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The Great Awakening
Awakening To What?
Part Four

By Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Awakening To The Value Of Self

These essays are about making you think as I present my point of view.

It is obvious that the majority may not agree with every point I make. That’s OK. Most of us cannot agree on what is the best car, the safest country, the nicest restaurant, etc. Hence we are certainly not going to agree on what is important in a process of waking up to what is happening to us, to the planet and to the reality we live day to day.

Massive changes are afoot. Of that, there seems to be no doubt. What those changes mean, what they will do to our lives, how they will manifest, and in what timeframe, are important considerations, so that we can prepare as best we can.

There are methods by which you can access data on physical changes, on planning by governments (to some degree), on coming financial crashes (again), on mental changes to people, on deficiency states, in terms of our health, and also what provisions and services will be available to us and what will not be available.

But there is also a pathway by which we can be guided essentially from another level. And that is what we have to learn.

If the outcome is as gloomy as many predict on the physical level, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Well, what is left?’

That is where these metaphysical essays come in.

There is either a continuation of life, or there is not. It may not be in the way most think. The continuation may not be physical at all. It may not be on this planet. It may not be in this Universe even.

These are topics very few have mentioned anywhere in prosaic writing, in recent times, as far as I know. That is what makes these essays, and all my writings, unique. I realized from my very first publication that what I write was not going to win a popularity contest.  As far as I can see, the Truth never is popular. If my writings do not resonate with you, if you are incongruous with my words, if this is not your Truth, move on. Remember my motto at all times.

If time proves me wrong, so what? I’ve told you all to make up your own minds. Is there the possibility that others have been wrong in the past? Indeed others have been wrong. But, if you read the general thread of what I write, you can see there is a connection to many other writers of past times, and that connection is more than coincidental. It is for you to say whether that is relevant for you or not.

We would all rather be left alone without these massive short-term disruptions in our lives that so many have now predicted, not just me. But, the disruptions are for a very specific reason. They are to destroy the old reality, or rather, I should say the ‘old pseudo-Reality’, and to introduce a New Existence!

Without these enormous changes that are upon us, we would remain locked in the systems we have now. And to remain in the status quo would mean more of the same imbecility, the same questions, the continually wondering ‘Why!’

These then, are the questions asked by the Unawakened:

·        Why the Perpetual Pain, Suffering, Misery, Trauma and Death?
·        Why do we remain in Ignorance of whom and/or what control our lives?
·        Why must we forever wonder what all this pain, suffering, and ignorance are all about?
·        Why is the Truth of situations and things so very hard to find?
·        Why is there Fear shadowing our lives as if we cannot be rid of it?

·        Why are we, so willing to love, with so much love in our hearts, abused and traumatized by ones who never return that love to us?
·        Why do some not respond to kindness and goodness?
·        Why do so many not respond to our love?
·        Why do we have to lose those we love most at some time in our existence?
·        We need to ask why we cannot simply live in Peace and Harmony. There seems to be someone, something, always wanting to destroy our serenity;

·        Why must we wonder if there really is life after death;
·        Why do babies have to die?
·        What chance would they have had to pursue Love, Joy and Happiness and fulfillment?
·        What chance did they have to gain ‘Heaven’ as some claim we must work for with a full, loving prosperous and long life?
·        Why do innocent, loving pets and animals have to be brutalized in the ways we all know they are?

·        Why do so many die of starvation as we see in Africa? Does ‘god’ not love them?
·        Why are we punished so much at every turn in lives, or so it seems, especially the harder we try to be good, that we could easily consider any ‘god’ in control is a misanthrope?
·        How can we justify some people breeding and fattening the wonderful animals so that they can slaughter them and devour them without a second thought?
·        Why do the ‘lucky ones’ grow old, wither and die after having been transformed from wonderful, loving, productive adults into demented imbeciles who no longer have control of their hearts, or minds, or bladders or their bowels?
·        Why are there more days in our lives full of jeers and tears than there are filled with cheers?

·        Why do the biggest bastards always seem to win?
·        Are we really reborn sometime after we die via Re-incarnation like some suggest? If so, why?
·        Why must we wonder if Aliens in UFOs really exist or even created us like some history seems to suggest?
·        Why are the established Religions so apparently unable to truthfully answer the simplest of questions about our existence?
·        Why is nothing simple enough to understand in the idea of existentialism?

