth.

BTW in the original essay I mentioned my former ex-wife, Amitakh, who, known in Melbourne as the Malaysian Slut, has, in fact, since been exposed as a Vulturite Reptilian just like her husband, the convicted felon Steffan Stanford.
Vulturite Reptilians are the most evil and vicious of the reptilian breeds. The Stanfords will make their way back to the USA in due course, if they have not already done so, for the USA is the world centre for such evil reptilians.
 The Process of elimination of Evil involves other levels of consciousness, including the etheric and astral, and other para-dimensional levels around the Earth.

Elohim spacecraft are physically in the dimension. Some 22 Mother crafts have encircled Earth. Other massive structures are orbiting around the Sun. They are not static structures and move in and out of the dimension. Nonetheless, many have seen them and have photographed them. The large structures around the Sun have not employed the process of size reduction which is often done on entering this dimension. That is why they appear so massive.

Many ask why spacecraft are needed. I have answered this many times. Physical conditions require physical vehicles.

These crafts have many functions including:

                   a)  Evacuation of Viables;
                    b)  Modifying solar emissions thus cutting the energy supply to evil aliens who have implanted themselves around the Solar System and around Earth;
                    c)  Discharging a special energy, which I have told you about, into evil alien bases, thus driving such aliens into the open for active confrontation. In response to this, the evil                     aliens, and associated governments such as the USA's, are preparing for a Space War which they cannot win.

 As a result of diminishing energy from the Sun, the Evil aliens, mainly Reptilians, are panicking and attempting to recreate energy sources from old equipment, some of which was discovered at Giza, Egypt. The attempt is futile. They are attempting to reopen inter-dimensional apertures also - which the Elohim have closed, as I stated previously - in order to attempt an escape out of this enclosed dimension. Such attempts are also futile.

 From December (1999) onward, it will become increasingly more obvious that not just the Earth but also the Sun, and the whole Solar System, and all the Physical Universe are decaying.

The fact that isotopes are erratic in their decay, as has been noted since I wrote the original essay and the fact that our bodies can no longer make Vitamin D because of the altered solar radiation are pointers to the Solar decay.

 Even though they realise they are trapped, the evil Reptilian aliens - also known as the Anunnaki - have persevered with their Plans to take over the surface of the Planet and eradicate 75% - 90% of Humanity, hoping to enslave the remainder who are to be under the control of their clones and hybrids. This explains the accelerated phases of the Eugenics Program, initiated in the 1920s, and sponsored by Zionism, that involves the use of prions and prion-like agents, sterilizing vaccines, GM foodstuffs, Chemtrails, etc.

 As with everything Evil beings do, this Eugenics Plan has gotten out of control and they have poisoned every aspect of nature with their prions and prion-like particles. Hence, all life in the Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms is threatened. This is being allowed to occur, as the physical is to be allowed to decay totally, in preparation for the Stage of Transmutation.

A report in July 2012, states that some 60% of the plants on Earth have disappeared. This includes trees and the forests they form. It is an unstoppable process. As they die, other vegetation, animals and then humans will perish.
See <>
As you watch the video, just realize that the penny has NOT dropped for the morons. They want to blame local conditions.
The Processes I am describing now are, in fact, occurring, and shall be completed, regardless of whether humans believe this to be the case or not.

 The fear which this information engenders in people is directly proportional to their degree of ignorance of what is going on, and the likelihood of their spiritual failure.

 There are no other explanations for what is going on. There are no escape routes for "Failures".

 I have given ample data elsewhere of the Process of Fragmentation occurring in, and to, the physical world.

 As the fracturing, fraudulent Religious, Philosophical and Scientific facades of the rapidly vanishing Virtual Reality collapse more and more, the programming, pollution and indoctrination, which have held both Theomorphs and counterfeits minds of this dimension subdued, will dissolve completely.

        I Social structures will collapse - they are collapsing now.
        Ii Science will be seen by all to be incapable of plausibly explaining exactly what is happening. It is deficient now, but is bluffing its way along, assisted by the ignorance of the masses.
        Iii Organised Religions will be seen, by all eventually, to be mind- and spirit-controlling mechanisms of Evil, consisting of fatuous fabrications and myths with a hint of Gnostic Truths             which evil archons have purposely distorted and abused.

 The Final Process of Dissolution, of Correction of this Celestial error, is obvious even now, and the fragmentation of that which is not viable explains the anarchy and Terminal Madness of the Endtime which astute ones see in all aspects of Humanity everywhere, and in all aspects of Nature, for the Animal and Plant Kingdoms are involved too.

 Attempts at mind and emotional control of the masses by the panicking Reptilians are failing as they themselves are also going crazy and making inappropriate decisions.

 The only result guaranteed by fracture of the system is the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, with more violence, anarchy and atavistic self-destructiveness.

