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Highways To Hell
Religions - Instruments Of
Spiritual Assassination - Pt 3

Why Your Religion Is Killing You
By Joseph Chiappalone MD
Take It Or Leave It!

Please read parts 1 and 2 before proceeding if you have not done so.

Highways To Hell...Why Your Religion Is Killing You - Pt 1

Highways To Hell...Why Your Religion Is Killing You - Pt 2

These essays and all my writings are to awaken people to their own truth within. The facts of extant History and of the current plight of the planet are mere details.

It is the energy within the writings that is to awaken you and set you on the path of connection with your Higher Self and its Nous.  If you have no Higher Being or Inner Nous, these writings are mere words that you will want to argue about. I am not here for that.

Once you awaken, you don’t need my words, but you will still feel the energy sustaining you somewhat as this globe sinks further and further into the recess of a deeper Hell.

Many are still running around trying to heal this moribund planet, even after reading my works. They simply don’t get it. That is because they do not understand. They read the words, but, having no Inner Knowledge, cannot comprehend, in toto, the significance of what is going on.

These reactions can be used as a measure of Viability.

That is why I do not argue with those that write to me wanting to argue.

Readers either wake up as these words resonate within them, or they don’t. If they have no Nous, no amount of arguing is going to do any good. And besides, I don’t have the time.

When your Inner Nous awakens, and the ‘bell inside your head rings’, there is no way you are ever going to be fooled by Evil again.

Realize that I have written that only about 9% of the world’s population will have that Nous and awaken. Although the majority of Theomorphs were spiritually evacuated in 1999, as I wrote in an earlier essay, called ‘Phase of the Shells’, some 650 million are having modifications done to their spiritual structures so that they will survive outside of this doomed dimension. As those implants become operational, they will express an Inner Truth just as Theomorphs do, and they will understand these writings and appreciate the energy therein.

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means your chances of meeting an awakened being are 9%. Only one in eleven people you meet is going to truly understand what is going on. Thus, don’t despair if you are physically alone on your Journey back Home. And keep away from the demons, the morons, the idiots, the failures. They will cause you all sorts of trouble, as you well know from past experiences, and they will drain you of time, money, and energy if they can. They won’t be able to if you don’t give them the chance.

Learn to be consoled by your Inner Nous, and make the realization that it is only a matter of time till things are set straight. In the meantime, don’t sit on your hands; be of assistance to all who truly need it, including animals and pets. Our assistance and love are never wasted. You will be guided on whom to help.

And, the more you are connected to your Nous, the less mistakes you will make, the less the traps you will fall into, and the less time and energy you will waste. Thus, as you progress, you will become an even more valuable aspect of the Divine Consciousness working to assist your brethren in this Darkness.

I will write much more about this in due course, and there is much information in my books. Realize you need to pay attention to your diet. Not for physical fitness but for spiritual fitness. A bad diet will block your connection to your Inner Being.

·        Learn protection;

·        Discern with your True Sight;

·        Develop your spiritual skills so that you will sense danger more readily;

·        Learn to think with your Higher Mind;

·        Accept the awakening of your psychic abilities;

·        Identify the programming, pollution and the indoctrinations you have been subjected to and correct the situation;

·        Realize who members of your true Family are;

·        Develop the patience and equanimity of the truly God-realized Warrior;

·        Don’t be a hypocrite. Make the effort if you are sincere about awakening.

Even on this level, I sense Viables are now ready to come together for the final exit out of this doomed planet. Be cheerful and wait in Serenity and Joy.

For now, I will continue with these essays:


More about the modern ‘Jesus Myth’, the successful con-trick and the creation of idiotic Jesus Freaks:

Even with the few facts I have revealed to you in Parts 1 and 2, you can begin to realize that a purposely Evil-created fantasy was presented to the somnambulant, trapped beings to anaesthetize them even further and make easily manipulated morons of them.

Modern day demons who are out to trap the unwary ask adherents to accept Jesus into their hearts. That is well and good. But then, they must acknowledge the concept of ‘their’ Jesus, the demonic fabrication, as being the ONLY way to salvation.

I have already explained there is NO need for salvation! You are either Divine, or you are not.

Then other beliefs are tagged on which the adherents must believe. In other words, they must accept the whole package, regardless of what other sinister contents there may be. And they must stop thinking for themselves. That is where the danger lies.

