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Mop-Up...Newton And Webster
As Inter-Agency War - Pt 3

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to


Who’d have ever guessed that an initial stab at unraveling the story behind the Sandy Hook school massacre would soon lead to a burgeoning trilogy worthy of Mario Puzo? Imagine the movie rights to “The Godfather of Conn” or “Sopranos of the Senate” which, given the long absence of Brando, could mean a starring role for the soon-to-retire Joe Lieberman? Champion of drug mafias, kiddie porn producers and the Israeli war machine ­ he’s a hand-in-glove natural as a villain that everyone loves to hate.

The previous essays suggested that the Sandy Hook school carnage, pinned on a “lone gun-boy”, could actually have been planned and staged by a team of so-called “dirty cops” ­ who are in fact political enforcers - and their felon informants embedded inside the nexus of state police intelligence, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA.

Crime in America, as in most societies, is institutionalized. Under a corrupted system of government, the police cannot strictly enforce the law but instead serve as a regulator of crime groups in the interests of politicians, high bureaucrats and intelligence agencies, which depend on the non-taxable kickbacks generated by the underworld.

Turf is allocated or denied to rival crime groups involved in drug peddling, child porn and prostitution by a shadowy network of police officers working on behalf of powerful politicians. The relationship between criminals and cops is inherently unstable because the borderlines of Gangland have to be periodically redrawn due to the CIA’s insertion of upstart crime groups from refugee communities sent over from the Agency-run wars abroad, which are themselves criminal operations. The CIA decides the winners and losers in the rigged globalist system of worldwide crime.

The outcome of turf wars is a caste structure among the ethnic mobs ­ with the newest immigrants from Central America or Asia doing the frontline job of murder, burglary, arson and abduction; African Americans and Hispanics operating street sales and numbers running; the Italian and Irish mafias acting as distributors and gambling syndicates; and the multiethnic Jewish mob peddling high-end contraband to the financial-political elite (Safardic Jews in drugs and Russian-Israelis in underage prostitution). The top dogs on this totem pole of the sin industry are the politicians, who are the bosses of the crime bosses and corporate criminals.

Retiring a Protection Racket

This third in a series explores the crime trends and possible motives that culminated in the Sandy Hook school massacre. Out of the many alternative scenarios, the most compelling is the need to “clean house” whenever a long-serving powerful and corrupted politician prepares to leave office.

So long as an entrenched politician stays in office his protection racket faces no serious threat, since it’s the only circus in town. His departure, however, exposes the weaknesses within the mafia-protection scheme - disgruntled cops, vengeful victims, tattletale informants, loose cannons naive enough to still believe in the law, and police chiefs looking toward the next deal with the incoming political team. Protection rackets are built with illicit money and not on loyalty.

For an exiting politician to foil any corruption investigations by their rivals, the underlings who do the daily dirty work ­ cops, prison guards and confidential informers - must be eliminated. Some of the insiders must die so that the many others keep their vow of silence.

Great danger lies in leaving a trail of potential witnesses for questioning by prosecutors aligned with an incoming administration. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been investigating the state troopers beholden to George Pataki. Senator Chris Murphy who surely would like to rid himself of Lieberman’s compromised legacy.

Therefore, the Old Guard’s lackeys have to be snuffed and the murders must appear to be suicides, accidents or revenge by criminals. After losing the New York gubernatorial seat in 2008, George Pataki left office in an inglorious blaze of police “suicides” and gunshot deaths of informants and mafia henchmen. Similarly, since early 2011, while Senator’s Lieberman’s long term drew to a close, a spate of police deaths in the shootings and alleged suicides of officers and gangsters have rocked the Connecticut police force to its core. The difference between these two political rogues is that Pataki had little time to clear the decks following his election loss, while Lieberman has had a couple of years to close the curtains on his reign.

On rare occasions, these politically sanctioned assassinations of policemen by other cops or their confidential informants, many of them hardened criminals, are botched, opening a rare perspective into the dark heart of the beast that rules America.

