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Of The Coming Mass Awakening
For Some...The Gateway To Eternal Joy
For Others...The Road To Perdition

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Alas, as you will see from what I am about to write, for some individuals on Earth, what is about to happen is going to be a very painful, deadly Awakening.

Apart from explaining the status quo, my writings are about prognostications of what is to happen to correct this horrible state of existence in which we find ourselves.

I have previously written about the Gnostic Concept of the Celestial Error, which is part of the Ancient Wisdom that led to the development of this horrific, punitive, exploitative Virtual Reality in which we find ourselves.

I have also explained the how, why and when of the Final Rescue of Viable consciousnesses out of this mire, placement into a New dimension, and the implementation of the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil which involves the total elimination of the Physical Dimension and all its sub-dimensions from the face of the True Creation.

You will find details in my books and website.   

About coming events: I am the first to agree that when it comes to predictions, we can only be certain of their accuracy in retrospect. All predictions are possibilities until they occur. Even the simplest of predictions are speculative at best. Thus, when one says ‘I will see you tomorrow’, we speculate that the Sun will, in fact, rise. But it may not, even though it has done so billions of times before.

As I give information about what is going to happen, have no illusions about the material, or me. The information is speculative until it manifests. But of course, some prognostications are more probable than others, and that is where we seek solace.

Do not have blind faith in anything, especially in these tumultuous times when changes occur very speedily and erratically. To have blind faith means to follow a leader who may be even more myopic than you are. That is how cults and then religions start.

Have your wits about you at all times. Keep an open mind and weigh the probabilities of what could happen in the future. Certainly conditions for us are going to get worse before they get better. But the amelioration shall not be on this plane.

There is sure to be erratic variation to what we think on this level, regardless of the source of our information, for in a war, the best laid plans of crucial events can change in a flash, as we all know.

As the old saying goes, there are no certainties in this life except death and taxes. But, on this subject, I can assure you that the Awakening will happen, the Rescue will occur, and Evil, the bane of Goods people, will be totally eradicated in due course. The “when” is a little variable, as I have just explained. But, rest assured, it will be within the lifetime of most of us.

Refer all thoughts and information to your Higher Energy within. If you are purified enough, that Energy will lead you out of this murky, painful and very destructive, evil mire relatively unscathed physically and spiritually.

So, from what I have just written, it is obvious that you are responsible somewhat for your progress and for your welfare on this level. Guides and Helpers from other levels can do so much and no more.

Avoid physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual pollution.

PURIFY as best you can. Look up the sections in my books for starters, if you have little knowledge of such things.

Develop your SPIRITUAL SKILLS and psychic abilities so that you will not be trapped by the evil Reptiles and Demons whose presence is becoming more obvious and whose numbers are escalating exponentially on this level at this late stage. The reasons why this is so, I discuss elsewhere.

Learn how to PROTECT yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, ethereally and spiritually so that you will not waste energy. Again I refer you to my books for the metaphysical, anatomical structure of a human.

Guard your AURA so no discarnates, spheres of evil influence, or demons can impinge on it.

Avoid all deleterious agents, including evil entities in human and animal bodies; avoid hallucinogenics, illegal drugs, deleterious foods and drinks, etc., that can lead to invasion of your Centres of Consciousness or injure them. This mechanism is the major cause of the massive numbers suffering psychotic mental illness that we are now seeing. It is one of the major reasons for the Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I have discussed at length elsewhere. You will find that essay on my website <> and at <>

Keep your body fit and healthy so that you will suffer minimally in the physical, but realize it is only a temporary shell that you will be soon leaving. Do not waste time excessively on its attributes. They are illusionary. You will see the robots, and especially the Demons, obsequiously and compulsively fawning over their looks, fitness, weight, short-comings, and so on, leading to even more dissatisfaction in their lives. Realize the body is but a temporary ‘cardboard box’ that allows expression for the spirit on this level and also acts as a prison for the True Spirit. More of that in my series of books called ‘Making Sense of the Madness’.

Live Honestly, in Peace, Sincerity, Truth, Simplicity and Love. They have been the parameters by which Viability to continue evolution has been assessed.

