Hey, Look What They've Done To Me, Ma!
A Passing Glance At One Aspect Of
The Avatar...Frederick Nietzsche

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD

In this brief essay, I want to examine aspects of the life and writings of Frederick Nietzsche to demonstrate how the Evil System not only obfuscates the Truth, but actually destroys it so that Truth-seekers trapped within its Virtual Reality have almost no chance of finding Truth.

Watch the short video then come back to my remarks.

Re: Frederick Nietzsche


How I know what I am about to write is the $64,000 question.

You know my Motto: Take it or Leave it. No one is being forced to believe what I write; you decide what you want to believe. That goes for ALL my writings, speeches, lectures, etc., and for everybody else’s for that matter.

Previously I wrote that Frederick Nietzsche was/is a Divine Avatar.

Here are facts about him that we will glue together to understand him just a little, and assist us in seeing what Evil has done to him and his writings.

As a dare in his youth, he went with his peers to a brothel where he contracted Syphilis. That was no big deal in those days before penicillin, and, in fact, it would appear that it was rampant, with some estimates citing that 15% of the population had the disease.  It highlights the fact that the Cardboard Box can be programmed by any or all of the factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that I have enumerated in my books, to do silly things, especially when the Higher Consciousness is not residing  in the Cardboard Box. You should realize that the Higher Being in any Cardboard Box is multi-dimension and is not always in the body.

Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination are REAL!

Think back at how many silly, stupid, self-damaging, and destructive things you have done in your life that religions called ‘sin’. They were actions by the robotic body acting under the influence of all the programming, polluting and indoctrinating factors.

These factors are real.

I previously gave you the example of testosterone being used excessively by body builders who then cannot stop masturbating or having sex ad nauseam inspite of wanting to stop.

Indoctrination by Peer Pressure, Nationality and the Military is what influences some of us to join armies and slaughter men, women and children as some are doing now in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, etc.

Our bodies were programmed by our mother’s thoughts, words and deeds while we were still in utero. The alcohol a pregnant woman drinks, the drugs she takes and the tobacco or pot she smokes all program the Cardboard Box as do the books she reads, the emotions she feels, the music she listens to, etc., etc.

Religious fanaticism of parents, peers, relatives, etc., will take its toll. Any extreme view or emotion will affect us in some way.

Spiritual pollution by energy from whatever source is virtually unavoidable in this filthy Virtual Reality. It was created in that way for a specific reason: so that we would become drained of our energy, without which the system could not continue.

The meat one ate before awakening had all the pollution the animal acquired while it was physically alive, the pollution of the killers of the animal, of the stock handlers, of the butchers, of the sellers, of the cooks, of the waiters, etc.

The very air we breathe and the sunshine we love are programming the Cardboard boxes in ways that are essential for physical life but detrimental to spiritual life. How many people know that? You will find the reasons why I say that in my books.  BTW, I don’t mean the damage from air pollution or Chemtrails alone. I mean the very oxygen essential to all living things being anti-spirit.

The heart-rending trysts of our youth that most of us had were at a time when we knew little or nothing about energy exchange. Alas, many of us fell victims to the ‘charms’ of demons and became intimate with them at a time in our lives when the fire in our loins, fueled by insane but physiologically necessary hormones ruled our heads. We were virtually automatons to the highs and lows of monthly endocrine cycles, remember?  But, we knew nothing about the degree of spiritual damage that energy drainage and energy pollution from the demons could do. We knew nothing of that at all.  Wisdom spoke about purity.

But rampant hormones did not want delay or purity. They demanded action, destructive or otherwise.  Pre mid 1960s we were held back by fear, of pregnancy and STDs. But with the advent of the oral contraceptive pill, most went mad with and for sex. And it continues today where among teenagers, intercourse is more common than a handshake. The world has become far more demonic and far more stupid too, as the high numbers of teenage pregnancies all around the world aver.