Gunshots to the Head

Policemen are expendable, which is why they are selectively culled so that only simpletons are recruited. The Connecticut police academy entrance exam automatically fails candidates who score too high. (If this sounds like a joke, it isn’t ­ it is official policy.) A cop, good or bad, is expected to follow orders. The men in blue are just cannon fodder commanded by the higher ranking senior officers, detectives and prosecutors, who are supposed to do the thinking. So it is ridiculously easy when the appointed time arrives to take out one cop after the next.

Since the start of 2011, four Connecticut police officers have “committed suicide” by gunshot, another was shot dead by a sniper who in turn was gunned down by other police officers, a female cop was fatally fired upon by her ex-boyfriend who was then killed by more cops, a retired policeman fell to a bullet in an apparent gangland attack and a sergeant was found hanged in a state park. A police department program on post-traumatic stress simply beggars common sense, because the killing spree is obviously a mop-up campaign. Whoever gave the order is an untouchable above the fray.

Here’s a quick look at a few of these alleged suicides and arranged murders.

-          A police sergeant, age 49, from Rocky Hill found shot dead at 5 a.m. in his cruiser at a local cemetery in April 2011

-          A Middletown police captain, a decorated 26-year veteran of the force, found at home dead from a bullet wound on May 2011 after being charged with DUI

-          A lieutenant mortally wounded by a gunshot inside the Groton police station with another officer finding his body at 8:30 a.m. in June 2011

-          A sergeant, who was a U.S. Army veteran, found hanged in a state forest in Barkhamsted in February 2012.

These incidents transpired after the police chief in New Britain was forced to resign in March 2011. Long-serving officers are being involuntarily removed in a Soviet-style purge of the state police force. Meanwhile, Connecticut is witnessing a 20-year high in civilian suicides, with many of the victims dying from gunshot wounds. A couple of low lifes were shot in Fairfield, a preppie town near the Jesuit college associated with the CIA; and in another incident a gunman was pursued by policemen to the UConn campus, where his cause of death was reported as a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The time-frames of the dead policemen’s careers correspond to Lieberman’s 24-year term as governor and, before that, state attorney general.

Sympathy for the Devil

Now, let’s show a little sympathy for rogue police officers by opening our minds to how a so-called dirty cop thinks. Now suppose that you are smarter than the average flatfoot and decided to cheat on the entry test by deliberately giving erroneous answers. Then after years of loyal service to your superiors, you are troubled by the suicides of your fellow officers.

Your thoughts flash back to those occasional odd assignments that were never written up in a police report ­ a night raid that ended in the death of a mafia chieftain, contraband confiscated from a drug pusher that triggered a turf war, failure to probe a lethal burglary of the premises of a businessman who supports a maverick candidate, the planting of drugs on a protester, the roughing up of an “eco-terrorist” tree-hugger . . .  and you can barely hold back the laughter.

Then it dawns on you why your home is being staked out by a plainclothesman, a new recruit who came out of the Navy SEALS down by the Groton submarine base. Your wife and children know nothing abut your moonlighting. Your kids look up to you as a selfless hero. All the while, you were just following orders like a good soldier. The off-the-books pay came in handle for your mortgage and for family vacations.

The choice is clear: Go down easy and your wife receives the benefits or you go out fighting with honor intact. So in the poker room of neighborhood bar, your guys meet with some cops from another district and put heads together. Your old high-school buddy who rose quickly up the ranks as a police intelligence officer with the Organized Crime Task Force is in attendance at the war council. His network of contacts is regionwide, and he’s got a knack for tactical planning of undercover operations.

“What a raw deal we’ve been served,” says the lieutenant pessimistically. “The big chiefs are behind this sweep against our boys, and it’s going to take a huge splash in the newspapers to get these SOBs to back off. They’re closing in to shut down the whole show before the DOJ can mount an investigation.”

A veteran detective chimes in: “Whassay we get a couple of ex-cons, you know the guys we brought in for the nastier jobs, and tell them that they’ve been compromised along with us. Nobody likes to be double-crossed by frigging politicians who think they can change their mind whenever it’s convenient and leave us holding the bag.”

The lieutenant’s eyes light up. “Good point. Let’s see how a couple of crazy contract hoods out of CIA Iraq react to this bull crap.”