Realize many will reject True Love, as I am sure most of you have by now noted. Be unaffected. Demons and failed beings cannot respond to True love, so if you realize that about any individual in your life, move on. Of course Evil ones do respond to Emotional Love which is composed of sex, power over others and possessiveness, but that is not True Love. That is an Evil-created destructive mechanism for the purpose of draining those with energy to drain (the Theomorphic Beings). Emotional love is a programmed response of the cardboard box, usually expressed because of physical needs and wants, via the hormones, from infant days. True Love is an attribute of Divinity.

Having written that, the point you should implant in your mind is this: Don’t waste pity on (evil) fools. The directives to love your enemy and turn the other cheek, etc., are traps to drain you. By all means express love at all times, but once you realize an individual does not respond to it, do not waste more energy. Move on!

In this Awakening Process in which there will be a compulsory and automatic separation of spiritually viable beings from non-viable ones, realize you can save no other, so don’t worry or ruminate about the fate of any other. All have had their chances.

Be detached, as much as you can be, from the blows of the evil ones, from the ranting of fools, from the traumas of living in this Hell.

Project your mind into the New Existence even as you go about your daily business in this Rat Race.

Express Goodness at all times. Never fall into the traps of attempting to retaliate for the evils done to you. It is not your role. Superior Powers are manifesting to administer Divine Justice.



People all around the world are awakening to the fact that this world is horrible, that suffering is maximal for most and that the ones in charge are ruthless thieves and murderers. This we can judge by their conduct in the financial meltdown of recent times and the conduct of their incessant wars by which they destroy nation after nation and murder men, women and children, and animals, don’t forget the animals, without a second thought.

BTW, the reason most do not see the pain, suffering and misery until it affects them very personally is because most have become used to seeing the pain, suffering and misery as being part of ‘normal living’ and are immune as long as they are not involved.

 “……..Jack fell again last night and sprained his ankle….did you hear another wedding party of 25 was wiped out by friendly fire yesterday in Afghanistan ….., and wasn’t last night’s game awesome? …..boy, I’m starving, what’s for dinner……”

In recent days, we are being programmed to take demonic behaviour as being the norm via the movies and TV programs being produced for distribution by the Archons. Compare what we are being fed to what was produced 20-30 years ago and you will see the difference. What we have today is far more destructive of morals and far more evil.

Even comparison with material of 5-10 years ago makes this point obvious.

Satanic behaviour will be the new Normality, just before the End. Just watch and see!

There are a number of reasons why this is so.

The fact is that, even if you read the History written by the victors, you will come to the conclusion, once you are spiritually awakened even just a little, that this planet has always been run like with violence, anarchy and intense exploitation. That is because Demons have always controlled this level.

The obvious questions to ask are these:

·        Why is it that all of a sudden people are awakening to all this evil reality en masse?

·        Why is the mind-numbing and mesmerising Virtual Reality no longer effective in keeping the populace somnambulant and oblivious to the True Reality, the True History of our existence?

Is it because, as the New Agers say, with stars in their eyes, that we are all awakening so that we can better ourselves, change the modus operandi and enter the Golden Age of Aquarius by turning earth once again to the Garden of Eden, a Heaven on Earth?

Of course not!

Look again at History. Every ‘human’ attempt to improve this world has always failed. It has only made the evil ones stronger and given them more reasons to crush the lowly ones. And one of their ploys to do that was to indoctrinate the masses with the concept that Evil does not really exist as an active, pernicious entity.

So why is this FINAL AWAKENING happening?

There are basically 2 reasons”

1        As I have mentioned previously, since the time of the development of the Physical Dimension from the Celestial ERROR, a War of Essences, of Good against Evil, has been raging in this dimension. Now, we are to witness the resolution of this War. Thus, the Divine restraining energy that tempered the actions of the evil ones somewhat during the course of the War has been cut off on purpose.

As a consequence, feeling unopposed, the Evil Archons (Demons purposely created by the evil Principle that emerged from the Error to run the Universe) are now openly doing everything they can to promote and express their Evil in very explicit and overbearing ways. Their actions therefore cannot be missed. They don’t care who sees them. This state of affairs has been allowed to develop for the next reason:

2        Everyone must see the Evil. Everyone must see how iniquitous life on this planet and in the whole Physical Universe really is. Obviously I am concentrating on earth and our Solar System for the remote parts are of less concern to us for the moment. Everyone must realize existence, dominated by Evil, cannot go on this way. Everyone must agree, through their own experiences, that a stop has to come to all this pain, suffering and misery.