I lived in Montana for a few years, and I was told that it was the norm that around her 16th birthday, a party

 was held, just for the teenagers, in which the birthday girl was gang raped. It explained the incredible number of teenagers pushing prams that one saw on the streets. Again citing those who know, the girls could not wait to get to 16, such is the power of evil peer pressure and programming. You saw the video on Montana Meth in a previous post of mine? Things must be far worse now, and this scenario is repeated just about everywhere.

As a Family Doctor I see mothers bringing in their 12 year old daughters and telling me ‘please put her on the pill, doctor. I cannot control her, as I don’t want a grandchild from her just yet!’

And those of us who saved ourselves for the ‘special one’ that we would marry inevitably were tricked into marrying a demon!  If you have true vision, look back and see how true that last sentence is.

With hindsight I now examine all the lives of the people with whom I am familiar and I realize that the system goes out of its way to make sure a True Being is paired off with a demon, much to the eventual anguish of the True One.

Since I have awakened and I am able to identify the True Beings that I have known, there have been no exceptions to this. The Evil System knows what it is doing.  And the True Beings have the scars to prove it as was alluded to by Frederick Nietzsche, one of the greatest of modern-day philosophers.  

Often in my clinic I come across a patient with damage to his or her Centres of Consciousness that results in mental illness, especially Schizophrenia. A detailed history reveals, apart from damage carried over from a previous life, the use of powerful illicit drugs and/or indiscriminate sex with people who in retrospect have the marks of the Beast.

We live in a dangerous world, not just from the physical perspective, but from the far more important spiritual one.

In the case of Nietzsche, he succumbed to Peer Pressure.  He was taunted by his peers to ‘be a man’ and go with them drinking and whoring. His one response to the dare resulted in the STD.

One aspect of Syphilis is its cerebral involvement, called Neuro-syphilis, that could create either a genius or a mad person, so the legend goes.

It is important to know this for later writings were treated by readers as those of a madman even though his writings have the clarity of brilliance. The problem was that the readers did not understand what he was writing about. Common problem, is it not?

And, in his later years when he revealed things he perhaps should not have, he was again taken for a madman. I refer to his statement regarding his past lives. I know, because I know, that what he said was accurate. You will catch the personalities in the video.

To get a proper perspective of the video in which the young man seems to fairly explain aspects of Nietzsche’s philosophy we need to know the following:

·        Nietzsche was way ahead of his time
·        He was understood not at all by the few people who read his books.
·        There were esoteric meanings in his writings which were not understood at all
·        He revealed his identity to his sister in a letter before his death when he wrote ‘I am the crucified one’.
·        He left all his writings to his sister who eventually sold them
·        The group that bought them were a Zionist group. What could be expected from them, Nietzsche’s enemies?

He was known to be anti-Judaism and anti-Christianity, for good reason, as you now know if you have read my writings. Thus, how fairly do you think his writings would be handled? It is a fact that Zionist Overlords make it their duty, and they have done so since time immemorial, to be the guardians of what is to be released to the sheople, the Goyim. Their role is censorship.

By Zionist, I do not mean Jewish, nor does Jewish mean Zionist. For clarification, read my previous essays on that topic.

Thus, look at what they have done to the Bible. They collected knowledge from everywhere they could get their hands on and gave it a spin to suit themselves, and Evil’s Virtual Reality, while at the same time making sure no aspect of Truth was left to awaken those trapped by them in the false reality. They excel in censorship to this day.

Thus, you can assume that much of what was released as his work was modified to suit the Archons rather than telling the Truth.  ‘Has this happened before?’, you may validly ask. Indeed it has; look at what the Archons did to

·        The gospels, so-called, at the Councils of Nicaea.

·        The work of Mohammed. It was completely revised by the Caliph Othman upon the death of the Prophet, another Avatar, to yield the words which we have today that are far removed from what the Avatar said and wrote.

