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The Great Awakening...
Awakening To What?

Part Five

By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


The Real Reason For The Terminal Fragmentation...Jehovah Is Dead!

In this essay, I am going to discuss the Awakening required to accept the basic reason for the terminal fragmentation we are witnessing.

In my writings, I have asserted the fact that a termination process is occurring to the Physical Dimension.

You don’t really need a list from me to confirm that assertion. Just open your eyes. Besides, I have given many examples of fragmentation in previous essays.

You will note physical and also mental fragmentation. In other words, the Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I predicted some 20 years ago has become a reality. The main reason is that the controlling mechanisms on the minds of the Cardboard Boxes are dissipating. In other words, the whole evil mechanism that has kept us physically and mentally trapped is breaking down, for the Chief Archon is no more.

We have to expand our awareness and view not just our neighbourhood, or our State, our Nation or even our Planet. We must now consider our Sun, other planets, all the galaxies, and sub-dimensions that make up the whole of the Physical.

We need to see ourselves not just as an isolated unit of consciousness living separately and distinctly in a box that withers and dies, but as droplets in a boundless sea of consciousness that extends way beyond the confines of the physical. Of course this only applies to Theomorphic beings, as I will explain.

Those individual consciousnesses created within the Physical are destined to be part of the temporary sea of impermanent consciousness and will disappear with the physical in due course unless, as I have stated previously, they have modifications made to them that will allow them to exist in the sea of eternal consciousness residing outside of the Physical.

My assertion is that the whole Universe is fragmenting and it will shortly be no more.

It is impossible to have a view of this fragmentation while one is in the dimension itself, with a minimalistic field of view. Consider for example, the idea that Antarctica is fracturing ever so slowly and you have no vision of the continent directly or indirectly from satellite photos. You would be totally clueless until that fragmentation came near you and affected you. The further away from it, the longer it would take for you to realize what is happening.

The same principle applies to fracturing of the Physical Dimension. We are in the outpost of one galaxy (the Milky Way). There are billions upon billions of galaxies. Over 90 % of them have not only fractured but they have actually disappeared entirely. To assess the degree of fracturing of the WHOLE dimension, one has to have a view from outside the dimension. That view would then allow a view of the dimension in toto.

Consider also this simple analogy: A hailstorm hits your area and your car is damaged. If you are sitting in it, you will not know the extent of the damage. Once you alight and view the car as a unit, and are able to inspect all of it, something you could not do while you were in the car, you can diagnose that say 40% of the car has been damaged. In other words you have to be outside of it to assess the damage.

The same applies to the damage (and disappearance) of the Universe. The report that 90% has been dismantled, and has disappeared must come from someone outside of the universe who can see it totally or someone who can travel in and out of this one and view it from outside!

This has serious implications that I will now explain.

This already leads to the need of other non-Physical dimensions. That other dimensions must exist beyond the life of this one, for beings from them are witnessing the fragmentation and disappearance of this one.

If the fragmentation is seen, it means this universe is not eternal but temporary.

It will mean that time of the dimension that will disappear will also finish. Thus, the Time of a dimension and within that dimension is itself a temporary illusion, and not eternal. It is a property of the dimension and exists as long as the dimension exists.

If this dimension is finishing, but another exists outside of it that is healthy, it means there is a Future Time beyond the Time of this dimension. Thus, an observer in the outer dimension, on witnessing the collapse of this one, knows he is in a Time that will be beyond this Time. In other words, he is in a dimension of a Future Time. Thus, you see, Avatars who come from that other dimension are really from the future!

This is not a simple concept to grasp. It is even more complicated by the fact that the consciousness of Avatars is really a holographic projection into a doomed time and space (our Physical Universe).

If you do not comprehend these concepts, do not be too concerned. Move on.

This knowledge must also come from a dimension that witnessed the beginning of this our Physical Dimension and is witnessing its demise. How else could we explain having the knowledge of the event called the Celestial Error?

Something/someone was conducting some sort of experiment that gave rise to an ‘Error’. That being or beings must have been in existence before the ‘Error’ and are now witnessing its correction, which means the total dissipation of the ‘Error’ and its products, and they will live long after the ‘Error’ is corrected.

Further, to have this communication between the greater, outer longer lasting and older dimension and this one means there are Pathways between dimensions which will allow rescue of some of the beings trapped within this one.

This point must surely lead you to the conclusion that when I describe the changes to the dimension as a whole, the information must come from outside the dimension. It could be no other way!

This will be very hard for some of you to accept, however it supports my assertion that the Craft I visit either resides outside of this physical dimension or else is in this dimension but originates outside of it, and that is where the facts about the total fragmentation of the universe come from.

Secondly, to know of the total fate of the dimension, of the inhabitants, and of the final result, means the future has had to be assessed by someone who is now able to give us this information.