Do not believe communications you may read or hear about, from aliens who live in other parts of our Milky Way, and in other Galaxies, who say they have mastered Evil and that they live in Harmony, Peace and Love. They are evil too, and are attempting to fool the masses as they plot a takeover of the planet because their resources are dwindling. This is one of the traps the deluded, moronic and very temporary New Agers have fallen into. Most of them are non-Viable robots and demons. A few are trapped, unaware Viables who will soon emerge from their foolishness.

Seeing how filthy and evil this existence is does not mean one will survive it. In other words, becoming aware of this extent of Evil does not guarantee viability.

All will need to see the Evil to realize

·        Why this system cannot go on in this way;
·        Why this ubiquitous Madness must come to an end, and

·        Why those who are evil must come to the realization of why they, along with their Evil Essence, are to be eliminated from existence.

Once full realization hits them, they will comprehend they have no place in a Divine Order, and will want to be transmuted!

The ones that have earned Viability, because they have shown they can live in Love, Peace and Harmony, will have modifications made to them so that they will be able to exist outside of this dimension when it is terminated, and they will have an inner realization of their status.

This goes for Human consciousnesses and for Animal, Vegetable and Mineral consciousnesses as well. It is only the evil fools who cannot understand this at present.

A Unit of Consciousness in a human is the same as a Unit of Consciousness in an animal, a ‘vegetable entity’, and so on. The only difference is that it has less information from experiences for it has had few of those. For the metaphysical and spiritual makeup of humans and others, and to expand on these topics, please refer to my books.

Those who wish to point to technological advances to promote the idea that this Hell should and will continue ought to realize that technology itself is a self-limiting factor. In fact, technology, in most cases created by the evil Archons, is what is allowing far greater suffering and misery. It is what is promoting the annihilation of the majority of humans, via Eugenics, so that the privileged few (of the Demonic class) can continue to exploit what remains on the planet.

If you read History closely, you will see that when Avatars have brought knowledge onto this level to improve the situation for Viables while they awaited rescue, or impressed True Beings to do so, the demons invariably seized the knowledge and the resultant technology and turned it from an aid to Humanity to weapons of oppression and destruction.

I can think of no better example than the knowledge and technology given to governments, especially the USA, by aliens in the last 100 years or so, which its Military turned to weapons of mass destruction rather than tools of usefulness for all of us. Even the items they seemed to produce, such as computers and cell phones, from alien technology that have become an almost indispensable part of our lives are really clandestine mechanisms to spy on us, and to eventually destroy whomever they wish, as I explained about cell phones and microwaves in another essay.

It is technology that is allowing the Archons to kill in great numbers with the minimum of effort. Stay-at-home-dads can push a button and kill millions in far off lands with smart bombs, in between cups of coffee, as they chat with their neighbours. My, is that not a civilized and very convenient way to conduct murderous warfare?

And what of Super robotic soldiers, airplane and insect drones, etc., indestructible and impervious to pain and emotions, coming to your neighbourhood soon to kill you and help fill all those body bags FEMA has so kindly created just for the occasion?

It is technology that created the Chemtrails, HIV-AIDS, GM foodstuffs, deleterious vaccines, poisoned soil, water and air, etc., etc.

The Eugenics Program is a reality. That too relies on technology. Spend some time to read about it. Supposedly initiated by a group eventually called the Nazis, and funded by the Zionist Rockefeller Foundation, the program is still an ongoing enterprise about to be fully implemented with murderous consequences.

‘Hey’, you will shout, ‘weren’t they opposing ideologies?’ You will find Archons (controlling Demons) just like their creator Yaldabaoth, Mammon, Saklas, Jehovah, etc., wear many disguises and many uniforms and play many evil roles. They are present in all races, all countries, and are of all religions.

Those who dream of the Golden Age for this putridness are deluding themselves.

With the unstoppable, fulminating changes to occur in our lives in the next few years, the fools who believed that they created their own reality will now see that all they created really was their own personal illusion within the illusion of the Virtual Reality.

