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Images & Reality

By Jim Kirwan

Behold the Puppeteers


Cyprus reveals the deadly-flaw at the heart of the global-criminal enterprise throughout the New World Order. It is humanly impossible to cover up these crimes.

Even the thought that it is ‘possible’ to have a world in which anything can be ever be successful, when there is only one choice which always spells catastrophic-failure—especially when that choice controls all the global-possibilities for the entire financial world.

The markets and their controlling agencies, in this case, have been massively-scamming the entire-planet since 2007. Everyone behind this global-theft just been caught red-handed: What Cyprus has just forced the planet to finally have to face, has already sent global-shockwaves around the world that have already struck down Bernanke at the Federal Reserve. Even a criminal as influential as Bernanke has already seen that this game is over, his life is finished. There is no where to go from his exposure to the financial-tsunami that will now openly sweep away hundreds of criminals world-wide. All of this was inherently set in place when the World-Bank and the IMF began this crime-spree at the end of WWII.

When the first ‘economic-hit-men were sent to indoctrinate the third-world into the ‘murderous-rules’ of this game: The fate of their own existence was sealed. What happened this week in Cyprus was just the inevitable-flaw that brought it all down in this colossal failure. Nothing about “this criminal-system’ could ever have succeeded in anything they did for the long-term. Somewhere deep in the black-heart of global-criminality, everyone involved, worldwide, has always known this day would come!

I’ve been a political-investigator for over fifty years. The one constant that always determines the end of anyone’s time-in-power has always come when graphic-images of “the powerful” begin to be shown; just as they are caught in the act of failing to hide their darkest-secrets. Because then the public in their OUTRAGE, always ends by demanding public-answers! That‘s what just happened in Cyprus. This short but very public video, along with others, will very soon begin to make the rounds and by then RAGE & Outrage will have already begun to rip this whole global-masquerade apart. The highest among the hypothetically mighty will politically die, before they disappear from history…

Did you here about the Bailouts? No what about the Bailouts?

The governments have announced the taxpayers will make money on the bailouts. Should I believe them? Depends, do you believe the politicians are honest? No. Do you believe the bankers are fair? No. Do you believe the two plus two equals pink? No, I definitely do not believe that the two plus two equals pink! Then you should not believe that we’ll make money on the bailouts. Then how could the governments claim such a thing? By conveniently ignoring the backdoor bailouts. What is a backdoor bailout? A backdoor bailout is like any other bailout, except the government lies, and says it wasn’t a bailout.

But what was the main bailout? The main bailout was the tarp program. What is the tarp program? A program where the government used the taxpayer dollars to buy shares in the banks. Why did they buy the shares? Because they said the banks were too big to fail. And if they failed there would be too many foreclosures and no new mortgages. So after the governments bought the shares did the banks stop the foreclosures? No. Did they get the mortgages? No. So what did they do with the money? They used it to buy other banks. But weren’t they already too big to fail? Yes. So now they are now too-bigger to fail? Exactly.

Which banks are too-bigger to fail? The biggest are the JP Morgan-Bear-Sterns-Washington-Mutual and the Bank of America-Countrywide-Merrill-Lynch. What about the Goldman-Sachs did they buy another bank? No. Why Not? Because when you already own the U.S. Government you don’t need to buy any more banks.

After the other banks became too-bigger to fail, did they stop the foreclosures? No. Did they get the mortgages? No. Did they do anything at all? One executive at the Bank of America-Countrywide-Merrill-Lynch paid the bill on (for) his $70,000 desk. My god is this a corrupt third world country? Definitely not. How could you be so sure! Because nobody in a third-world county would be stupid enough to spent $70.000 on a desk. Is this executive still at the Bank of America-Countrywide-Merrill-Lynch? No he is now the CEO of the CIT. What is the CIT? The CIT is a failed lending company. How could a failed lending company hire a new CEO? Because they also got billions in the bailouts.

Do these people have no shame? When you constantly get the Bailout, you don’t care about the shame. What was the main-backdoor-bailout? The biggest was the bailout of the AIG’s.

Why did they bailout the AIG’s? Because the AIG’s had borrowed billions from the banks, and if they went under the banks would lose too much money. And after the bailout; how much did the banks lose? Nothing. How is that possible? Because the government decided the taxpayers should pay for all the banks mistakes. Which banks did the AIG’s owe the most money to? The Goldman-Sachs. So despite its poor decision to lend too much money to a failed company the Goldman-Sachs did not lose a penny! Actually the Goldman-Sachs probably profited from the failure of the AIG. How could someone profit from the downfall of one of their biggest clients? Because while the Goldman-Sachs was lending money to the AIG’s ­ it was also making a secret bet that they would go under. My god is this some science-fiction movie, like the Star-Wars? No. How do you know? Because the Evil­Empire in the Star-Wars was fiction but the Evil-Empire that is the Goldman-Sachs is very real.

But weren’t the American people outraged by this manipulation? At the time the American people did not know about the structure of this bailout. How come? Because the government ordered the AIG’s to lie to the people. Who in the government gave such an order? The New York Fed. And who at the time was in-charge of the New York Fed? The Timothy Geithner. Who put the Timothy Geithner in charge? Timothy Geithner was appointed by the president Bush.