Everyone nods. The Thin Blue Line is shaping up again. The lieutenant shoots a glance at a stoop-shouldered man nursing his beer in the corner. “What about crime lab? Ballistics and autopsy reports have got to be good.”

“Has forensics ever failed you?” the tired gray-haired man answers rhetorically.

The louie again: “Now, gentlemen, all of us have got to give Butch and Sundance the cover they need to do the deed. Got any problems with that, Cap’n Stan?”

The African American chief of undercover operations growls: “The force be with you, bro’.”

Nods all round. As the party breaks up, a sergeant blurts out: “Remember, guys, it ain’t going to be pretty. Otherwise the big shots and their girl scouts at Homeland Security won’t get the message. We’re going in for a touchdown right up the middle.”

A young point-man with SWAT stays behind and goes to the bar for another beer, watches the Patriots drive downfield, and then slams his forehead on the oak counter. “How in the hell did I ever get into this?”

Angletonian Ambiguity

This little exercise in fictive scenario-writing is what crime analysts and some detectives do to connect the dots of known background and social psychology with the sparse facts of a case. In a real-world situation, a bar room and a conference are unnecessary, being only a stage set and props. Just a nod across the hallway or a sideways glance between cruisers will do.

Nothing’s ever certain, of course, which is why crime, especially of a political nature when both sides are actively engaged, is governed by an uncertainly principle, Guilt or innocence depends on the angle of observation and one’s own stake in the case. As for good guys or bad guys, neither inhabits this world of dark gray. The imaginary line between law and crime is blurred in a cloud of Angletonian ambiguity.

That was the point of the Hong Kong movie “Infernal Affairs”, which showed the cops infiltrating organized crime and the criminals penetrating the police force. The better cops are criminals and vice versa. Law and crime are interdependent, each unable to exist without the other.

As Professor Moriarty asked Sherlock Holmes, “Who is the trout and who is the fisherman?” That question, of course, strikes at the heart of the war on terrorism, Homeland Security and gun control. In a real-world case, who ultimately holds responsibility for the Newtown massacre ­ the undercover network that planned the killings in reprisal or the mob-allied political class that made a reprisal inevitable?

A Countryside Drive from Newtown to Webster

Whenever an intriguing crime is committed, an investigative editor has a habit of jotting down the timeline and drawing up a tactical plan for the operation. My notes on Sandy Hook contain the observation:  “One reason for choosing Newtown is its location between the city of Danbury (local police headquarters) and the border with New York State. The assailants could drive along Highway 83 west unimpeded and, after crossing the state line, move up any number of state roads or the Hudson River Highway to Upstate New York.”  Escape is the first priority in planning a job.

The hit team could count on an easy escape because they had arranged for the presence of three patsies at or near the school. Roping in a bored gullible youth is not much of a challenge. Phoning in a couple of low-life drug dealers to be parked on-site is easier than ordering a pizza. Infiltrating the school’s new security system is done by sending in a gunman on the previous afternoon after school lets out. After making a fake delivery or reading a utility meter, he finds a hiding place and gets some shut-eye for the morning’s chore. Soon after dawn, another team member takes out the patsy’s mother after her son goes off to the school. No further details should be discussed here since this is not a manual for success at terrorism or kidnapping.

The three-man team ­ 2 gunmen and a spotter ­ drive away from the school job toward their next assignment. At their second target, in Webster, the hit men set up a trap for the back-stabbing snitch police. A former convict is selected and his house is torched for an ambush to draw in the Emergency Services Department, which are all today subordinated as local branches of Homeland Security.

Contrary to media reports, three of the four casualties were policemen on security detail to protect firefighters. The selection of victims indicates that the snipers were familiar with police emblems on the firefighting uniforms and helmets, identifying them as agents of Homeland Security.  Shooting from a berm or earthen wall, the snipers waged a gunfight for several hours before disappearing into the darkness. Their skilful set-up and maneuvering indicates battlefield experience, probably in a commando unit.

Again from my notes, the hit team at Newtown and Webster appear to be one and the same. Their preference for rifles again indicates a military background, given the fact that handguns are easier to conceal and fire inside the close quarters of a classroom. At both sites, the body of a lone gunman and weapon was left as proof of guilt, a standard method employed by police after an extrajudicial execution of a suspect.