In recent days you will have read, no doubt, of the backlash against the deceiving, lying self-promoting gurus claiming ‘You can do anything, you can have everything, you can always be emotionally happy, you can always be the top banana’, etc., as promoted by many deceiving demons and their money-hungry enterprises. It is not coincidental that these lying companies have been exposed lately, for all of Untruth need to be exposed. One must question the idiocy of crowds who used to go to these gurus and have said to them, as they sat with 400-500 others in halls ‘You can be Number One in whatever you do!’

Just how many number ones can there be in any one line-up? How can the listeners be sucked in by this and so foolishly pay so much money through the nose?

It is called evil programming. Those mindless fools are now waking up en masse, and the backlash is going to cause them and a lot of others much pain.

Add it to the suffering of poverty due to financial manipulation, the unnecessary and unwanted restriction of personal freedoms, the arranged physical maladies from Chemtrails, GM foodstuffs, poisoned air, water and soil, promoted pollution via vaccines, technology, etc., the constant spying on the populace, the extended imprisonment on mere suspicion of wrong doing and you have many more reasons for the fatalistic  Civil unrest, and then Civil war to come, spurred on by the Terminal Madness now obvious.

The New Agers have promoted these false positivity gurus and many other erroneous thoughts such as the following:

·        The Universe will provide you with everything you need!
·        There is no Evil
·        We are God

·        Earth cannot end, etc., etc.

They will now be exposed for the fools that they truly are. Only Demons will tell you Evil does not exist. And, by definition, all demons are evil!


Some might argue that nothing will end for we are living longer. Indeed the bodies are enduring for more years.

But, do you know the real reason why this is so?

Is that longevity of any value to anyone?

Have you spoken to really old people lately?

Have you visited a nursing home lately?

Have you been in a dementia ward?

I can tell you for a fact, most of the inpatients want to die.

“Please, please, kill me now!” is a very real plea from them.

The Evil System refuses to grant them this mercy. Hence, they suffer and suffer and suffer.

Why do you think the system refuses frail, old, suffering bodies the luxury of escape from this Hell via physical death, even when there is absolutely no chance of amelioration in any parameter?

Some of the reasons are obvious:

1                   The System wants to drain the consciousness within them down to its last erg of energy.
2                   It uses the pitiful state to drain the immediate family and other relatives as much as possible. Have you seen the affects a dying cancer patient has on its ‘loved ones”?
3                   As I mentioned above, it uses those bodies to train robots and demons, new to the physical plane, on how to use those bodies.

You want to argue about this? Don’t bother. Just recall my motto.

Of course, if you have no experience of visiting Nursing Homes and Hospices, and of seeing old people and ones dying from terminal illness, even children, and of assessing their cerebration, of listening to their stories and assessing the quality of their lives, you may want to dispute what I have just written.

But, really, how often have you tried to assess if, in fact, it is the same consciousness that you once knew in a body?

Are you skilled in diagnosing a change of consciousness?

Can you tell the difference between a reptilian consciousness and a robotic one?

If you can’t and still want to argue, know that you are arguing from and in ignorance.

As I have explained elsewhere, the archons prolong the physical existence of the old bodies so that they can train alien consciousnesses in the use of those bodies. I will discuss this further elsewhere.

For those who want to argue that Humanity is, in fact, awakening en masse in order to improve itself and enter that Utopia they dream about, let me ask them these questions:

To which Utopia will the ones executed by the Eugenics program go?

Show me one genuine step of amelioration of life on this globe. Just one will do.

Is it nuclear energy? Is it Chemtrails, GM foodstuffs, Super weeds, Smart bombs, the Illusion of Democracy?

Please tell me. There is no improvement anywhere, is there?

Persist in this delusion of a Grand Golden age and I will continue to call you deluded fools for you are myopic too.

How can the deluded wishing of mere humans stop the decay of planets and solar systems elsewhere in the Universe and of the Universe itself?

How is it going to stop the death of our Sun, the rampaging of rogue Black Holes, the accelerated Entropy we see?

How is it going to contradict the Message of Rescue of Viables made by the Supreme Divine Consciousness?

Shall we call you a myopic moron too?

