Of Fools And False Hope
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD

In my book, “My experiences of Aliens…” which I wrote in the 1990s, I stated that people were being subjected to 2 messages from “aliens” about the fate of the Planet and of Humanity.

I identified the Essence of those giving the messages as being either Good or Evil. By what authority I did that will have to be a discussion for another day. For now, we must examine the contents of the messages and their implications for indeed, the whole of Humanity and all life on this planet are involved in a decisive predicament.

The message from the EVIL aliens (yes, evil aliens) was that:

·         We should not worry in the slightest about the plight of our world;
·         They, the aliens,  would take care of everything;
·         They would heal this polluted, degraded and moribund planet with their greater technology, for we were incapable of doing so;
·         There was no Evil anywhere that we should worry about. This ruse by evil ones, to deny the existence of Evil, is one that they have used again and again, and the gullible fall for it every time with disastrous consequences for those not of the Evil Essence, as I have explained in detail in my books;
·         We could, and would, all slumber on in wealth, peace and happiness;
·         There would be an elevation of Spiritual Awareness and that we would all realize that we are all ‘God”
·         We would all join the Galactic Federation which has been waiting patiently for us to mature to a level where we can take our place in the reigning order of the Universe;
·         That being the case, contrary to the most Ancient of Wisdom, there would not be any Judgement to determine viability or worthiness;

·         There would be no sorting out, and there would be no identification of evil ones, for Evil, according to them, did not exist.

As you may well imagine, this message certainly suited evil ones and those who knew or sensed that they were spiritual ‘demons and failures’.


These evil aliens that give this message are the Liars and Murderers that I, and other members of my Family, have identified since time immemorial.


The Second Message is the one I agreed to bring to the world in 1985. This decision was made at a spacecraft conference that I attended in April of that year. The message included these facts:

·         There is going to be a resolution of the Battle of Essences between Good and Evil which has been waged since the illicit creation of the Physical Universe.
·         The planet is scheduled for demolition. In actual fact, all the Physical Dimension is scheduled for eradication.
·         All consciousnesses, in all Classes of Consciousness, are being subjected to a Final Judgement to determine their worthiness to continue on an evolutionary path.
·         Evil, which very much exists, and is the cause of the mess we are in, the cause of all the pain, suffering and misery we are forced to bear, is going to be allowed to self-destruct.
·         Those found fit to continue a spiritual evolutionary path will be relocated in an entirely New Dimension. Creation contains many dimensions.
Jesus told us this already in John 14:2: In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
·         Those found to be non-VIABLE are be scheduled for Transmutation. Their consciousnesses will be dismantled and they will exist no more. The energy of which they are composed will lose all awareness and be returned as inert energy into the Primordial Pool from which all consciousness emanates. I have given details in my books.
 I have also already written and stated that this sorting of consciousnesses in human bodies has been completed and that approximately 9% have been deemed viable. My work, among other things,  involves awakening and preparing those for departure.

I had already stated previously that the viable Theomorphic Consciousnesses had been spiritually evacuated in 1999, except for a few thousand warriors and ‘civilian’ supporters who have remained on the planet to help me with the Final stages.


As I began broadcasting this message of Finality, I was attacked by the ignorant fools, by the demons, by the Sons and Daughters of Evil, and by the New Agers, many of whom were and are dormant viable beings.   


Naturally, those of Evil clung tenaciously to the evil message, and those who had had enough of the misery of this world and were patiently awaiting liberation from this Hell were joyous on hearing the Divine Message of Liberation, even though they knew or suspected some traumatic steps may needed to be taken.


I admit that many were initially sceptical. Many that accepted the message immediately were also a little frightened in the outer mind as to what they had to suffer, and whether in fact they were viable. Understandably, many immediately began worrying about their loved ones including pets, etc.


In the middle ground, many were confused as to what they were to believe. That confusion exists very much to this day.