·        Why must we plead to know why there has to be the exploitation of our assets, minds, emotions, etc., on an unending basis?
·        If pain, disease and death are the results of our ‘sins’, as some try to force us to believe, just what sins did a two year old child commit to die a painful death from bone cancer, or meningitis, or leukaemia, or violent abuse?
·        Why should there be Unending Wars for Terror and Destruction, as proposed by those who seem to control everything we do and against whom we seem impotent?
·        Why is there insecurity in all aspects of our lives as ‘Big Brother’ controls everything, even our thoughts it seems?
·        Monetary impoverishment as governments get meaner with our own money seems to be our future lot. Why should it be so?

·        Ubiquitous poisoning by Chemtrails, GMO foodstuffs, vaccines, drugs whose side-effects can be worse than the disease, is now an established reality. How did this happen?
·        Pollution of air, soil and water, for the sake of short-term industrial profits, but with impending doom for the physical existence of animals, insects, birds, and humans is stating the obvious. Why should it be so?
·        Why is there Mental and cultural imprisonment and abuse for those with a differing opinion, as is obvious now?

Do we really want to be forever asking these questions or do we want something better as has been promised by every true Spiritual Philosopher that has spoken to us throughout History

My writings show that things should never have been this way.

We are so used to being abused, and exploited, and punished, by this obviously Evil System in which we live that we take it as the norm. Worse than that, it seems we are prisoners in a vile system and like sufferers of the Stockholm Syndrome en masse, with some of us attempting to love and excuse away the iniquities of the controlling essence which is obviously very evil and which we are forced to call ‘god’.

No wonder so many, having suffered so much, having been abused so much, having lost so much in so many ways, develop a pathological hate even for the word ‘god’!

But, that should never have been so, as I show in my books.

As some undergo the Mass Awakening that I am writing about, they will remember it should never have been so. They shall remember a time before this era, a time when it was not this evil way.

The coming upheavals are to re-establish non-Evil Normality as it once was and shall, in future, be.

The coming upheavals are inevitable.

They are necessary surgery for some individuals, in all Classes of Consciousness, to return to a healthy state of existence in the essence, Light and Love of the True ‘God’.

The coming physically destructive upheavals are surgery to remove forever a SPIRITUAL CANCER that has affected our lives.

The less sophisticated of my readers say they don’t believe a word of what I write and then accuse me of frightening them. That is illogical. If they don’t believe what I write, how can that produce fear in them?

If they sense fear, it is because they SENSE AND KNOW, deep within them, THAT what I write is true. Something declared false by an individual cannot make that individual fearful.

On the other hand, many others feel Joy and Elation once they contact the energy of these words. For them, the resonance within is due to knowing that what I write is true for them too, but with a different result from the failures: The feel Joy, not Fear.

Those that write to me accusing me of truly frightening them are really giving an open assessment of their true status in eschatological terms. They are declaring themselves to be finished. They are telling us that they know they are NON-VIABLE, and, with the coming turmoil, will no longer remain in existence!

I can put that analysis in no other words.

You may recall that previously I wrote that, in the Endtime, each will declare its own status: Viable and non-Viable. That is what these people who write attacking me are doing. More and more will recognize their status as we move along this path to the End.

It is futile attacking me. It is the energy content that exposes them. I have explained this previously also.

Thus, as well as Awakening beings to whom and what they are, my writings are also conducting the natural selection of Viables from the non-Viables in preparation for lift-off.

It is neither I nor the New Green Energy in my words that is being judgemental.

It is the individual in its reaction to the Energy, and to me delivering and distributing it, obviously, that automatically judges its own worth.

Thus, whether you want to believe it or not, every living being, every Centre of Consciousness, regardless of the class of physical manifestation it is in, be it in the Mineral Class, the Vegetable Class, the Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic or Universal Class,  is receiving this message on some level of its being, throughout the whole Universe. Individual Humans, as I wrote previously, have seven such Centres in their metaphysical anatomy. For more details, read my books.

What is occurring on Earth is being repeated everywhere in the Physical Dimension. The fact that the lower physical mind cannot comprehend such a phenomenon is of no importance. Besides, I have already mentioned that over 90% of the Universe has already been corrected and no longer exists.

Thus, this is your conundrum for today. How the heck could I possibly know all this and especially that last fact about the disappearing Universe?


