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How Zionist Politicians Brought
On Newtown Killings - Part 2

By Yoichi Shimatsu


The first half of this analysis of the Connecticut shootings, “MK-ULTRA Links to Sandy Hook Assault”, examined how the CIA’s mind-control program spread like a metastasizing cancer across the Eastern Seaboard, delivering a nightmarish cocktail of synthetic drugs, sexual abuse and lethal violence.  The focus of that essay was on the three major players in the New England region ­ CIA/FBI agents, the pedophile Catholic clergy and the Irish drug-trafficking mob, while giving only passing mention of the Jewish politicians whose salesmanship was needed for the monumental task of social engineering a proud nation into a herd of sheep.

The major political figure in the Newtown tragedy who has once again evaded personal responsibility for the bloody consequences of his idiotic policies, which include the war in Iraq and arms shipments to Israel, is Joseph Isadore Lieberman. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and U.S. senator from Tel Aviv and Stamford is the elephant in the schoolroom that nobody seems to notice.

Soon to retire from the senatorial seat he’s kept warm for 22 years, Joe Lieberman has been a contemporary of New England gangland boss Whitey Bulger and his CIA controllers. His Senate term has run exactly parallel to the takeover and transformation of once-puritanical Connecticut into a sleazy hub of underage prostitution, child porn, drug peddling and gambling.

Without the powerful senator’s protection and nurturing of unsavory characters and corporate criminals over the decades, the Sandy Hook school massacre probably would never have happened. Here, in Part 2, the role of Jewish politicians in first promoting and later suppressing child prostitution, kiddie porn and drug use is explored, along with the blowback from that policy reversal provoking the school attack and subsequent cover-up.

Social Engineering the New Normal

The ultimate text on MK-ULTRA, the Jason Bourne novels, unfortunately leaves the impression that CIA mind-control was a bizarre venture into the fringe science of brainwashing assassins that soon failed. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The CIA mind-control program was successful beyond the imagination of its inceptor, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb.

The CIA aimed not only at behavioral modification to produce ruthless assassins, its larger goal was total control over how and what the citizenry thinks.  The Jesuits, who gladly cooperated with MK-ULTRA, are masters of social control ever since the rise of their order during the Spanish Inquisition. The guilt that went with sin provided the inquisitors with the opportunity to extract confessions. Every worshiper in the Baroque Era regularly testified to his local spymaster ­ a Father Confessor ­ about his neighbor’s crimes and his own darker desires. Pre-crime viewing became possible as the confessors peeled back the psychological layers of their parishioners. The Inquisition created the perfect authoritarian state for an obedient population.

Now that sin no longer counts, crime ­ or the desire to commit criminal acts - is the essential component in governmental mind-control because anti-social rebellion is the door to the subconscious. “Father, I want to kill you. Mother, I want to . . .” That admission is the death of conscience and the beginning of thought control. Self-centered infantile individualism breaks away the individual from loyalties to family, community and nation, rendering him or her into an informer and pawn of the nameless guardians who supervise the government, the courts and the police.

Corruption Personified

To construct this system of alternating permissiveness and repression, a scarecrow version of Jabba the Hutt ­ corruption personified and brutal aggression hidden behind a mask of comic cynicism - was installed as senior senator of Connecticut in 1989. As incisively articulated by Connecticut political activist Ms. Lee Whitnum: “One could argue that Joe Lieberman has contributed to more death and destruction than any ‘enemy combatant’ ever held in Guantanamo.” (

Lieberman’s blatant toleration of organized crime did not exclude him from the ranks of upper-crust society, the corporate criminal class of New England. His local donors are concentrated in Hartford-based insurance companies, which are the financial engines behind the toxic spread of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. First used to train soldier-robot assassins, mind-alternating chemicals are now FDA-approved instruments for nationwide risk management under the state-pharm system.

Connecticut was a social laboratory where pharmacological manipulation of the human brain, pioneered by MK-ULTRA researchers, has since been mainstreamed as a permanent feature of a global “therapeutic society”. “If you distrust us, you are deeply troubled since childhood and in desperate need of help. So take your meds and play online games.”

Lieberman’s wife Hadassah Freilick (if this maiden name doesn’t say it all, what does?) is a crusading Zionist on contract with the CIA-controlled Hill & Knowlton PR firm as an unregistered lobbyist for Pfizer and Hoffman-LaRoche drug labs.

Pzifer invented not only mind-altering drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Geodon and Lyrica but also infamously, Viagra, the “hard-on” pill responsible for countless sex offenses committed by otherwise flaccid older men. Hoffman-LaRoche markets the antidepressants Marplan and Limbitrol, the hypnotic agent Benzodiazepine, the sex stimulant for women called Accutane, and the notorious date-rape drug Rohypnol.

MK-ULTRA is obsolete when private medical insurance plans are covering the costs of date-rape capsules. New England’s once-puritanical Christian values, hypocritical as they were, have long since been toppled by the now dominant and, to be perfectly frank, Jewish norms of rampant consumerism, aggressive greed and domineering sexual violation, along with their consequent downsides of debt, loan-sharking and bankruptcy. That’s what the Wall Street collapse of 2008 was really about ­ investment bankers, hedge fund managers, stock brokers and crony politicians partying with their investors’ money in orgies with teenagers and sub-teens fueled on Ice and Viagra. Uncle Berlusconi was their role model.