Beings with a Spiritual Inner Nous, know instantly that the Divine Message of Correction is the right one. They do not have to think on the outer mind whether it is correct or not.  It is the Divine Inner Nuclear Mind that has all the answers.


That is the Gnostic Nous so often written about. It is not something that can be acquired. It is either within an individual or it is not. That is the knowledge referred to in the ancient texts as the Knowledge that saves. That is the Knowledge that allows wise ones to say the Kingdom of Heaven is within!


But many are spiritually unawakened and cannot access their Inner Nuclear Mind. So, they have to use their lower monkey mind.


Thus, at the lower mind level, we need to critically examine the evidence before us. What do we see?


Since the mid-1980s, no one but a blind fool would argue against these assertions:


·         The planet has NOT been healed in any way that any of us can see or measure.
·         There has been monumental degradation of all parameters we can measure: polluted air, degraded oceans, climatic madness, failing vegetation, reduced animal welfare, demented and fragmenting minds, rage, malicious emotionalism, increased dishonesty and violence, unending suffering, wars, poverty, misery, etc., etc.
·         Life on Earth has NOT improved for the majority ­ for anyone really.
·         Infectious PEACE has NOT broken out everywhere as the New Agers predicted.
·         EVIL has become overtly obvious in every aspect of our existence.
·         DEMONS, yes demons, are being seen clearly by those who have regained their true spiritual vision.
·         Minds are fragmenting and Dementia and Madness are escalating at an alarming rate, in part due to steps the Archons took to control the masses such as the Chemtrails and Genetically Modified Foods. The latter cause cellular stress that slowly will kill the brain and all the body.
·         There is less and less happiness. Only the self-deluded can claim they are happy in the midst of the oppressive misery of the majority.
·         There is less and less health and wealth for the common denominators. Please try to convince me, any of you, that the land of the Brave and the Free has NOT become the Land of the Berated and the Frightened.

·         In fact, the process we see is not a healing one generally. What we see is one of TERMINAL FRAGMENTATION. But even as the physical structures, including the bodies and the lower minds fragment, those with the Nous who are awakening are undergoing a Transformation that will ensure the greatest of healing as they prepare to go to the Divine Promised World. The vector for such healing is the New Green Energy that I have mentioned previously. The effect on those who are compatible with is amazing. The effect on the failures leaves one in no doubt of what they are.

Thus, although those of us with true spiritual acumen knew from the start that the evil aliens were delivering a false message, they managed to influence the gullible and the fools.

But, with time, even blind Freddy could see that their message was false, so the hypocritically evil aliens set about changing it.

If you don’t see this cynical manoeuvre by them, you really are a fool. That is exactly what the New Agers and those who are sprouting the message of the Evils Aliens are! I make no apology for writing that, for we have reached a Final tine, the Endtime, when it is imperative that we call a spade, a spade.

Now that it is obvious to all that the planet is in serious trouble, the evil aliens have hypocritically and expediently changed their tune. Fortuitous for them, is it not? No, it isn’t; they are doomed idiots and all they are doing is fooling themselves and the gullible, blind fools that follow their falsehood.

As I will demonstrate, their second, upgraded message is easily seen to be just as false and ridiculous as their first.

So what is their second message?

There are variations on this theme that are being channelled down to the waiting, gullible fools and those who want to be fooled. It includes such as assertions as these:


·         Earth is going to be elevated to the 4th, 5th, Nth, dimension, depending on whom you listen to.
·         EVERYONE is going to a New Heaven.
·         We are joining the Galactic Federation to be part of our family of Space Brothers

·         We are all “god” but don’t know it.

Some have been abducted into the evil alien crafts and given this new message, which is a complete turnabout from the message abductees were given some 20-30 years ago.

Why can’t people see the duplicity here? The answer is because they don’t want to, or else they are robotic consciousnesses programmed to accept whatever is told to them by their evil masters!

