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Guns In America Miscast

By Jim Kirwan



In every major false-flag event the public has consistently failed to focus on the use and abuse of firearms that has always accompanied every event: Not by the law-abiding public but by the mercenary armies of the government that have used each occasion to unleash hails of bullets on the public.

In brief my point is this: The population that uses guns every minute of every day are the mercenaries, the pretending-cops and the “other” shadow forces of the lawless state. Police Department’s no longer “investigate” much of anything, as all the horrendous crimes are always investigated by the FBI. Currently the Bureau is now more than ever a spinoff of J. Edgar Hoover, the confirmed cross-dresser, and the one man in America who kept blackmail-files on virtually every person of prominence in this place, especially on every president!

Today’s FBI has become far more closely tied to that much-feared-dead-man than it is to anything like law & order. Yet slowly but surely the people of this place are finally beginning to ask why it is that the only and always present common denominator, in every major disaster, is always the FBI—yet no one ever asks either the Bureau or their directors on-the-record why they have managed to bungle every major investigation from 911 forward?

WHY is there is never any responsibility for the crimes committed? The victims of lawlessness forces, suffer twice in every case: First by becoming victims and then they are subjected to the barrage of lies that is scripted and carried out by the FBI who supposedly protects the government and all of its various legions of criminal-gangs that have attended every disaster that has pre-emptively attacked the USA from all directions. Indeed everything that involves ‘national-security’ has the FBI stamp upon it, which has become a guarantee that no one will ever be charged with any of the crimes which the US public is constantly subjected to.

When 911 happened and the country demanded a thorough investigation of everything that happened that day: All the public got was the creation of the US Department of Homeland Security, which began our journey into the Police-State Mentality, under which we are now living. The only job which the FBI, MOSSAD, DHS, ICE, ATF and the CIA now have is to cover-up the crimes committed by the same agencies that have been involved in supposedly investigating every single attack.

The months of siege in Texas that preceded the flame-throwing tanks which obliterated the Branch-Davidian compound, in Waco Texas, and those that died in that slaughter; featured weeks of isolation and government-sharpshooters: But no one was ever charged with any crime. Not the head of any agency or Janet Reno who was the acting Attorney General, but after she collapsed with fear, Hilary Clinton was finally the one who ordered in the Tanks to murder everyone inside the compound.

In Oklahoma City, just as in Boston, there were 5 devices, two of which were detonated and the other three were found afterward, unexploded. The list of false-flag plans and executions all seem to have the exact same fingerprints all over everything. The last three in particular have an eerie similarity that must be thoroughly investigated.

Here’s part of a much more thorough explanation than most have yet to discover. And the site has both explanations and images that prove everything that is being said.

If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you’re dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what’s called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening…” (1)

At the end of this article there is an 8 minute video which describes “The public as ‘having awakened in a terminator movie.’ The mysterious entity is the Federal Reserve ~ investigators have shown the FED has broken away from all oversight and has taken on its own military and intelligence service and has become a defacto-supra-national entity…” (1)

The bottom line throughout recent events clearly points to those who are using guns illegally to slaughter the innocent as well as purported suspects wherever they encounter anyone that “might” be guilty of something; but since more often than not most of those people end up dead—there is no way to tell the guilty from the actually innocent. Despite all of these continuing crimes the half-dead public wants to take the guns away from lawful-citizens while it does absolutely nothing about the criminality inside supposed law-enforcement: Or the illegal excesses and misdiagnoses of millions of people by the entirely criminal psychiatric-gangsters who continue to try and institutionalize anyone that does not immediately swear absolute-allegiance to the government’s treasonous party-lines.

USI has added dozens and dozens of new agencies whose only job is to keep terror and fear front and center at all costs. Inside this nation we had Hurricane Andrew, the Southern California wildfires. Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 in 1993, and again in 2001. More recently from Aurora, Colorado to Sandy Hook and now the Boston Marathon, along with the West, Texas demolition of the Fertilizer Plant that was bringing charges against Monsanto. But since the plant was virtually demolished by a possibly-hypersonic US missile—the trial probably won’t be held as the evidence no longer exists.

