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Mainstream Media Avoids
The Obvious Causes

By Frosty Wooldridge

You’re invited to write Newsweek with your own letter:
This week’s issue of Newsweek reported America’s dismal situation titled: “America the Anxious” by David Frum, August 13, 2012.  He addressed the fact that 14 million Americans cannot find jobs. He spoke about “perpetually deferred jobs”.   He wrote about “unsustainable state.”  He addressed our “demographic shifts.”  He reported on “the young and poor.”  He finished with “Anxious America.”   But he never addressed the “why” of all this happening.  Newsweek and Time as well as U.S. News and World Report and most other top magazines write “downstream” which means they avoid the obvious.  They avoid the “reasons” for our demise. They won’t address the fact that we buy billions in manufactured goods from China, but cut our own manufacturing, thus jobs, to the bone.  We carry on “free trade” rather than “fair trade” with China, which has caused our horrific unemployment problems.  Newsweek won’t touch the effects of adding 3.1 million immigrants from third world countries to this country every year.  They refuse to connect the dots as to our economic, sociological and environmental path.   You’re invited to write Newsweek a letter asking them why they refuse to address the fact that our U.S. Congress continues importing 100,000 green card holding immigrants every 30 days throughout the year.  Ask them to report on the effects of adding another 100 million immigrants within three decades.  Implore them to study the effects and ultimate consequences of human overpopulation facing America today and by mid century.  Demand it! My letter below along with facts and results.
Dear Newsweek editors:
Re: “America the anxious” by David Frum, August 13, 2012, addressing America’s downward economic/social/environmental spiral
You omitted the single greatest predicament that causes our lack of jobs, our lowering of quality of life and our degrading of our standard of living.  While we suffer 14 million unemployed and 7 million underemployed, our Congress imports 100,000 green card holding immigrants every 30 days.  That figure adds up to over 1.2 million legal immigrants annually. Do the math. There is no chance for Americans, especially the poor and uneducated, to become employed at a living wage in order to live a reasonable life.  At some point, we cannot continue to save the rest of the overpopulated world by bringing its refugees to America in search of a better life.  We must reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually.  Otherwise, we will continue to downgrade our citizens in every aspect of American life.  Not to mention shredding our environment!
Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Phone #
“Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide [that adds 80 million net gain annually to the planet], but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all—ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates
Frum asked at the end of his piece, “Has the golden legend of America of a better economic future come to and end?  And if so, what alternative future awaits us?”
Answer: as our numbers grow and we continue to add millions from the third world, we ourselves will experience intractable poverty, illiteracy and further degradation to our civilization—not to mention the environmental impact of adding another 100 million people within the next 25 years and 138 million within the next 38 years by 2050.  (Source: PEW Hispanic Center, “US Population Projections” by Fogel/Martin, US Census Bureau)



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