Highways To Hell - Why Your Religion Is Killing You
Religions...Instruments Of Spiritual Assassination
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD

If you are spiritually viable, the Religion in which you are trapped, yes trapped, even if it appears you are there by choice, is slowly assassinating you for a very good reason. Read on.

Many will read these words and be stirred emotionally. That is not my intention. The unawakened wise ones will ponder what I write and seek further wisdom through reflection, contemplation and meditation. They will do their best to awaken and then seek their Inner Nous which will perhaps, in time, align with what I write.

But, from the very beginning, as they have done with most of my other essays and writings, the idiots, the morons, the demons and the drugged unawakened are going to angrily yell questions such as these at me:

'Who gives you the right to say these things?'

'By what authority do you write these things?'

'How dare you attack Jehovah and his wonderful Religions?'

My answer is to make the same statements I have always made:

  • First of all, check my Motto.
  • Secondly, the answer you seek is to the $64,000 question.
  • Answer the question yourself correctly and you will have won the jackpot, if you are still viable.
  • If you are not viable and still realize the answer prepare, for your Time is near.
  • In reality, all will know the answer by the End.
As one dictionary states: Religion is 'a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian Religion; the Buddhist Religion, etc.'

My description of them is detailed below, and by the way, I will explain in detail why I write these things, just bear with me. Most of the prosaic evidence of the despicable Behaviour of Religious institutions and their clergies can be gained from History, even though they have done their best to cover their tracks. But, their destructiveness has been so gross that Religions find it impossible to really hide their evilness and hate. One has to view them with a critical eye, not with their indoctrination affecting the mind.

Religions need to be exposed fully for what they are. From what I've prognosticated, you know they are in the process of being dismantled, for they are part of the Virtual Reality (VR) in which, and by which, Evil has trapped us. Thus, Religions and all apparatuses of the VR are to be destroyed in order to liberate the Viables.

I use words such as 'demons' and 'robots', and their existence is becoming self-evident on this level even if people only examine human affairs with their physical minds. We all know what I mean by 'demonic behaviour'. And if we look around the globe, all we see is the manifestation of demonic Behaviour, no matter what hypocritical words those manifesting such Behaviour want to use in their failed attempts to cover up their iniquities.

At this stage of Human Affairs, I cannot prove conclusively to the satisfaction of all minds that what I have been told by the Good Aliens is 100% correct. All we can do is judge the events that occur after I have been told about them and after I make the information public.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Is the information accurate?
  • Does it follow the general pattern that has been prognosticated to occur?
  • Is the information awakening people to a Greater Reality?
  • Does it explain why things are as they are?
  • Are there better explanations for what is going on?
  • Does the information I give resonate with your inner knowing, your truth within, once you bypass all the programing, pollution and indoctrination to which you, and all of us, have been subjected?

Be mindful of the fact that there is a War of Essences, and some information I have been given is actually 'Propaganda' to fool the Evil side and cause it to do things it would otherwise not do that ultimately lead to its further, faster exposure.

The Message that I was given to disseminate in its basic form is that the Earth (and all the Physical Universe) would undergo a progressive phase of irreversible fragmentation on all levels of consciousness resulting in their eventual total destruction with Viable consciousnesses being placed elsewhere, and those designated as non-Viable being transmuted (destroyed).

Timing was going to be variable but not by much. It is all supposed to end within my lifetime. Again I must add I cannot vouch for that. I cannot prove it in a Court of Law. I can only repeat what I am told. If there is variation, one has to simply understand that there has been a variation due to factors we can hardly understand or control on this level.

If it is accurate that the END will occur in my lifetime, then from a biological perspective, it means it will come within the next 20 years. I cannot see this Cardboard Box I am using lasting more than that. In fact, if I was a betting man, I would say it will expire well before that.

A motorcycle accident in Montana in 2003 made me think I had my ticket Home. No sooner did I think that as I lay in the hospital bed ready to die when a message came: 'No, you've got to stay till the End! Fight on!' So, I got better.

At the end of 2009, a medical crisis; again I thought 'surely this time it really is my ticket Home'. After all, I thought I had done what I thought was sufficient in delivering the Message and then some of what was needed to be done. So, I got in first. I said to 'Them' 'Hey, this is a great opportunity for me to come Home...?'