Most of the stories about Jesus in the present Bible are fabrications to fool the masses. In particular, the ‘miracles’ that are fairy-tales and mind-tricks to grasp the attention of little children (or rather, mentally immature morons) are repetitions of stories in literature that were published long before the Bible was even put together, as I reveal in my books and somewhat in the Parts 1 and 2 of the Highways to Hell essays.

A clue to the malicious and pernicious intent of the ‘Jesus Myth’ that people are asked to subscribe to in this day and age, and which makes morons of the Born-Again Pseudo-Christian adherents, is the fervour with which those who are trying to entrap them separate their Jesus Cult from all other belief systems.

Why should that be so? Can’t you see that is an entrapping mechanism?

Truth is Truth and can exist in any mind, any language, and in any belief system. It can be expressed in any individual way one sees fit, as long as it is Truth. Look at the number of so-called Gnostic Sects as detailed in History books. They were basically saying the same thing. It is just that those who examined them from without were not Gnostic, had no Truth within, and those who wrote the History books were also without Nous and could not see the core of Truth within each sect.

It is similar to the example of blind men describing an elephant:

See:  <>

The Moral of that poem is this:

“So oft in theologic wars, The disputants, I ween, Rail on in utter ignorance, Of what each other mean, And prate about an Elephant (meaning the Truth) Not one of them has seen!”


Besides, did not Frederick Nietzsche say that language falsifies reality? The moment we try to express something in words, we seem to denigrate it. Is that not so? Often what we say does not convey clearly what we meant to say.

When I connected to my Nous in 1984 and began writing the books I wrote, often would I have thoughts emanating from the Pool of the Numinous that I contacted but found I was unable to express them into words. It was simply impossible.

Also, many meditators receive information in the form of numerals and algebraic symbols which the mind often fails to translate into outer mind words. Have you experienced this? It is a valid communicative pathway, not understood by the morons and those of the Cultivated Ignorance.

The fact that the demons fooling people with the Jesus Myth insist on the ‘one and only’ for themselves is again a clear sign that what they are selling is spurious.

Realize that if you have been trapped by a Religion it does not mean you are a bad person. It is just that you have been fooled and brainwashed.

But you now have the chance to see the Light and escape the mental prison your Religion has created for you.

Once you awaken, you can stop the process imposed upon you by the Religion that can lead to the assassination of your spirit due to excessive energy drainage.

Those who see this world and their existence in it, as a wonderful life, are demons, or evil fools, or deluded and fooled Viables.

Once awakened, True Beings cannot wait to go Home to the True Creation.

They know this whole dimension is an energy-draining Hell, purposely created to destroy them, as it has many before us. This is not paranoia. This is a fact! Why do you think the whole dimension is going to be obliterated?



How are we to explain the so-called miracles of Fatima, Medjugorje, the Weeping statures of the Madonna as found at various sites, the liquefying blood of St Jenuarius in Naples’ Cathedral and many other apparently appealing miracles that keep the faithful (morons) in awe?

Well, have you heard of yogic tricks and alien technology? These events are no more than that.

It is the same technology as in the case of aliens being able to take a person’s hand, extend their etheric envelope that covers their bodies to cover the human’s body and allow him or her to walk through solid objects, such as wall, as they have been seen doing.

One should be extremely suspicious with the occurrences of these yogic tricks especially when messages are distributed as a consequence. Fatima and Medjugorje in particular exalt people to join the Catholic Church, the most materially successful and by far the most EVIL of all the organized religions.  Now that must surely tell you something, does it not?

It tells you the source of the yogic tricks is EVIL, delivering an EVIL message, and directing the gullible to an Evil Highway where exist gross exploitation and spiritual assassination. They might as well have made lots and lots of placards like Uncle Sam’s recruiting poster, not saying “I want you” but ‘We want your energy’.

I want to make special mention of the Shroud of Turin.

This is genuine. It has an image of Jesus’ body. That evidence can be used to conclude that a body called Jesus lived at the time, mocking, as it does, the pseudo-intellectual Zionist effort to claim that a living Jesus never existed.

Secondly, I know, because I know, that the impression left on the Shroud is due to the explosive emanation of the energy of a Higher Consciousness leaving a body for whatever reason, and also at or after death. I have witnessed it in this lifetime.