High-Priced Child Sex Slaves

Sex with children is no longer just the deviant behavior of school-yard flashers, young flesh is the crème de la crème of the most expensive bordellos and escort services in New York and Miami. Anti-pedophile campaigns by law-enforcement agencies worldwide have yet to arrest and imprison a single suspect from the top elite clientele of this heinous sector of the international sex industry. The slave trade of the plantation era is now being replicated in the smuggling of underage girls and transgender boys from Asia, Latin American, Eastern Europe, Africa and the backwoods of New England and the Midwest into major American cities.

The shielding of pedophiles by the police and alienated social elite was shown in the case of the only high-profile john ever named, back during the 2008 investigation into the Emperor Club VIP escort service ­ and that was New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, a foe of Wall Street insider trading.

After making the fatal “mistake” of prosecuting the World Jewish Congress for misappropriation of donor funds, the non-conforming American Jewish gubernatorial candidate was slated for destruction by the Israeli lobby. He broke the rule of the Tribe of crooks never to bust its own (and Bernie Madoff later proved what an inbred fool’s rule that is).

The pimps in that media-frenzied case were a Russian-Israeli named Mark Brener and his young girl Friday, who each got off with a light 2-year sentence. Despite the outcry against Spitzer, there was zero investigation of Brener himself after neighbors heard a young girl’s voice pleading from inside the pimp’s apartment: “Please don’t hurt me, Daddy!” Words like that are guaranteed to fall on deaf ears in wealthy Jewish circles in New York.

Spitzer’s career is wrecked for having been a “traitor” to a foreign warmongering state hostile to American democracy, while the lecherous Brener is out of prison and running a mind-control clinic called The One World Initiative, which was endorsed by Michelle Obama.  The Zionist pimp, now in his mid-60s, claims that he started dating his aide Cece Suwal when she was barely 18 ­ the borderline age ­ which sounds like a bit of a stretch.

In January, another Russian Israeli pimp was arrested for running a Sheepshead Bay prostitution ring called High Class NY patronized by hedge-fund executives. In his online ads, Mikahil Yampolsky, who claims residence in the nuclear-weapons outpost of Dimona, featured photos of extremely slender girls, “model types” in his ads. In body language that means teens on the youngish side. The fees ran up to $3,600 per girl, not including cocaine and sex toys, and one customer racked a bill for $170,000. Too high a price for plump hens, these must have been spring chickens just out of puberty.

Protection Racket AKA Blackmail

The largest prostitution rings operating in Manhattan have never been raided by the NYPD since the client lists are a blue-ribbon roll call of an untouchable high society. It is enough that politicians with access to confidential police reports, classified DHS files and pimping black books from madams keep the damning evidence locked away inside their safes.

With their easy access to police data, East Coast politicians run a protection racket on bankers, corporate chieftains and old-money families, a blackmail trade worth much more that the Mafia’s extortion of small businesses in places such as Queens or Hoboken. Keeping a deviant Kennedy or errant Rockefeller out of jail and miles away from the headlines is convertible into campaign contributions, endorsements and blocks of votes. No wonder political heavyweights like former GOP chairman Mel Sembler, Mayor Michael Bloomfield, and veterans Ed Koch and Alphonse D’Amato pay homage to the Boss Tammany from Stamford. A Senate Homeland Security Committee seat is worth its weight in platinum.

The potentially damaging private information used for political blackmail is vital for swinging Congressional votes on military aid to Israel or resolutions condemning Arab terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program. Lieberman’s clout counts on any vote involving Israel since he keeps so many brothel customer lists in his coat pocket. The consistent 100-percent support for the Jewish state means that a lot of Congressmen are taking their Viagra.

One-Man Band for the Pedophiles

From a state renowned for its preparatory schools, Lieberman has been the outstanding protector of pedophiles and the child porn industry. In a near-unanimous vote by 98 senators in favor of the 2003 Protect Act, aimed at child prostitution, pedophiles and kiddie porn, Lieberman notably was not among them. An earlier generation of Americans would have tarred and feathered such an offender of public morals up the road to Montreal.

The electorate’s favor began to turn against this one-man band for child sex slavery with the increasing parental alarm about school security after the Columbine incident. In response to public pressure, younger politicians like Chris Murphy, a moderate Republican who was a state senator in 2005, pushed for an Office of Child Protection. Murphy has since won the race to take over the retiring Lieberman’s Senate seat in January 2013.

State attorney general Richard Blumenthal joined the anti-pedophile campaign with complaints in 2006 against MySpace for allowing registered sex offenders to use its social networking service, which resulted in at least 7 cases of sexual assault against minors in Connecticut.  After using some tough language to force changes at MySpace and Facebook, Blumenthal took on massage parlor ads at Craigslist, even though practically all did not involve children.