Their answer: 'No; it's not the End yet. You have to be there for the End'.

I was very disappointed and grumbled a bit, but, here I am, in this less-than-pristine Cardboard Box.

I am recounting these anecdotes to share what 'i', the Cardboard Box, know about my relationship to the timing of the End. My Higher Being, of course, knows a bit more about the situation. The reasons why I have to be here till the End can wait for another day.

Thus, you see, all I can do is tell you some of what I know. They told me specifically at least 3 times I would be here till the End. Why would they lie? If they did lie, they can no longer be classed as the Good Aliens. Then the whole scenario would be a sham. Besides, why would they want to fool a little nobody like me, located at the 'ass end of the Earth', as a former Prime Minster of the country, Paul Keating, called Australia? But, I know this message of Finality is not a hoax.

I have been in touch with 'Them' since this Cardboard Box was 18 months old. Paediatricians will tell you that it is impossible to recall from such an early age. But Mozart had proved them wrong Long, long ago. So much for Piaget's Theory! You can through that out the window, just like you can throw out much of the knowledge in the world of Cultivated Ignorance.

The fact is, everything They (my Family members on Higher Levels) have said to me has been accurate and their prophecies have come to pass. Why would I then doubt them? I don't.

I cannot tell you what I don't know. Could they be fooling me and all of us? Why would they bother? And if I am wrong in all this, why would 'They' go to all this trouble? I have asked all of you to make up your own minds. If my information resonates with your Nous within, it may ring true for you. No one is holding a gun to your head to force you to believe what I say and write.

The fact of the matter is that once I 'awakened', I recalled many of my past lives, lives in other dimension, and was instantly able to access the knowledge I wrote about in a few weeks. If you have read my series on 'Making Sense of the Madness', you will realize it would take many, many years of intense study to gather that knowledge, and also great psychic ability to describe things not of this world which resonate well with many, many readers.

It was miraculous how a Medical Doctor such as me, who knew nothing about these subjects, was able to write in great detail about all the topics I did write about. It happened overnight. That alone is proof that something extraordinary is happening. I didn't have a burning bush talk to me, or an angel giving directions to find buried golden plates. I just sat down and connected to my Higher Mind.

BTW, both those stories of Moses and Joseph Smith ended up with Organized Religions being created. You know the source and essence of those stories now don't you?

On the other hand, delay to the End means more pain, suffering and misery for those who understand what is going on. It is not in the best interest of Viables to suffer delays.


Back to the Highways to Hell:

People flock to Religions, although they did so in greater numbers in the past, because they have been programmed to be like lemmings, like sheep. Hence, the word sheople! And they have been programmed to follow a leader or leaders who convince them that they know better than the followers do, possibly because they have studied subjects of the Cultivated Ignorance and been mockingly, spuriously empowered by other heads of the clergy to take the lead.

Now, consider these assertions I make which are based on the truthful, but often obfuscated, functions of Religions:

  • Religions have been created purposely by demons who own this plane to harness minds and destroy True Beings after they have drained them of their energy.

  • All Religions, bar none, are Evil-created edifices, created by Evil to serve Evil. They are certainly based on some truths but this is mixed with untruths and outright, outrageous lies with which to trap honest seekers of Truth.

  • Even if the teachings were initiated by Avatars, they were taken over and distorted by demons to trap the unaware usually after the death of the Avatar. It is one thing to give people words that stimulate their thinking and set them on their own Path to Spirituality as Jesus, Manichaeus, etc., did. It is another to set up Dogmas that must be believed or else, as Institutionalized Religions have done.

  • They are NOT pathways to Heaven, in fact they obstruct that path; they are Highways to Hell via their pronounced hate, violence, avarice and activities that facilitate demonic possession.

  • They are obstructions to the Truth. Jesus said it clearly 'The Clergy have taken the keys to Truth and hidden them'.

  • They are energy-extracting centres, and drain those who have the Divine Energy that the Evil System desperately needs to run its Evil Empire.

  • They pollute and facilitate demonic possession of True Beings, as I will explain.

  • They corrupt the young with indoctrination, pollution and programming. The Jesuits have a saying that says (I am paraphrasing), 'If we can get our hands on a child before the age of 7, he will be ours (our slave) for life!'

