By Jim Kirwan
I got a call from England in the O'dark-thirty hours of this morning to tell me that a crisis in England has become critical. It seems that maggots and earth-worms are being forced to go on STRIKE. Human-beings, their primary food being human cadavers are no longer edible. Human bodies, in the "developed-world," are so polluted and filled with plastics and other toxics that they can no longer deteriorate in the normal way which means that the world of nature's natural-reprocessors is under a very real threat of becoming extinct. The caller wanted to know if Amerikans might want to call attention to this problem, in the interests of fairness to all creatures both large and small.
"Oh shit!" I said laughing aloud. "NO - You don't understand!" the caller said; "Because 'that problem' is in the province of the Dung-Beatles; who have their own special agenda and are demanding equal time as well."
"No, you don't understand" I said. "The public has no idea what maggots or earth worms or Dung Beatles actually do. In fact the only one of the three they might even remotely know about are the earth worms that some might use as bait, while fishing for the toxic-fish that they should no longer be eating."
"You still don't get-it kirwan!" This situation is so bad because the dead-bodies are now so polluted that the government is thinking about prohibiting the burning of human flesh because of the bio-toxins and pollution that this would send into the open air and the World Health Organization is thinking of banning the cremation of human corpses because of this new health hazard.
"Well you can laugh if you like, but this is very serious" she said in frustration. "A new study has come out claiming that Britain has the most obese people on the planet and. . ." Wait a minute, I said: "After watching so many Utubes about the shoppers in Walmart ­ I thought Amerika had to be the most obese nation in the occupied world?"
"No it's definitely got to be the UK!" she said.
"Well what has this got to do with the maggots and earthworms?" I asked. "Don't forget the Dung-Beatles" she added. The Dung-Beatles have been decimated by the oil spills all over the planet to the point where they have just about become an endangered species. These creatures are all part of natures janitorial services division-who are not affiliated with the New World Order on any level-and without them the world will never be able to rid itself of all the wastes that we (And the corporations) produce. That's why these creatures need to find something to OCCUPY so they can get some much needed publicity!
Then she began to tell me of the long-range plan which the private corporations have agreed on. "They figured that since the dead are mostly composed of non-degradable plastics; they've come up with the fantastically innovative idea that the dead can be recycled into a whole new division of plastic bags and plastic shelter-covers which could be used to keep the nearly-dead and dying alive, just a bit longer. They say that it's their duty to humanity to make use of everything in this world of diminishing resources-what do you think!"
There was a very long silence on my end of the call before I hung up. And then I thought I'd use this opportunity to let the rest of the planet know about the life-endangering threats to the survival of the maggots, the earth-worms and the Dung Beatles. But then of course I realized that this will also affect every scavenger on the planet from vultures and eagles all the way down the food chain to end with the death-of-the-oceans that we are currently continuing with, despite what the politicians are still telling the world.
This is a problem that we are causing by consuming all that fake-food and poisoned water, not to mention the freshly radiated corpses that are beginning to pile-up along with all that contaminated food and drink that we still refuse to destroy-in spite of Fukushima. This problem too will be managed by the same corporations that are trying to find new ways to dispose of the unwanted dead whose numbers will be vastly increasing in the very near future: That must be why the government purchased 40 million body bags, for the Madrid Fault disaster that we're still waiting for.
Despite these somewhat troublesome facts, as people we still must be concerned about the plight of the maggots the worms and the Beatles because without the smallest of natures hard-working slaves we are about to be buried in wastes of all kinds with 'no end in sight!'
My problem is that I can't figure out what these tiny beings or their larger counterparts could OCCUPY in order to get their message out there, because people today are so busy with everything else now ­ so could you maybe think of something useful to do about this deepening problem?
For my part I promise not to answer any more phone calls in the wee small hours of the morning as I'm making time to prepare myself for the Black Christmas that is coming soon, to a foreclosed home near you!
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