Hero Russian General Now
Sees The World Clearly


Here is the famous letter of the Russian general who went through a maturing process and sees the world realistically now.. The “zundelsite” below is the professional translation Russian letter by General Wolkow into English...

This says it all, it shows decades of investigations by this former Russian combat soldier who was twice wounded in WWII and became a general...Evidently a very intelligent and able and fearless historical investigator...It is fantastic reading since

he hits the nail on the head.

Best to you English speakers and I am confident that you see a lot of Things verified that you ­ no doubt ­ agree with.

--Dieter in Arizona

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The essay by a Russian General, Anatoly Wolkow, I mentioned in my full-page Washington Times ad has been translated into English by a professional translator.  I am very happy to be able to bring it to you, for it says so much in such few, careful words.  I can't urge you enough to send it to all of your contacts and place it prominently on your website if you have one.

General Wolkow is a veteran of the "Great Patriotic War".  He was born in Leningrad in 1924.  His education followed the guidelines set by the Communist Party for a career as a soldier and officer.  After a time in the "All-Union Lenin Communist Union of Youth", serving in the front lines, being wounded twice, and then attending the Frunse Academy, he advanced to the rank of General after the War.

A friend in Moscow gave Anatoly Wolkow a brochure about "The Unmasking of the Antisemitism Hoax" by Erich Glagau, a German patriot.  Glagau writes:

"[The brochure] has been published in Russian, with my full address, and so our paths crossed.  Like many Russians today, [General Wolkow] suffers from political indigestion.  And he had summarized his thoughts in a booklet.

"This is what torments him:  the world political developments since the October Revolution, the time under Stalin, the victory over Germany, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the American wars of conquest, with their goal of total globalization... [This] prompted Anatoly to rethink his convictions.

"He calls upon the politically interested throughout the world to draw up a balance sheet, with no regard for past ideological principles.  If the peoples of the world are not able to recognize the true enemy of mankind TODAY, it will be a long time before a reversal of our present destructive path is possible!"

Here is the essay itself:

The Writing On The Wall -  A Grave Warning from Russia

A Letter from Anatoly Wolkow, Moscow, Russian Federation (Translation)

Then comrades come rally! And the last fight let us face. The Internationale Unites the human race!

What sincere Communist doesn't know this solidarity song of the working class?  I have spoken with political veterans from various countries.  All of them were convinced that the sooner the Soviet Union united all of working mankind in their rights, the better.  And we Soviet citizens were inspired by this task, and proud to be its vanguard.

If we turn back the pages of our history we find that even a Communist Revolution was dependent on money.  In 1917 it was Trotzky who filled that need with many millions of dollars from the United States.  Nobody had second thoughts about accepting that money! Nobody asked how it could be possible that the Capitalists we fought could support us;  after all, they knew our objectives.  How could that money be accepted?  Lenin had said that we would sell the Capitalists the rope with which we would later hang them!  We were all quite unconcerned.  Too unconcerned!

When the Fascists "attacked" us in 1941, the American Capitalists again bailed us out.  Wasn't that proof of their honest helpfulness? Or had both sides perhaps concealed their secret plans under the political table?  At that time we, the common folk were unsuspecting. Like everywhere in the world!  As always!  We only ever realize what game is being played when someone presents us with the bill.

I served as soldier of the Occupation Forces in East Germany.  I was always curious, and kept an ear to the ground more than many of my comrades.  I went among the people, spoke with the Germans.  Only rarely did I encounter someone who said more than what one was usually told.  But many minor details allowed me to come to my own view of things.  Even in those early days my misgivings about the integrity of the official political accounts became so great that I grew even more curious, and began to investigate.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, when our soldiers were withdrawn from East Germany while by contrast the American occupation forces remained in West Germany, all the political propaganda barriers still remaining in my mind suddenly broke down.  What had happened simply could not be coincidence!

At the same time I read Russian writers, such as Suvorov, Solzhenitsyn and others.  I also read "Mein Kampf" by the chief Fascist Hitler.  Also "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", the Bible, and the Talmud!  That sufficed to allow me to form a clear but dismaying view of historical events.

The remainder of the monstrous revelations came through political events themselves, which were dominated by the United States in close alliance with Israel!

