'Metal Boxes' On OR Beaches May Have Been Hoax  
By Greg and Wendy Barnes


'Finally, the metal boxes story may have come to an end.
Hi Jeff,

On the 10th of February, I received a phone call from long time friend Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center. Peter asked what I knew about the "metal boxes", supposedly found up and down the West coast of Northern California, Oregon and Washington?

My reply was, yes, I had read about them and like himself, our first thoughts were another red herring story. The concept of several metal boxes 5'x5' by at least 20" tall when resting on the sand, sprinkled along the coast producing various sounds and not having an armada of military or other agencies  crawling all over the area and setting up secure perimeters seemed unlikely.
The following morning, my wife and I gathered our equipment; Geiger counter, Gauss meter, extraction tools etc. and headed up the beautiful coast 16 miles to our first stop, the Stonefield location. We were greeted by three of our friends who live very near by and who were also keen to learn more of this bizarre story. It turns out that after interviewing many regular beachcombers, the local coffee shop employees and patrons, not one person had spoken to anyone who had seen these elusive boxes.
After visiting the next nearest "location" a quarter of a mile up the coast, "Bray Point", we were once again unable to locate these boxes.
A story circulating of the fire department dispatching their people to investigate was verified by myself. The fire department's response to my questioning was that "no boxes were ever seen."

My next lead was to contact the public Marine Specialist and a PhD named Bill Hanshumaker from the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport OR. A very kind and helpful man, Bill told me that he had sent a team to investigate this story. The team returned empty handed. They were never even able to speak to anyone who had seen these now mythical boxes.
An avid beachcomber friend from Crescent City, California had heard of the story and did some checking herself only to come to the same conclusion.
As a last ditch effort we drove our Jeep the entire length of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and saw nothing but the unparalleled  beauty the coast offers.
In summation, until any hard evidence appears I have to conclude this is most likely a hoax.



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