More Than The Chessboard
By Jim Kirwan
Zbigniew Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard is the basis on which this nation became involved so heavily in the Middle East... Brzezinski and Kissinger have been eye-ball deep in US foreign policy for the last 50 years, which is why this nation has just lost our own Constitution and the rights that went with the Republic upon which this nation was based. But life-anywhere is about a whole lot more than a simple chessboard. (1)
The time & place for chessboards has passed as we are entering the real-life phase of the last 50 years of theories and conjecture that have only taken us deeper into global chaos; supposedly in pursuit of some sort of magical one-world empire.
David Icke has laid out a very clear analysis of what will follow the massive failures of Kissinger & Brzezinski: who advocated maintaining total control with US military dominance over the entire world. Icke's clarity in describing what has taken place is devastatingly clear to anyone that has bothered to grasp what has been going on in the world where the Illuminati and the New World Order have been seeking absolute and unchallengeable power over the entire planet. (2)
What David Icke describes, in the video, is the spider at the center of the global cabal and how that spider is fed from its far flung webs of destruction to keep the want-to-be-powerful safe from the billions of us that are the 99%. 'The Plan' seems very smooth, almost impregnable when you consider just how much of this plan has already been completed. However there is one very-key component that has not ever been thoroughly evaluated: That touchstone is the one mega-variable in a system that depends totally upon the predictability of every member of its hierarchy, if this "plan" is to go as planned.
Currently there are some Wild Cards that have yet to be deciphered at the heart of the immediate situation with both Iran and Syria. It must be remembered that most of the mega-insiders are ancient characters devoid of conscience, humanity or morals of any kind but they are still in controlling positions throughout the world: The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Kissinger, Brzezinski, and a whole raft of their personal cadres. The younger insiders in places like Russia and China are still international unknowns when it comes to deciphering the current threat that could easily open WWIII.
Both Russia and China along with five smaller nations have formed a pact to stop the WEST from their latest colonial quest for absolute control over everything. The West has attempted to downgrade both nations based on attitudes left-over from the Cold War (where the US was seen as all-powerful, and both Russia and China were considered to be paper tigers). Things in the world have changed-while the mentality in both the Dept. of State and Defense have failed to upgrade their files on the real potential of either nation to disable or crush our current efforts to bomb Iran and trash Syria for the almighty non-state of Israel. The Pyramid Icke speaks of is located on the back of every US One Dollar bill, on the left hand side. That symbol has been altered by the events of the week just past; and has now become the symbol you see here.
At the core of all of this is the personality and pride of the Russian leadership, coupled with Putin's determination to reverse the current situation, regardless of what that might require. This 'quirk' at the highest levels of a government that ostensibly is no different at the top than any of the other nations that are all supposedly part of what Icke outlines in the second footnote below.
Yet despite the supposed universality of this New World Order, there are major differences between these insiders at the highest levels: And there is a deeply held memory of crimes-past that will soon need to be answered for, by Israel and the USI in particular. These issues might well contain the power needed to upset the apparent current-balance between the puppeteers behind the scenes. This could affect the financial, the military and the longer term global-political-solutions that are at the moment 'up-for-grabs.' YES WWIII is planned, but it was to have been started on a schedule that might well be disrupted by what might happen on the way to shutting down the rest of the planet!
In response to yesterday's article a reader said: "Kirwan is wrong it is an open question about Russia and China. I think it is an open question in the sense that no attack is overnight. We have been war gaming Iran for at least ten years. Not much comes of it. While not ideal, it is feasible to make an effort all around and degrade Iranian capacity and at the same time press for war. Russia is not going to wage nuclear war over Iranian nuclear capacity being degraded. China is not dumping the dollar to save a Mullah from being shot. Ambassadors always press for something. No one of the powers wins a benefit from nuclear Iran or from a nuclear war over Iran." Yesterday's article (3)
k) Of course I could be wrong. But then there are so few of us that have directly challenged the supposedly agreed upon script in the Middle East, that it might just be possible that I am right in this case. Iran has not attacked any nation for the last 300 years. She has defended herself from an 8 year war of aggression that Iraq launched against her, with our backing, but other than that Iran has not invaded any other nation. And she has endured our overthrow of her democratically elected leader, in the 1950's that left Iran with an American Puppet who was overthrown and replaced by the Mullahs, in the 1980's. (this was a colossal FAILURE by the CIA that was caught totally unaware, because they could not even speak the language) Iran already has nuclear weapons (Iran bought them) because she is surrounded by US and Israeli forces on all sides. The entire series of lies being funneled toward Iran, and added to by CIA efforts to destabilize that country from the inside has only heightened Iran's need to protect herself from invasion or attacks. So whatever happens in Iran will not and cannot be seen as "an overnight attack" because this has been planned since Saddam controlled Iraq.
Also if a war is started, then we will start it and Iran will finish it. Iran has been preparing for this for years while trying to survive the crippling and continuing 'SANCTIONS' that have nearly made life inside Iran impossible to bear. And of course there is the fact that trigger-happy Israel cannot seem to wait to begin this massive new war-crime to add to all their other crimes against humanity.
BTW, here is another view of that pyramid on the back of the dollar bill that shows what happens beneath the pyramid to those caught up in its darkly evil powers. From this perspective the entirety of those caught up will be sentenced to and ever-deeper downward spiral that will end in obliteration of all that chose this path.
Another reader said, in part: "I believe that our shadow gov't sold and allowed much so-called secret technology to be "stolen" by red china. Almost all of it has "back door" access and is a sophisticated Trojan horse. (This is true for Russia too). That does not mean the Globalists who hijacked our country aren't serious about destroying America and folding the remains (mostly serfs) into the NWO. Nobody knows for sure what will happen but some of the best experts believe that all major wars are negotiated by top leaders of the warring states
that belong to the same interlinked occult groups (self identified as Luciferians or devil worshipers). These same folks believe that there will be a 3rd World War instituted using controlled high tech nuke and EMP weapons."
k) Part of the point has always been for USI to start WWIII, in order to do illegally what cannot be done legally. What was not part of that plan was the premature REVOKING of the US Constitution, which despite the lack of response to date, could destabilize a great many things that have yet to even be considered: Such as the potential loss of satellite communications (for the US military) and a far more hostile environment at home, while USI goes about their pet-project of slaughtering the rest of the Middle-East to complete some grand plan by politicians whose "use-by" date has long ago been passed. Believe it or not these things do matter in this hastily revised "GRAND SCHEME" and any mistakes between the powers of the insiders could spell catastrophic DEFEAT for what is still euphemistically called "The WEST."
No doubt all these plans regarding FEMA, REX 84 and the camps, as well as the new military-powers to arrest, detain and to disappear Americans, just as was once so commonly done throughout central and South America-will no doubt have a major effect upon Americans. All that I'm saying is that this 'affect' might NOT be the one being sought by the TRAITORS that passed this REJECTON of the US Constitution.
1) The Afghan War and the Grand Chessboard, Part 1 - video
2) David Icke: The One Party State ­ 31 min video
3) Overlooking the Obvious
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