In late 2010, Craigslist caved into the coalition of several states’ attorney and removed the adult sex industry ads. (Years of anti-pedophile campaigns have taught our investigation team in Southeast Asia that whenever NGOs and police shift the focus onto adult-age prostitutes and women’s issues, the underlying motive is to shift the spotlight away from the more lucrative commerce in child abduction and pedophilia.)

Homeland Security in Every House

With ambitions to run for Senate, Blumenthal’s “gangbusters” approach to the sex industry coincided with the FBI decision to drop its confidential informant (CI) protection deal with New England mob boss Whitey Bulger. The broadside attacks by state and federal authorities, as perceived by gangland, may well have been what led organized crime elements and dirty cops to plan a retaliatory raid on Sandy Hook, a DHS model school.

The new principal was cooperating with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to improve building security under the state School Safety program. After Joe Lieberman pushed Congress to create the Department of Homeland Security in 2003, his state has served as a showcase for community-police collaboration. Some 16 universities across Connecticut offer degree programs in Homeland Security in partnership with DHS and FEMA.

The University of Connecticut established a master’s degree program designed by the DHS and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California, a training ground for CIA and Defense Intelligence agents. Sandy Hook was one of the schools participating in an online training program offered by UConn.

The first Connecticut institution of higher education to tie up with DHS, however, was Teikyo Post University, a branch of a scandal-ridden university in Tokyo, whose medical school was involved in the importation of HIV-tainted blood from American blood banks. The Japanese doctor who oversaw the blood plasma imports was a former member of the notorious Unit 731 biological warfare unit of the imperial army. The scandal reflected a continuing legacy of cooperation between the CIA and its corps of Jesuit operatives with the former fascists in black operations worldwide.

The DHS program widened the network of citizen informants, those nosy neighborhood snitches who earn cash rewards for tips leading to arrests. The net result is an espionage society much like Germany under the Gestapo or Stasi, with neighbors snooping on each other. The private arsenal and watchfulness of Nancy Lanza strongly suggest that she was probably one of the DHS-trained vigilantes.

Cops and Criminals Launch a Counter-Strike

Newtown is inside the boundaries of Danbury, a city with a disreputable record of dirty cops, paid informants of dubious reliability, and criminal penetration of the prison system. Among the dirty cops arrested are state trooper Paul Gallieti, who provided police data to the Sicilian mafia, and Danbury Prison correctional office Michael Rudkin, who tried to murder a special agent from the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office.

Unbeknownst to the eager-beaver citizen spies is that huge numbers of policemen and detectives are on the secret payroll of organized crime groups out of Boston, New York, Rhode Island and closer to home. A naïve tip-off could easily lead to an unofficial death warrant against a stool pigeon. The moles inside the police force realized the potential threat coming from Blumenthal and the FBI if and when their mafia bosses turned coat to testify as state’s witness. Complicating the situation is the legacy of the CIA MK-ULTRA program with its major support for IRA terrorism and cross-Atlantic drug trafficking into the Republic of Ireland during the Belfast troubles.

The risk of exposure during interrogations, the police squeeze on child-porn income, and crime-busting headlines were openly challenging the mobsters and their police minions to lash back. For anyone whose idealistic uncle was trained by MK-ULTRA to be a pain-impervious street fighter against the British SAS in Belfast, there’s no shying away from the prospect of a gunfight. If a counter-strike becomes absolutely necessary, then it’s just a matter of tactical planning.

How difficult is it for a professional gunman, who might sometimes contracted by the CIA for an executive hit, to put down a soft target like schoolchildren and shoot a young accomplice? Or finish the work with a head shot? It’s easier than spreading peanut butter on untoasted bread.

Other questions that will never be answered:

- Were mob moles or pedophile accomplices inside the school assisting the shooters?

- What about double agents inside the response team tampering with forensic evidence?

- Does the CIA need to protect the identity of the shooters as government contractors used against domestic threats or in Iraq?

- Who paid for the job? Who ordered the hit? Who benefited?

- Was the school job worth the risk for the New York child-prostitution industry? That hardly qualifies as question, since the profitable pedophile business is founded on nothing but risk.

A Cold Christmas for Missing Children

‘Tis the season of peace and forgiveness, even for the Scrooges of Wall Street and Capitol Hill. The school job is history, the cops are closing the book, the media are contenting themselves on gun control hysteria, the delivery of runaway kids resumes, tough-guy politicians are moving on to bigger issues, the shooters are in some lounge blowing snow, and Joe Lieberman is thinking about what to do upon retirement with all the money from the legal and illegal drug industry and ill-gotten lucre from his own VIP sex-fiend list.

The pro-Zionist power brokers and politicians are planning another year of bailouts for Israel and, while Wall Street is shut down for the holidays, are finding their amusement with the children on Christmas Eve. Who wants to lap-dance Santa, kids? Nobody’s got time to spare for that tiny girl crying: “Please don’t hurt me, Daddy.”

Yoichi Shimatsu, a Hong Kong based science writer, is director of Above & Beyond, which provides herbal therapy and health counseling to residents of Fukushima.





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