I am aware that some are now being told that they are children (products) of alien procreation. That is true; some are just that. I mentioned that fact in my books. The evil aliens have been hybridizing robotic consciousnesses and physical bodies for a long time in an attempt to find a physical manifestation that would survive the deteriorating conditions we now see.

In my books, I have also mentioned that females were being used for their ability to incubate a foetus in the early months of an artificial pregnancy and then have the foetus removed and nurtured in the evil alien spacecrafts. There are many true stories describing women and teenage girls being abducted, taken to these crafts and shown foetuses or children and told they are the biological mother. This is all true, but it does not mean the evil message is true. It is not. It is false.

Remember the chupacabras? They were/are experimental hybrids as are consciousness like Simon Parkes who was recently interviewed by Jeff Rense. He is telling the truth when he says that he is a product of aliens. But that does not mean the evil message is true.

Again we need to ask, “What does the evidence show?”

The evidence shows that these same evil aliens who are promising a “quantum jump” for all into a New Dimension and Heaven are, in fact, planning the extermination for the major portion of Humanity via the Eugenics Program I have mentioned previously.

These evil aliens think they can survive on this putrid earth and in this putrid dimension. They can’t.

They do not believe they too will be totally subjected to judgement and transmutation.

They are as stupid as they are evil for, in fact, many of the locations in this Universe from which they originate have been subjected to total annihilation. And they know that. That is why so many of them are here in the outskirts of this faraway galaxy and Solar System. They are runaway spiritual renegades and criminals. And they know it

So now, let us destroy this myth of Earth doing a quantum leap to Heaven once and for all.

All matter is EVIL. It has been created and impregnated by the Essence of Evil. Left to itself, all matter degenerates and corrupts until it is no more. Isotopic decay FOR ALL THINGS MADE OF MATTER is a fact of life. All the Physical Universe is destined to end. I repeat, all matter is subject to isotopic decay.

So, where does that leave the concept of a physical Earth jumping into Heaven? ‘In the rubbish bin where it belongs’, is the answer.

All the physical structures will disappear. Logically, how can such a badly damaged Earth and its badly damaged inhabitants become Heavenly? It is impossible.