We can draw further conclusions therefore from this phenomenon:

·        The body that died contained a Higher Consciousness. As you know I have identified Jesus of Bethlehem as containing the Higher Consciousness of the Universal Avatar who periodically returns to this level.
·        That impression as we see on the Shroud occurred when the Light body of the Avatar left the physical. This is usually, but not necessarily, at the death of that body. Thus we can extrapolate that the body died.
·        What is reported in the Bible as evidence of the Resurrection, namely, that Jesus reappeared after death is not evidence of the body resurrecting at all.
·        What the Apostles are reputed to have seen was the Light Body of the Avatar, reproduced on this level. The report that doubting Thomas touched the wounds is spurious nonsense, added in an attempt to legitimize the concept of the Resurrection of the body, a concept the Gnostics called the ‘Faith of Fools’.
·        Have such Light Body visitations occurred since? ‘Many times’ is the answer. In our lifetime, the real Shri Sai Baba was seen around the world in his Light Body often answering prayers and performing ‘miracles’ which again were yogic tricks, while his physical body remained well planted back in India. They are the same tricks as he performed producing crystal balls or watches or holy ash from thin air, in his ashram, in front of many witnesses.
·        These magic tricks are tools to extend belief in a Higher Plane on this ignorant level. Sheople seem to need such things. You would be amazed at the lack of sophistication of the lowest common denominator. Some people have their lives changed simply by seing a UFO, or a ghost, or witnessing a poltergeist phenomenon, so unaware had they been before such events.
BTW, from what I have written you can conclude correctly that the body of Sai did accommodate the energy (Consciousness) of the Avatar.
·        That Consciousness can be, and often is, in a number of bodies simultaneously if it needs to be. Thus, in the time of Sai (1926-2011), both Shri Aurobindo (1872-1950) and the real Heidekhan Babaji contained aspects of that Consciousness.

 (You need to read what I have written elsewhere to understand why I said the ‘real’ Sai Baba and the real Babaji. In the case of Babaji, there were, and are, many impostors. The real Sai Baba shared a body with a demon called ‘Lanta’. That body is now dead.  I give further information below.
·        Don’t underestimate the propaganda worth of the Resurrection, this Faith of Fools. I remember as a student in Catholic Schools in my early years that it was stressed that the Catholic Church was the one and only true Religion simply because only its Founder, Jesus, had cheated death and resurrected. So, the lies never stop. And unless one in mature years begins to seek the real Truth, s/he will be trapped in the Faith of Fools.

I mentioned in Part 2 that at the time of emergence of the Christian movement that included the Resurrection, it was a part of the story of Attis, Dionysus (Adonis), Osiris, Mithra and Tammuz and others.


Before you trigger happy morons get onto your keyboards and start your ridiculous attacks on me, as you are prone to do with anything that does not suit you, answer me this question: ‘What is my Motto?’ This is especially directed to the close-minded, bigoted, brain-washed religionists.

Now do your worst, with the knowledge that you are wasting your time as I have a swift delete key.


Footnote 1:

From my book ‘What’s Going On?’ Chapter 31

"Boy" someone said to me, "no one will want to hear this stuff. It will terrify them out of their wits." Others have said, "Why should we listen to you when nearly everyone else and most recorded writings say the opposite? We would prefer to believe the Bible, or Edgar Cayce, or Ramtha ,or A Course in Miracles, or Sai Baba, etc."

Allow me to place all this into perspective. To make any sense of what is going on, remember, at all times, that we are in the midst of a War with fierce fighting between the factions of the two essences, Good and Evil.

First of all, I would never try to convince the evil masses of anything, least of all this Truth which they hate to hear and which automatically incites them to ANGER because they know it blows their cover.

Many True Beings even, because of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, do NOT want to hear this information, but a few do.

Unfortunately, one has to go through thousands of evil beings sometimes to reach just one True Being. Often I have lectured to 100 people in a room and knew I was really only addressing 1 or 2 True Beings. The others were counterfeit beings and demons attending out of curiosity or to attack, on both the energy level and the physical level.

One cannot have the privilege in this evil environment of reaching only those who want to hear. Many others need to be contacted, some to be exposed, some to be given the final choice. And often, as many True Beings have come to realize, beneficial effects for the True Beings can come in many ways, not because the evil ones would want that, but because there is no other direct way.

