Living In The NOW
By Jim Kirwan


Reagan began the massive changes that forever altered “the NOW” in which we are trying to survive. The proof of this only became apparent when Bush Jr. stole the selection of 2000, at a time when this country had a SURPLUS instead of the current deficit that has skyrocketed from the Bush TRILLONS into what has now become under OBAMA - Quadrillions in the hole. This is what has so altered the global situation, to the point that makes David Dees illustration above, into an actual reality; instead of what should have been just a wildly exaggerated—but isolated fact.

Of course trying to “live in the Now” is different for every human being; according to what he or she sees as their own special priorities. The generational differences between the last five generations is what makes all of this so very difficult to categorize, because the scale of OPTIONS available to anyone have shrunk to only a very few choices. Back in the twentieth century that same table of opportunities contained hundreds if not thousands of choices when it came to jobs or opportunities that were available to millions of people.

At the end of the day then; there was often time to think to plan and to enjoy whatever one had earned: Whereas now everything has become a simple rat-race to the bottom of greed and to the extremities of arrogance that takes no prisoners and basically shoots any survivors.

In 2002, this was how it was, with a look back into 1994.

“1994: "In the freest country on the planet, democratic political campaigns are a ghastly joke. The ideal candidate is a cipher, devoid of personal history. The handlers write the scripts, build the drama, concoct the spin, and get famous themselves. Nobody expects them to believe any of this bullshit; oye compadre, get real. The job is done with a wink, a curled lip, a bony cynicism."

2002: Pete Hamill hit this one right on the head - that fits our mangled and stolen, national non-election of 2000 as well as 2002 to a 'T.' Since we were so sophisticated, so above the fray that we allowed this cipher to steal the entire country right under our noses, it looks like the whole world will be paying for that mistake for many years to come. Not to even mention that this will cost most Americans vast sums of money, and probably their comfortable way of life as well. We opened Pandora's Box, and let the demons out, and there's no one to blame for that but us.

1994: "Even the conflicts of the so-called real world-the non-fiction world of news and society-must be simple, easy to follow through meals and other domestic activities, and preferably violent - Don't think - is the message (just) feel. In all media, the best-played stories now are the ones that most resemble movies. Give us good guys and bad guys, white hats and black hats, and for christsakes don't give us talking heads! Action baby. Bang, bang, Conflict."” (1)

Fast Forward to NOW. Obviously I can’t speak for anyone but myself; but in my case over the last 48 years I’ve done a lot of things. Some were successful, some not. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve added the bulk of my work to the history of the planet, and that was good. Some of that work was valuable (beyond just money) some was completely beside the point—but if I want to continue to “have-a-life” then I must be willing to cut-loose the past (To “let-go-of-the-rock”) and move forward. Because if we seek to fully-live each coming moment then we have to move forward. The past had very different values: But the present is still about how we live and how we can help others to survive, especially now.

The native-population that was here when we arrived had a fully developed philosophy about life and acquisitions; about sharing and growth in order to create a more complete tomorrow for the many instead of just the few. They knew that life was never about hanging on to a bunch of toys or possessions, that had no real meaning, so as they began to fade into history (we slaughtered about 60 million of them) they fought to survive against overwhelming numbers, to try and save the best parts of the world they had created—something we cannot say about ourselves or our century.

What was done in the past, is the past—but what must be accomplished now and in the future, while it might be partially based on the past—must conform to what the realities of the actual future requires: New work, new ways to resist the ancient tyrannies and betrayals of whole people’s. These new realities cannot be ignored, just as we cannot cling to past accomplishments, to remain viable: We must begin anew ­ with a hard look at what we have become!

All these people that want to hoard their way to survival are only deluding themselves. No one “KNOWS” where they might be when the first of the fatal blows will hit—and the survivors will be those that can literally “live off the land” when the unthinkable happens. And if there is life after the next major upheaval; then those who tried to carry “today & yesterday” into tomorrow; will never be among the survivors that will go on to try and start again. . .

