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Near Death Experience Of Brad Steiger
World's Foremost Paranormal Author

By Deena Budd


Brad Steiger has written numerous books focusing on the paranormal including “Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places,” “Conspiracies and Secret Societies,” “Real Miracles, Divine intervention and Feats of Incredible Survival,” and the “Miracle” Classics series.

One of his most interesting stories happened to him personally at the age of 11 when he was growing up on his parents’ farm in Iowa.

On a day in late August of 1947, Steiger was severely injured in an accident with some farm equipment. As he lay dying, he realized that he felt the “concern and panic” of his seven-year-old sister as she ran for help, but he felt “no connection to the emotions she felt.”

Steiger said he “had become an orange colored spheroid intent only on soaring toward an incredibly beautiful and brilliant light” above him. “I felt blissfully euphoric, and I began to revel in the glory of a marvelous sense of oneness with the power and intelligence of All-That-Is,” said Steiger.

He was able to be in two places simultaneously. He felt his body being carried from the field in his father’s arm. He also watched the scene as it was happening. He thought about his mother and how she would react to his injuries, and appeared beside her. He realized that he could be in any location that he wished to be. All he had to do was think about a person or place, and he would be there. He merely thought about each of his friends, and was instantly with each of them “as they worked with their fathers on their own farms.”

He enjoyed the feeling of being able to “pass through walls, soar through the clouds, and be wherever” he wanted to be. Whenever feelings of sadness over leaving his loved ones would enter his consciousness, he would be shown “brilliant geometric designs” that he knew were “somehow a part of the great tapestry of life…that illustrated the order and the rightness of existence.”

Steiger learned through his experience that there is “an underlying meaning to existence on Earth.” The light he saw filled him with “immense peace and tranquility.” The ride to the hospital was 140 miles, and Steiger left and returned to his body several times during that trip. He returned to his body just as he was to be operated on, and prayed to be somewhere else.

Steiger was “taken to what appeared to be a kind of ideal little village, complete with a bandstand, ice cream vendors, and friendly people walking about.”

He recovered from the injuries, and while convalescing in the hospital for two weeks, was asked many questions by the nuns who knew he had experienced something very special.

Because of his experience, Steiger has no doubt that the “human spirit is eternal.” He was never able to describe the geometric patterns and felt that they were “beyond words.”

In 1988, he attended a seminar that his wife was conducting on healing “utilizing computer derived images of fractal geometry.” He was shocked to recognize that these images were” close approximations” to what he had been allowed to see during his NDE. He also found it very interesting that many individuals attending these seminars claimed “healing experiences after viewing the images.”

References and additional information:

Steiger, Brad. Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. Detroit: Visible Ink, 2003.



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