Sometimes evil beings appear to lead a True Being to some awakening opportunity without intending this.

All means to awaken are used. When this occurs, the True Being should not be trapped into thinking the evil being has his or her spiritual interest at heart to awaken him or her.

If the situation is carefully examined, one finds ALWAYS that evil beings do things out of selfishness. It suits them for they have something to gain. Some True Beings cannot see the evilness immediately however, and will excuse away many bouts of exploitation by an evil partner just because that partner may have, for example, asked them to read a book which begins them on their journey of spiritual enlightenment, or they may have taken them to a meditation session which does the same thing, or to a lecture, workshop and so on.

From experience, and many will verify this, it is accurate to say that the type of reception these words, my information, trigger is an unmistakable pointer to the ontological nature of the recipient.

The majority of people have various mechanisms of reception for these facts. They range from gross disbelief, to ridicule, annoyance, anger, apparent disinterest, etc. These are mechanisms of the evil ones. Emotions and body language tell who they truly are, inspite of their overt response, however.

I, as well as many others, see the changes in the aura of non-Viables which spell out anger, then a sense of guilt and finally doom as they receive these facts.

Eventually all will see these things. Their response is not to me, the Cardboard Box, not to the others, not to their thoughts, but to the energy of the information.

Only a minority are elated by this information. Their happiness is unmistakeable. These are the relatively purified and awakened True Beings who recognize the significance of the information and are able to perceive the value of it and its energy immediately!

Other True Beings are confused at first because of all the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which affects them, but once they awaken, they have various degrees of joy, even if they do not admit it to others openly. I know this is true, from the many communications I have received personally.

The rejection by the evil ones, who know it is true, extends to those in the media and the churches. They have hoped that this information and I will go away. As events which I described occur more clearly, more unmistakeably, world-wide, with a vehement urgency for all to see, the media and ecclesiastics will be forced, even by their followers, to try and explain away this information. And they will be unable to do so. Their identity, guilt and deception will be exposed. Let no one think otherwise. The evil beings are terrified witless by this information. But that is their problem, not the messenger's.

I have mentioned in this book and in others that distortion and gross evil editing of scriptures and information of the past, has occurred. This should alert all True Beings to the fact that the information presented in ancient texts is not accurate and is, in fact, polluted.

Historically, as well as conceptually, the errors make information from the past untenable. I am not the first to say this. Many of the works which talk about liberation of this plane are equally distorted. Gnostic writings even, have been distorted and mistreated. The manuscripts in the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls are distortions of distortions. Many with the Truth, such as the the Bogomils, the Cathars, the Manichees, etc. were pushed more and more underground as their members were slaughtered.

Their pristine knowledge was lost. The Revelation of St. John the Divine has been written and rewritten by evil beings that could not, or would not, understand what was originally written. And in this century, it has been erroneously deciphered and misconstrued by evil ones.

The utterings of people like St. Malachy, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, whose consciousness is again in the physical, have all been distorted. All three spoke of this period of Rectification of the Error. All three have been turned into some type of entertainment.

Edgar Cayce did not have the full story about the liberation, and although he gave accurate life readings to many, his prophecies about the future world and his own return have been changed to fit into the present plan. His prophecies were accurate when they were given, but they have been changed. He did not know the Final Plan until it was revealed to him in this lifetime. He is again in the physical for the last time.

Ramtha, A Course in Miracles, Seth, Lazaris, Eckankar, etc., are manifestations of an evil being called IK-LUK. Fundamentally, their information, channelled through various sources, is the opposite to the information which I have given.

They claim "There is no evil, that all are God, that there is really no personal judgement by a Judge, that there is no transmutation, all are the same; that we all will live forever regardless of what we do." This is all utter nonsense. I have discussed this more fully in "Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Three: Death of an Evil God".


Heidekhan Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba are Special Beings of Light. They have many followers around the world, especially Sai who worked wonders in Southern India. I wish to give the following information about them:

HAIDEKHAN BABAJI is an aspect of the Divine which has worked and works with the Divine Energy, which, in turn, has personified and manifested in the physical many times. Babaji has often performed the role of Balancer and Destroyer of evil energy patterns as The Mother.