Both centers of action are near major prisons - in Rochester and Danbury. If not a sheer coincidence, the choice of these sites indicates that the attack team has contact with correctional officers, informants and possibly incarcerated mob bosses. The recent arrest of a Danbury corrections officer who tried to murder a DOJ special agent reveals deep connections between the police and mob-linked convicts.  Both towns are in the borderlands and at logistical chokepoints contested between the Cosa Nostra from New York City and Irish gangs based in Massachusetts.

Every detail points to an internal war at the highest levels of national and state law enforcement. A motive is expressed in the sensational quality of both attacks, organized for maximum news coverage, stressing the helplessness of the police response and underlining the failure of Homeland Security to defend homes and children. Terror attacks against schools are meant to express the iron will of the assailants in demanding redress of their grievances without compromise or punitive action. With rules of engagement suspended, these are not crimes, they’re acts of war.

Homeland Security as Parallel Spy Network

For the Newtown job, the planners had to be acquainted with Nancy Lanza, probably during her marksmanship training at the police shooting range and from her reports to the DHS community-liaison program. After observing her arsenal at a shooting range, the planners could obtain the same gun models as hers. Her son was probably already on a watch list for minor suspects in local child-porn rings that serve the New York mafia-run internet-sex industry. If paying back the DHS was the intended goal, the Lanzas were the way in.

The school was in the first stage of the Homeland Security program that begins with installation of electronic door locks. The DHS volunteers at the school were amateurish and posed no threat to criminals or rival agencies. The larger problem is that Joe Lieberman’s Frankenstein, the Department of Homeland Security, has been horning in on the turf of the Connecticut state police, a challenge that could knock over some covert CIA programs in the state. The FBI arrest of CIA accomplice Whitey Bulger last year, while it may have not triggered these attacks, suggests the breakdown of interagency cooperation.

With its $668 million in grants to Connecticut since 2002, the DHS has been building a parallel intelligence structure outside the conventional state law enforcement system. Its preferred method is aimed at investigating citizens, for example, by computer tracking of driving records and through school registries. While the law enforcement agencies focus their intelligence gathering on criminals, the DHS spies on all citizens, including police officers.

The normal law enforcement agencies already coordinate their activities through the Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC). Here’s the official description:

“CTIC is a regional intelligence center staffed by local, federal, and state agency personnel who share expertise, resources, and intelligence information in an effort to deal more effectively with criminal and terrorist threats and activities. The staff include personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), State Police, Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, and U.S. Coast Guard. An FBI agent exercises day-to-day authority over the center, which is located at the FBI's New Haven office.”

Senator Lieberman’s campaign to establish a second intelligence bureaucracy is going to be looked on with suspicion by experienced police intelligence officers. The Senate Committee that godfathered the Homeland Security Act, in other words, will have its own source of classified files. Thus Lieberman has created a system under which he can order police officers to engage in illegal tactics, while at the same time have on hand DHS files incriminating them. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

The double authority system is vulnerable to a major security leak, considering Lieberman and other Zionist congressmen’s close association with the Israelis. It is doubly difficult to trace any loss of classified files or confidential information with two separate intelligence systems. The leaks do not just affect local law enforcement, since many Connecticut officers have backgrounds in the CIA, the DIA and State Department.

Therefore, from a national security perspective, Homeland Security is potentially a Mossad in your own community, disarming citizens, and basically transforming Americans into Palestinians without any rights of self-defense. This is not to say that police intelligence officers out of the CIA are the good guys, only that redundancy in domestic surveillance is a sure road to an authoritarian and criminal state.

Running with the Devious

Just down the road from Newtown, the town of New Canaan ­ which can be pronounced New Cain Land ­ is headquarters to a “humanitarian relief” organization called AmeriCares, which did the gunrunning to the Contras and later to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia. The fake charity is similar to NorAid, which at least kept up the pretense of helping orphans and widows with those donation boxes in every Irish bar across the United States. Despite AmerCares leasing of large cargo jets that took off from Bradley Field ­ the same airport that serves Newtown - nary a jumpseat could be found to transport a single Bandaid or pack of aspirin.