Bye, Bye Cardboard Box

As events that will suggest disruption of the physical world become more pronounced, you will note that the ones with no spiritual insight will focus on physical survival at all costs.

Already you will have noticed published advice on the Internet and magazines stating what food to store, how much water, how many guns you should have, when you should shoot, etc., etc. Silly is it not?

The point is that no one will survive the physical. What then is the good of hoarding stuff?

I mentioned the elite are building underground cities and so on, to survive whatever calamities they think will occur, whether it will be a meteor strike, or Nuclear War, or the fall of Earth on its axis, and the subsequent massive fracturing as has occurred in the past., etc., etc.

My advice from the very beginning has been that the Earth is finished. My message was, and is, of Clearing of the Planet.

In other words, all life is to be removed from the planet in preparation for its total destruction.

It is while I was driving through New Mexico in the mid-1980s that the message came through that, in fact, the whole Universe was going!

You see, even this Cardboard Box of mine had to be given the information gently and slowly because of the risk of OVERLOAD. No matter who our Higher Consciousness may be, the Cardboard Box (the physical body) used by it, made by Evil, to serve Evil, as I have explained often in the past, is MORONIC! All Cardboard Boxes are moronic, some more than others, until they awaken somewhat.

Chasing Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, in all their forms, as fast and as often as they can, some make sure that their physical body remains as stupid and as moronic as possible.   
That process explains the stupidity, the bias, prejudices, hatred and ungodliness we see all around us.

The lower mind of the physical body can understand so much and no more. It has to be fed information from Superior Levels in tiny bits, especially information as explosive as this about the end of all life in this dimension, the end of Earth and the End of the entire Universe.

It takes time to integrate such new, explosive knowledge into the stupid Monkey Mind. Many a time after I got back from the Spacecraft in 1985, at which visit (I have had many such visits and will write about them later) I was told to make the Message public, my lower mind rejected again and again the information my Higher Mind fed it as it became more and more foreign from what is called ‘normal’ on this level.

On occasions, I would stop writing, throw the notes across the room and yell ‘This is crazy! This is impossible!’

At other times, the knowledge would descend in the form of hieroglyphics or in mathematical figures and equations, or in abstract ideology which I could not translate satisfactorily into words. Meditators among you have experienced similar phenomena, I am sure.

You see, what I was writing contradicted everything my lower mind knew. It contradicted everything I was taught from infant days. It contradicted everything in the history books, in the religious books including the Bible, in the Medical books I had read, etc.

I was raised a Catholic by my parents, went to a Catholic school, attended the local Catholic Parish Church, and did my medical internship at a Catholic Hospital. In that indoctrination, anything psychic or anything not uttered from the pulpit to do with the spirit was the ‘Work of the Devil’. I kid you not. Just recall what the Church did to Mesmer!

As you read these, see how ridiculous humans can be in regards to that which they do not understand.

So here I was experiencing these massive phenomena and the first thing I had to do was fight the Catholic Indoctrination right out of my head. Not an easy thing to do, mind you, especially when you are indoctrinated with the thought that if you abandon the faith or pursue the so-called ‘Works of the Devil’ you will go to HELL!

We can laugh at the imbecility of such utterances now, but think of the millions trapped by this punishing thought. Children especially can be traumatized maximally. Now can you see why the Catholic Faith breeds and fosters so many seriously ill mental patients, especially in the clergy?

But, as this article will show, all religions can have deleterious effects:

It was only later that I realized that what was in my lower mind was Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that was purposely planted there, as it is in all of us, in order to reject the Truth if ever we come across it.

Especially when I came across technical information in my writings, and things such as the reasons why things are the way they are, what healing really is, what its mechanisms are, etc., and that Religions are evil, that the ‘god’ Jehovah is Evil, etc., etc., I had such a conflict in my head, that the only way I could resolve it was to put aside all that I had been taught, write what my Higher Mind was telling me and then seeing how best I could integrate the information.

I even had to put my scientific and medical knowledge to one side as I wrote.

I dare say you have had to do the same thing, namely, put any indoctrination in your head to one side while you search for the Path to Awakening. Aspects I have written about are so different from what we think reality is that a real battle can develop in our minds. I know because many readers have written to me expressing these things.

It is only slowly that some are able to accept the Truthful aspects. That is why I place the warning on my website ahead of my list of books, so that readers can become aware of changes that could occur to them, in them, while reading my material.