After the Zionist revision of Nietzsche’s work, we now have errors of translation from German to other languages. You have to assume that translators often change meanings because they do not know the significance of what they are reading. Scholars have pointed this out to be the case with many parts of literature from ancient times. For examples, look at the butchery of Gnostic Truth in this day and age by people who have no Nous! They claim they are writing Gnostically and explaining Gnosticism when, in fact, that are butchering the word and its meaning.

A brilliant example of this destructive censorship and misrepresentation of the writings of others is the case of what the Catholic Church presented as the doctrines of Manichaeism which is a version of Gnosticism.  The Church made it sound as untenable waffle.  When pristine writings of Manichaeus were found in Turfan, China, early last century, one with a critical eye could see the demonic censorship the Church used in its attempt to obfuscate Gnostic Truth.

Are you surprised? Of course you are not, for now, if you have read my writings, you know who Mani was, and what the Pseudo-Christian Church represents.  Mani, the Iranian Prophet, was Jesus re-incarnated.  He would later appear as King Arthur.

If you read of Mani, you will see he continues the work of Buddha, Zoroaster and Jesus. Why would He not do that? He was the same High Being.

And as you read Mani, be mindful of the words people use to describe writings they do not fully understand. As an example, I reprint this exact from Wikipedia that highlights this.

Mani's teaching is designed as succeeding and surpassing the teachings of Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism. It is based on a rigid dualism of good and evil, locked in eternal struggle. In his mid-twenties, Mani decided that salvation is possible through education, self-denial, fasting and chastity. Mani claimed to be the Paraclete promised in the New Testament, the Last Prophet. On what is known of Mani's theology, the following points are made regarding especially Christianity.

Manichaeism's views on Jesus are described by historians; ‘Jesus in Manichaeism possessed three separate identities (1) Jesus the Luminous, (2) Jesus the Messiah and (3) Jesus patibilis Jesus the Luminous… His primary role was as supreme revealer and guide and it was he who woke Adam from his slumber and revealed to him the divine origins of his soul and its painful captivity by the body and mixture with matter. Jesus the Messiah was a historical being who was the prophet of the Jews and the forerunner of Mani.

However, the Manicheans believed he was wholly divine. He never experienced human birth as notions of physical conception and birth filled the Manichaeans with horror and the Christian doctrine of virgin birth was regarded as equally obscene. Since he was the light of the world, where was this light, they asked, when he was in the womb of the Virgin? Jesus the Messiah was truly born at his baptism as it was on that occasion that the Father openly acknowledged his sonship.

The suffering, death and resurrection of this Jesus were in appearance only as they had no salvific value but were an exemplum of the suffering and eventual deliverance of the human soul and a prefiguration of Mani’s own martyrdom. The pain suffered by the imprisoned Light-Particles in the whole of the visible universe, on the other hand, was real and immanent. This was symbolized by the 'mystic placing of the Cross whereby the wounds of the passion of our souls are set forth'. On this mystical Cross of Light was suspended the Suffering Jesus (Jesus patibilis) who was 'the life and salvation of Man.'

This mystica cruxificio was present in every tree, herb, fruit, vegetable and even stones and the soil. This constant and universal suffering of the captive soul is exquisitely expressed in one of the Coptic Manichaean psalms... In a fragment of Mani’s Epistula fundamenti, preserved only by Evodius of Uzalis of the 4th and 5th century CE, Mani is alleged to have said that the Enemy (i.e. Satan) who hoped to have crucified that same Redeemer, the Father of Righteousness, was himself crucified; for at that time appearance and reality were distinct... The extreme docetic Christological position of the Manichaeans was, as one would expect, a major bone of contention between their leaders and Catholic theologians. The Manichaeans were out on a limb with regard to other Christian sects in the Christological debates of the fourth century. Not even the most determined enemies of Arius would assert that Christ was an emanation of the Father and that he was never truly born of the Virgin as did the Manichaeans...