  • Religions destroy lives with the behaviour of their sacerdotes who are well known for sodomizing children and seducing women.

  • Demons use sex to drain those with energy and to implant demonic energy into those they violate, thus causing mental illness and demonic possession in them as I have just written. Whores and gigolos and all other sex workers are demons who specialize in those evil processes. No exceptions!

  • Religions are hypocritical in the extreme, for while they appear to cater to the needs of those they entrap with false promises, they ensnare with untruths.

  • They are punitive, hateful, divisive and exploitative. Watch the video I give below.

  • They are bellicose, and are invariably the fundamental reason for most wars even as their officials speak hypocritically from one side of their mouths about peace.

  • They create mental illness with their untruths and rhetoric. The clergy in the Catholic Church are known for the incidence of Mental Disease which is the highest in any organized group on the planet. The reason is that many of those members are Viables who awaken to the traps they are in and cannot escape. Thus, the mental anguish. I have personally seen this.

  • They anaesthetically embalm the mind and spirit while appeasing the emotions with false promises and promises that they cannot keep.

  • They placate the need for comfort with deadly untruths.

  • Many, especially the Catholic Church, extol the virtue of parents having many, many children when they can least afford them, thus creating more hardship, suffering, emotional breakdown of some, more poverty, abuse, and more cardboard boxes in which to trap True Beings or else accommodate evil-created robots and demons coming onto this plane.

  • In the past they have been instruments of physical and psychological torture everywhere they existed on the planet, as history books will reveal.

  • They are run by demons or unawakened, fooled Viables.

  • They are of the Essence of Evil which in Judeo-Christian writings we have called Jehovah, Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, Rex Mundi, Saklas the Fool, the Mollock, Demiurge, The God of Israel, The God of Zion, etc.

  • Today they are more like social clubs where individuals can congregate, but they still function as subversive, energy-drainage systems that indoctrinate subliminally as we see with the idiotic, irrational, brain-washed Born-again Pseudo-Christian Brigade.

  • Religions preach love and tolerance, but history reveals they practice hate and intolerance.

  • The ultimate tools of Religions, apart from hate, are blackmail and fear.

  • Religions always want money; they can never get enough money, as George Carlin so humorously pointed out to us in his stage repertoire. Money is a creation of the Mollock. Ergo? Money and Religions are evil twins created by the Mollock!

  • Religions love money. Tele-evangelists claiming they are Religionists have turned it into an art form. Isn't the love of money the root of all Evil?

  • Missionaries and proselytizers are a mixed bunch: do-gooders and rotters. History tells us that they are rotters in the main and indigenes all over the world have the scars, the half-castes and burial grounds to prove it. Religious zeal and hubris caused terror in invaded populations that were destroyed culturally, emotionally, sexually and physically too. The invaders made life a bigger Hell for the natives and sexually exploited them whenever they could. The 'Missionary Position' is not a political manoeuvre. Modern day accounts are of missionaries acting as spies for monetary or military conquest of lesser nations.

  • Churches are not houses of 'god'. If you have regained your psychic abilities, you will see that these edifices are packed with discarnates and demons, especially when the people congregate. They are there to suck energy. While attending, the 'live' people are emotionally stirred in many ways, not the least being the threat of perdition. Thus, their Centres of Consciousness are open, for the majority know nothing about PROTECTION and Religions are certainly not going to teach them that. The discarnates and demons can then infiltrate their auras and suck energy from the Centres. Or else, if there is damage to the Centres, they can actually invade the Centres and this eventually leads to more serious Mental Disease. That explains the high rate of such disease in the Clergy.

    The discarnates and demons view these congregating places as watering holes, as they do brothels and gambling casinos.

    This also accounts for the very high percentage of demonic possession in the members of the clergy who then molest little children, an unfortunate saga we are all familiar with these days as some sections of the media have exposed them.

    But, realize this is not a modern day manifestation of evilness. In former times Monasteries functioned as pubs for drunkenness and as brothels too.

  • In particular, it was St Teresa of Avila, 1515 - 1582, another manifestation of the Christ Energy, who attempted to clean these demonic places of their Evil. It was a very difficult task, but at least some saw the Light in her lifetime because of her labours. If you read about her life, realize you are reading distorted texts that the censors want you to read.

