Hackers Enter Our Secure Server...
Take Jeff's 3 Replies Off Rense.com

By James Neff
Webmaster, Rense.com

To illustrate how controlled, contrived and evil are the attacks on Jeff Rense, his three Replies to the first three posted attacks on him have actually been hacked and DELETED right off the Rense.com homepage.  This is not a joke.  We take this as a serious threat or terrorist 'message' about Jeff's personal safety.

Such hacking is not easy to do - our server is state of the art and has the highest level security.  The people behind the recent personal attacks on Jeff are clearly not just 2...but represent a sophisticated, coordinated, highest level threat to Jeff on several levels

As the 15 year professional webmaster of Rense.com, such a hack is an unquestionable demonstration of the commitment of the enemy to causing severe trouble.

To have mounted an operation to go into our secure server and actually hack out his replies shows that not only are his Replies devastatingly accurate and revelatory as to the lies and bogus allegations made against him, but that the people orchestrating these attacks are quite capable and carrying out very serious crimes directly against Jeff Rense if they so choose.  I am personally restoring the three Replies immediately.

James Neff
Webmaster, Rense.com



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