Patagonia In Danger!
By Adrian Salbuchi
Question: Patagonia? What's that? Answer: Patagonia is the vast, immensely rich, sparsely populated far-away-from-everything southern part of South America, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, through the ranges of the Andes Mountains. Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia has for over a century been a discrete target of the Global Power Elite, earmarked as their future "safe haven"... just in case... 
As we look at the mess they've made of today's world that "future" may now be just around the corner. Spearheaded by the International Zionist Movement, this quiet take-over of Patagonia has progressed dramatically in recent years; not through war and invasion, but through territorial acquisitions, economic infiltration, Israeli military fifth columns, global media support and geopolitical positioning.
Last week a furore erupted in Chile after a roaming group of Israeli "backpacker hikers" ­ "mochileros" as they are called here ­ set fire to 130 sq. kms. of virgin forest in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. The culprit? One Rotem Singer, who was "roaming Patagonia" with other Israeli "hikers". They insisted in declarations on Israeli Army Radio that they are innocent. Chilean authorities however, arrested him, and even Chilean president Piñera voiced his concern.
Why so much worry? For decades, young Israeli military officers camouflaged as hikers and backpackers have been surveying, mapping, and snooping around this vast, rich and under-populated region; plotting, planning... preparing their future? 
This is nothing new. 36 years back, on 5th January 1986, Argentina's main newspaper ­ the traditional, prestigious and conservative "La Nación" - published an article with the title, "Studies are Underway for the Settlement of a Jewish Colony in Santa Cruz Province" quoting Israelis surveying the area as saying 'this is a project we have carefully nourished for a long time(we are) carrying out surveys, studying the local climate, vegetation and animals, and the potential wealth of the area."
For decades, Israelis have systematically "roamed" throughout this region thanks to the extreme laxity of Argentina's successive governments, all extremely permeable and bowing down to Zionist influence, as evidenced in September 2003 when then Argentine Army Chief General Roberto Bendini was forced out by a media scandal spearheaded by the local militant Zionist lobby "DAIA" (Delegation of Israeli Associations in Argentina) after Bendini expressed concern over these Israeli officers posing as "innocent hikers". Again "La Nación" newspaper (30-Sept-2003) explained that "there is no doubt that there are Israelis all over the Patagonia.  They move around in groups, they are young, speak in Hebrew amongst themselves.a good number of them come from the military.  They have just taken off their Israeli Army uniform; they are twenty-something year old youths taking their vacations after leaving the Israeli Army..." 
So, there is understandable cause for concern amongst Argentines and Chileans. Especially when you consider that International Zionism's founding father, Theodor Herzl, writing way back in 1896 in his seminal book "The Jewish State" (in a chapter with the very significant title, "Palestine or Argentine?") things like "Which shall we choose, Palestine or Argentine?Argentina is, by its nature, one of the richest countries in Earth, with an immense territory, scarce population and moderate climate. The Argentine Republic would have the greatest Interest to cede to us a part of its territory"
Let's fast-forward to 2002 when, as we reported in a recent RT article, Argentina collapsed into its worst financial crises and the staunchly Zionist New York Times suggested the country should sell off Patagonia to pay its Sovereign Debt...  
And then we have people like Eduardo Elsztain, Argentina's largest landowner, who "happens to be" local partner of Jewish-American-Hungarian real estate magnate and speculator George Soros (of Zionist Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission fame). Elsztain owns huge tracts of land throughout Patagonia and also "happens" to be CEO of the World Jewish Congress and an active militant in the Zionist Jewish Jabad Lubavitch Movement.
Elsztain is not alone in gobbling up millions of hectares of Argentine land using his billions and billions in Money Power. He informally partners with Carlo and Luciano Benetton, Ted Turner of CNN and TNT,  Douglas Tomkins (US "eco-billionaire" targeting Chile),  Joseph Lewis ­ (British owner of Planet Hollywood),  Daniel Lerner of Walt Disney Enterprises, Ward Lay of potato chip fame, and even Bush's former treasury secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson through the NGO The Nature Conservancy.
But Zionists are not alone in this. The London "Telegraph" just headlined an article on 2nd January recommending that "a nuclear submarine should be sent to the Falkland Islands (just off Patagonia) to illustrate Britain's anger at a decision by South American countries to ban boats bearing the island's flag". adding "Britain shouldundertake military exercises in response to the "aggressive" decision by the Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to close ports to ships flying the "illegal" flag of the Falkland Islands", occupied by Britain since 1833 and converted into a powerful nuclear military base after the 1982 Falkland-Malvinas War pitting Argentina and the UK. 
The Telegraph concludes by saying "no one should be in any doubt about the British Government's commitment to support the area, which involves a vast swathe of potentially mineral-rich South Atlantic waters."
Need we remind readers that Britain has been and is a fundamental cogwheel in the Zionist movement ever since its 1917 "Balfour Declaration" paved the road leading to the violent creation of Israel in 1948 by the well-financed terror organizations Irgun Zvai Leumi, Stern and Hagganah?
Are the Elites getting ready to take over Patagonia for good?
One thing is certain, neither Argentina, nor Chile, nor any country in South America wants to see Patagonia turned into a new Palestine. The world has seen sufficient Zionist terrorism in that martyred land.
Adrian Salbuchi
Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator from Argentina. <>
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