Of course we shall, and very legitimately too if you deny this evolving Reality and awakening.

Waiting in line at the Supermarket, a patient of mine said she had just read an essay in one of the pseudo-metaphysical publications that stated the fact that Alchemy had been rediscovered, as had the method of making the Philosopher’s Stone which provided a guide to the Pathway for the Golden Age of Aquarius. She asked my opinion. I all I said was ‘BS’.

And she smiled and said, ‘I thought so. If such things really existed, we could not possible be in the mess we are in now, JC.’


Some are awakening to being Particles of Light, made Viable by their Honesty and Divine Attributes, and ability to live according to Divine Justice. Viables continue in their speedy progress to spiritual maturity onto the Pathway for incorporation into the lower levels of a Higher Divine strata.

But, we are not God as the New Agers so gleefully and wrongfully think of themselves. That is egotistical, arrogant nonsense.


Finally, for the benefit of the sceptics, we need to ask these questions:

“Am I making all this up?’

‘Is this just philosophical bantering for amusement value, as I have nothing better to do?’

Well, let’s see:

There is nothing amusing about the terrible wars the Archons are conducting.

The degradation in our lives, inspite of the increase in technology, is obvious.

Some of us can see robots and demons in human bodies now because our normal psychic vision has been restored and is in the process of being restored in everybody. It was occluded by the false programming, pollution and indoctrination of this evil Virtual Reality.

Children have pure psychic visions, They can recall previous lives, have recalled episodes of Astral Travel, abilities to read auras, forecast the future, see discarnates and demons, just like animals can,  etc., etc., until they are usually told to ‘shut up’, if and when they talk about these things. They are told to shut-up about their psychic abilities by adults, because those adults were told to shut up about them when they were young. Rarely, they are born into families who recognize the ‘gifts’ which they keep quiet for fear of ridicule.

Teachers at school tell them psychic ability is nonsense because the science books used as teaching aids say it is.

Their religion tells them they are tricks of the ‘devil’ and they must banish the psychic abilities from their lives.

And if, per chance, they persist and are taken to a doctor, chances are s/he will want to diagnose mental illness for the books s/he has read say it is a sign of mental illness.

Thus, our wonderfully normal child with gifts from the real God is purposely cast by the reigning Evil System into the darkened canyons of the Cultivated Ignorance from which few escape.

Yes, it’s a wonderful world, isn’t it? No its not! It has been, until the advent of this mass Awakening, a deluding, spirit-destroying, energy- draining world that feeds the Evil that constructed it, with the energy it steals from Theomorphs, while destroying any trace of Truth that reaches this level.

We can all see the Chemtrails and feel their effects on our respiratory systems.

We can all read about the Eugenics program and how Africans are being sterilized with vaccines so generously donated by their American benefactors via the likes of Bill Gates, etc.

The scandalous activities of those producing vaccines and GM products are obvious. Watch this French Documentary called ‘The World according to Monsanto’ and weep,  for the fact that such Evil really exists and is assisted by certain governments!


People all over the world are awakening to the fact that this world is a maleficent mess they don’t want.

Many scientists are claiming the Earth cannot continue due to its pollution.

More and more people are now openly stating life should not be this way.

Scientific knowledge of Near Death Experiences, Astral Travel and Thanatology has asserted the existence of a spiritual component.

So, these obvious points are easy to decipher.

What is more difficult is the meaning of the Awakening, and the occurrences I say will be witnessed.

The spiritual reasons can only resonate within you at present.

And they can only become fact as we board the crafts to be transported into a New Dimension.

That aspect you either know is true and will occur, or you don’t.

And the knowledge or lack therefore will define your State of Viability.

Factors to affirm the spiritual reasons for the Awakening and the progress to continue thereafter have to do with my identity and my role. And of these I shall write shortly, for it is time to detail such aspects, thus leaving no hesitation in the minds of the Viables.



‘Oh no, doctor, you are wrong!  Life’s good. I’ve watched the commercials that say life is wonderful and getting better. They have great new cars, better toothpastes, cleaner soaps, more colours to dye hair, more silent lady shavers in prettier colours, bigger pizzas, colder beer, more horse-racing than ever before, bigger casinos, legalized brothels in all suburbs, and so on.

