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Obama Dirty, Secret Backdoor
Deal With Corporate America?

By Judith Moriarty

Naturally, the main stream media would rather go on and on and on (scripted talking points) on the BS of an election, Romney's dog, or the millions upon millions being garnered for the media propaganda election spots - each berating the other - NOTHING of merit being discussed - per usual the choice between the 'lesser of two evils' while Corporate Hogs control (Citizens United) the entire process - Why vote only a FEW states are being visited over and over with the usual LIES of jobs blah blah.

Meantime ---this ominous - secret deal (not trade duh) has been in the works for the PAST three years which literally gives over US mfg/ business to foreign corporate interests - (need to read below).

They will now ( Pacific Rim countries) be able to locate businesses here and be accountable to no-one. THEY are exempted from your LOCAL - STATE- FEDERAL laws, environmental, human rights, pay equity - you name it. IMAGINE hundreds of corporate interests meeting these past years yet Congress/ Committee on Trade is totally in the about transparency..............

Meanwhile domestic companies must adhere to the numerous regulations, laws, policies, et al..........if foreign entity feels compromised they can SUE US Treasury --not in American courts but in a secret (Belgium) court -this is already taking place through NAFTA (chapt 11) -

I TRIED to explain this to our city council dunces when a water bottling company from Canada sought to locate here................the DPW director told them a contract wasn't needed....the dumb asses never asked WHY NOT?

I explained in the most simple Simon language that I could about NAFTA being the contract  and how these folks would not have to adhere to any local or state went over their heads. The ONLY way I got this thing STOPPED was to contact water activists in Vermont ---long story but we PROVED they were ( bottling company) LYING about where they were getting pristine mountain (damn corrupt liars) water............

I contacted the DPW man in Randolph Vermont and he graciously agreed to attend a council meeting. When the bottling company LIARS gave their BS about spring water in Randolph - that's when I called upon the water man from Randolph who TOLD city council that NO such spring was located anywhere near their town --lots more but they never opened. All of this is ominous because it affects every state and every small town, village etc. It is imperative that when a company seeks to locate in your area that you do the research - explain these so called 'trade agreements'.

Hell they won't even have to pay min wage and FRACKING will go on full steam.................PS --Obama the campaigner spoke out LOUDLY against this ---just another, out of numerous promises he made which he referred to later as 'mere campaign rhetoric'. SO - put the mute button on any time one of these bozos gets on with more lying BS -------

This makes NAFTA - GATT- FTAA - South Korea - Columbia contracts look like a Sunday the way speaking of South Korean agreement, which Obama signed - (media was busy elsewhere -)be AWARE of ALL shellfish - from S.Korea (marked S.Korea -

God knows where it's really from ---another trick they use) - IT'S toxic /by WASTE WATER ---they don't have the REGULATIONS that we ONCE had ( foreign companies don't have to pay attention to these ---they can use all the toxic poisons they want in fracking and too bad if you live in an area being drilled ---jm When citizens demonstrated in Fla against FTAA - NINJA clad Florida troopers beat them - tasered etc..........MEDIA did not cover. Money for NINJA attire ( $8 million) was taken from funds for our soldiers in Iraq.

Link: (sent via Shareaholic-Publishers)

Timothy Robertson and Matt Kavanagh: The Obama administrationís U.S. Trade Representative is gathering secretly in Los Angeles with negotiators from around the world for a session that could create a whole new set of international trade rules: rules that favor the wealthy 1% of corporate interests.



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