Just How Big Is
Rupert Murdoch's Stick?
By Tim Shaw

The common perception regarding the power of Rupert Murdoch, is that Prime Ministers over the years have entertained him in return for some favourable media coverage. A symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit between an influential media identity, and political power. His media nurtured this innocent image, but its merely a cover story

It's bollocks!

It is bollocks not because it's not true, but because Murdock's real power lies in something exponantuly more powerful and sinister than that.

Theodore Roosevelt said "speak softly and carry a big stick".

He was referring to negotiating with an adversary, the big stick being Military might. The inference being that an obvious unspoken present threat and history of merciless carnage will ensure that even one's whims will be taken seriously. In fact, if your stick is big enough, one needn't ever resort to common threats at all. One need only speak in terms of conversational whims, particularly if you also have the power to grant or dismiss the tenure of the subordinate to whom you are delivering your whim. Just like one would hire or fire an editor for instance. If the editor is so crass as to need things spelled out to him, just employ one that understands the subtle whimsicle lingo of power, that way, should one ever end up in court, God forbid!, one can deny any orders were given, and the editor can take the wrap. Very important to keep a patsy ready to take the rap, one's arse depends on it.

So, what is Murdoch's big stick really?   

When he pays his discreet social visits to the Prime Ministers of Great Britain over the last thirty years, does he enter the room with the threat of nuclear capability?

Well actually, the answer is Yes!

Does he enter the room with the unspoken threat of assassination?

The answer is Yes.

Does he enter the room with access to more intelligence resources than the Prime Minister of Great Britain?

The answer is Yes.

(Besides the illegal secret private intelligence unit his corporation ran, he has access to Mossad information. Mossad in turn has access to the western world's intelligence info. Israeli software has been installed in key areas of global intelligence agencies.)

Does he enter the room with dominant corrupt influence over the United States political system?

The answer is Yes

Does he enter the room with global financial influence far FAR out weighing the economic power of the Prime Minister?

The answer is Yes.

Does he enter the room with far more influence over the media than just his own media empire?

The answer is Yes.

Will these powers be ruthlessly visited upon those not heeding the message of raw power?

The answer is Yes.

Rupert Murdoch is a Jew, and powerful zionist Jews have these tools of intimidation at their disposal. People like Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and the terrorist leaders of Israel, although they do not personally organise every aspect of this power, they are part of a cabal that ruthlessly blackmail entire nations with it.

Israel is a nuclear state. This Zionist cabal has ruthlessly administered punishment and terrorism via and on behalf of their nuclear state.

It's intelligence agency, Mossad, carried out 911.

(In return our leaders lied to us about WMDS,  and invaded Israel's enemies)

It has carried out numerous political assassinations.
JFK threatened the financial and nuclear power of this cabal, then the world was shown what happens should you try that.
The economies of nations have been trounced for being a threat to the cabal

So, if you should inadvertently find yourself as the Prime Minister of Britain, and Mr Murdoch pays you a social visit, you better understand these things:

1) It's not a social visit!

2) Topics brought up casually during the conversation, are not casual topics at all, they are premeditated messages from a powerful cabal to be taken seriously, lest you go the way of JFK, or your country is attacked and blamed on the Arabs by the cabal's popular media.

3) To seriously attack this Zionist cabal would be to start a nuclear war without the media on your side!

Woodrow Wilson said in 1913 -  "There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that men had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

True raw power need only infer its needs, thus remaining hidden from public scrutiny who would march against it if they understood it.
Our most powerful leaders know it, and indeed do not speak above their breath in condemnation of it.




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