    But, there is enough in descriptions of her life to detail the struggles she had with her Cardboard Box and its programming, pollution and indoctrinations, and her attempts to teach people to turn within and access the Inner Nous so as to develop the Will to Love at all costs.

    In her own way, she was attempting to say that the external indoctrinations needed to be bypassed, and that the Path to Heaven and the Kingdom of God was within some of us, just as Jesus had said 1500 years before. (Yes, she was the same energy as the Higher Being in Jesus).

    She was clever in how she did this, via her writings, and thus avoided the wrath of the death-dealing Inquisition, even though she was hated by most of the other members of the Clergy who knew her. Near the end of her life, like Frederick Nietzsche, she knew who she, as the Higher Being, truly was.

BTW, with her life, she gives us a clear example of being in an Evil System (as we all are, trapped in this evil VR) but not being of it.

We shall, in due course, see all of these assertions of mine as being true.

If you want greater detail than I can give in this short essay, I suggest you read my book 'Death of an Evil God' from which I reproduce some extracts in these essays on religions.

Your Religion, regardless of its name, is there, as is every Religion, to prevent you finding the truth about yourself, the world and the True God. They are instruments of subterfuge, distortion, entrapment, divisiveness, eventual hate, and punishment. Who can forget their idiocy as manifested in the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the fight with Galileo, their absurdity about the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven? It is a contradictory Dogma. How can a physical thing exist in a non-physical dimension? And yet, Catholics were forced to believe it under threat of punishment. Go figure!

It gets worse. The Catholic Church has been labelled as the biggest and most successful extortion racket of the last 2100 years. Again, check out the video below.

All Religions are edifices of the Virtual Reality that give a false framework for existence on this level. Inspite of the fact that they do use some Truths in their doctrines, they are Evil's instruments, run by Demons for the benefit of Evil. That is why the power they have over people is waning and they are being eradicated. It is all part of the process to set Viables free.

For their falsehoods, they stand condemned. And just because they purloin the name of the Avatar in the era in which they arise gives them no legitimacy whatsoever. In fact, it demonstrates clearly how they steal and then abuse everything of Good they can get their hands on. Of that there is no doubt.

Religions have been created to harness your mind and emotional body via a destructive process that fools you and gives you false hope while at times trying to empty your pockets and use you as cannon fodder when the need arises.

It distorts logic and prevents you from believing what you want to believe. Being its member, you are bound to believe its Dogmas, Traditions, Rhetoric and imbecilities, no matter how ridiculous, under the threat of punishment.

Shouldn't the Truth set us free?

Religious truth puts a noose around its adherents' heads and threatens them with punishment, making prisoners of their minds and hearts. The Dogma I cited above is a classic example.

And the demons were, and are, really, really mean and deadly too. They slaughtered million and burned great numbers at the stake. It is hard for us to imagine such atrocities today. Or is it? What about smart bombs, so-called, fired from hundreds of miles away that incinerate unsuspecting civilian populations just because the demons controlling more powerful countries want to vent their hate for another leader and their avarice for the spoils of war? You all know what I am talking about. Demons will always be demons. Take comfort in the thought that soon they will be gone from the face of Creation forever!

Truths are released onto this plane by true Avatars (Sons of God) who have come onto this plane to remind us of what has happened and what will happen so that we will be liberated from the prison in which we have been placed by an essence that is inimical to Goodness.

If you cannot think for yourself, if you are dictated to, if you are not free to express your thoughts, what is it you have become? You have become a mindless robot, is that not so? And that is exactly where Religions want you.

They want victims to exploit, to train them to fight others, to drain of their energy. In past days, they drained adherents of their wealth and lands too, as we see occurring in Religious Wars and Inquisitions. They are not about salvation at all.

There is no need for salvation to start with. What People who truly love Goodness need is rescue from the deceiving Religions and this prison we are in.

I repeat, Religions are not a path to God; they are obstacles in the Path to God. They punish the sins that are programmed by their evil system which the susceptible "cardboard boxes" then 'commit'. We see that clearly and especially when we view the lives and behaviour of born-again Pseudo Christians, religious fanatics, fundamentalists, etc., be they Jews, Muslims or other.

