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The Land That Would Be

By Jim Kirwan


What has become normal here is as foreign to this place as anything that was unthinkable, just a few short years ago. Amerika today is as Communist and Fascist as any nation that was formerly ruled by either of those failed political-movements could ever have hoped to create.

We have gone from an almost idyllic set of ideals, in the children holding hands, to the poverty of homelessness and big-brother via the ever-present tube, as can be seen inside the smaller circle within the larger image to the right. Just as the signs of “NO” “DON’T” and “STOP” which have become the most common-public-signs anywhere and everywhere in this society today: We have lost all possible options for the positive view…

America” is dead in all but the official proclamations that this cowardly government, composed of creatures living on High Treason, has still not-yet issued for the Martial Law that we are already living in.

The reasons for this quagmire are several, and need to be explained in brief—because too many have no idea of what is required to actually shut-down this society: That is what real Martial Law would dramatically do.

What was shown to the world in the aftermath of the Fake-attack on the Boston Marathon was a poorly-executed government-charade that lacked even the semblance of any reality. That event gave government the opportunity to show the public the supposedly awesome military and political-powers that are about to be unleashed against anyone in America that resists further encroachments, of the Police-State which is planned, and will be activated in three more cities this month. But that’s all just another gargantuan lie!

When real Martial Law takes place, the entire American-society will be shut-down: Supposedly in the name of national-security. What was done to Watertown Massachusetts was not representative of the nation, in any way.

Staying home in locked-houses would end the society of the USA. If people cannot go to work, billions, even trillions would evaporate from the cities, the counties and the incomes of the states that would bankrupt the nation within three days. If people cannot go to work the country will die. If people cannot get fuel, food, or water, everything will cease to function as a viable state or nation. For workers to work they frequently need to acquire the materials and tools of their professional lives and occupations: Lockdown’s would end the entire cycle that makes having a productive society possible to maintain. All those millions of overfed government workers would be unable to get to their useless jobs of controlling the public by intimidation and identification which is rapidly becoming the norm. “YOUR PAPERS PLEASE!” would become meaningless if no one can leave their homes.

As shortages become permanent because the trucks and trains will not be able to move, the already short-fuses of the public will rapidly move to explosive-attitudes which will erupt into violent reactions which no amount of artificially-imported federal-troops will be able to contain. Traffic inside the nation cannot be ordered to go home, and stay there, because this government does not yet have OBAMA’S PRIVATE-HOMELAND-ARMY, supposedly larger than the regular US Military force that already exists. Even if he had them, they are not trained and will be totally ineffective in any real-life scenario in which they will almost immediately become major-targets for the Americans that won’t be buying into the takeover that is planned.

What we saw in Watertown Massachusetts was not a normal problem such as would be the case if hundreds of apartment houses of many floors each, in neighborhoods that have hundreds of people in every block had been targeted ­ none of that has yet been confronted, in any way. That’s because the thugs do not have either the people or the forces this would require. Nor has the government factored in the gangs, the spontaneous-riots that will break-out, not to mention the fact that food, fuel and water will almost immediately become scarce to the point of rebellions of varying sizes everywhere—not just in those particular places where the government has planned and will dispatch enough troops, temporarily, to squash any real public-resistance.

FEAR of government fascism alone will not be enough to force compliance because there are reasons why millions of Americans have been buying huge quantities of weapons since Obama was first elected. They bought their weapons to protect themselves—from everything they fear might very well be coming and that includes the criminal-government forces that are planning the overthrow of this nation by force.

There is the fifth column of this government as well: The tattle-tails of the nanny-state and the snitches that we are supposed to fear as well. Those people will probably be shot once the lid-comes off the targeted-society because the rest of us know that they are not Americans at all. Once the government commits itself to shutting down the nation there will be the fight that this country has always feared and millions will die for nothing! That has been their goal all along: Create the chaos, provoke the violence and “They WIN!” Instead we need to begin to arrest and prosecute the criminals throughout this false-leadership throughout the nation, so that the violence can be stopped before it begins.

The people who will resist the coming Armageddon inside the USA are those of us who have lived our lives as real and independent people. Those suck-up traitors that are willing to support the treason of the government in the hour of the nation’s need are not, and have never been, real people in any way. Their lives have always been meaningless to anyone that understands what life is all about. They will die by the thousands, most of them almost immediately. They will be thought of as ‘roadkill’ and nothing more.

Those leading the move to OVERTHROW the United States have never worked, nor have they ever sacrificed for anything they have ever had. Their survival-instincts are non-existent, just like their empty lives. The rest of us will deal with whatever is left of them almost as soon as any real attempt to kill us all begins.

All the BS that has been circulated about invading troops and military occupations of the cities and the states is crap. Just like all the rumors that have been used to try to spread fear of invading sleeper cells, when the government knows exactly who has what weapons, and who and how those weapons would be used. That knowledge makes the FBI, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, ATF, DHS, DEA and virtually all of the government’s criminal-forces just another part of this illegal attempt to overthrow this country.

If news of the supposed sleeper-cells were true, in any way, it would mean that the government has failed just as they supposedly failed on 911, to do their jobs. Yet because no one was ever disciplined for that crime, we know they did all of it or they were totally complicit in everything that has come from those events. Whether the “threat” is coming from Arab-Sleeper-cells, or other nation-states, USI could not last five minutes as a super-power if they did not already control all of these supposedly horrific-threats to their “HOMELAND” here in the Fourth Reich which they have constructed to end the United States of America.

The United States is far from perfect, but there are still enough of us here who believe in ourselves enough to deal with all these PRETENDERS: To end their efforts to destroy our lives, before this charade is able to get very far at all. It’s clear that this nation has been under intensive attack for decades, and since most of those who they have targeted here are and have remained “law-abiding”, this bunch of cowards has become inured into a false-sense of fake-victory, before the current war has even begun!

Once the last vestiges of a civil-society begin to permanently disappear, as has already begun, with the hired-thugs that pretend to be protectors of the public while they shove their filthy-paws down other-people’s pants and continue to try and intimidate the society at large—they still have no idea of what will happen to them, almost immediately, as soon as they make that fatal mistake of declaring all out war on the people of the USA.

This government has used all the words and all the threats they can muster, to this point. If they plan to go further beyond their planned limitations on travel, intimacy and human-rights then that page too will be turned and those having to look over their shoulders will become those who are today’s predators: Because very soon ~

Today’s PREDATORS will be tomorrow’s PREY!

This will happen in

The Land That Would Be,”

But only if the Outlaws ever come to rule that day.

Obviously I only speak for myself. But as a majority of one, I’m sick of these lying-cowards that creep around in the shadows to steal whatever might be left of any real-life, anywhere. I’ve been watched threatened and spied on since 1964 by the FBI and other agencies, and yet I continue to live my day-by-day life to the hilt—without becoming anything less than I chose to be. That could change if these traitors have enough weapons. My life can be ended, but that spirit will not yield and the freedom I embrace will remain alive long after this battle is finished. There are far more here, just like me, than meets the vertically-slited-eyes of those that have come to kill us all.





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