Why would I have to do that if this material is nonsense?

The truth is that it is not nonsense, and the energy content of the writings does clash, sometimes severely, with the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations in our heads.

Now, of course, having broken through the Illusion of the Virtual Reality, I sometimes look back at how I was before my Awakening, before my full connection to my Higher Self, and have a good laugh at how stupid a Cardboard Box with all its programmed idiocy, desires and hungers can really be. It is blind to the Truth, but, not knowing the Truth, it does not know it is idiotic or blind.

When awakened, such a being can never go back to being a blind imbecile, and the blind imbeciles cannot understand the Awakened one, for they cannot see or feel Truth, seeing they are still blind Cardboard Boxes. Thus, it is the unawakened fools, who call the wise ones stupid, in this malicious and very evil system,

Thus the unawakened call the wakened ones with True Knowledge and Wisdom crazy, simply because they, the unawakened ones, are blind to the Greater Reality. I am sure those of you who have awakened a little have come across this imbecilic situation as you tried, as we all have tried, to awaken family, loved ones, parents, etc., to the Ancient Wisdom as I have outlined it and to which you have awakened.

It is only because of our love and caring that we to want to share the Truth, when we awaken to it, with those we most care for, because we want them to live on with us in Eternity.

But, I must give this warning: You cannot force anyone to awaken. If they are Viable, they are Viable. Do not be concerned. If they are not viable, there is nothing any of us can do for them. The choice was theirs.


This is what I have written on my website:

‘Notice of Effects that may occur on reading or hearing my Material

There is energy in the books I have written which has various functions. The degree and frequency of the energy varies from book to book.

The Information and its Energy are basically to awaken beings to their own Truth within and prepare them for what is to occur to them, to this planet, and to the whole physical dimension.

Their mode of action opens Centres of Awareness in each individual, and if these centres harbour Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, (which we all have on this level to varying degrees) the reactions in the individual will vary according to the degree (concentration, severity) of the programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Some people have Evil Energy in their auras, or are possessed by demonic energy partially or totally. Others are totally non-viable Evil Beings.

The energy in the information will certainly stir many to a great degree.

This can cause physical effects. But the effects are due to flushing out the Negative Energy that lay hidden within the individual, not due to the energy of the information.

Physical effects may manifest as nausea, headaches, nightmares, visions of discarnates who are stealing the reader’s energy, Succubi and Incubi who are stealing the reader’s sexual energy at night, thoughts that relatives, friends and associates are draining them of energy at school, at work, at play. This is not paranoia. As those more knowledgeable know, there are people that steal our energies as we go about our daily business. Energy Vampires exist.

The headaches can be due to blocks in the spiritual pathways. They usually subside as one cleanses sufficiently.

But, always remember to get persistent symptoms checked out. One reader, years ago, was elated that periodically he felt drowsy and euphoric, with a wavy motion in his head and at times slurred speech. He put it down to the massive amounts of energy he thought he was receiving through his Crown Centre at my weekly lectures at that time. When he told me about this, I realized immediately he was having TIAs, Transient Ischaemic Attacks, due to his high blood pressure which he ignored. Inspite of subsequent treatment he later suffered a stroke which paralysed him. He was in his 50s.

Manifestations due to the stirring and exposure of Evil Energy, and blocks within, can upset awakeners. But, they must push on. It is the Negative Energy within them that is surfacing and producing all these effects, including anger, fear and paranoia, as it were. The Positive Energy of the books is making the readers aware of their negative impost.

It can be likened to a spiritual Herxheimer Reaction that occurs in medicinal healing. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It is a manifestation of rapid removal of toxins from the body after a healing agent has been ingested.

In the spiritual case, it is the exposure, and hopefully, the rapid removal of Negative Energy from the individual by the introduction of the energy in my books and voice.

Sometimes these reactions are so frequent, great and/or distressing to the individuals, they must stop Positive Energy input until they cleanse to clear the mess and the crises pass. It is simply a case of overload.

New readers can feel these effects and erroneously blame the content of the books for the negative effects.

It is similar to students studying in intensive courses in which they take in more facts than they satisfactorily integrate at any one time. Hence, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual fatigue can occur.

That is why cleansing and purification are such important daily requirements.

When one takes a rest from positive input, cleansing and purification should be intensified. Read my books for details please.