Once you join a Religion (most people are born into one, of course) then you become brainwashed. Adherents are expected to accept that which is dictated to them. They cannot think for themselves in terms of Religion or spirituality. Thus they close their minds off and become bigots in the true sense. They are forced into obeying the directions of those in charge and thus are putty to be moulded anyway the clergy want.

You are zombified, unless you break the bonds that hold you in Darkness and Ignorance. Of course, they threaten with the Fear of Perdition if you leave, and this sees many succumb to the slavery and mind-numbing programming that ensues.

Can you imagine the mental trauma suffered by a Catholic who is excommunicated by the church? The thought that s/he cannot enter heaven, according to the Church, for whatever the reason, would weigh heavily on such a victim if s/he did not realize the Church had no power to victimize anyone in that way in the first place. But, how many indoctrinated by the Church could see through its evil bluff?

As I said, most religious adherents are fanatics, even if they don't think they are. The classical example is of the door to door Jehovah's Witnesses who hound the rest of us. They not only seem to be, but they actually are, impervious to logic until miraculously they 'snap' out of their zombification. But that is a rare occurrence.

Many 'good' people, by whom I mean Viables, are trapped in, and by, Religions. But, as yet, they do not know they are thus trapped and exploited.

They tend to leave their brains at the front door or flush them down the toilet whenever they need to be in religious mode.

There are many reasons why people still attend organized Religions:

  • They see them as social clubs;
  • They have personal reasons not to stir family tradition.
  • They are bored and seek the camaraderie of doing things together with so-called 'good' people like them.
  • They are programmed to be like their peers.
  • Eligible ones see the Sunday parade and other church activities as meat markets, no doubt, and that goes for both males and females.

While in religious activities, few really pay attention to the spiritual aspect, especially in cases we know exist where the priests are known ATHEISTS who claim Religions are necessary vectors to instil social obedience and order.

Of course the obedience is exploited and that is how we get the mindless bigots going to WAR to kill the 'heathens' and their wives, children, pets, livestock, way of life, religious beliefs, culture, history etc., etc., whenever they are told to do so by governments, religious teachers, Popes, etc. BTW 'heathens' are any who are of a differing Religion, even if it is a splinter group from the main Religion, as we saw with the Protestant Wars.



As I said above, every continent and its indigenes have witnessed the wanton, lustful slaughter by these demented religious zealots who are demons from deepest, darkest Hell. In previous essays, I gave the examples of Cortez, Charlemagne, etc.

Religions are not balm for the soul. They are not harmless, opiate-like soothers to alleviate Man's suffering. Opium in all its forms eventually kills the body and the mind. And so do Religions when allowed to get their way, as History reveals to us.

They are not pathways to Heaven. They are obstructions leading us to detours that give paths to places of greater pain, suffering and emotional drainage.

Religions as spiritual opiates kill the body, the mind and the spirit of True Beings if allowed to get that far, as we shall see.


Religions indoctrinate adherents, starting at a very young age, in idiocy.

Here is an example: From the Catechism all Catholic children have thrust under their noses: Question 1: Who made the World? Answer: God made the World. God made everything.

But wait, in the Bible, Satan is free to give Jesus any earthly kingdom. Does that not imply Satan owns them?

And when Jesus, as an Avatar, a Son of God, says 'My Kingdom is not of this world', does that not imply this is not the True God's world?

'God made everything!' Religions tell us. Well, if that is so, 'He' made Satan, and Evil and Sin and therefore we are totally absolved of all wrongdoing, are we not? If we believe 'He' made everything, then 'He' made the trap with Evil and Satan and Sin to ensnare us all! How could we, in a weakened ignorant state, fight that? If that were true, we were all doomed from the very start. In fact, if you have understood my writings, you now know that Evil, Satan and Sin all arose from the Error that occurred in a dimension far higher than this one and did not involve human consciousness. It is that Error which has trapped us and made us suffer. The real God is rescuing us from those absurdities.

BTW, possession by a layman of a Bible or a Catechism in the early years of the pseudo-Christian Church was a sin punishable by Death. Thus, the Clergy really tried hard to keep the rest of us as mushrooms. And ask yourself: Who caused the Dark Ages?