Their medical aid usually consisted of frozen factor-8 blood product from low-grade blood banks. These shipments were followed by a massive outbreak of HIV across the Balkans. The previous article mentioned how Japan’s Teikyo University established an overseas branch in Connecticut at Post University, a channel through which a former Unit 731 biowarfare doctor arranged purchases of HIV-tainted blood transfused into Japanese hemophiliacs. After World War II, the OSS-CIA gave immunity to Unit 731 members, whose research included hantavirus virus, grandfather of the strain that recently broke out in Yosemite, and bubonic plague, a research subject at the federal animal lab on Plum Island, off the tip of Long Island and only a 10-mile’s sail from the Connecticut shore.

Whether the infected blood deal was an inadvertent scam or a deliberate attempt to infect large cohorts for the purpose of spurring the formation of an antibody for an HIV vaccine has never been determined despite years of investigation by Japanese news media. One thing is for sure, these bloodsuckers are no better than a brood of vampires.

The smuggling tradition must run in the bloodline with a spook from the Kennedy clan involved in the AmeriCares scam. Not that anyone should object to the trade of the clan patriarch Joe Kennedy Sr., who did humanity and bartenders a secret service by sailing in cargoes of Old Fitz whisky, smooth as silk and lethal as a tommy gun. AmeriCares was founded by the late Bob Macauley, a classmate of George HW Bush. Political protection for the New Canaan racket and Whitey Bulger came from former Senator Chris Dodd, one of your run-of-the-mill Knights of Malta.

Connecticut has been an Agency stronghold since before the CIA came into existence. As revealed earlier in this series, OSS Bill Donovan focused his recruitment drive for case officers at Connecticut prep schools. Many of the demobilized intelligence officers after World War II, the Korean conflict and Vietnam War entered into the police intelligence unit in Connecticut.

Yale University in New Haven is the alma mater of top CIA figures, including OSS-CIA founder Bill Donovan, the controversial James Angleton, Richard Bissell of Bay of Pigs notoriety, agent provocateur Reverend William Sloan Coffin, George H.W. Bush, James Woolsey, Porter Goss, Bill and Hillary Clinton . . . plus hundreds of lesser celebrated station chiefs and analysts. The Yale-CIA connection is enshrined in the statue of Yale graduate Nathan Hale, the chief spy for George Washington’s Continental Army.

Redrawing the Map of Gangland

It is well-documented that the OSS allowed the Sicilian Mafia to expand its operations across the U.S. in exchange for their support against Mussolini. At war’s end, the CIA set up the Italy-based paramilitary under the Gladio Project and nuclear weapons for Israel. CIA executives James Angleton and later William Colby, both inducted into the Knights of Malta, presided over the symbiotic relationship between the Sicilian Mafia and the Jewish mob run by Meyer Lansky.

President John Kennedy’s failure during the Cuban Revolution to defend Lansky’s casinos in Cuba, a major center of Hispanic Jewry, led to a coalescence of notorious figures including Bibi Rebozo and Spiro Agnew with Lanksy, the Jewish financier of organized crime. Angleton watched with approval as planning proceeded for the day in Dallas and its immediate cover-up. In his memorable words, the conspiratorial spymaster said: “Deception is a state of mind, and the mind of the state.”

By the 1980s, CIA director Bill Casey stepped up Agency support for the IRA and toward this aim favored the Winter Hill Gang led by the gunrunner Whitey Bulger. Back in 1950s, the Dr. Sydney Gottlieb personally conducted LSD research on Bulger and 17 other inmates at the Atlanta Penitentiary. After his spell under mind-control, Bulger emerged from MK-ULTRA as a highly respected contract killer for the CIA.

With Bulger aboard to take over Connecticut, the CIA-controlled Connecticut police intelligence crushed the Patriciarca mob. The federal prosecutor for New England Jeremiah O’Sullivan, who gave immunity to the Boston mob chief, is known for his “intelligence-based” strategy using wiretaps, turning around gang members into confidential informants, and using other gangs to prey on the targeted La Cosa Nostra. Once subdued, Connecticut served as a launch pad for the guerrilla campaign that scored major successes against the British occupation forces in Northern Ireland.

