Of Murdock And Luria
By Joseph Chiappalone MD

What is the esoteric significance of the recent legitimate attacks on Rupert Murdock and his Media Empire?
Murdock is a Zionist world Leader.
He rose meteorically from a minor setting in Adelaide, Australia, to rule a vast Zionist Empire through his Media companies.
He has been instrumental in not only formulating world decisions but also controlling world events. That is, and always has been, the role of Zionism.
Like all Zionistic attributes, Murdock and his empire have been anti-truth, and you can see that with even the slightest cursory examination of what his media empire has produced since he has gained World Media dominance.
So what does the attack on him by the British Parliament, stating he is not fit to rule such an empire, mean in esoteric terms?”
You will recall that I stated emphatically some time ago that “Jehovah” was dead. Jehovah is the name given to the manifestation of the Evil Essence that created and rules this entire Universe, not just this planet.  It has always been in control since the time of the emergence of this illicit Universe.
It is the Essence that asked Jesus to bow down and pay homage to it, after which the Essence would give Jesus dominion over some of the kingdoms on Earth.  Jesus knew what He was dealing with and rejected the offer outright knowing that, in time, the Evil Principle would be harnessed and transmuted.
This attack on Murdock represents an attack on, and the weakening of, Zionism, indicating, in fact, that my assertion that Jehovah was dead is accurate.
We shall now see more evidence of this all around the world.
And as Evil loses its gripe of control over the so-called “Goyim”, the Virtual Reality will collapse even more swiftly and all will see just what sort of trap we had been in.
Of course as many awaken to the evil Zionist skullduggery that kept them spiritual and material prisoners on this level, they will want to lash out, especially as their minds fragment in the Terminal Madness of the End time. The Archons expected this phase and orchestrated Chemtrails saturation to weaken minds, as I predicted in the 1990s that they would do.
Coupled with exposure of the fraud of the Holocaust which kept many blackmailed for so long, those that had been severely disadvantaged will now want to take revenge, such is the nature of the robots.
And thus, I am reminded of the prophecy by Luria of Saafad, that one day the world will awaken to the evil committed by those of Zion, and will take revenge on every one of its members all around the world.  That day is not far away, not far away at all.
And this Murdock affair is a red flag waving in our faces to indicate that the day is close at hand.
Warning: Do not equate Zionist with Jew. For clarification see my previous writing.
Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone
May 3, 2012



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