And, if you didn't swallow the Church's Indoctrination, you were a good as dead! From my book Death of an Evil God: In 380 AD the Edict of Theodosius stated that Christianity was to be the official religion of the Roman Empire thus evicting other systems and in the following year the Nicene Creed was confirmed by Theodosius 1 at the General Council at Constantinople as the basis of Christianity. In 382 AD, the Christian Church officially declared that any opposition to its own Creed in favour of others, must be punished by the DEATH PENALTY, and that unauthorized possession of a Bible was punishable by death.


But, the comeback by Evil is that, "Man created Sin!" In that case, Religions are contradictory and 'God' could not have created everything.

Besides, if he created Man, he must have given Man the potential to use Sin and therefore, once again, Man is absolved from Sin. He cannot be held responsible for it, unless everything was properly explained to him from the beginning. And, if he is punished for sinning in ignorance, the process is iniquitous.

If one argues that Man was given Freewill by which he could avoid or commit sin, that too is illogical for when one examines 'Sin' it is seen in most cases to be a response to evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which the individual usually had no chance to escape.

How then can a person be held responsible for the 'Sin' if it is due to subliminal or overt programming, pollution and/or indoctrination? When the individual is fully informed and then chooses something evil, that can be classified as a sin against the True God. In such a case, responsibility lies on the individual for the choice s/he made. But in no way can it be said s/he created the sin in the first place.

The True God did not create the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, or the 'Sin'.

Those are mechanisms of energy extraction created by Evil to serve Evil.

Thus, you see, Religious Doctrine is nonsense.

There are only 2 sins:

1. Knowingly causing harm to other beings, including animals.. It may be physically, emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually. Any mechanism that causes another to lose its Divine Energy is sinful. Seeing that Religions drain individuals of their Divine energy, they can be classed as instruments of Evil.

2. Knowingly obstructing the Path of another to his Home. Thus anything done to hinder, impede, delay or block the path back to the true Home of Origin is a sin.

Have you noticed (of course you have) that Religions try and impale us with the Guilt of Sin at every opportunity they get? That is abuse. They are knowingly causing us harm. Therefore, they and their clergy are the sinners. Their actions are supposed to denigrate us and make us feel unworthy. That causes emotional drainage, the very reason why Religions exist.

I have said they are blocks on our Path to the true God. Hence, again we see that Religions and their hierarchies are the real sinners.

But, the Religions go further and say they can forgive Sin. Thus, if we believe that, we become dependent upon them. That way they have us where they want us. We become putty in their hands and easily blackmailed to do their bidding, no matter how absurd that may be.

And this one gets me; God so loved the World (the same world that hated His Son) that he sent His Son down to be slaughtered. Hate is a demonic trait. So, the world that hates God's Son must be demonic, surely? Why would God love something that is demonic?

The worst concept of all is this one: Jesus suffered for our sins and vicariously paid for them.

If that were true, we could do what we liked, for all sins have been paid for. That means the Religions are redundant, and we can be the most savagely brutal idiots of all time. But, even the Religions won't uphold that. Thus, they are contradictory even unto their own beliefs. Thus, you know they are nonsense.


Before we leave the topic of Sin, let us examine the Concept of Original Sin. This takes the lunacy cake, as you will see.

What would you call a creator - of anything- who, on creating his first two creations which go wrong then deliberately spoils everything else he creates from then on? Would you not call him malicious and vindictive and rightly so?

That is not what we are supposed to think about this process according to Religions. I am writing about the ridiculous story of Adam and Eve being disobedient. The whole story is a manufactured, nonsensical myth, a fairy tale. Because Adam and eve sinned by being disobedient, so the Myth goes, according to the pseudo-Christian Religions, all beings that were created thereafter were spoilt with the stain of Original Sin.

Would a God of Love do that? Of course not! This is a fable, created by Religions, to empower themselves and to give themselves the right to absolve sin. With it they give themselves the right to demean us and turn us into sycophantic losers who needs their forgiveness, if we fall for their trap, that is. And it seems most have fallen into it. There never was an Adam and Eve, and Original Sin only exists in the minds of the demons who want to lord it over the rest of us whom they see as fair game to exploit.