The stance taken by the so-called "left wingers" contributed to my greatest disappointment.  I had always believed they were on the side of the working class.  Now I saw how they let themselves be used by our mortal enemies for their own purposes.  For a pittance!  These people did not object in the slightest to any of the clear and obvious incursions by the Capitalists.  They were kept under control with American diversionary tactics consisting of surfeit offerings of sex, drugs and horror movies.  And politically they were kept quiet by means of the combating of the world's permanent fundamental evil, Fascism.

Breaking out of this fair-ground spread for them by the rulers from Wall Street was not possible for our former co-ideologists.  Anyone who tried it was isolated or, for simplicity's sake, branded as a neo-Fascist.  Our minds were completely made up for us.

That's all well and good, one may say now;  after all, in Nuremberg the Nazis had been pilloried as the world's criminals for all to see. Who should have doubted it?  And who would have wanted to risk taking their part?  I believed it too.  The belated revision of the Katyn* story did not put any doubts in my mind.  "Minor accidents" can happen anywhere!

I didn't fully wake up until the American intervention in Afghanistan.  The Yankees had supported the Afghans for years while the Soviet Union fought them.  And once we were out, the Americans went in.  Now their Afghan friends had become their enemies!  One could practically smell the oil!

In the course of my political discoveries I read reports by Americans who spoke openly about the double game the Yanks had played there too.  For example, Bin Laden had been a "bosom buddy" of Bush's.  But now he was transmogrified into his mortal enemy!

And then, the criminal events making up the Gulf War!  Americans wrote about that, too, and exposed incredible connections and interrelationships.  The United States had supplied Saddam with the weapons used against Iran, and encouraged him to take action there. They had promised Saddam free rein in Kuwait, only then to visit war upon him on the pretext of the faked film about the murders of babies.  And what was once again the real objective of these interventions?  OIL!

Only now had I begun to see many political matters with clarity.  I looked into events that had their roots in the last century.  Our great leader Lenin also helped me in this.  He had said:  He that controls Germany controls the heart of Europe.  That shall be our goal!  Then there will be nothing to stand in the way of the world revolution!

"The Germans invented the Monkey"

That is a Russian proverb.  It means that the German people have a number of characteristics that enable them to accomplish what other peoples find difficult.

During my time in East Germany I was able to witness first hand that this is in fact so, but I also realized it particularly during the war and from the facts of German-Russian history.  There must be something to this proverb.

I read about the time of the Prussian King Friedrich the Great and about that of Bismarck, and recognized the German people's able efficiency.  But Russian rulers had already made these positive experiences in times gone by.  I was most eager to see what I could find out about our arch-enemy, the chief Fascist Hitler.  So as to begin my studies at the source, I obtained his book, "Mein Kampf".

While I was busy with that, political current events continued to unfold for anyone to observe.  And I can only advise all my former comrades from the international working class:  open your eyes and your ears!  Take off your blinkers so that you will not one day stand before the rubble and ashes of your own ignorance!

My conclusion was that the Germans had indeed invented the monkey. The totally new ideas and activities in Germany were not to the liking of Germany's opponents, and so they tried to win the "inventor" of this turnabout for their own cause.  Since their efforts did not produce the desired effect, they instead tried to eliminate him totally.  If he were not gotten rid of, he just might inspire other peoples with the courage to also stand up and fight.

Anyone can see from this that the grounds for starting a war don't always need to be oil.  The Germans had invented many things that made them independent of the rich industrial nations.  In doing so they had proven the German proverb that necessity is the mother of invention.

In terms of land area and natural resources the United States are just about the richest country in the world.  They can live in the lap of luxury.  But instead of being satisfied with that, their Capitalists also lust for the assets of peoples much poorer than they.  But that was exactly what the inventors of the monkey did not want to put up with.  Their proverbial inventiveness came up with a form of artificial rubber, called buna.  And since they could also build cars themselves, they invented the gasoline necessary to power them - from their own coal reserves.  Anyone who wants anything from us, they said, can have it if we in return can have other things we need.  And let us add that we shall not buy anything on credit! Because we won't pay interest.  We believe that money can't multiply through interest, only through the creation of new things of value. So anyone who wants to can come and deal with us on the barter system!