Although the Manichaeans believed Jesus the Messiah was not born in a human fashion, they did believe that he died even if his death was only in appearance. To prove this Faustus drew attention to the view commonly held by both Jews and Christians that Elijah did not die. Both views- that Jesus could die without having been born and that Elijah, though he was born, did not die- run counter to the laws of nature... Since the Christians believed that Jesus could be born without being begotten, why could He not also suffer without being born? If the Christians were to reply that the Virgin Birth was possible with God nothing is impossible, then they had no right to deny the Manichaeans the right to say that Christ could have suffered without having been born.’

You will note that they are confusing, in the discussion, about what the Manichees said and what the Church said. The Church was talking about the physical Jesus (the cardboard box) in an attempt to give it spiritual legitimacy, which Evil wanted, but which it did not have. The Manichees recognized not the Cardboard box as divine, but the Higher Consciousness of Jesus, the Avatar,

Another example of translators not knowing the meaning of what they are translating is this: Look at the concept of Jesus saying ‘My father’s kingdom has many mansions’. I have previously explained what that meant. Stupid minds of stupid translators could not possibly reach the metaphysical significance of such an uttering. That goes for many, many examples in the Bible and in other places.

With the ‘proof reading’ by Zionist elements, and then the mistranslations by scribes and editors, we have to consider the fact that people like the young presenter in the video have no esoteric knowledge to truly comprehend and evaluate  what Nietzsche wrote. Thus, while he does a fair job of presenting the facts on the video as he sees them, and treats Nietzsche fairly and respectfully, it is obvious he has no idea of the Supramental concepts Nietzsche wrote about. He is not at fault, because no one else knew about these concepts at the time and few know of them now.

Thus, when through his character Zarathustra, Nietzsche declared ‘God is dead’, he was referring to the Evil Principle, which on this level manifests as Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.. Readers had no concept of the Evil Principle, even though Plato had hinted at it, and the Gnostics repeated it throughout history. That is why they were slaughtered.

It is agreed that Nietzsche and his philosophy were far ahead of his time. That is true. He was anticipating the work of Shri Aurobindo and that which I have revealed to you. Many times have I written that ‘Jehovah is dead’, and I shall elaborate on this in the coming essay by that name.

What you don’t know nor did the readers of his book know, is that Nietzsche had been the Persian Prophet Zoroaster. Does that surprise you? Let us state it precisely: The Higher Being in the Cardboard Box known as Frederick Nietzsche was the same High Being as in Zoroaster. The Avatar knew who he was all along.

Here is an historical notation to that affect about what Mani knew of himself:

Historians also note that Mani declared himself to be an ‘apostle of Jesus Christ’  Also Manichaean tradition also is noted to have claimed that Mani was the reincarnation of different religious figures from Buddha, Lord Krishna, Zoroaster, and Jesus. ‘ther than incorporating the symbols and doctrine of dominant religious traditions, Manichaeism also incorporated the symbols and deities of indigenous traditions, in particular the Hindu deity Ganesha into its fold, demonstrated by the image available in the article, Manichaean art and calligraphy by Hans-Joachim Klimkeit.

 Mani was allegedly claiming to be the reincarnation of the Buddha, Lord Krishna, Zoroaster and Jesus depending on the context in which he was carrying out his preachings.

Such strategic claims fostered a spirit of toleration among the Manicheans and the other religious communities and this particular feature greatly assisted them in gaining the approval of authorities to practice in different regions along the Silk Road.’

So, there is a thread, a continuum of knowledge over the centuries, expressed in the language of the day about Immutable Truth. This the Zionists, the translators and the presenter have missed. Thus, they blamed his syphilis when Nietzsche said he was Zoroaster, Jesus and others. He was those personalities. Those without the understanding thought he was mad.

But, there is absolutely no sign of madness in his superb writings, even after the Zionists have done their worst to corrupt them.