This is going to really strain your belief system for sure. Just think about it, and if you cannot get your head round the concept, let it be for now.

Having written what I have just written, it means that survivors of the fragmentation are virtually living in the future as far as this dimension is concerned. And, it means that this physical dimension is already in the PAST!

In other words, we are in a timeframe that has already concluded. And that is why ‘I’, coming from that future time, can be so certain of my facts that this dimension is finished.

(Of course you can take an alternate view, as many others seem to have taken, which states that I am a deluded fogey with absolutely nothing better to do than attempt to scare as many of you as much as possible. I wish it were as simple as that.)

To take that simple view for the beginning and continuance of this morass would leave far too many unanswered questions about everything we see and experience.

Most of the readers will only be able to confirm what I say when the End arrives. A few have seen the future in small snippets and know what I am writing about. But these are few and far between. Even the average clairvoyant and psychic is stuck with information sent only from the Astral and Etheric Planes where everything is supposedly rosy and hunky-dory. That is because these Planes are there to uphold the Illusion of the Virtual Reality. But they too are starting to fragment.

Closer to home, is there any fragmentation that suggests something is seriously wrong with our world and its environs? Is there enough wrong to suggest an End might occur?

As I said above, even just from my essays you can make quite a lengthy list of what is wrong with the planet.

You can describe mechanisms that are a threat to existence on the planet.

You know about the Eugenics Program and the culling of Humanity

There are stories of invading Aliens, and Alien hybrid DNA being implanted into human DNA, etc., etc. in an attempt to thwart the Endtime.

There are termination stories from the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Hopi, the I Ching, etc., etc.

Although some speculators suggest a jump into another dimension, that jump may not be for all consciousness. And it does not take too much insight to realize that jump may be a distortion of the concept of jumping into the New Dimension as I have described for those who are Viable, with total eradication of all the Physical Universe.

Those more primitive cultures such as the Hopi, Mayans, etc., would not have had the idea of something outside of this Universe as such and hence expressed only to a level they could understand.

After all, they did not appear to have the knowledge of

·        The 2 creations; the real one and a temporary evil one;
·        The Battle of Essences and the promise of rescue;
·        The Celestial Error and its tragic consequences;
·        The Process of Finalization of the War of Essences;
·        the differing classes of consciousness in human bodies;
·        the exact numbers of Viables;

They certainly knew about Evil and Demons but did not realize that there were two controlling Essences such as in the manner I have explained.

But, we know that all cultures had been told, since time immemorial, that there would be a sorting out of beings into 2 camps: Good and Evil, with the Good going to a heavenly abode, a place of reward, with the Evil cast into perdition.

As people have become more and more spiritually ignorant, this concept has lost its significance in ‘modern thinkers’. But, guess what? It has always been a valid pronouncement. And now, all are about to find out just how valid it really was and is!

This last message of separation has survived all the denials, stupidity and cultivated ignorance of the moronic masses. Thus, that being the case, we could guess that other pieces of Gnostic Knowledge, which formed the Ancient Wisdom, survived too, only to suffer the fate that the Gnostics suffered. It was either buried away by the controlling evil Archons wherever the knowledge surfaced, or else it was purposely distorted as in the examples I have given you in previous essays, the classical one being the Catholic Church and its treatment of the Knowledge given by Mani who was none other than Jesus re-incarnated.

Some will ask why I am so certain of what I write, as for example, calling Mani the re-incarnated Jesus.

If you resonate with these words and energy, you do not need to ask. You know.

If you don’t resonate with this energy, it matters not what answers I give. You will never accept any of them.

Look with your mind’s eye at the story of Quetzalcoatl in the history of the Toltecs, and you will know he was an Avatar fighting a potent demon Tezcatlipoca.

Truth became Legend, then Myth, and then Idiocy as we see how easily the Mesoamericans were fooled by the Conquistadors who claimed the right to murder these people, their culture and all their sacred writings. The Spaniards had the hubris of the more modern society and the idiocy of closed-minded Catholic bigots.

Similarly in the West, the story of Jesus has been turned into a noxious fairy tale, which in truth means a nightmare. All really await the rerun of the Avatar, not Jesus per se. But it has become the story of the return of a pansy, riding on a cloud with angels trumpeting His presence as they yell halleluiah. And so it goes, to moronic levels. The really sick and sad aspect is the number of people who have been fooled by this folly.

Just as Time is an illusion, so too is space. Our lower minds are overwhelmed by the size of the Universe. But really, that is because our consciousness is confined in these boxes on purpose. The lattice that allowed consciousness to travel freely and therefore reduce space to nothingness has been disrupted by Evil. Travelling on that lattice negated time and space. But, being stuck in the physical, that does not compute for us now. The lattice will be restored outside of this dimension and then there will be no space or separation between consciousnesses. We will be everywhere in an eternal moment. The level of bliss is what varies according to the class of the consciousness. I have written about this in my books and may write further about it soon.