Published on Apr 21, 2013
It is quite obvious that what happened in West, TX was some sort of military strike. In this video I provide some evidence linking a HIGH tech US Military weapon that may have been used. The only others that have tested a similar weapon has been the Russians... Who just happened to be mentioned by association in the Boston Marathon Bombing. That bombing seems to be SMOKE and MIRRORS to hide the military strike in West TX. Not to mention the Stock act that was passed by the Republicans and signed by the Prez the day of the Boston fiasco
. That signing pretty much shut the light off on their corrupt financial dealings.” (2)

On the International stage in addition to all the nations whose future we have already terminated, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Somalia, Yemen, & Libya. Currently we are adding Syria, Lebanon, & Jordon, along with Mali: There are many more countries in Africa being added to our hit-list every month. We have activated global drones to speed things up, and we’re seriously looking at rekindling wars in central and South America as well which could explain our desire for the new hypersonic missile that will eliminate the need for foreign bases, if it works as advertised.

The Potential for a New Beginning

The current “global-imbalance” is in a war with the human-race to capture the tipping point that can either take us to Armageddon or to an entirely New-Renaissance (a new beginning) for the world as we know it. (3)

Down in the psyche of the individual, there still burns a flame”

The sold-out cowardly nature of the press leads to millions of people believing that politics as usual is the status quo forever, nothing can be done about it, and all mature adults should accept this as a fact of life.

Yes, it’s a fact. Until it isn’t.

Now we’re talking about psychology, real psychology, not the fatuous brand taught at universities. The psychology of mass acceptance. Mass surrender. Mass delusion.

And the press, as well as the man on the street, is subject to it.

People want stories, nice neat stories. They’ll buy a scandal, for example, that touches on a government agency. It’s titillating. It’s fun. It’s vicarious revenge. It’s “important.” But a wholesale revelation that exposes a criminal mafia like the FDA down to its very core, that explodes it into a million pieces?

That breaks the hypnotic trance. It’s surreal. It leaves people feeling reality is no longer what it’s supposed to be. The ground is shaking and cracking and truth is oozing out of the cracks.

Such a revelation penetrates the buffered and protected and dead psyche. It wakes it up. And that’s absolutely verboten for most people.

They would begin to realize part of the reason they’re dead inside: they’ve been settling for nice neat stories and refusing to admit the truth runs much, much deeper.

Down in the psyche of the individual, all evidence to the contrary, there still burns a flame. To take down an entire federal agency through an exposure of its most heinous and continuing crimes is exactly the sort of thing that makes the flame jump higher.

This is what people are protecting themselves against. They re-channel the energies of the flame into partisan anger. They settle for a substitute. They take this president over that president. They go left or they go right.

The press is supposed to tear away the substitute and show the more profound reality. That is its job.

But like millions of citizens, the press is dead inside, too. Reporters and editors are dead. They’re going through the motions, and a surprising number of them know it. They’ve abandoned their courage and their mission.

They do everything they humanly can to snuff out the inner flame. Being dead is part of the code of their fraternity.

And what is the opposite of this?

Individuals rebelling against the prevailing empire. The kind of rebellion I’m talking about is self-generated. It’s not a gift, it’s not in the genes.

Along with this rebellion, people need to realize they create their own minds. That may sound like a very curious thing to say, but it’s a truth that’s buried thousands of feet below the absurdity we call education.

It doesn’t matter if teachers, parents, and other authorities try to train the mind like a dog. It’s up to the individual to take whatever is useful in that training and then leave the rest behind in the dust.

To do that, a person has to WANT to do it. He wants logic? He learns it and uses it. He wants to think on the basis and foundation of freedom? He does it. He wants to torpedo the psychology of self-chosen victimhood? He does it. He shapes his own processes.

This is about a bottom-line refusal to accept consensus fairy tales manufactured out of a craving need for absolute rescue.

The struggle recorded by history is the individual coming into being out of the mass, the group, the tribe, the clan, the gang, the mob. When courage fails, we see periods when the group ascends to greater power.

But even the group is a kind of misnomer, because at the top is a leader, or a small number of leaders who promote the group as the answer, in order to maintain their exclusive power.

Yet the flame inside the individual doesn’t go out. It never does.” (4)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

1) Are You Just a Believer or Do you THINK? + 8min, 07sec VIDEO

2) West Fertilizer Bombing WEAPON IDENTIFIED? 5min plus VIDEO

3) Ra Rising - Solar Revolution - Full Movie

4) Down in the psyche of the individual, there still burns a flame





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