 Those who have denied all this most vehemently will be shattered the most when they realise the degree of their failure. The despair they will suffer is self-inflicted.

 Each will receive Justice. All will get what they deserve.

The end result for each consciousness is the result of choice by each consciousness. All have had almost infinite chances to turn to the True Light.

The inability of counterfeit consciousnesses and "Failures" to recognise the Truth, even as it manifests as the Corrective Process, just as I have been saying, is another aspect of the reason for termination of this dimension.

Those of Untruth cling to the false message of the Evil Aliens that all is well, that the Earth is being healed and that there is no assessment, that there are no failures, that Earth and all its inhabitants are all somehow graduating into a Galactic Federation, etc. There is no evidence for this, only the rhetoric of evil deceivers.

The True Message is of separation of those of Goodness from those of Evilness, of Sorting of consciousnesses, of evacuation, of earthly decay and Termination, and of Transmutation. All true evidence supports this.

No matter how unpalatable this cure may appear to the "Failures", there is no other Process for the re-establishment of an existence of Peace, Harmony and Love to those who value these things.

All this has been prophesied to occur at some stage. The timing is fortuitous. As I explained elsewhere, "I" used the year 2000, which in itself is meaningless, as a time-marker for the Evacuation of Viables.

The Planet may physically linger for another 10-20 years, but conditions will become horrendous and the "living will envy the dead". That, too, was prophesied!

When I first published this information in 1985, there was little in the way of evidence. But now things have changed. There is ample evidence to prove the existence of

            - UFOs - they are ubiquitous, and I have explained the differing types in my publications;
            - Reptilian consciousnesses;
            - Alien interference with humanity (abductions);
            - Alien hybrids (chupacabras);
            - Manipulation of animals (mutilations);
            - Solar decay - abnormal burn patterns, erratic solar flares, and abnormally variable Corona Mass Ejections [CME]; Ubiquitous Vitamin D deficiency due to solar decay;
            - Degeneration of Earth's Magnetic Field;
            - Anomalous radar patterns, other celestial activities of scientifically unknown significance;
            - A Celestial War between the Elohim and the Evil Aliens in and about  the physical environs of earth, with evidence of "light" and sonic pulse weaponry;
            - New World Order Eugenics Plans (UN papers, agendas; Kissinger Memoranda);
            - Mother crafts; plasma crafts;
            - Evacuation Plan - many around the world who have not heard of me or my writings have independently been told of this Evacuation Plan and the Termination of Earth;
            - Two creations; it is obvious societies had divided into the peace lovers and bellicose anarchists.
            - Fragmentation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of existence in "Failures". The spiritual fragmentation is seen in the exposed demonic nature of more and                     more who engage in the grossest forms of perversity, rage, conflict and violence;
Perform this exercise: Go to your local Video store and look at the latest videos produced for the morons. How many non-demonic ones can you find in the first 100 you examine? 1-2 perhaps? What does that tell you?
            - Death of the Planet and the biological ecosystems with fatal pollution, chemical poisoning, prion diseases, sterilisation of species, radiation poisoning due to Ozone depletion, Greenhouse Effects and destruction.
These are but a few points given briefly. Where do they leave the deceivers who want to argue that the planet is being healed, that Evil is diminishing, that a One World Order is creating a "Heaven-on-Earth", that Humanity is elevating into a more sublime spiritual state? The answer, simply, is that such liars are being left in the wake forming the dust of their own Hell.

In answer to the query many of you have voiced: Of course this fits into the distorted Biblical Paradigm of the Last Judgement and the Rapture. Realise that these concepts, all from the Gnostic Doctrine of Eschatology, had been distorted and abused on purpose. There will not be a "One thousand years of Earthly Peace". This is the Declaration of the End. And yes, "I" do fit in somewhere in that paradigm, even though it has been grossly distorted by the evil archons.

 As many of you know, snippets of evidence relating to some of these issues which I have mentioned are in various sites scattered throughout the Web. Be aware however, that false explanations invariably accompany the evidence to purposely obfuscate the reality of what is going on in the world, and in this dimension.

To those who have not failed, what is occurring is as obvious as the noses on their faces.

 At present, "Failures" cannot see clearly because of fear, and perhaps due to anger at being reminded of that which is inevitable. All knew, however, that a Day of Reckoning would come. Well, it's here!

 Why am I so certain of all this? That is a question for you to answer. The answer is in the deep recesses of your spirit!

You may wish to dispute these facts, but it is not sufficient to merely air fatuous, personal opinions. Name-calling will get mockers nowhere either. Even the least facile of readers surely realise this information is not something conjured up by a mere physical mind. Do any of you have genuine hard evidence and facts to disprove any of the things I am describing? Of course you don’t!

Copyright: Dr. J. Chiappalone
July 21, 2012



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