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The Land That Is

By Jim Kirwan


We live in the ruins of our own creation, in a place where the infrastructure is decaying all around us, on every side. What is crystal-clear is that whatever there once might have been here is no longer part of this shredded-society that we have inherited—mostly from our own mistakes.

We have forgotten that individually, personal privacy and personal choices are what made our initial progress in life possible. Part of that success; was that along with what we wanted for ourselves we had a responsibility to everyone else—because we all share in the problems and the bounty of this planet. But we threw all that away when we let Reagan convince us that ‘Greed is Good.’ What we forgot was that there are limits to the number of available-targets which existed, for that greed to profit from. Now we’re out of targets.

The Outlaws must now begin to devour each other…

Is it time for the Necktie Party?

If we were a young nation with testosterone & a future, we would be hanging criminals in cities across this land. As it is we are just a name-less place without a government. The United States no longer has laws, except for the poor and indigent, because the constitution on which all laws are based is dead. We, for our part, still have not figured out that what we call government is totally-illegal. The Constitution no longer matters to whatever is done to anyone living n America today. The Department of Justice has become the Dept. of Injustice and global-criminality. Virtually every agency of this government works against the people to poison, to corrupt us, or to murder Americans whenever and wherever possible.

The three branches of government got their powers from the people who were supposed to have the protections of their Constitution. Without the Constitution or the any of the settled laws of this land there is no justification whatsoever for any legal authority over any one of us. What the government now consists of provides for nothing. The common criminals in US uniforms are all without the power of being US Government officials or appointees. The uniforms, the titles and all of their supposed powers are null & void. Obama declared himself to be in total control over everyone in the entire world. He has declared that he and only he has total control over who lives or dies anywhere on the planet. The time to end all these crimes is now…

The facts are known in detail. There are literally hundreds of thousands of files, proofs and proven condemnations that exist and have existed for years. The Militia’s and the Sheriffs along with the formerly FEDERAL Marshalls ought to come to the aid of their country—because that is what is needed now.

Real-trials could be held today: Convictions would be clearly ordered, based upon the evidence already assembled. They have blatantly stolen this country. They no longer have any defense for who they are or for what they have done. None of their actions are secret any longer. They have been very public about their crimes and what they are about to do to us on the Fourth or Fifth of May, which will probably include a partial-nuclear attack in D.C. as well.

Feinstein & Pelosi along with hundreds more of their ilk have risen to mega-millionaires by illegally using insider trading and illegal kickbacks that in Feinstein’s case went from $150 million to $350 million after congress made insider-trading legal after they had already been profiting from it for years—while it was still ILLEGAL. Of course that is not part of their High Treason as it regards Israel, the government of the USA, and the general lawlessness of members of the congress at all levels…

These are ordinary people and can be arrested because in theory no one is above the law in the USA ­ what has to happen is that those with the nerve and the determination need only use what they know along with their own convictions to find and arrest these criminals to begin that process. Once begun, the entire criminal enterprise will fall like a House of Cards in a Whirlwind!





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