‘The movies are showing girls with less and less clothing, deeper cleavages and much bigger breasts, naked buns to die for as never before, and they are so easy for the guys according to the movies and videos. Man they’re hot! Usually the promos are followed by ads for cheaper Viagra, which even teens should be using, according to the ads.

‘The war movies are great. A side can destroy so much and kill so many with cyborgs, that the enemy has no chance. Man, its great; no, awesome, to have such power to kill anyone and everyone and destroy anything in one’s way. That’s living for sure!

‘It’s 78 degrees in sunny California already at 6 a.m. and the sun is shining. Hamburgers and hot dogs have never tasted better, especially if you wash them down with diet soda. The beach girls are great, we are winning the Wars on Terror, God’s in his Heaven and its good on Earth. Life’s good.’

Ha! I’ve been a medical doctor for almost half a century and I am a fairly good diagnostician. Your problem is that you are dead from the neck up. Life’s that good for you, is it? Let’s have a quick look at the present situation.

BTW, before I begin with the provable data, I need to tell you the God you refer to, your god, Jehovah, is dead. And as I promised a number of times, I will expand on that topic very soon.

Here are a few pointers for you to ponder again about the Terminal state we are in.

1                 The Sun giving us the 78 degrees has changed, for the worse. Skin cancers and melanomas are killing people at a rate never before seen, inspite of what appear to be adequate precautions by people.
2                 Vitamin D deficiency, as a direct result of the Sun changes, is ubiquitous. This will lead to much illness and deaths in the near future. Already it is causing rickets, osteoporosis in young adults, Diabetes, Cardiac Failure, Dementia and of course Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
3                 Chemtrails are causing minor and major problems. Respiratory illnesses are more common and more difficult to eradicate due to the polluting factors in Chemtrails. As well as that, they are causing sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, serious exacerbations in those with Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease, Morgellons and Vitamin B12 deficiency.
4                 We have never seen this degree of Vitamin B12 deficiency. If deficient enough, it kills. It causes Pernicious anaemia and Dementia. We will see this latter condition in numbers undreamt of before, for while the Western wealthy nations may be able to replace the B12 in individuals for a while, eventually stocks will be exhausted, and the poorer nations of the Third World will not cope.
5                 Pandemic Dementia will compound the Terminal Madness of the Endtime I have previously written about. Do you doubt its presence? Are you blind to the mental fragmentation that is occurring in society? Not one month ago the Australian Broadcasting Commission announced via its radio networks that 88% of adults had sought medical assistance for mental disorders in the last twelve months. That is almost 9 out of ten adults! It could well be the other 12 % forgot to send in their responses.
6                 A massive problem for the community is the number of returned soldiers from these foul ‘Wars for Terror’ being fought on behalf of the Archons. There is no other reason for these apart from destruction, gathering of energy from the suffering, and wealth from the vanquished. The soldiers are returning with Post-traumatic Stress and also more serious psychotic conditions. Go tell them that the hot dogs are nicer!
7                 Most of the middle class in the USA has been wiped out by the foul play of the Archons in their repetitious financial sleight of hand. Are the people affected so deleteriously relishing the hamburgers, like you claim you are,  as they contemplate their forcefully impose impoverished state?
The necessary use of food stamps by a record number of people in the USA in June alone, as reported recently in the New York Times, indicates that the supposedly wealthiest nation on Earth has the poorest population of the top 20 OECD countries, and is poor even in comparison with many poor Third World countries!
8                 But, the banks have been kind to you and many others, have they not? They have given you countless Credit Cards, at what? 19% to 22% interest rate to keep you going?  Don’t you realize at that percentage rate they own you? At that rate you are a slave to Usury, a sin in the face of the True God; a slave to a system that is there to eventually destroy you!
It goes further of course. You, an American citizen, are actually paying some of the Archons for virtually doing nothing apart from printing money with which you are entrapped. The late president JFK paid with his life in an attempt to liberate the people from this oppressive, vulgar iniquity by attempting to remove the functioning of the Federal Reserve that was created dishonestly and by trickery to cheat the unsuspecting people. In other words, you and all the other American citizens are paying for the privilege of being entrapped in an unfair system that has been used, again and again, as we saw in the 1929 crash, and again in the 1980s, in order to impoverish you and make the Archons much richer. Now do you see why the top 1% own more than 30% of the wealth of the nation and can punish the enslaved people at will with their fraudulence?
Yes, yes, America is a wealthy nation. But, it is the Corporations and the top 1% who have the wealth. The distribution is iniquitous, and many people are actually far worse off than in many other countries. 40% do not have Health Care. Watch Michael Moore’s DVD called ‘Sicko’ if you have not already done so.

