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The NGE Network
So, How Do You Feel?
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It

Thank you all for writing to me. It is a pleasure to receive your emails, but please realize that due to the volume I receive and due to time constraints, I cannot always reply at length.

Also, I want to make it quite clear that, for various reasons, I do not usually give personal advice, be it medical, psychiatric, spiritual, etc., via emails.  I am sure you all understand this point.

Especially after this last show I did with Jeff Rense on August 7, USA time, the URL of which is on my website, many of you wrote to express the fact that you felt nurtured and uplifted by my words, more than with any other show previously undertaken.  Many of you said that you wished it was a lot longer, etc.

It is now time to tell you the following: If you are feeling the elevation of energy from the energy of the show, it is because you are wakening all the more and you are responding to the New Green Energy (NGE) that I have been asked to distribute to Viables, and it is this NGE which will sustain us to the End.

Those of you who have written to express the feelings you felt from the show should congratulate yourselves. Such a positive response means you have “made it”.

Such a response cannot be feigned.

Those of you who have mixed sentiments about what the energy of the show means to you should work harder at cleansing your lower vehicle and realigning with the Light. It may mean your lower vehicle (the cardboard box) may still have residual pollution that is interfering with your reception of the NGE.

If you have a lot of pollution, the NGE may stir you enough to make you feel uncomfortable, even ill. Take steps to purify.

You know what feelings the NGE engendered in you.

The effects on you are not from the words or the subject matter. After all I was talking about war and the miseries that can result in the physical from wars and physical calamities. If anything, these things would invoke anxiety, sadness and fear, for ourselves and for those we care for the most.

But the NGE did not invoke such negative traits, did it?

It enhanced calmness, serenity, inner joy and the peace of mind we have long sought in this torrid world. Is that not so?

The NGE is the energy of the New Dimension. There can be no faking the energy, its importance and its ability to sustain us. There can be no faking of your response to it, no faking on my part. Your reactions affirm that I am distributing it effectively in the desired amounts.

The NGE is the sustaining energy for those of us who are to move to the next phase once this dimension is demolished.

It is a necessary, free gift from the Supreme Consciousness now that the ‘normal Divine Energy’ has been cut off from this dimension, as I have said many times before. The NGE is necessary, for without it we would succumb to Evil.

It is given freely. It is the reward you have earned by remaining faithful to the Light since the occurrence of the Celestial Error.

I have not asked for money, or that you follow me, join a cult, or bestow gifts and plaudits on me. All those things are useless attributes of an evil, exploitative system.

My reward is doing what I need to do. That is reward in itself. And you should be likewise. Play your roles diligently no matter how menial they may appear. Help those around you that need help, and do it selflessly and with a good heart.

As you may suspect, Viables are interconnected throughout the dimension, and this includes Units of Consciousness in the other classes. Thus, you and I are connected with aspects in the Animal Kingdom, with the Plants, Minerals, Devas, etc., etc. As you receive the NGE from me, you automatically connect and distribute your share to those Viables with whom you are most closely connected.

In relation to this network, you will recall that I have written in the past the fact that about 5,000 Theomorphs are present on the planet to assist me in the final stages. They are scattered throughout the globe. I do not need to know them personally on this level. Of course, we all know each other on the subtle levels.

We have not crossed the finish line yet, so keep your guard up. Remain an effective worker and distributor of the Divine energy.

There will still be many hurdles Evil will make us jump. Don’t lose hope, and don’t feel sorry for yourself if the going gets tough. You know the outcome, so nothing should make you lose your confidence and/or your faith in the Divine.

And in the gloomy moments, which must surely occur, as this rotten world fragments, think of the wonderful feeling the NGE evokes in you and the promise of what lies ahead.

The effect on non-Viables is predictable too. On the outer mind they may feel annoyance and anger that this world is coming apart, and are angry at me because it appears that what I have been saying all along may be coming to fruition, something they did not want to happen.

While they externally deny what I say and grow angry, they have a looming fear of failure within them, believe me.

We can use this point of being nurtured by the NGE to confirm a time line.

Before I proceed, what else would make you feel so good, if not the special NGE?

Goodness knows, you have heard my voice and my shows countless times perhaps, but now, with each show, the benevolent effect escalates. That is because the concentration of the NGE is increasing.

Here is the point I want to make: You will recall I said I need to be here till the End. Rather, my Higher Being said this cardboard box will be here till the End.

The reason for this now appears obvious. The distribution of the NGE needs to continue till the very last Viable is out of danger.

Of course the Evil side has tried to kill off this cardboard box many times, but, thanks to the protection I get, it is still here.

In the unlikely event that they do kill it, another would have to be found to perform the tasks I am performing. It would not be an easy matter and a great delay would occur, as long as 1500 years, perhaps!

But, things are going well, and I hope my physical lasts as it is expected to, till the End.

So, we can now use this fact also to make our calculation of the approximate time for the End.

It would be extremely unusual for this Cardboard box to reach say 95 years. Hence we can say the End is well within the time when my body would reach that age. I am 68 now. I would say that, as things stand now, in the light of my body’s present day fitness, 85 would be the outer limit. That would mean another 17 years, perhaps, bringing us to 2029. But, in the show I mentioned 2023. I think we can accommodate that 6 years of leeway.

With all this information about the NGE and its effects on various ones, how are we going to view those people who have written such horrible things about me on the Internet?

And what about the Stanford’s who have tried their hardest to prove I am Satan.

You know from the energy I distribute I am not evil. Otherwise it would mean you are all responding to evil energy which is making you feel wonderful!

That would be an oxymoron. You know, simply by how you feel that the energy you receive is Divine.

So, can you now see that, in fact, those writings by Amitakh and Steffan Stanford and their minions are actually exposing their EVIL nature, rather than my nature?

By attempting to say I am evil, and by you experiencing the very opposite, as I distribute the NGE, we can conclude that it is they who are evil.

Thus we have come full circle.

I pity those people still trapped by them.

They should make one last valiant effort to awaken if they can.

If they choose not to, then they will now know their fate.  


In anticipation of the sceptics and morons who invariably want to attack anything I say I add these comments:

Of course the possibility exists that I could be making all this up.

But, why would I? What gain is there for me, and for you, in my making it all up?

And, if you want to believe I am making it all up for reasons you can think of, how would you explain the effects of the energy on YOU?

Surely you would have no effects manifesting if you thought I was trying to somehow trick you, is that not so? Or else, thinking that way, you would experience all negative effects in your person.

The fact that something wonderful does happen deep within you must mean it is not something I have simply made up by stringing a few words together.

And so, we can validly conclude that this is the authentic mechanism for the separation of the Viables from the Non-Viables amongst the remaining population of Earth.

I realize that what I just wrote may very well be open to all sorts of Biblical connotations and all the attacks that could come from idiots.

But that does not interest me in the slightest. I am here to do a job. If you are one of the 5,000, you are here to help me do that job which involves awakening and nurturing the 650 million or so robotic consciousnesses till the End.

Let us get on with it so that the sooner we finish, the sooner we can be Home.  



Bear in mind that only one in eleven people is Viable.

Hence, resist the urge to proselytize.

If you want to discuss what you know with others, especially ones close to you whom you would very much want to agree with you and be with you in the New Dimension, do so without expectations in order to avoid disappointment.

C. U. soon .

Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone

August 13, 2012



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