His role has been known since Ancient Days and he, with his twin, were recognized as Lord SHIVA in Hindu mythology. But he has played many roles in the last few thousand years, not all as a mystic or as a fierce warrior. In fact, in one incarnation he was J.S. Bach whose music helped balance a maddened world, while awaiting the Final Generation for the execution of the Plan of Liberation.

He appeared again in the Himalayas in 1970 to balance the planet in preparation for the Final Plan and to give a few deserving ones the information they needed to prepare for the final event, the Maha Kranti.

Many evil beings, knowing his ontology, crowded around him to cut off his energy, if they could, and also to act as spies for the evil demigod. Knowing this, he used prophecy as a tool of warfare and gave many of them spurious information to set them off the trail.

I met him in the physical in late 1983. On February 14, 1984, as a consequence of that meeting, he left the physical, having promised a few close ones he would return in 7 years.

He appeared as a "Walk-in" on this plane on September 12, 1991 in fulfilment of that prophecy. He appeared on my Far North Queensland residence and we travelled throughout the world many times, incognito, doing what we were supposed to do. He has and will continue to reveal himself to those who need to know of him at this final time, in due course. He spoke openly and often about the coming destruction and the need to prepare. He tricked the evil ones by giving a false timing and masking the enormity of the correction.



(I include these remarks here, for Sai baba had and has millions upon millions of followers throughout the planet. They may be at a loss to know what is going on if they cannot make the mental transitional leap to the Phase of Finality.)

In April, 1986, the consciousness of Sai Baba also left the earthly plane. The body remained. His story is a little different and a little more difficult to understand, and perhaps for some, to accept.

He too had reincarnated in India. This is coincidental, for many other Amoebic consciousnesses (which is the term I have used for High Consciousnesses of the Rescuers) have reincarnated all over the world -- some in Australia, some in the USA, some in China, some in other parts of Asia, some in Europe, some in Africa, some in South America, etc.

Babaji and Sai Baba are ontological brothers. Sai Baba worked with the LOVE ray. I saw him also in late 1983 and again in 1986. As a result of these meetings, his consciousness left the physical. However, his body has been taken over by an evil being called LANTA, a personal enemy of Sai Baba. They had been in constant battle for many years. And when the consciousness of the real Sai Baba left, the body was snatched by this evil consciousness.

The proof of this body snatching is recorded. Although the evil consciousness used the same body and the same yogic mechanism by which miracles are manifested (such miracles are yogic tricks and have nothing to do with spirituality or the Divine Essence, as I said above), it exposed itself as evil on a daily basis.

Many astute devotees had already noticed the change. The evilness of the false Sai Baba was obvious for all to see as he, the evil consciousness in the body, pursued the path to power, greed, lust, ego and selfishness which all evil beings follow. He was exposing his true evil nature in contrast to the Spiritual Philosophy the real Sai Baba spoke about and wrote in earlier times.

The evil component manifested as a hypocrite, much to the chagrin of those near him who had looked upon him as a Divine Being. The real Sai Baba certainly was Divine. This consciousness after 1986 in the body was a DEMON. And this fact became obvious to all after 1986. (That prediction was, in fact, fulfilled, as we all know. Lanta had been accused of murder, theft, sodomy, paedophilia, etc.)

On many occasions in the past when the real Sai Baba's consciousness was away, the evil Lanta manifested and gave contradicting information. More than that, he behaved in a manner less than that expected of a Divine Avatar. These episodes were hushed up. His devotees did not understand what was happening. They were not aware of the mechanism of "evil walk-ins and stand-ins".

Sai Baba left the physical in 1986 for his role under the Old System was finished. He has returned briefly a number of times as a stand-in on this level, but his work is mainly on other levels.

(As I wrote elsewhere, He materialized in front of me at 3 a.m. in a locked motel room in Fremont, California, to give me certain details of the battle we were fighting and also to materialize a part of my protective panoply which I had inadvertently left back in my home in Far North Queensland. He materialized it on the spot and said the mission I was on was an extremely dangerous one and I was to wear the article continuously. I still have it today. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.)

Those who stick rigidly to the past are really unable to identify the energy of this information. They do not want to identify it correctly because it does not suit them. They are evil or deluded. They will never accept the fact that Sai Baba was also playing a role in this war.