Religions empower themselves with the ability to grant Salvation.

They use the Fear of Damnation to keep members terrified and obedient.

You cannot gain salvation. You either are Divine or you are not. As I have explained elsewhere, a certain number of Evil-created robots have been found to be worthy to continue an evolutionary cycle. And modifications have been made to them to continue after this abomination is totally destroyed. Their pathway of evolution will be different to that of the Divine Viables, but that story can wait for another day.

If people believe their Religion's waffle, then they are putty in the hands of their Religion's overlords who really have no power to make any promises.

True Beings are already from Divine realms. They have been imprisoned in this evil zone. They don't need salvation; they need Liberation so that they can return to their Divine Realms.

I can also reveal that Religiosity is peculiar to this planet.



Religions demand blind faith in them, in their teachings, no matter how incongruous, in their Traditions, and in their god.

Who could have faith in such hypocritical Institutions and their 'god' who proves 'itself' to be a LUNATIC?

Have you read the Old Testament lately? In it, Jehovah is a lustful, scheming, murdering lying, vindictive thief.

How could anyone put their faith in such a being?

In my book 'Death of an Evil God' I wrote:

Is not the "god" of the Bible blood-thirsty, violent, war-provoking, hateful, vengeful, and jealous? He is certainly not Love and Forgiveness. He is mean and calculating and revengeful: Life for a life, Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe, as in Exodus 21:23-25. And in Ecclesiastes: A time for love, but a time also for HATE! a time to kill; a time of war...., etc.

Ask yourself this: What God would

i create Man with all his weaknesses, and

ii create temptations which are virtually irresistible because of those weaknesses, and then,

iii create a Hell in which to punish those who transgress his rules (which are broken by succumbing to those temptations which he himself has created)?

The answer can only be: An evil, exploitative demigod would!

The cruel, sadistic, arrogant and egotistical Yaldabaoth (Jehovah) of the Bible is not the True God. It was he who exclaimed (in Exodus): "Thou Shalt have no other gods before me.... for I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me!"

Not very forgiving, is he? And why would anyone hate him if he was the True God? The True "God" cannot be jealous. He is Omnipotent and sustains his creation with True Love, not with threats.

But the False god of this material Universe known by various names including Demigod, the Demiurgos, the Usurper, Rex Mundi, YHWH, Jehovah, Samael, Saklas, Fool, threatens with violence and abuse, with punishment, instant death, and eternal damnation. At other times he is full of hatred, anger, jealousy, vindictiveness and bloodthirstiness.

These are not the qualities of a god but of a ghoul!! His Bible is full of threats and punishment. For brevity, I give you the sites in the Bible to find examples of his atrocity:

Punishment: Genesis 4:14 onward; Matthew 25:46;

Violence and Damnation in Hell as in Mark 9: 42 onward;

Anger and Jealousy in Psalm 79:5; in Deuteronomy 32:16; in Exodus 20:5, 34:14; Nahum 1:2;

Bloodthirstiness as in Ezekiel 3:18; in Exodus 29:16.

Even the New Testament ends with threats: "If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part of the book of life, etc." Revelation 22:18-19.

I ask you, 'How could anyone seriously put their faith in such a malignant personality and call it their 'god?

Read this again: 'he is full of hatred, anger, jealousy, vindictiveness and bloodthirstiness'.

I realized while pasting these words that most world leaders, including Presidents, fit this description. And, much to my chagrin, it is a perfect description of Steffan Stanford who has declared himself my Numero Uno enemy, by writing an essay attacking me called Promenade 10. I will have more to say about that essay subsequently.



Again another mechanism of relentless exploitation of their victims: Pseudo-Christian Religions use the Damnation of Hell to frighten people into subservience.

Many ask; 'Does Hell exist?'

The question should really be: 'Does a greater Hell than the Hell on this level exist?'

This life is the real Hell.

  • We suffer pain and misery from many causes;
  • We suffer the pangs of physical death from accident, illness, murder and unavoidable degeneration.
  • Wars traumatize us incessantly, and
  • Our bodies decay and fragment, as our minds do, then degenerate and die.
  • We suffer but we don't know why.
The lot for the majority on this level is one of cruel physical, mental and emotional suffering, punctuated by moments of fleeting, artificial joy which are supposed to balance the constant iniquities most of us suffer. But they do not.