This new "monkey" was not at all welcome to the money sharks.  And so war was declared on the clever inventor!  We want interest, they said, or we'll start shooting like at a bank robbery!  That's something we know all about!

The sad end is known to all.  Hitler's interest-free financial system gave up the ghost once and for all.

We Russians had a parallel and no less bitter experience.  Our Soviet Union collapsed.  And who was the godfather of this catastrophe?  The selfsame people who couldn't dispense with practicing their usury in Germany!  And what have we learned from it?  All previous actions were part of the strategy of world domination.  Every citizen of Earth can observe the continuing process of GLOBALIZATION in every aspect of life.  We in Russia already know that tune well.  Except that we've been thoroughly cured of singing in the course of umpteens of years and especially recently.  At best we still tinkle a bit on the last balalaika string.  And how happy we would be if we had the inventors of the monkey standing by our side!

Are there still any of my former comrades who say, the fate of the Germans does not concern us?  Well, you may even be right, for many of my Russian friends say with resignation that we are so deep in the muck already that we hardly dare think of the future.  But I am not addressing only my own fellow-countrymen, but also my comrades in other nations.  I can only warn you:  one day you will be in the same boat as we and the Germans.  The only kind of people still desired by the powers-that-be today are beasts of burden, labor slaves like in an ant pile or a bee hive.  But not so that you will be able to eat your honey yourselves;  you will have to hand it over!  GLOBALIZATION is the invention of those who want to rule the world - and with it, all of humanity!

Every now and then I visit my German friends in Saxony.  I also read German newspapers and watch television.  Sometimes, strange groups and associations are mentioned:  Rock against the Right-wing, Youth against Racism and Fascism and the like.  All of them display the same tendencies.  I did not succeed in getting into contact with any of these people.  I suspect that they are only facades, shams intended to distract you from the real problems.  Don't let the Yanks use you for their own purposes!  Just as the Jews need "anti-Semitism", the USA need Al-Qaida and terrorism.  They are artificial enemy constructs!  Comrades, don't fall for them!

But now I shall spoon-feed it to you so that you may see how this has been done successfully to the Germans.  And once they are completely finished, it will be YOUR turn.  So stand together and defend yourselves!

The Magic Word:  Democracy

Already long before World War Two the Germans were told that what they needed was a true democracy.  The American kind would be best. The fact that money alone determined the results of the elections there, and that the "right" people are "chosen" in advance, was information that was not shared with potential recruits.  Some Germans fell for this bluff, and committed treason in favor of the USA.  You too will be told that you need a better democratic system in your countries.  Just take the example of Iraq!

In the Federal Republic of Germany only such people came to power who had previously pledged in Washington to fulfill the Yankees' wishes.

Just like in the USA, the "right politicians" were also for sale in the Federal Republic.  Yes, you've heard me correctly:  in the United States anything can be bought!  Even the politicians!  So why not also in Germany, and in your own country as well!  Where you live is irrelevant.

And anybody who refuses to play by these rules is denied access to the feeding trough.  It is quite clear that there are always just a few people who are allowed to "play", because it's cheaper to let a few gorge themselves than to let the masses eat their fill!

In Germany as well, it took only a handful of people to pull off this "democratic" show.  The obstinate ones who refused to "buy in" were locked up, with or without a trial.  I have heard that some were even bumped off.

In Germany all the people were mistrusted.  And so other methods were used.  People were imported from other parts of the globe.  These folks had to be supplied by the natives with houses and even hotel suites, fed, and showered with all the blessings of the social security network, such as health care, good jobs, care for family members remaining in their far-distant homeland, and much more.

For you this means that you, too, would have to not only take in strangers but also to take care of them!

Actually it should already be enough to wake you up when you hear the slogan "ONE WORLD".  It's incomprehensible to me that there can be people among you who can be tempted to rant publicly against their former enemies, the Fascists.  That's a diversionary tactic aimed right at you.  You are not supposed to realize who exactly wants to get their hands on you!  It's the old international Capitalists!! Your new "employers"!  Don't let yourself be blinded by a few bought comrades who in turn buy you and misuse you to stage demonstrations against alleged "right-wingers" or "Fascists" or "racists" or "anti-Semites", all in exchange for bus fare and a small gratuity! In the end it is you who will be the dupes.  Remember Saddam!  How much "business" the Yanks did with him!  They supplied him with weapons and used him for many a crooked deal.  And now they want to grill him!