Sai Baba's prophecies also have been changed. They were accurate enough when they were given, but they changed as the Final Generation arrived. He too mentioned the possibility of destruction, but he did so secretly to a very few. He worked via the Love Ray. He sustained with Love in the Old System. When the system was no longer valid, he left. It is now time for the destruction of the old to bring in the New.

Many will ask "How could a being like Sai Baba be taken over by evil if he is Divine?" He was not taken over. The body he vacated was taken over. This goes to show that the body was, and is, only a shell, a cardboard box. Some will immediately ask, "Why was this allowed to happen?" The answer is somewhat metaphysical.

There are a number of aspects. Firstly, this is a War and there is a win and lose chance at each minor battle for both sides, although the general direction is total victory for the Light.

Secondly, the evil LANTA had so much energy from the great number of evil ones who supported him that he was able to take the body and prevent it dying when the real Sai Baba's consciousness left.

Thirdly, the Light allowed this takeover of the body to occur, for the damage to the trapped True Beings would have been greater if Sai Baba's body died off at that time.

His physical death would have been contrary to what he had prophesied. Such a sudden change could shock True Beings, who had faith in him, into total abandonment of that faith and their faith in God. Many, in fact, see Sai Baba as God. Instead of this catastrophic occurrence, Lanta has been allowed to continue in the body he snatched to give more time for the True Beings to awaken to what really happened. The Light knew that Lanta would be eventually exposed as evil.

The True Beings who are genuine seekers will accept the explanation given, for it is the Truth and they will recognize the energy of it as such. The Light knew that with this exposure and explanation, the sincere True Beings would make the necessary adjustment in their thinking, as many already have, and they will continue to follow the real Sai Baba with the knowledge of this information and its message. In this way, nothing would be lost. Slowly, the True Beings would make the necessary realization with which to proceed on their spiritual path.

If an abrupt end had occurred in Sai Baba's life, many of the True Beings would have been shattered and lost. They would have succumbed to evil in anger at being misled and cheated by someone whom they looked upon as a Divine Presence. This has been avoided by allowing the evil takeover of the body. But the takeover will still work against evil.

By this method, the True Beings have time to make the transition. They have time to find out the Truth of what happened. Note however, that the majority of the so-called devotees are evil beings. They will not want to listen. Acceptance of this explanation by them would be an admission of the failure of evil, failure of their side, failure of their support for Lanta. Hence, they will never admit this, unless they are forced to, as will occur at the very end.

Only a very small number of followers of Sai Baba are True Beings. They will not all accept this for not all True Beings are going to "make it". Many True Beings have rejected the Light and are to be transmuted, for there is no role for them "outside of the Light".

The ability to make this realization about Sai Baba and to accept the Truth of the situation, I can assure you, is an unmistakeable sign that the consciousness which accepts it will continue. Such acceptances cannot be feigned. This is not a game. The reactions of energies are spontaneous. No one can manipulate, exploit, or control them any longer, for the New Energy will not permit it.

There will be many who will hate me for writing this about "their" Sai Baba. But if they really were devotees on a spiritual path they would not be angered. They would not hate. They would understand. But evil ones will never understand. They crowded around Sai Baba like sheep, just like they have crowded around all Avatars to get what they could get. In the case of Sai Baba, they were there to exploit him of his energy and also to support Lanta in his plan to take over the body and the whole show, as he has done without realizing the Light has let it happen, for it would eventually work against evil.

On this level the devotees know nothing of this. But make no mistake, on the evil levels of consciousness where all this has been planned by them and their more powerful demonic consciousnesses, they have agreed to play these exact roles. Their anger, hatred, intolerance, impatience, vindictiveness and lust for revenge , the very things that are opposite to what Sai Baba taught, are the hallmarks by which they are distinguished and which will cause their spiritual demise in due course.

True Beings who respond to the New Energy have no trouble in making the jump from Edgar Cayce, Babaji or Sai Baba to the new Plan, for they recognize it is one and the same energy which they are following. It is the same Energy with new characteristics, with new knowledge.