What about the president Obama and ‘the change’? Did the President Obama bring the change to the Timothy Geithner? Yes. So he fired him? No. He promoted him to Treasury Secretary. That does not sound like ‘the change we can believe in’. Definitely not.

Were there any other bailouts? Yes during the financial crisis the Ben Bernanke loaned trillions of dollars to companies like the Barkley’s. What is the Barkley’s? The Barkley’s is a European Bank. Why would the Ben Bernanke lend money to a European Bank? So they could buy the Leman after it went Bankrupt. And why did the Leman go bankrupt? Because the Ben Bernanke refused to lend them any money. But why would the Fed refuse to lend the American People’s money to an American Bank ­ but then lend money to a European bank? I don’t know. Maybe because the Europeans have funny accents.

But me and you also have funny accents, (this conversation is between two bears) will the Ben Bernanke lend us money? No.

Why not! Because we are not bankers, and to the Ben Bernanke if you are not a banker then you simply don’t exist.

So after all these bailouts did the banks stop the foreclosures? No. Did they get the mortgages? No. Did they do anything at all? They paid themselves big bonuses. That does not sound like a prudent use of the American people’s money. When you constantly get the bailouts (ever since 2007) you don’t care about the prudence. Are any of the bailouts going on today? Yes the Ben Bernanke keeps the short term interest rates at zero. How is that a bailout? Low rates mean the banks have to pay the American people very little interest on their savings accounts. That is a very nice gift from the American people to the banks!

Yes. And to show their gratitude did the banks stop the foreclosures? NO. Did they get the mortgages? NO. Did they do anything at all! Yes they INCREASED the monthly fees on all bank accounts. That does not sound like the gratitude that sounds like the screwing of the American people. Yes. But isn’t it normally a bad-idea to screw your own customers? When you constantly get the bailouts ­ you don’t care about your customers.

But after all these different bailouts what do the banks do with the money? They invest it. A lot of it in the foreign countries. Why did they invest in the foreign countries? Because they said, In America the taxes are too high. Why are the taxes so high? Because the government is broke. And why is the government broke? Because they spent all their money on the Bailouts. Is this all some kind of a sick joke? Yes, in a way it is. What kind of joke is it! Well do you work for a bank? NO. Did you get any of the bailouts? NO. Do you pay income taxes? Yes. Then the joke is on you. (1)

Once these types of clarity begin to appear in forms like this, then the end of everything will very soon come crashing down!

The American public has been playing a metaphorically unique game of MONOPLY, with the global-financial leaders of the planet. In this “game” only the public’s (MONOPOLY) money is clearly evident ­ while the IMF, the World Bank & all the other creatures that are out to steal our lives; are allowed to keep their money hidden and SECRET from public view. As this fictional-game is played the public’s money dwindles down to almost nothing, while the other players in this ancient game continue to keep their assets out of sight.

The public has to assume that the other-forces have what they say they have in reserve, and ‘we’ respond accordingly to every command we are given. Yet ‘we’ have seen how much they routinely ‘rake-in’ from their various criminal-endeavors all around the board. What Americans do not see (because the others keep their “money” hidden) is that when they win—they pocket all of it—and when they lose they come after more and more and more from the public in taxes, fines and fees, as well as outright theft, as they just tried to do in Cyprus.

However what we see in Cyprus, through this metaphorical MONOPOLY game, was an accidental overturning of the whole board-game that accidently revealed for all the world to see, that the supposedly secure-powers are actually destitute and they’ve been cheating throughout this 68 year-long game. They knew they were in the final round. They planned to finish taking everything that the ‘global-public’ thought that we were all still playing - to keep!

But the truth of this fictitious game was that nothing the so-called powers ever said, in the real world, was ever true!

There will be Blood in the Streets around the world, unless the public begins immediately to openly arrest and try the leaders, both political and private, for the crimes that have each callously created over the last 68 years! Bernanke is toast. As the ex-chairman of the FED he needs to be first among many to go. Bernanke should be followed by all the ex-presidents and their government-co-conspirators, as ex-office-holders, during the commission of this global-heist, and its part in the global-slaughter of the millions, possibly billions, that died because of their schemes. This global-chain-of-lies has underpinned every war, and all the blood-drenched consequences that we have brought upon the entire world—just to make these outlaws filthy-rich!


Here’s the rest of what has really gone on in and around Cyprus over the last few weeks. When the USSR fell apart, Russia appealed to the US for help: Instead we tried to finish them off. Today the global-tables have been reversed and this time Russia has won the first round in The New Cold War. A war that will not take-prisoners, but will end with the ruin of the USA, because this ‘criminal-overreach’ has come down to this. (2)

The situation in the Streets of Cyprus and every other nation that is facing the economic ruin of so many nations, will come within days to the USA, unless we begin immediately to arrest everyone within our own shell-game (financial, military & political).

We must shut down the FED and the major-banks that have screwed us all—far beyond this public’s ability to survive. The possibility of averting what is causing the implosion of the EU, is far too vast for any of us to continue to ignore. In this catastrophe we can all clearly see exactly how the entire planet is now being threatened with extermination. The need to act immediately is overwhelming—let’s come together and make this happen now!

1) Bank Bailouts Explained ­ 6min 50 sec cartoon - VIDEO

2) MEDIA ADMITS WE ARE AT WAR WITH RUSSIA If Cyprus falls into Putin’s grip, the West will have lost the first battle in the new Cold War,





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