Impossibility Of Full-Spectrum Dominance
By Jim Kirwan
This is what the Global-World Order wants us to believe will happen!
If you were to be able to go back over the entire time from the Beginning of Bush junior, to the present moment and just review all of the THREATS made to the American public, by and from USI, to every man, woman and child in this country-then the image above would indeed be the case already. However as it stands today this has NOT happened because of a simple fact of life: There are not enough people in the world to literally monitor every single action of every single person in this country 24-7, much less 365 days of every year. That is a physical impossibility that no amount of psyops can ever disguise. All of us need to REMEMBER THIS FACT!
Take this three minute video example of just the basic number of times that this government has LIED to the country and the world, about the true nature of their actions all over this planet.
Here are the countries and events in the video. "Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, El Salvador and Nicaragua,Guatemala and Panama. Honduras, just as they did in the 1980's and over and over again going back a hundred years or more. They lied about the Spanish American War, they lied about the Mexican War. They lied about Pearl Harbor, and they covered up the ones that created all these wars. They lied about Libya. Are we even looking at the real War Criminals? (NATO in Libya and Syria ­ and now the Marines)? They're lying about Yemen, Somalia andSudan. They're lying about Syria. They're lying about Palestine. And they're lying about Iran, and Iran is NOT our ENEMY! War is not now and has never been the ANSWER to any of these alleged problems: Truth IS! And the Truth is Iran is NOT our Enemy!" (1)
When you look back over all the topics that have been totally restructured for the massive criminal-enterprises; it is almost overwhelming until you realize that it is truly a physical impossibility for any pack of OUTLAWS to ever implement: Which is why they NEED to enlist the help of the snitch brigade (If you see something-say something), just to be able to focus their lasers on a few that they can actually selectively 'TARGET.' Of course this is the real reason behind all of the heavy and massively depressing videos that speak of TERROR and FEAR-incarnate, in terms of the invincibility of those two motivating monstrosities. But this is also what sponsors articles like this one and the one that came before this. (2)
Another thing that is totally insane at the moment is that the US is moving troops and equipment around all around the Middle-East without any input from the people of this country whatsoever. But on the financial front Obama is asking for another 1.5 Trillion just to increase the DEBT Ceiling one more time. He did not ask the congress if he could what he is doing as Commander-in-Chief; but he is asking congress to approve the hike in the debt ceiling: If congress disapproves Obama can veto their disapproval-so why bother! Obama is the DICTATOR, why not just print the money and get on with it? For that matter why is there still a congress or the courts since both of them have ceased to have any basis for existing after December 31, 2010 when Obama made them obsolete: Along with his own office of the so-called president-that has morphed into that of the DICTATOR over the Militarized Police-State-that the old USA has now become?
Just look at the last few days. Fifteen Thousand troops sent to Kuwait to backstop an attack upon Iran. And two Aircraft Carriers and their battle groups inside the Persian Gulf with a third Carrier-Group on the way. Twelve thousand troops are leaving Malta and going into Libya, to do to Libya what we did to Iraq in a continuing and ongoing bloodbath that no one authorized us to do-least of all the Libyan people.
Obama is a filthy TRAITOR to this country and nothing but a barbarian when it comes to the looting, the rape and the designed plundering of the once proud nation that was once GREAT! Damn Obama's rotten ass to HELL, and may the world NEVER FORGET what this rotten-prick has done to the world in the name of this Zionist designed slaughter. . . Winner of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE indeed! The peaacemaker for CHANGE that we can believe in - is the same man that just declared WAR upon the entire world, including the United States of America - just 14 days ago! There are limits to what we can put up with from this DICTATOR, and its way past time that this country got serious about arresting our CIMINAL-WAR-LORD in-charge of this POLICE-STATE! (3)
And of course there are another 7,000 troops inside Israel in a series of war games that are focused on intercepting Iranian missiles, should they be fired against Israel. However Iran has over 11,000 missiles and will easily overpower anything that the US and Israel might think they can do to stop those missiles.
It is not widely known but the PATRIOT missiles that the US made a fortune selling to other countries do not work. In the tests that were done for visiting government officials the "targeted missiles" that were single warheads were armed with homing devices so that the PATRIOT missiles could find and hit their targets every time. In reality the PATRIOT missiles are nearly useless but those depending upon them won't know that until they find themselves depending upon them for their very lives. Another thing that USrael is depending upon is the Israeli device that was used to destroy Fukushima which attacks automated control systems. The Iranians saw that one coming and do not use automated systems that can be jammed or otherwise disabled electronically.
The hell of this situation is that Iran is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia on one side and Afghanistan and Pakistan on the other-two of which have been brutalized and utterly destroyed by USI & Israel, just to get to this point of also-erasing Iran from the global-power grid of forces, finance, and religious affiliations. And with the onset of the global implosion of capital-worldwide, apparently the New-Old World Order is looking to yet another major and unending WAR to distract the planet yet again, from the collapse of the EU & American monetary institutions.
With over 11,000 missiles Iran can reach and destroy not only the 65 military bases surrounding Iran, but they can also reach everything that American has in the Middle-East-thus making an attack upon Iran ludicrous. The blood of the number of deaths of Americans that will die if we attack Iran will definitely be on the hands of all those Hawks in both DC and Tel Aviv, if war actually breaks out. Most of our Aircraft-Carriers carry about 5,000 people each and that doesn't count the number of individuals on the 15 or so ships that make up the Battle-Groups that accompanies each carrier. That's a lot of casualties if Iranuses the 300 or so missiles that are just waiting for those ships And none of this actually needs to happen because IRAN IS NOT OUR ENEMY! Our true ENEMY are those that are controlling these forces in the Middle-East and here in the USI where War has been declared not just on all Americans but on the entire world because Obama no longer recognizes any international borders anywhere on the planet! And we are beginning another long weekend here for another holiday so most Amerikans will not be following the events that might well determine the survivability of the United States as well as Iran. . .
And with the thought that neither Russia nor China are going to just sit this one out, maybe everyone can just get back to their all-important playoff football games that have just begun on national television today. I wonder will we get as far as actually having the SUPERBOWL this year?
1) Iran is not our Enemy ­ 3 minute video
2) TERROR, The Fear of Fear Itself
3) Obama Sending US Forces to Libya
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