It is the evil beings who cannot make the jump. These ones who classified themselves as followers were never true disciples of Babaji and Sai Baba. They were never after the Truth. They were either after whatever they could get, physically and energetically, or else they were there to block, pollute and drain energy from True Beings. If you think that is not so, think again. There are a number of demons who have enriched themselves, not spiritually, for they are doomed demons, but financially, by using and abusing a supposed privileged link they had with Sai Baba and especially Babaji. Their fate awaits them and they will be exposed for what they are in due course.

Do what you will with the following information. If you are a sincere seeker, you will put aside the utterings of the past. You will stop picking up labels to classify yourself and others as this or that. You will undergo a strenuous regime of physical and mental purification in the valid hope that it will lead you to SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION.

Then you will be in a position to recognize the energy of beings, of information, of situations, and you will be able to identify the True worth of these things for you. Purification is an on-going process. Slip-ups can occur and can pollute you quickly to cut you off from the spiritual pathway. Basically, to cleanse you may need to change your diet, habits, lifestyle and friends if necessary.


Footnote 2:

I need to make these comments to expel any confusion some readers may suffer if they come across an idiotic essay posted by my reptilian ex-wife, Amitakh Stanford and her reptilian husband Steffan. It is called Promenade 10.

In the above passages, I wrote: ‘Ramtha, A Course in Miracles, Seth, Lazaris, Eckankar, etc., are manifestations of an evil being called IK-LUK.’’

Being the EVIL idiots that they are, my ex-wife Amitakh and her husband, Steffan Stanford, the most obvious Reptilian you will ever meet, have called me IK-LUK in their essay ‘Promenade 10’.

Now, I ask you, how much sense does that make?

Here I am revealing the evilness in the works of IK-LUK and destroying his effects on the minds of True Beings and Viables thus liberating them to reach the Light, and the two morons want to identify me as the one I am attacking severely.

Would the devil attack himself and destroy all his traps for Viables?

What the Stanfords have written in that essay is utter evil nonsense.

In fact, it reveals them as being of the energy of the Anti-Christ for their energy is of anti-truth.



The time for religions is no more. After reading of their History and understanding what they have done to Truth, can anyone really trust them about what they say now in the Endtime? I don’t think so.

In regards to the question of ‘What is going On?’ there are now only 3 possibilities that we can conceive:

1                      Nothing whatsoever is happening.  It will be business as usual. All is fine in the world, and god is in his Heaven. In view of the massive world changes around us, mainly for the worse, it is hard to believe anyone could really intellectually entertain such nonsense.
2                      The Earth is going to become Heavenly,  and all of us, even the most deranged demons with their irreversible traits of the most hellish criminality, are going to become ‘gods’, so say the New Agers.
3                      It is, as I say, for the reasons I give, the End of all the Physical Dimension.

Which will it be?

To answer the question, we must take time to see what the evidence shows.

You can read much about this on the Internet, you can read all my books and my website, the books of others, etc., but ultimately the answers you seek are within you.

To help you decide, find the answers to these questions:

·        Is the World becoming Divine or is it becoming more Satanic by the day? Have you critically reviewed what Hollywood is producing these days? Even movies based on fairy tales are as demonic as one can imagine with hate, anger, lust, murder, victimization, revenge, envy, cupidity and unrelenting destructiveness and violence. They are catering to the demonic masses, for the world is becoming more and more demonic by the day.
·        Are our lives embraced by Wealth, good Health, Love and Light by what is happening? Or are we subjected to anxiety, abuse, dishonesty, rage, deteriorating conditions and ubiquitous Madness?
·        Are our freedoms growing daily? Or are we constrained ever tighter by iniquitous laws that are making our lives miserable?
·        Are we gaining greater Happiness through abundance, prosperity, and the joy of fulfilment? Or are we victims of Financial Collapse, of Dishonesty, of Pilfery, of Untruthfulness and lurking, unrelenting Fear?
·        Are World leaders taking us into a world of Light, Harmony and Felicity with more and more heart-warming revelations? Or are they burying us ever deeper in the Fear of War, of Darkness and Ignorance with their proclamations of never-ending Terror for all?
·        Are we as happy and carefree as children? Or are we threatened by the hounds of war, by malicious police, and the terror of a never-ending nightmare of restrictions, shortages, diseases, financial loss, ill-health, collapsing Health Systems, Public Works, Utilities, etc.?
·        Are the climate, the atmosphere, the seas, our ecology, the homeostasis of our existence rebuilding themselves to give us a Paradise on Earth?  Or are they fracturing with a Terminal Process of decay?
·        Are most people deliriously happy? Or are more and more people in the depths of despair as looming before them are the clouds of Uncertainty and Doom?
·        Are there any signs of genuine Positivity whatsoever in the realm of Human existence that are improving our lot. Alas, the answer is no.