1                    The Seas are poisoned to such an extent that it is now unsafe to eat any fish or marine products. But we do and take the risk. For now, eating mercury sodden fish is the lesser of two evils that we are confronted with. It is a lesser risk than eating our brethren in animal bodies or dairy products. If you are eating meat and consuming dairy products in any quantity, even from a physical perspective, you are courting health problems.
2                    The atmosphere is poisoned with the effluents of Chemtrails which will kill our minds and bodies in due course. You would be wise to take my warning about Vitamin B12 deficiency and Dementia seriously
3                    In the last 60 years or so, we have all received inoculations and vaccines with carcinogenic compounds in them. I must admit having them was the lesser of two evils. Would you rather run the risk of dying of Diphtheria, or Tetanus, or Polio, as a child, or having the inoculations and vaccines and living 60 to 80 years or so more, protected from those infectious diseases, but running the risk of then developing cancer from the pollutants they contained?
If we live long enough, we will all develop fatal and/or non-fatal cancers. As a corollary of the unstable nature of physical matter, of the defective DNA genetics on which we are based, and of the degree of ever-increasing pollution we are subjected to, cancer is the endpoint of all living creatures in due course. I will cite on obvious example of this: every man will develop prostate cancer if he lives long enough.
4                    Inspite of our human DNA being infused by strands of alien DNA, as is now being discovered, it is subjected to disease, degeneration and decay. Thus, we are physically corrupt in every sense. How can that corruption, any corruption, make it to Heaven?    
This leads me to another deceitful myth created by the Archons: The Dogma of the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven (a totally impossible occurrence if you know anything about spirituality) was to be compulsorily believed by the Catholic faithful under the threat of punishment. Can Humanity get any more ridiculous?  
This concept of the Earth being elevated into a Heavenly state is of exactly the same stupidity as that Dogma, created exactly by the same evil Archons. Only fools would fall for it, for it gives them the false hope they wallow in.
5                    The evidence for all to see everywhere is of fragmenting minds, of dementia for various reasons, and of Terminal Madness which I predicted some 20 years ago.      
Realize it is the lower physical mind that is decaying. The higher spiritual mind is safe. That mind cannot be subjected to disease, decay or dementia. But the fools want the lower physical body and its mind in that Heavenly state. So, according to them, the Heaven they seek is going to be filled with even more severely dysfunctional morons than we see on earth? What sort of Heaven would that be?            
Can’t you see the ridiculousness of that assertion? Can you not see the people that would believe that concept are fools? They are more than that. They are DELUDED fools clutching at the strands of false hope being fed to them by the evil aliens who are there to deceive them in the first place.  
Alas, very few of them are going to wake up spontaneously. But, they WILL be forced to awaken by events as they unfold. And then their suffering and misery will multiply manyfold. But, who are they able to blame? They can only blame themselves for being fools and clutching tenaciously the ephemeral strands of False Hope.
6                    Fools usually wear blinkers and only see what they want to see. But, if they could remove them for just a while, they would see that the whole Universe is undergoing a fragmentation that will result in its total eradication. Thus, the same ones who accept this concept of Earth jumping into a heavenly dimension to save Humanity will very soon have to expand their concept and say the whole Universe is going to jump into a Heavenly abode. But that is ridiculous for, as I have shown before, having had a physical beginning, the Universe has to have a physical END!
7                    Only fools seeking to embrace false hope will fail to see that the evil aliens have expeditiously changed their message in the last 20 years or so when it became obvious no healing of the planet or of humanity had taken place like they mendaciously promised would occur.
8                    Certainly such fools will fail to realize that these evil aliens, which I have called the Lying and Murdering progeny of the Evil Principle, by delivering their false message, are labelling, as liars, all the True Spiritual Masters and all the Avatars (Sons and Daughters of God) including Jesus, who have descended onto this plane to give us the Divine Message that there will be a Judgement for Viability and that all the Physical Manifestation will come to an end. Who but those of Evil would dare to call Jesus and all the Avatars, evil?        
I know that those of another faith are claiming Jesus is in Hell boiling in a vat of excrement. How evil can these people be?
9                    I have mentioned previously that there is a pseudo-scholarly move afoot to show Jesus never even existed. Certainly the Jesus Myth created by the pseudo-Christians some 4 centuries after His death is a myth. But, I can guarantee you that the real Jesus was a real man and Avatar. I will discuss the Jesus Myth and why it was created by the Evil Archons in another essay.

For now we need to ask this: ‘Is there any evidence that a man called Jesus existed?’

‘Yes, there is’, is the answer.

The original scrolls called the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in Egypt near a town by that name in 1945 are eyewitness records by people who lived with Jesus in that first century. They describe Him and quote Him. They had no reason to make Him up then. Why would they say they lived with a mythological figure? They didn’t of course.

There was no conspiracy afoot at that time to create a myth like there was 4 centuries later when the Archons got together at the Councils of Nicaea to create the abomination that led to the Jesus Myth.

The authors of the scrolls contained in the Nag Hammadi Library lived with a real man who was an Avatar. That is, that shell, known as Jesus, was used by a very High Consciousness, an aspect of the Supreme Consciousness. They had no reason to make a Myth of the Gnostic Truths that Jesus spoke of.

The story of why these scrolls were hidden and why the nascent church wanted all copies destroyed reveals, to the astute, the fact that the Archons did not want any truth Jesus may have given to be disseminated. In other words thy wanted to control the world with lies, not Truth. And eventually, of course, they created a Myth of Jesus that has entrapped many who hunger for Truth on this level.

