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Open Letter To Senator Feinstein

By Jim Kirwan


Diane Feinstein you are my Senator, just as Pelosi and Boxer are my representatives because San Francisco is my home. Thanks to this trio of evil, and the Bushwhacker, I have ceased to vote because it’s been way beyond clear that the entire process was rigged in favor of Israel: And this has been going on since before George H, W. Bush our first official NAZI president took office.

Today as I was passing an eternally “ON” television screen” when I was forced to stop to listen to YOU tell a reporter:

I’ve been doing this for 20 years!”

(Referring to your chairmanship of the committee) that has continued to come up with most illegal-tampering with the U.S. Constitution when it comes to anything to do with guns or the 2nd Amendment.

I’ve been doing politics for over 50 years Diane,

And I outrank you

Because I’m a civilian and an American

And you are nothing but a paid Zionist shill.

You’re a traitor to this country,

And you need to be tried for Treason!

Every bit of the criminality that you fully embody shows in your face,

Just take a long look at that face at the top

Of this article!

When you began as a member of the Board of Supervisors it was clear almost immediately who you were. That became crystal clear after you snatched the Mayors job when he was very publicly murdered, along with Harvey Milk. That tragedy (gun-violence) brought you into the Mayorship of this city. I was living in the same place then as now about a mile from City Hall, and I watched on that night when a dozen cop cars went up in flames in deference to the furious gay community which also brought you into office.

Later on as Mayor you decided that neither my work, nor its subject, Isadora Duncan, were fit to be displayed at the heart of San Francisco. You told the Arts Commission that they could meet two years after you left office to consider whether or not Isadora Duncan was a fit subject to adorn the octagonal area between the Opera House and the War Memorial Building. That space had been reserved for something that could commemorate: All the Dead of All the Wars - but for you that would not do.

From that day forward you and your husband have had an unnatural amount of my attention. For instance it was his greed that was addressed when I volunteered to work with Prop M, after it had been defeated for over ten years. I joined them as a volunteer when together with all the neighborhoods of the city the public passed Prop M (“Don’t Buy the Developers Bull”)and that cost Mr. Blum (your husband), a lot of money and time. He was one of those “Developers” that we attacked with that campaign. I did it for the City of San Francisco, but the side bar of costing you money personally, was welcome as well.

When you passed the first version of what’s before the country today (that passed in 94 but which died in 2OO4) and was a colossal FAILURE. You have been outraged ever since! So—I knew you’d be back no matter what lame-excuse you’d chose to use to pass this obscenely Anti-American treason.

You have not only touched the Constitution but you have put your filthy-hands all over it for twenty years. You deserve to spend the next twenty-five years, in isolation, in a federal facility for the criminally-insane. Because you didn’t just touch that document, you have been trying to strangle the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution for most of your career as a worthless Senator from California who ought to be IMPEACHED, at the very least.

After Sandy Hook broke as a national “tragedy” I knew that you’d be right behind every nuance of this horribly mis-handled government false-flag operation—and sure enough you were and still are trying to DISARM every American; to protect your fellow Zionists so that they can finish ending this nation—just as they’ve been trying to do from the moment that Israel moved from being the leading TERRORIST- MOVEMENT in the world—to becoming “Israel” the outlawed-nation which the UN has tolerated since your country was put-forward, by Dirty Harry Truman back in 1948. Here’s what has become of that place today—doesn’t this make you proud?

But here’s one of your latest give-always that really ought to warm your heart because it describes the new DEAD-ZONE that surrounds the old United States. It’s a hundred miles wide and no American can get within a hundred miles of our own borders without having to tolerate whatever the government will decide to do them, in the very near future. Come to think of it you have yet to take the bow for this CONTRIBUTION ­ a contribution that you no doubt have played a major role in.

You tipped your hand Diane when you said

It’s okay to hunt humans”.

To put this in perspective Senator, don’t forget once upon a time you too were once considered to be part human as well.

I have to admit this is bold as brass

Certainly worthy of a disguised Zionist

Masquerading as a U.S. Congresswoman

I’d congratulate but I’m busy trying to end this before it begins!

I just personally wanted you to know Diane how this constituent thinks: When it comes to how YOU are doing as a public-official. But since I can’t get through to your criminal-office I thought maybe an Open Letter to YOU on the web might get your attention, for the record!





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