Here is a similar scenario: I’ve been called mad by TV presenters, and other aspects of the Media, by New Agers, even by Members of the Medical Boards I have fought over the years. They call me mad because of my writings, which they do not understand, but cannot demonstrate any madness in my intellect which is as normal as any would want it to be.

And now, as my writings are seem in True Light, and the true relevance of what I wrote and write is exposed by the changes in the World that I have predicted and written about, we can more clearly see who the mad ones are.

This applied to Frederick Nietzsche’s time too.

Do not be distracted by his poverty, his ill health, his ruminations, etc., that you may hear about or read.

In a previous essay and in my writings I have described Superior Consciousness manifesting in lowly ‘Cardboard Boxes’. Thus, I gave the example of an aspect of God in a dog. The dog’s Cardboard box will have the genetics, hormones, and programming to be a dog. Thus, he will cock his leg on every tree he can find, bury bones, scratch his ears, etc., etc. But the Supreme Consciousness within will manifest for short or long periods through that Cardboard Box to do what it has to do on this level in the Animal Kingdom. We do not need to understand what it is doing. Besides, we cannot communicate adequately with animals yet, so we do not know what such a dog is saying to the other animals on this level and on the astral levels.

We know they communicate efficiently. Do you remember the Principle of the 100th Monkey? That anecdote can be used to demonstrate astral communication of animal minds that reside in the physical Cardboard Boxes. Of course those that know nothing about astral existence are not going to be able to give you such an explanation, and that is part of the problem on this level. The ignorance is suffocating for those with an expanded intellect.

The hundredth monkey effect is a supposed phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached………. by some unknown process currently beyond the scope of science.

I say: Of course it is beyond the scope of Science. And that is because Science does not recognize the spiritual aspect of existence, inspite of the work in Thanatology, Near Death experiences, Astral Travel and Out of Body experiences at University departments! Science is a handmaiden of Evil to obfuscate Truth, not reveal it.

The story of the hundredth monkey effect was published in Lyall Watson's foreword to Lawrence Blair's Rhythms of Vision in 1975 and spread with the appearance of Watson's 1979 book Lifetide. The claim is that unidentified scientists were conducting a study of macaque monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima in 1952.  These scientists purportedly observed that some of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, and gradually this new behavior spread through the younger generation of monkeys—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. Watson then claimed that the researchers observed that once a critical number of monkeys was reached—the so-called hundredth monkey—this previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands.


That this realm is evil and is run by Evil for evil results, which influence its demons and robots to obfuscate the Truth, is seen no better than in the epitaph given to Nietzsche.

He was buried in a church graveyard next to his father and has written on his tombstone the assertion that he was of the Anti-Christ, when, in fact, he was a re-incarnation of Christ. But the robots and demons of the time, harnessed by the Untruth of the pseudo­Christian rhetoric knew nothing about the true meaning of his words or of Re-incarnation.

They had no psychic vision to understand his hints. They were just sycophants doing the work of the Demiurge, and making sure no Light reached the minds of men and women who hungered for Truth.

Things don’t get any more absurd than that on this level.

If you have read what my evil ex-wife Amitakh and her evil husband Steffan Stanford have done, the similarity is uncanny. While she claims she is the Divine Mother of Heaven (how can a Reptilian demon be that?) she has written an essay with Steffan called ‘Promenade 10’ which defames me and calls me the Anti-Christ.  I refer back to them for no one else has written such an essay, using my personal details to attack as they do. They are opposite to my energy.

Hence, as far as I am concerned, they are of Darkness, and those of Darkness need to be exposed at every opportunity. By continually exposing them, it is hoped that the ones shackled by their untruths will be set free.

More and more people are contacting me and stating that the more they read their writings as posted on the internet, the more they become nauseated and drained. They say they do not feel well at all, whereas with mine they feel uplifted and joyous. And those effects are real. The more people awaken to the Truth, the more will they be deleteriously affected by the Dark energy as is present in the Stanford writings. And the more shall they be nurtured by the energy of the Truth. It is as simple as that. Such Dark energy is not in the extracts that the Stanfords had stolen from my work and those extracts are what attracted people to them in the first place.