This life is the real hell for True Beings. But, it is Heaven for the demons. I shall explain why. The role of demons is to steal energy from True Beings. They do it most efficiently on this level simply because we do not know who is who. We are all clothed with the same bodies. So, unless one has great spiritual acuity, and most people do not have it, the demons, being in disguise, do as they please to us.

In the lower levels, which are also part of Hell, with their fires and sulphurous atmospheres as described by visitors there, demons are seen to be demons, and True Beings dragged down to those levels can see them and avoid somewhat the processes of energy theft. There are many reasons why we find ourselves down there and it has to do with energy loss. Until it is replaced and we are buoyant enough to rise to this level, we (our consciousnesses) stay down there.

At the higher Etheric and Astral levels, again we can all identify who is who and can avoid being trapped by the demons far more easily. They can disguise themselves, of course, but the moment we ask them to reveal themselves, the disguise falls off. Not so, on this level. On this level, they remain disguised. That is why this level is so damaging to us.

We are deceived on this level by ones claiming to be our relatives in the Etheric and Astral planes also, and it occurs regularly. Thus, when you go to a Medium to speak to your loved ones, chances are you are being deceived, no matter how honest and genuine the Medium is and no matter how accurate the information seems. I will write about that soon.

This is the most punitive and destructive level.

It is on this level that we are fooled the most. This level is Hell.

The beauty we see all around us, of 'La Dolce Vita', is a destructive Illusion as I pointed out in my poem of that name. Go back and read it again.

How many know that 30% of bodies walking this planet contain demonic consciousnesses? 'Very few know this' is the answer because we are spiritually blinded on this level. And the demons who run the Religious Institutions take advantage of this as they set trap after trap so we can be most drained of energy.

The so-called Sanctity of Marriage is such a trap. Christ never said "Whatever God has joined together, etc." That is spurious nonsense. By marriage, a True Being can be legally tied very tightly to a demon. In this modern era, the trap can be escaped, as long as one is willing to go through a process, called Divorce, that proves to be a nightmare for most.

Another is the Commandment of Obedience to Parents. What if they are demonic? One must obey them or go to Hell? Do you see how destructively nonsensical it all is.

And of course the demons, dressed as peacocks, give themselves the power to forgive the sins they make up for you. So we are trapped by them in the traps they have made for us, and by them opening the trap doors under their terms.

BTW, It has been promised that we will all regain our psychic vision before the End, and we shall all know who is who on this level.


In conclusion to Part 1, here is a very brief account of how we have reached this point in our existence:

True Beings are God-created consciousnesses that were trapped in this dimension when it illicitly manifested from an accident in a higher dimension. That accident was called the Celestial Error. Many other names have been used: 'The War in Heaven'; 'The fall of Lucifer'; 'The Fall of the Angels'; etc.

Does that mean there are other beings, other consciousnesses, not created by the real God on this plane? The answer is 'YES'!

The Error gave rise to an active Evil Principle that decided it wanted to rule everything, and it was, and is, inimical to the Essence of the Rightful Supreme Goodness.

From the energy it could steal from the trapped True Beings, it created a robotic creation and then a far more sinister Demonic Creation. I have explained these points in previous essays and in my books. You would do well to review those previous works.

The essence of the Error enclosed this dimension but Splinters of the Supreme God Consciousness (which presented as Avatars such as in Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, King Arthur, Galileo, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Nietzsche, etc., etc. as I have enumerated elsewhere) were able to break into the entombed dimension and warn the somnambulant, trapped True Beings of what had happened, bring in unpolluted Divine Energy to sustain them, and remind them of the Rescue that was to come, after which the whole EVIL dimension would be dissolved.

The Consciousness presenting as the last Avatar is in the physical NOW. After 'IT', there will be no other, for it is within the lifetime of the Cardboard Box it uses that the End is scheduled.

As I said, the body 'It' occupies will probably live another 12-15 years.

That was the significance of the anecdote regarding the court case I recounted in the essay about Frederick Nietzsche. Go back and read it if you have forgotten it.

To be continued ......

This is the video I suggest you watch:


Copyright: J Chiappalone

June 21, 2012




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