All those end-of-the-world scenarios always show empty streets when in fact what will happen, will most likely feature gridlock in the cities with deserted cars and trucks everywhere making all streets and highways impassable. Fuel supplies will be limited and even helicopters will have problems maintaining enough fuel to fly anywhere. Fires will erupt and there will be no way to put them out; and since neither the cops or the hypothetical troops will be able to move, most cities will just burn to the ground as San Francisco did in 1906. The other thing is that those who might try and flee will not be able to carry much, and water is very heavy. All of this speaks volumes about the absolute need TO PREVENT the potential nuclear chaos from ever beginning, if you really want to keep your precious toys. . .

This world for most people today is completely artificial—nothing really matters—at least not in the real world of all those yesterday’s, that had once been the future’s; that too many tomorrow’s too often failed to bring!

Consequently when the familiar castles of the real world collapse under the weight of the global-lies that have brought them back to the ruins they will become again: Most will only have themselves, locked into their private-little-world’s to blame: For a global-world that will suddenly no longer exist.

These PRIVATE little-world’s will FAIL because they never had any real basis for being in the first place. Without the underpinnings of a society that actually lives for more than petty greed and over-reaching arrogance; the subsequent collection of bandits, murders and con-artists ­ is hardly enough of a reason for this place to survive. Without values or friends what the hell is the point of all the pain and suffering without any JOY even being “ALLOWED,” without a god-damned government permit?


Yesterday I took BART over to the East Bay early in the morning and discovered what’s coming soon to that piece of government transportation. Three burly ugly-cops got on in downtown San Francisco, and unconsciously blocked the entrance to the car I was on ­ due to the fact of their double-wideness.  By the time we reached the Embarcadero and the beginning of the tube under the bay they had spread our and taken seats. And by the time we reached Oakland they had put on ordinary UNMARKED windbreakers that concealed their uniforms and weapons.

So apparently things on BART will begin to change again. The law says that when an officer wears outward clothing over the uniform the jacket needs to clearly identify the wearer as an OFFICER of whatever agency they “serve.” These were two SFPD cops and one BART Officer—none of them appeared to be cops after they added civilian attire—only their distorted-facial-expressions gave them away.

Coming back during the homeward commute along with thousand’s of commuters coming from nowhere and obviously going back to non-existence I could not help but ponder: WHY do they do this—is it just to maintain such empty lives. Because when you listen to them babble what their conversation always consists of is nothingness, compounded by manufactured entertainments that are always transitory and devoid of anything that might add to their supposed lives. I-phones, Cell-phones, I-tunes, computers: seemingly these people are incapable of being without any of that garbage for even a few minutes. Three out of five have wires hanging from their ears: Do they really envy the computers they cannot seem to live without?

When there is no longer a “real-world” to drain of all its value: What shall they do then? The population here already seems to be nothing more than androids animated by various vacuums that only draw them ever-deeper into the world of the TAR-BABY, in which no one survives to live another day. . . except those of us that know the farce for what it has always been and chose to fight this vehemently to whatever its conclusions turn out to be.

This is the self-interested world in which only 72 cops, nationwide, were killed last year—but in which hundreds of these creatures sitting around me on BART and in the buses were arrested tortured or killed while in police custody. The city of New York only has about 60,000 cops; and about 12 million people ­ what will happen if the 12 million decide that it is the cops that are out of control and not the population? Just look are how fearful the cops and the government have become just since January 1, of this year! Hollow-point bullets by the billion, 64 thousand black-ops helicopters and over 100,000 drones: to be used against who (all these androids that have no clue about what’s about to happen to them since they have all been targeted as "ENEMIES OF THIS STATE"? (2)

Yuppies are very proud of “Living in the Now” except that they know NOTHING about what that really means: Because without an accurate understanding of what “the NOW” really is, they might as well be chasing the non-existent RAINBOWS of their electronic dreams which they are constantly trying to create. Only by understanding the World of the NOW which currently exists, can we even begin to make decisions about how to survive the coming catastrophes. . . (3)

1) Endgame ­ Revisited (1994)

2) ‘Wordslingers”

3) SECRETS & The Silence



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