The CIA made room for others as well. In the wake of the Vietnam War, a wave of Vietnamese boat people had their impact on New England in the 1980s, which along with a Buffalo, New York, was a transshipment route for heroine from Toronto destined for the major American cities. Toronto under the control of a Zionist cartel was a free port for the Asian mobs.

Among these refugees, the most ruthless killers and smugglers, who specialized in packing heroin inside frozen fish, were the Vietnamese-Chinese who had been expelled by the victorious communists. At the time, I was involved in putting young gang members on parole into community-service programs in New York. So recently it came as a pleasant surprise to see their progress in 25 years, symbolized by the daughter of a Vietnamese-Chinese owner of a fish market in Boston discovering, wooing and financing a nice Jewish lad named Mark Zuckerberg. There’s a story behind the rise of Facebook that you won’t read about in the Boston Globe.

The Balkans War Comes to Conn.

By the late 1990s, the tide turned against the IRA as the Vatican shifted its strategy toward a political solution to Northern Ireland, as implemented by Senator George Mitchell. In 2002, Bulger had to flee an arrest warrant and was ensconced in California by his case officers. That’s about when the Clinton administration launched the NATO war in the Balkans. Italy was the staging gound for air-strike operations and signals intercepts, and so the Italian mob from Calabria and Puglia were invited to share in the American Dream.

At that point, reinforced by new recruits, the Genovese family and, to a lesser degree the Colombo mob, crossed the state line from New York into Danbury to claim the abandoned Irish turf. Once again, the Connecticut crime scene became a vacuum contested by all comers. James Galante, with the Genovese mob, took over trash hauling and car racing, with some inside help from a state trooper who accessed criminal investigation records. Within a few years, the FBI was trying to roll back the Cosa Nostra from Danbury and Hartford.

The newest immigrants to make their splash in Connecticut are the Albanians, who resettled into the Italian-American communities. The CIA and MI-6 could overlook their role in the organ trade and pedophile services since the Albanians proved a reliable pipeline for heroin out of Afghanistan. In Earth Day 2004, environmentalists picking up trash in a park found the dismembered corpse of Zef Vulivic, a Montenegrin owner of a Stamford restaurant.

After decades of mob upheaval and unprecedented in-fighting within law enforcement, Connecticut proliferates with child porn, prostitution, drugs, contract murder and every type of scam. Lieberman has reduced the Constitution State into a war zone.


Contrary to media speculation, the attacks in Newtown and Webster are not irrational crimes committed by madmen but instead deliberately calculated moves in a larger political struggle. Thus far in this ongoing battle, the clear loser is Homeland Security, which has proven to be just another overrated and ineffective bureaucracy like FEMA. A bigger loser is the CIA, long past its prime and now witnessing the wreckage of its own backyard in Connecticut. The biggest loser, however, is Senator Joe Lieberman who has failed to eradicate the rogue police officers who will eventually turn state’s witness against his decades of criminal governance.

Instead of encouraging, cooperating and profiting with organized crime in the service of politicians, the government at federal and state levels needs to gradually isolate and strangle this monster of organized crime that is corrupting social morals and subverting democratic governance. The intelligence-based model of crime-fighting is fundamentally flawed by the routine use of criminals and illegal tactics, often against law-abiding citizens and insignificant offenders. Finally, foreign organized crime groups must be stopped cold by immigration authorities from ever setting foot on American soil. State Department-CIA vouching for known warlords and criminals to obtain green cards has Balkanized much of American society into mob-run ethnic enclaves, completely tarnishing the American Dream.

The final point is the need to reduce the influence of sectarian secret societies, including on the Catholic side ­ the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei ­ and on the Jewish side of the aisle ­ the pernicious lobbies run by the Likud neoconservatives and the Rothschild Zionists.

Children are being sacrificed on the altars of these foreign heresies ­ and there is no greater treasure or cause for hope than children. Whenever reformers tire against the vastness of crime and corruption, let the memories of that horrific morning in Connecticut inspire them to renewed struggle.

Yoichi Shimatsu is a science writer based in Hong Kong involved in health counseling in Fukushima.





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