Tokyo Air Laced With Radioactivity
By Richard Wilcox

From the Ministry of Science, Japan (MEXT) -

We can scroll down to “Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture (Fallout)(April, 2012)” and find that Tokyo received 25 million becquerals of Cesium (134 & 137) per square kilometer for the month (1). That is 25 becquerals per square meter. Divided over the entire month that comes to less than one becqueral per day, if you were breathing in all the air in that spot you would breathe in some of the radioactive fallout. And this is now normal in Tokyo!

This is quite a bit higher than other prefectures around Tokyo and begs the question why there is such a high level of fallout given the nuclear reactors are no longer emitting heavy volumes of radiation into the air (mainly contaminating water). Maybe it is from dust being stirred up in the springtime winds, or from the incineration of radioactive debris in the incinerators in Tokyo’s 23 wards. I have not able to ascertain any data on this topic either from the alternative media or the government itself, which does not publish incineration data. If you go to this webpage you can enquire from the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) in English but they will not return your email!

“Please send your opinions and suggestions to the Ministry of the Environment” (2).

The problem is, unlike the US EPA which answered my question in just one day:

“Thank you for contacting EPA. EPA has jurisdiction over the U.S. and its territories. We do not have information about incinerators
in Japan. The U.S. has no experience in the burning of radioactive debris in municipal incinerators. Any incinerator operating in the U.S. would be subject to EPA emission standards.“ (email communication, 4/25/12); the Japanese MoE will print out your message and then place it in a garbage can labeled “Thank you for your suggestion.”

1. Reading of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture (Fallout)(April, 2012)

2. Please send your opinions and suggestions to the Ministry of the Environment.



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