The US Administrations are trigger-happy, as one may expect a criminal gang to be.  And any American GI can play king in an occupied country.  As soon as he's back home he is thrown back into the masses, to serve as slave to the financial sharks.

You should take a look at what's happening in Russia!  The people are poor as church mice.  The rich grow ever richer.  And what kind of people are these, these rich ones?  They hold dual citizenship.  When "minor accidents" result in the waters getting hot for them, they vanish faster than you can see.  And allegedly nobody knows where they went.  Every now and then, someone's new address in Tel Aviv slips out.

Haven't you noticed that the Yanks always talk about weapons of mass destruction?  That's the alleged reason for visiting war upon a country.  And haven't you noticed that precisely the USA are the ones who have already used these terrible weapons?  Surely you can't be that blind?  And which country is it that has complied with none of the UN Resolutions to date?  ISRAEL!  You can't have missed that!!

You should take a look at Russia!  The situation is becoming ever more terrible.  You should look at the industrial regions! Environmental pollution in the oil-rich regions is catastrophic!  Our state has no money with which to put things right.  The gangsters brought us McDonald's and Coca Cola, and skinned us financially in the process.

Gangsters, mafia, pornography, drugs, the exchange of Russian culture for uniform American crap - those are the hallmarks of the new way of life.

Anyone who is poor but has the courage to take the initiative in some way is cut down at the knees by the financial sharks.  The gangsters who live on the interest paid by the poor are not our own people. They are at home internationally, but want to be buried in Israel.

I can only warn you, and invite you to come to Russia!  Here you would get visual instruction to open your eyes to realize what is in store for you if you do not defend yourselves!

Talk to your comrades at home!  Don't let yourselves continue to be hitched to the cart that is meant to drive you to ruin!  As slaves!

I have seen modern Germany.  Today Lenin might no longer think that the German people were still able to invent the monkey.  I would be happy to be wrong in this.  But many of the people I spoke to struck me as living in a different world.  They do not understand the game their politicians are playing with them.  If I were to live in Germany, I would not wish to be a German, I would wish to be a refugee.  Or a Jew.  Anything THEY want, they are begged to take.

In summer 2002 in Berlin I chanced across a periodical in which a journalist wrote that the Nazis had gassed at most 450,000 Jews, and that he could document it!  I thought, this fellow will be picked up and behind bars before the day is out.  When I was back in Berlin again six months later, I heard that not a hair on this journalist's head had been harmed.  People on the street to  whom I spoke about this explosive article had never heard of it.  When I managed to get hold of a politician outside the Reichstag building and mentioned this to him, he invited me to a cup of coffee.  He had realized that I was a Russian.  And then he told me that it would be better to forget all about this article by the journalist Meyer as quickly as possible.  If, he said, a public inquiry were ever to result, the entire Holocaust edifice could be shaken to its foundations.  The consequences would be unimaginable, he said.  He also advised me to consider this in the interest of Russia.  I asked him, why Russia, specifically?  He turned very mysterious.  "I can only urge you to take my advice!" he said, and took his leave.

But what I think is a very different matter:  the Germans have paid reparations for many "millions of gassed victims".  And they're still paying today!  If it were all to turn out now to have been a gigantic hoax, then indeed the consequences would be unimaginable.  I emphasize:  if what the journalist Meyer wrote is true!  But in any case the matter is very odd.  And I am reminded of Katyn...

Dear friends and comrades in all the world, I can only urge you to wake up!  Come visit us in Russia!  Here you will see things first-hand!

I greet you as comrades! And I'm counting on you!

Anatoly Wolkow

*Zundelsite note:

"Katyn" refers to the charge, floated for decades, that the "Nazis" had massacred thousands of the Polish intelligentsia and military officers in the forests of Katyn.  Fairly recently it was admitted that, in fact, the mass executions at Katyn were committed by the Soviets, and the German army only discovered the mass graves.

If you want to know specifics and double-check, go to <http://www.ihr.org>www.ihr.org or www.vho org and read up on what actually happened...



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