Isn’t what the Stanfords tried to do to me a remarkable similarity and coincidence of what happened to Nietzsche, hey? Or is it a coincidence?

Would the Anti-Christ work to destroy Evil’s illusion, his own Virtual Reality, the prison in which his victims were held? Of course not; if he did that, his game would be over and he would starve to death.

Would he work to liberate the True Beings?

Would he flood them with New Green Energy to sustain them in these terrible times? You can clearly see who the evil ones are, I’m sure.

With that, you can see that Evil has used the ignorance of the plane, and its sycophants who follow the destructive religions, based on the essence of Jehovah, to turn Truth into untruth.

I ask you, ‘What chance has the lowest common denominator to make sense of Truth on this filthy plane?’

‘Almost none!’ is the answer, and Evil would have it no other way.

But, thank the true God, for the fabric of the Virtual Reality is well and truly torn asunder as Jehovah is now dead. And we are witnesses the effects as fragmentation throughout the whole Physical Dimension.


So, what was Nietzsche on about on the subject of ‘Hardship in Life’?

He was stating what every Avatar who has come down onto this plane has told us. Rather, he is stating what every Cardboard Box in which an aspect of the Consciousness of the Supreme Being resided said.

Namely, if you are happy within the Illusion that Evil has created via its Virtual Reality, you are not awake to the Truth.

It is as simple as that. If you are comfortable with your lot, think that all is fine, and do not see the pain, suffering, misery, injustices, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and energy theft on this plane, you are drugged into unconsciousness by Maya. Or else you are of the Evil Essence.

It is only through struggling against the iniquities, the dishonesty and the Untruths that we can awaken somewhat, seek true answers and gain a perspective of Good and Evil.

What do you think my writings are all about?

It is when we experience excessive pain, hardship, tragedy and misery in our lives that we are more likely to seek an explanation. It is by seeing and experiencing the evilness around us, our families, our communities, our nation, the whole world, and asking  ‘What’s going on?’ that we can begin to awaken and grasp a glimmer of the Truth.

The Essence of Evil is ubiquitous. You simply cannot get away from it. After all, this is its Kingdom

Religions attempt to convince us that we must accept the suffering, that their ‘god’ knows what ‘he’ is doing. ‘He’ knows that for sure:  ‘he’ and ‘his’ Virtual Reality are exploiting True Beings to death with their deadly, evil mechanisms. That is one of the reasons why I have labelled the Religions evil. We covered this point somewhat when I discussed the story of Job.

My writings are an attempt to awaken some of you to the Greater Reality.

And that is what Nietzsche was saying regarding hardship and its value in life. Remember what I said: we are hearing his words through an interpreter who may have had no Nous, after the words may possibly have been mistranslated from German into English, and after editing and censorship of his words by his enemies! But, to the wise ones, the true meaning still comes through.

In my book ‘Kingdom of Zion’ I reproduced the quote from Amos 6:1

Woe to them that are at ease in Zion.

The concept is expressed in these verses: 1 John 2:15-17 (KJV) 15

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

‘You’re blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution. The persecution drives you even deeper into God’s kingdom.’ Matthew 5:10 (MSG)

John 15:18: American Standard Version ‘If the world hateth you, ye know that it hath hated me (Jesus) before it hated you.’

You must realize that the Demons then used these words to excuse away their persecution of True Beings. Hypocrisy at its best, hey?

Why am I quoting from the Bible which I have previously greatly criticized? I did say it is a mixture of Truths and untruths. I am picking out the Truths within it for you to see.

Thus, if you are comfortable in Evil’s slime and the company of demons, you are truly anaesthetized to the harm being done to you and others, or have become one of them, the Sons and Daughters of Darkness.