I travelled all over the USA and lived for many years in such diverse places as California, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Washington State. I have visited most of the states, including North and South Dakota. I have been to China, Japan, most of Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Meso-America, etc.

The lower 40% on the wealth scale are not as well off in the USA as they think.

National hubris can go so far.

Records speak for themselves: According to United Nations figures, the USA is the worst of the top 20 OECD countries for medical care and outcomes, but first on the list for cost of medical care and infant mortalities. What does that tell you? You are being lied to by the Archons in control. That is what it means.

As one American friend so eloquently expressed:  ‘We Americans are being systematically lied to, in a blatant attempt to cover up the egregious theft and flagrant murder of anyone not part of the top 1%.’

9                 Enjoy your diet soda, fool, for obviously you are unaware that the sweet poison in it, a formally banned venom called Aspartame has ruined countless lives, causing epilepsy, fatal, brain tumours, MS, peripheral neuritis, partial blindness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the like.
10            The vaccines you and I had as children are brewing cancer in our bodies even as we speak. Admittedly some were of value, for such things as polio have been eliminated from the West. But still the danger for cancers lurks in our systems.
11            The bodies of many people who do not know they are eating Genetically Modified Foodstuffs,  for their governments maliciously hide those facts from them, are suffering subcellular stress which can lead to many ailments, not least of which are cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, Adrenal Insufficiency states (from chronic, unrelenting high stress), Chronic fatigue, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, MS, peripheral neuritis, skin rashes,  etc.
12            Returning to vaccines a moment, the number and dosage of them have increased so much, children are being abused by what is in them. Autism is the obvious result in some, but we do not know the long term effects. And thankfully we will not know as an end has been called to this lunacy.
13            Have you counted the number of Veterans languishing in moribund states from the effects of the Gulf War Syndrome?
14            And how about the millions in the Middle East, in Europe, the United Kingdom and the impenetrable USA poisoned by our ‘friendly’ spent-uranium bombs used in the Middle East by our friendly Americans and Allies?
15            And speaking of radiation poisoning, how many do you think are going to die from the radiation reaching the shores of the good ol’ USA from Japan after the recent fiasco at Fukushima? More than one investigative scientists claims it was not an act of your evil god but an act of your evil Archons in the West and Middle East that caused it with HAARP technology. Wonderful, hey? How do those hot dogs taste now? And the Geiger activating Alaskan salmon?
16            Have you noted how many returned soldiers have had to resort to illegal drugs just to cope on a daily basis? Joining them are millions who now take those drugs for they cannot stand this Hell any more. The result? They become demonically possessed and descend into the deeper recesses of Hell from which there is even less chance of escape. Of course if they overdose, purposely or otherwise, they will remain in those deeper recesses of Hell suffering all the more until the Final Bell when they will be transmuted.
17            Illicit long-term drug users, because of the demons in them, turn to activities far worse than any deranged animal would commit. They rape their own children and animals; they sell their bodies for a crumb of bread. They kill foetuses for they cannot afford to feed themselves let alone children they don’t want. Watch them being interviewed on YouTube if you have the stomach for it. They freely admit that they are ashamed to be alive.

Wonderful world, hey? Where are your rays of sunshine now?

