People Without A Country
By Jim Kirwan
This place is pretending to hold elections according to a pre-arranged schedule, but between the last election and today the country itself has literally disappeared. The Congress & the Dictator have passed and signed into law a bill that officially ends the relationship between the Constitution and the public. Therefore no one can argue for or against anything because nothing is legal anymore because without a constitution there is no basis for any of the laws upon which this nation was supposed to exist. So, among other things these selections are an outright fraud upon the public that remains asleep, when the subject has anything to do with politics. NO ONE who is running for any office today is a legitimate candidate because all of those offices that are being voted on, no longer exist: Anyone that believes that nothing has changed is dead wrong. Everything has changed especially when it comes to anything political!
The United States Government had its last day on December 31, 2011. Since January 1, 2012 the US has is now leading the global Axis of Evil by a wide margin. All law-enforcement badges have become meaningless because "law enforcement officials' no longer are charged with protecting the public: They exist only to harass and intimidate all possible Enemies of the State, which the government has now officially labeled every man woman or child living here to be guilty of.
The US military has taken over from the police and all the other Alphabet-soup cadre of "officials" that once had something to do with investigations or prosecutions of criminals. All of that has been done away with now because we no longer need evidence to arrest people and make them disappear forever ­ all that is required is an uncorroborated suspicion, followed by a military arrest and after that everything goes dark, for the "suspected individuals." Apparently it has yet to be decided what is to be done with all these ridiculous cops and agents that are no longer needed now that the military has officially been put "in-Charge" in flagrant violation of Posse Comitatus that since the Civil War has kept US troops out of the lives of civilians. But Caesar has put an end to all of that! (1)
Unless you work for the government ­ everyone in this country who was celebrating the New Year just four days ago, have suddenly and almost silently become 'people without a country!'
I really thought that when the congress and Caesar committed this political murder of the entire nation and our way of life (something that no other nation or collective group of terrorists could ever do) ­ I believed there would have been a very real and extremely-vehement BACKLASH! How very WRONG I was to have expected that people so conditioned to living under their own private rocks of denial, could ever surface long enough to grasp what has just happened to us all. Death-Squad Reagan gave them permission to hide from everything, that might frighten them or terrify their children, and so far at least apparently that's still working, because almost no one I've spoken with believes that this is now a fact: but it IS a fact, as most people will finally discover before this month is out.
There will very soon be a lot of changes being made, most of them, not to your liking. But for those that who might not understand the magnitude of what has happened, let me outline just a few of the things that have changed, even if you are still not aware of them.
Dictator's have no need at all for legislatures, lobbyists, commissions, investigations, law, or justice; because Dictators just like the Roman God Caesar are gods in their own minds and need none of the trappings of the government they smashed; in order to free Obama from being just a man who was once supposedly a US president. Nor does Caesar have any further need for Unions or committees of interested parties, or for bureaucracies of any kind; and he no longer needs to tolerate all those inconvenient national or international laws: Because he and he alone is "the only law" that actually matters. (1)
Nor does he care about political affiliations or anything else that might diminish his stature as Supreme Leader of the Known World. Because now that this insane-individual has just given himself the sole power of life & death, over anyone anywhere in the world, to kill whomever he likes, whenever he chooses, and wherever on the planet his targets might reside-including inside the old and now Disgraced-United-States of America.
His edicts and his soon to surface mandates will solve every problem, and if not: That then that's okay too, just as long as he doesn't get too crazy because after all he's just a sock-puppet serving the various criminal-elites around the world.
Once Amerikans finally accept the fact that this has already happened and that we ARE indeed 'PEOPLE WITHOUT A COUNTRY" then and only then will we begin to realize what it is to live in a fourth­world country, a no-man's land filled with outrage, rape, pillage and plunder by whoever has the strongest-thugs or the most weapons. There are some things that we need to see before we will actually believe that what has happened is true. So to underscore the truth the government needs to take everything in the Library of Congress out onto the National Mall and have a giant fire. This could be called The Bonfire of Naïveté ­ so that we could dispense with all that dead history and meaningless "law" in one fell swoop. For those unable to attend this mega-event: This could be televised along with its very own logo and music, much as was done for the beginning of the WAR on IRAQ? That could even become a national holiday to replace the Fourth of July that is now obviously something that only terrorists will celebrate!
And just to speed things up a bit maybe Caesar might want to use the occasion to unveil his new version of "our-flag"? Of course it has yet to be designed, but something will have to be created to replace the now repulsive Stars & Stripes (Obama never liked that old flag anyhow), The new one will most definitely include the Zionista-Star of David, and definitely a Swastika ­ maybe they could manage to work in the Skull & Bones partial skull and crossed bones such as was used for the Nazi Officer's insignia in the old German SS? Or maybe the skull & bones could stand for the piracy which has always been a cornerstone of what was hiding behind the thrones of power for oh so long? But it might very difficult to create a flag for a nation without a people!