That is what awakening on this level is all about: to wake up and to see the Truth, see the oppressive Evil and what it is doing!

And Nietzsche was simply repeating in his way what all Avatars have said.

It is often when we are struck by major illness, or a tragedy, the death of a close loved one, etc., that we begin to rethink the World and our place in it. The more things go wrong for us, the more we think ‘Why should it be so?’

The hardship and suffering are the stimuli to our awakening, for in God’s world, such things would not be.

And yet, how many of the sheople understood this of Nietzsche’s work? Few did of course. They laughed at him and called him a weirdo and a sadist, for they misunderstood his words. What would you expect of ignorant idiots and demons?

I reproduce the quote about hate in the world because I want to make this point: Evil beings use HATE as a tool.

They hate with a vengeance. I can give you no greater personal example that I have experienced than that of Amitakh and Steffan Stanford hating me for exposing them.

Divine Beings NEVER use HATE. I can only write about personal examples of personal experiences I have had. These two were up close and personal in their attacks of me. Others who attack me do so impersonally.

Demons twist the hate to make it appear palatable. Look at how deceitfully powerful nations destroy the ones they hate using the excuse of ‘Liberating the People!’ or protecting their own way of life, when they really know there is absolutely no danger to them.  

In one sense they do liberate.

·        They liberated the Iraqis of their oil wealth,
·        They liberated the Afghanis from the opium profits and kept them for themselves.

·        In Vietnam they liberated the indigenes of the poppy profits in the Golden Triangle and kept them for themselves.  

Magnanimous, are they not, these demons who ‘liberate’ others?

True Beings use LOVE as a Modus Operandi.  Thus, they have been easy prey for the demons who pretended to respond to that love (they do not of course) in order to get close enough to the True Beings to drain them of their Divine energy.

Any person you meet who uses HATE for anything ­ especially other races, other nationalities, minorities, animals, etc., is a demon until proven otherwise. Have nothing to do with them. They are evil.

You will meet hateful people everywhere. Some of your family members will be hateful bigots. It may be hard to get away from them in a social sense.

So, what do you do? You can’t call them Evil to their face. You simply realize the fact they may be deluded TBs or heavily programmed ones, or even demons, but let them be.

You do not share their hate.

You protect so they will not drain you of your energy and you minimize contact.

Nowhere is it written that family members are our best friends. As it turns out, often they are our worst enemies, and this realization often comes from spontaneous past life recall in those who are awakening.

If in doubt, send out love as you always should, especially as you are accustomed to doing for those that respond to your love. BTW, I am not writing about sex or emotional love. Understand that clearly.

Send them your love. If they respond, well and good! If they don’t, the love is not wasted. It will find its way back to you in some way. But, protect at all times.

From what I have written, you should now view any hardship, pain, misery, illness you are subjected to as a stimulus to your awakening. But you do not love these things like the New Agers urge.

Maladies, accidents, misery, etc., from whatever cause are evil instruments, things imposed upon us by Evil in an attempt to destroy us.

Realize that such an energy-draining situation is an Evil-instigated injustice upon you. But view it and use it as a valuable tool to extricate yourself out of the quagmire in which Evil has placed you.

Evil created suffering purposely to make all of us suffer, so that it could drain all of us of energy. But, of course, the real targets are the ones with the Divine Energy that it yearns and desperately needs to survive. To make it appear the norm, it makes all appear to suffer. But, since you have awoken, have you noticed how the Archons are privileged, and suffer far less? Existence on this plane is truly iniquitous.

Once you realize this, you can put an end to your energy drainage.

Suffer your lot without emotion and live your life as the Buddha, another Avatar, advised:  with equanimity, totally unattached to pain or joy, sorrow or temporal happiness, for on this level they are illusions.

Our true Joy is connection with our Nous, and the True Numinous.

That is our True Path to Happiness.