Answers to these questions will allow you to attempt a guess at the fate of the planet.

The answer to YOUR spiritual fate, once you are out of the Cardboard Box, lies within you.

You know the answer.

Your answer is what your Higher Being, and your Inner Nous, tell you.

And if you have no Nous, that too provides an answer.


Although I have highlighted some of the Judeo- pseudo Christian Doctrines to make my points, you know from the evidence before us, if you have read even a little of the available History, that other religions are just as Untruthful, Bellicose and destructive.

Realize that I have purposely written in a confrontational manner in order to break the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination to which all of us have been subjected since our nascent days.

As you mull over my words in these essays and in all my writings, with your lower, stupid, monkey mind that has been created by Evil for Evil, you may have repeating conflicts within you.  That is to be expected. But once you make the breakthrough and see the ‘light’ of Truth, there will be no turning back. You will never be fooled again. That is my aim.

My aim is also to shatter these structures such as the Religions that maintain the Virtual Reality of this Abomination via their potent ability to program, pollute and indoctrinate.

Eventually, if you are successful in seeing truly, you will note that you knew what I wrote all along. It just had to be accessed in yourself by allowing your Higher Mind to impinge on your lower, protesting, and stupid mind.

Thus, two basic groups will emerge after reading my information. Those who see their own Truth reflected in my writings and those who are blind to the Truth I give.

The former are part of the Family. We shall live forever elsewhere together in the Peace, Felicity and Love that are impossible to find on this level. We are the eternal ones.

The latter group consists of non-Viables, and although they will want to argue with me, there is no point in doing so. You all know the saying ‘casting pearls before swine……’

This second group consists of mirages forming the mist of a fast disappearing artificial, temporary, malignant landscape and Time.

The late Jehovah’s World-without-end has come to an end!


What mask, just what mask, Jehovah, did you wear when, to pose as a one and only "god", you did dare, above others in the Hierarchy of the Plemora,
Above the Mother so beautiful and fair? Was it not the Mask of a Fool when such deceit, to exploit trapped lesser minds you did declare?

And presenting yourself as all-knowing, forgiving and Divine, by a scheme far from fine, with which mask upon your face did you dine, when as a Ghoul you asked for sacrifice by death and dared to drink blood of innocents as wine?

As an imposter for the God above, the God of Peace, and Harmony, Joy and Love, which mask did you wear when you commanded your select to rape, and murder, in a ploy, by which more rewarded they could be, enriched with energy gained via illegal pilfery? Was it not the mask of Hypocrisy?

Is it not the mask of a thief you wore, when you stole plans from Divine Realms galore, and distorted them to build this world of War? And was it not the mask of Falsehood with which fraudulently you placed yourself as the judge of all, issuing burdening, malicious Karma to innocent ones programmed to err on this plane continuously, while you rewarded your miscreants from the Fall? My, what a deceiver you are; what gall!

And was it not that you wore the Mask of a Liar when you threatened Pure ones to be cast, if they did not you obey, into your Hell's Fire, while you nurtured fornicators and obfuscators, those of your Untruth, who fulfilled with opportunities provided by you, their lustful desire, torturing and burning Theomorphs as on a pyre?

No matter which mask you wear, wrapped are you in your Cloak of Mendacity it seems to me. And even though, like a chameleon and chimera, you change from moment to moment so that your Evil in Darkness cannot be assessed all that easily, your time is now up, most decisively.

No mask can save you from Justice, from your fate which must perforce  transmutation be, as it is for all your creations who in the Light of Love and Honesty cannot live, for they are created, like you, in the essence of corruptibility.

No mask for you has been worthwhile really, for with each, you only strengthened the Will to eventually harness you, and set trapped ones free. Much too obvious have you been in playing your charades, Jehovah, and far too greedy. Soon, no longer, your masked, deceitful Countenance anywhere in Creation shall we see.

Copyright 2012   J Chiappalone



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