The new US government of this open air-prison-camp (that is still masquerading as a free country) will make Saddam Hussein look like a Saint, and when they have managed to attempt to do to us what North Korea has already done; except that instead of just shutting down this country our Caesar plans to turn the whole world into to something that will make North Korea look prosperous & free, by comparison!
If you doubt this, just have a look around on the web, the UN has begun shutting down US cities all over this country and replacing their elected officials with corporate and private employees that override all elected officials; and that is already underway. In addition you might want to watch for the national draft that will very soon just pop-up and become very nasty. For decades they have been forcing young people of all sexes to register for civil-service (what used to be called the DRAFT).
Now since millions of more jobs will magically begin to disappear something must be done with all the soon to be unemployed. So the choice will be work for the good (bad) guys, as a draftee in the military or get sent to the camps and take your chances there where each of those camps already has over 100,000 coffins ready and waiting for those that 'just don't seem to work out.' The DRAFT covers everyone up to the age of 42 years-so all those air-heads might just get their chance to learn how to fight for (whatever this place will be called) once Caesar decides what the name of his new country ought to be. You know it's already been divided into twelve sections, each one indicated by a Roman numeral-there will be no more "States" in the new country.
What will happen to all those now totally useless government jobs that will obviously no longer be needed in Caesar's New Country? There will be no need for any government agencies-they'll all just be replaced with idiots in military uniforms complete with weapons-because everything now is technically "the job" of the US military (or maybe for the highly-sensitive jobs of torture & murder) might be given to Blackwater or some other mercenary thugs) for the really ugly slaughter that he has planned for his personal enemies list.
Why has no-one ever challenged how we went from having 17 people on the NO-FLY list on September 10, 2001 to the unknown number that exceeds two million today-despite the fact that there have not been any terror-events, since 2001 (that weren't FBI sting-operations)? No more actual attacks, but millions of people have suddenly been targeted as SUSPECTS that are supposedly dangerous enough not to be allowed to fly? Any organization that could virtually destroy the freedom to enjoy air travel in this country; could be said to have cost this nation dearly.
TSA has cost us over a trillion dollars already and they have produced hatreds that have angered and enraged millions of people-but have yielded no results when it comes to why that organization was formed in the first place. Trillions wasted, no results, and all of it is run by descendents of the same people that were guilty of massive failures on 911 during the attacks. WHY? Michael Chertoff that walking talking skeleton who was our very first Director of HOMELAND-INSECURITY, has made billions off those backscatter scanners, and he's in excellent standing with the Zionistas and the US government-WHY! If the truth were to be told the real terrorists are right here and holding government jobs or appointments; and in reality EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!
Apparently the people were getting too close to actually asking real questions and maybe to even demanding real answers-maybe that's why this entire nation needed to be ended now? The excuse that the administration gave was that there is about to be a global collapse of the global-financial-structure: So their answer to the problem they just created is to brand every American as an ENEMYof the STATE, and seize all our property before throwing us all in prison or worse?
It seems like it would be a whole lot easier to just fire every executive anywhere and start over from scratch. A lot less people would suffer and with the money that the élites have stolen, we'd have enough to restart the whole world. Oops, but we waited too long and now we're all "WITHOUT A COUNTRY."
On top of that: think about this. If there were some kind of natural disaster that killed every manager, politician and or figurehead-the country could actually improve everything that we needed to do--yesterday. These 'managers' contribute nothing to anything constructive and basically just steal the profits earned by those they employ: Because in and of themselves they are personally worthless parasites, and always have been!
Now we've allowed them to take total control over our food and water, as well as all our money. So with the new regulations the only place that anyone will be able to eat or survive (during the coming meltdown) will be in the FEMA camps.
'People Without a Country' are the most vulnerable people on the planet, because no one officially cares whether they live or die; they will just become another revenue stream and they are totally expendable-in all cases! They can be shot or tortured, experimented on, repeatedly raped or sold into slavery or just used until they die.
People Without a Country have no future because they never had a real past in which they ever cared about anything enough to fight for that future!
How could so many people here chose to let their country be so publicly stolen from them, without even a whisper of protest. . .
Maybe someday someone will finally figure that out, but for now the most immediate task is: What the hell are you going to do when this nightmare comes to your front door?
1) Caesar in America!
Congress Should Be In Jail - video
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