It is 25 centuries since Buddha walked the Earth, 20 since Jesus, 18 since Mani, 15 since King Arthur, 14 since Mohammed, 2 since Nietzsche, less than one since Shri Aurobindo, a few years since Babaji (who died in 1984) and Sai Baba (who died a year or so ago). And there have been many more in-between.

Apart from attempting to awaken us, these Avatars (the one and the same splinter of the Supreme Divine Consciousness, of course) have brought down energy with which to sustain the Viables.

For this Final time, we have the New Green Energy of which I have written.

Realize that the Cardboard boxes that housed the Avatar’s consciousness were subjected to the customs, traditions, laws and duties of their habitation in their era. Again it’s an analogy similar to the dog having God Consciousness within.

We cannot judge the actions of the cardboard boxes as being indicative of the Divine Presence. This is a stumbling block for those with little knowledge and understanding of the situation on this level. Thus, in the time and place of King Arthur, for example, war was a way of life. For Mohammed’s time, Polygamy was the norm, as was constant tribal and inter-racial feuding, etc.

Now it is reasonable that some of you may grow impatient and ask how long the whole process of Correction is going to take.

Well, let’s do the maths. Since Buddha, although 2500 years have passed on Earth, less than 16 hours have passed on the Mother craft that I visit. Far less time has passed in the Higher Divine Dimensions, of course. Thus, it is our perspective that needs adjusting.

If we calculate the Physical Universe as being some 15 billion years old (isotopic estimates vary from 14.5 to 16.5 billion years) then approximately ten thousand Earth years have passed on the Craft. Less than a day has passed near our Divine Absolute realm. But ‘Earthly days’ have no meaning at those levels. In reality Time has no meaning at these locations.

This concept of existence without time is a difficult one for the Physical lower Monkey Mind of the Cardboard Box to grasp.

But, so that you may be a little less sceptical, consider that even our rudimentary Science now sustains the belief in Time Dilution as we see in the Clock Paradox contained in the physics of the Special Theory of Relativity.

I am going to reveal another ‘unbelievable’ thing to you now, that I have never written about.

Once I began this work in Melbourne in the 1980s, under the guidance of the Higher Consciousnesses who guide all of us, I was involved in a project over 14 days that included many specific personalities on this level, both Good and Evil ones.

I was told that what occurred in that exercise resulted in the total removal of evidence of the existence of the Celestial Error from the Template of Creation outside of the physical. The setting was a court case in Melbourne that I had to make last at least 7 days. It lasted 14!  I lost the case. That was not important, for on the spiritual plane we won the battle and the War of Essences on that day, and erased the Celestial Error from the face of the True Creation!

I will understand if you cannot comprehend these words. My mind, too, had difficulty accommodating such a notion. But, it’s hard to conceive that this cardboard box I am using could make up such a fantastic story. I am only recording what I was told.

Was it a stupid, misleading, time-wasting ‘joke by the gods’; a hint of their leela perhaps? Why would they or anyone else bother? For the physical mind it was too absurd and incomprehensible a concept to start with. Why go to that extreme to fool my ‘cardboard box’? That would make even less sense.

In the context of my lower consciousness having been taken up in the craft, of being instantly given all this knowledge of what is going on, and of being empowered by the New Green Energy to sustain the Viables, we might have to accept that the experience was valid and of the noteworthy significance that the Higher Beings said it was.

But it was explained to me that it was like an action in which we went back to a freshly painted mural and erased the smudge that was the Celestial Error and repainted that site with pristine colours so no part of the Error would ever visible.

Once we are in the New Dimension, we will have no memory of our pain, suffering and misery, nor will any knowledge of Evil exist in us, for it will be as if Evil never existed.

Just accept that it is so, and don’t lose any sleep over it.


Bottom line...

Things are the way I say they are.

That is why the Virtual Reality is being dismantled.

That is why the Viables are being relocated elsewhere,

And all the Physical Universe is being destroyed.

And then Evil and all its sycophants shall be no more!



Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone
June 11, 2012



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