Also remember to drink lots of water, for the body is helped by drinking water when larger energy inputs occur. Hands-on-healers say they drink up to 12 litres a day to cope with the energy flux that affects them as they attempt to heal patients.

Avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination is mandatory if you are going to progress on your Spiritual Path.

Half measures are not good enough. Don’t be a hypocrite.

I repeat, the negative effects are due to the Negative Energy that is stirred and flushed out of the individual by the awakening and healing Positive Energy of the books.

The same goes for the energy in my voice when I give lectures, conferences, speak on Radio shows, etc. Many readers have commented on the boost of energy they acquire as they listen and on the elation from the energy of the words that they feel. It is an automatic process.

Lately I have been using increasing doses of the New Green Energy (NGE) which has resulted in even more spectacular effects.

The Negative beings feel far worse with it. It attacks negative energy more forcefully, and it cannot be manipulated as the former Divine energy could be by Evil Beings to do destructive things. I had previously revealed that this whole Evil System is being starved of Divine Energy. The system simply cannot use the NGE for its evil effects. Thus it will totally collapse.

The NGE and the Evil Energy are incompatible and the NGE destroys the Evil Energy on impact. That effect can be felt by the individual with negative energy as a temporary physical malady.

Evil Beings are exposed by the NGE and are never the same. They cannot run away fast enough from me, my words, my books, and my voice, even if before they appeared really close friends and may seemed to have been devoted to my work.

The Viables feel far better with the NGE. They experience a new, pleasant sensation, as many have written to me to say so. They feel a boost of energy, new confidence and greater love that heals them faster.

As an individual purifies, the unwanted side-effects of cleansing will be less, obviously, until finally, when the Centres of Consciousness are relatively clean, the effects will be of Joy, Elation, and True Love.

These benevolent effects are due to the Energy of the words being able to establish a pathway in the individual to his Divine Energy within. And that is basically the mechanism of awakening and true realization of God Consciousness.

Renewed pollution may cause them more distress until they cleanse properly again.

I can tell you now that failed Robots and Demons will not only reject what I write, but they will also become argumentative and abusive. Internally they have great FEAR.

The Positive Energy, especially the NGE, stirs their evil energy within, and being unable to grasp Truth, for they have none within, all they are left with is the Anger and the Fear of the thought of Justice and the elimination of Evil which means elimination of them. That is why they fear, even though externally they may express anger.

And although they may say they do not believe a word of what I have written, subconsciously they know that what I have written is correct. And as that realization which they have buried deep within their psyche slowly filters from their deep subconscious into their lower minds, it brings anger for having been reminded of this Truth, and the Fear of their fate.

By the time it reaches a conscious level, they will manifest the Terminal Madness I have often written about.  Thus, verily shall there be gnashing of teeth and (some of) the living will envy the dead.’


No one will remain alive in the Cardboard boxes.

For those who have no spiritual acumen, who are unable or unwilling to see life beyond the physical, this spells a massive disaster for them. They think it will be the complete end of their existence.

It is not, of course.

There is another step they have to undergo. That step is the assessment process that will be revealed to them.

All have been categorized, as I said previously, into Viable and non-Viable.

Non-Viables will know the moment their consciousness is out of the box what they are, if they have not already made the realization while in the physical body.

The fear in them until the moment of death will be tremendous, and they will commit any deeds they can in their attempts to remain physically alive.

From a spiritual perspective, that is utter foolishness.

Without the realization of what this all means, without the Awakening of which I write their suffering will be compounded immensely.

Fools are they, for this reminder of a Final Day for the physical has been given to all of us on this level since the time of the Celestial Error.

We have all known such a time would come.

But some chose to ignore it.

Others, such as the demons, couldn’t comprehend it, for to them there is nothing outside of the physical. They cannot comprehend this information now. And that is why they are building their underground hideouts! That is why they act so maliciously without qualms, without a thought for Justice and the need to make some sort of reparation for their Evilness.

They do not see that what they are doing is Evil. They care for nought but money, power and lusts. As I revealed previously, they see themselves as gods of the Universe. They are indeed deluded. And, as they cannot see the True Light or respond to Love, there is no place for them anywhere outside of this doomed Physical Dimension.

The demons think the end will never come.  In fact, it is just around the corner.


To be continued …………

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

October 13, 2012



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