We owe our sincere gratitude to the monks who had the foresight to bury the scrolls and save them for posterity’s benefit against the dictum of the despots in the early church. By doing so, they have enriched the lives of those who truly seek the Truth. With their discovery, the scrolls have opened a window to the Truth of the Ancient Wisdom and revealed the lies and duplicity of the so-called one true Christian Church which is run for Evil by Evil Demons and exists to entrap True Beings into falsehood. Of that you can be certain. The resistance shown by the church to the publication of the scrolls is confirmation of my assertion.

There is no way I can convince anybody to believe that what I say and write is the absolute truth or that events will unfold exactly as I say they will.

That is not my aim.

My aim is to stimulate your awareness so that you can reflect on the things I mention, and refer them to your Nous within. You will then make the realizations you need to make for yourself.

The realization may be that all this is true for you. It may be that you will come to the realization that you are non-viable. That is not my concern or anyone else’s concern. That is a final verdict you will have reached for yourself.

Some may call all that I write nonsense. Who cares?

What I do know is that we are being engulfed by extraordinary circumstances which seem to be perilous and which appear capable of extinguishing physical life as we know it.

·         The Earth has fallen on its axis before. That reoccurrence of that event is now way overdue. It takes no great skill to realize such an event will cause monumental flooding and most people will drown as they did in previous episodes that have been recorded in all culture. The tale of Noah in the Bible is a recording of that, given a religious spin by those who would deceive us.

·         Scientists are awaiting the collapse of faults all around the world, and the explosion of volcanoes as predicted by many. These are incidents of Natural Evil occurring regularly, and indicate the instability of the physical world.

·         It is a certainty, in astronomical terms, that sooner or later we will be hit by a massive comet that could very well extinguish all life on the planet.

In combination, all these things will take their tool of physical lives.

·         The increased activity of Black Holes, swallowing multiple Galaxies, is occurring and the evidence is clear. Who is to say this will not affect our Galaxy soon?

·         Time is accelerating because we are descending into Hellish dimensions as part of the spiritual degeneration that is occurring to the physical. The lower one descends, the faster time goes. The converse is also true, of course

·         I previously mentioned that when the amount of energy forming bonds that hold matter together reaches a critically low level, matter will dissipate. No one in their right minds can argue with that. What they can argue about is the TIME when that will occur. But really, they are in no position to argue for they have no idea how much energy is left in the Universe, how close we are to the critical level, and what factors are accelerating the dissipation of energy so that the bonds will soon break.

So, in a sense they are arguing in total ignorance. Let them. Who cares?

·         The New Green Energy is here. Its effects are unmistakable. I see its effects on the people in the audience when I lecture.

Truth is Truth. It is immutable. All the things I have written will come to pass.

This is too serious a matter to be taken lightly.

All the evidence before us points towards a period of:


·         Terminal Madness in Humanity, in the Animal Kingdom, in Nature, in Celestial bodies, etc.
·         Increasing Fear: People are becoming more and more agitated and fearful. The reason for this is that the knowledge of an Endtime is seeping from their subconscious onto their outer minds. In truth, we all know what is happening and what the end result will be.
·         Terminal Fragmentation of Earth, our Sun, of the Solar System.
·         Universal decay.
·         Accelerated reduction in available energy ­ heading for Entropic Death.
·         Exposure of the control of the Universe by an Evil Essence.
·         Signs of Evil’s self-destruction.


Just because people are as yet unawakened and cannot see these points clearly, as a few do, does not invalidate these points or lessen the Truth of what is going on. Truth is Truth, no matter whether people recognize it or not.

I would not dare write this way if I had even the slightest doubt that I could be wrong.

I know I am not wrong. Why I know will become obvious with the passage of time and before the end of this dimension.

Footnote: I have labelled the Archons as being Liars and Murderers, as have many others,

Examination of their hypocritically changing message shows what Liars they are.

When you realize they have murdered not just Avatars, like Jesus, but all with the True Wisdom, such as the Gnostics, throughout history, and that they are now planning to annihilate up to 90% of Humanity, you will understand why they truly are Murderers, of both Truth and men.

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

May 4, 2012




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