          Watch some examples of what happens to these drug users:


18            The Kingdom of Oz (Australia), that never-never land of morons where I live, who only activate when the USA says jump, had up until now been spared the financial doldrums because China bought the guts out of the country in its hunger for coal and minerals. But now, that appetite is receding and Oz will feel the effects of depression as never before. At least the misery is being shared around, hey?
19            Have you noted it has become a libertine society, with freedoms for destructive self-expression as never before, while our personal freedoms, to improve our lot, and keep governments in check, have been restricted so much we are in danger of suffocating?
What do I mean by freedoms for destructive self-expression? The Archons are programming the young via all forms of media to copulate with whomever they choose, whenever they chose, wherever they choose,  as often as they chose. Do you think they want these idiots to be sexually self-satisfied and happy letting off steam that way?
Of course not! It is a sinister plot. They know the quickest way to be demonically possessed is to have intercourse with a demon. Hence, the libertine attitude. That way they can infect as many bodies with demons as quickly as possible. They don’t have to resort to drugs. Clever of them isn’t it? No its not! It is demonic in the extreme. Beware with whom you associate. Beware whom you let into your body, what you consume and whose body you use for ‘explicit sexual self-expression and gratification’.
For most teenagers, this warning comes too late. The programming has been re-enforced in many ways for them to sexually mix with demons, not the least way being via the demonic movies and TV shows. Now you see why Hollywood, run by demons, in the main, has done this.
Why do they want this? They want the demons to be the majority on the planet. At present they are 30% and increasing rapidly. The major demons, the Archons, plan to kill off the remaining robotic consciousness occupied bodies with their Eugenics Programs. It all fits into their little scheme. Where are the demons coming from? They are migrating from other levels that are fracturing and decaying faster than this level due to the inevitable Process of Entropy.

But of course, they will fail with their schemes, for the Declaration of the End, which I am here to announce, will beat them forever!

20            You are empowered with a cell phone with which you can call anyone, anywhere in the world. What power, hey? But, that little device is a vector for your doom. Did you know that? The radiation in it, and through it, will kill you and others in due course when it is time, using HAARP technology and other electromagnetic pulses. It can kill you now, of course with a brain tumour if you abuse it or use it incorrectly and excessively.
21            Dare you eat fish more than twice a week? ‘No’ is the answer for it is now so loaded with mercury from pollution, regardless of the area from which it comes, that it is a risk to health to consume more than that. Mercury will lead to dementia soon enough. Which brings me to this point that astute ones should note again: remove your mercury fillings to stay as healthy as possible till the End.
22            I need to remind you that it has been medically proven the human body was never meant to eat flesh of animals (or humans). We have been taught to be carnivores by the Demons who interpolated it into the programming idiocy called the Bible. Soon enough you will see demons eat human flesh everywhere. I predicted that would occur in the Endtime. Cases have been reported in Germany and Japan already. Keep eating the red meat loaded with fatal nitrites, and you will join the Colon Cancer Club, for only red meat eaters get that disease.
23            Add to these points the scientifically predicted calamities to come:

1        Massive volcanic eruptions, long overdue;

Ii       Collapse of fault lines;

Iii      Reversal of the planetary magnetic poles;

Iv      Fall of Earth on its axis, as it has done many times before with dire consequences.
Consider these things and you will see that not all is OK in this long-suffering world.
24            As most now know, Aliens in UFOs are fighting amongst themselves as to which of them will seize this Earth for their own.
Their activities include:
·        Stealing zygotes from humans, and parts from animals, to create hybrids,
·        Kidnapping and breeding humans for food,
·        Creating and releasing chupacabras,
·        Having subterranean and submarine bases,
·        Sharing advanced technology with the equally evil local Archons,
·        Conducting distressing, criminal abductions,
·        Enforcing indoctrinations, and
·        Creating crop-circles, as graffiti, and also as instructive  communication, and so on.
Alas, all that is a story for another day.
25            And just for completion, I need to tell you of the fear and terror that will grip people when they realize that:
·        This is the End,
·        There is a spiritual component,
·        They are accountable for what they have done, and
·        Some of them are not viable and are to be destroyed physically and spiritually forever.

Who are they going to blame for their misery and fate? They can blame no other but themselves for being evil fools after so many chances had been given to them.

Have you noted how many of these woes are man-made? Well, they are really demon-made. The demons hide in the human bodies, and many of us are now seeing them, for, as I said above, our natural psychic vision is returning, on purpose, and we are seeing who is who.

These few points will also answer your question of ‘What if nothing happens?’

That question is impossible to ask after what I have just written.

Wake up fool, or else my diagnosis of you being dead from the neck up will become permanent and your prognosis will be physical and spiritual annihilation!

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

September 6, 2012



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