At present, being confined in boxes, we are overawed by distances needed to be travelled in the Universe.  With the Lattice, there is no distance for consciousness can travel on it instantaneously. Think of Bell’s the Law of Local causality.

Thus you see, we have been imprisoned by Evil into segments of Time (the lifespan of the box) with no memory of past segments, on purpose, and with the inability to go anywhere as we cannot travel much, making the vast distances in the Universe impossible barriers to us. Neither of these restrictions apply in the real, non-evil Dimensions.


A little news bulletin/message for you:

It is late October, on a beautiful spring day as I write this. The sun is streaming into my study. My large dogs are lolling about the lawns around the house or taking their naps in the sun.

It is extremely peaceful with not a cloud in the sky and no noise other than birds singing.

Traffic is inaudible where I reside.

As I look out across a large empty field to a row of trees some 600 meters away, I envisage a spacecraft landing on the site in due course.

That is the exact reason why I was impressed to live here.

When ‘ours’ come to begin the physical evacuation, you will know they are the ‘right ones’ for they will come directly to me.

If UFOs land and aliens alight anywhere else, and if they have not come to me first, you will know they are of the Darkness. I give you this warning very seriously for exposure of the existence of UFOs and Aliens is about to occur by Governments in a very awe-inspiring visual manner. They will be the evil controlling demonic aliens. Who else would co-operate with the demons in control on this level?

As I describe this idyllic scene, that which is about to occur seems hidden from view. It appears almost impossible that anything as traumatic as the End could occur. I am sure it is a very different scene in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., however, with all their horror of death and destruction every minute of their lives.

And this leads me to remind you of what Babaji kept on saying over and over again in the 1990s. ‘If the massive changes don’t come soon in the sequence they have been programmed, they will all occur simultaneously and the End will occur in a flash!’

And, where does that leave all the smarties who claim nothing is going to happen because the predictions have not occurred as expected in the past?

I have explained the cycle of events that control precipitation of incidences onto this level. Of course, fools don’t understand anything that is explained to them. But you must take note of this: The longer massive changes are delayed, the more time concentrated will be their eventual occurrence.



We were promised from the moment the Error occurred, that it would be corrected. That time has arrived.

To know what that means, we need to know a little about the experiment that led to the Error, what the Error spawned and why it needs correcting.

All aboard and buckled your seatbelts. It’s a head spinner:

All existence is experimentation. Sometimes experiments go astray and they are immediately corrected.

The Error that gave rise to this Physical Universe was a little more resistant to correction than usual.

The negative, normally inert, polarity of the Divine Energy was activated as part of the experiment. Once activated, it developed an expressive consciousness that became even more actively negative and then inimical to the energy that actually allowed its expression.

Being unaware of what created it, and what the energy of the Hierarchical order was all about, this inimical consciousness declared itself, in total ignorance,  the superior and controlling Essence.  (Exodus 20:3, Isaiah 45:5)

But it was destructive, unco-operative and contrary. It manifested Evil!

Having the plans of the experiment within it, it began devising a scheme to take over all of creation. As the other beings attempted correction of it, it decided to encapsulate itself in a boundary and thus it precipitated into Matter as the Physical Universe.

As it was encapsulating this temporary and doomed Time and Space, the Theomorphs in the vicinity were warned to leave the enclosing space. Not all managed to do that. Some were trapped in this dimension (the Ancients).

Please understand that I am using words to describe interactions of Essences, and as Frederick Nietzsche said, ‘words falsify reality’.

As more and more Divine Energy was sent into the dimension, the evil Essence only got stronger. Some of that energy was used by the Evil Essence (now called the Usurper) to create consciousnesses with a mixture of Divine energy and its modified Evil energy. These were the robots I have mentioned elsewhere.

Many of the roots, having Divine energy, and some awareness, were not co-operative with the Evil Essence. Neither were the Theomorphs who failed to escape. Thus, they were rebellious and wouldn’t follow the evil schedule.

To counter them, Evil Essence created a line of beings totally out of its evil energy to subdue, control and steal energy from the robots and Theomorphs. These new beings are the members of the Demonic Creation.

Once the experimenters realized that attempts at correction by throwing more and more energy into the experiment were useless, Divine Energy was cut off from the dimension except for a trickle to keep the deserving robots and Theomorphs alive until a permanent correction could be executed.

Realizing this reduction in energy, the controlling Evil Mind devised special plans to extricate energy from those with the Divine Energy, mainly by punitive means.

Thus, the Chosen ones (demons, archons) were activated.

This was and is the state of affairs throughout the whole physical Universe.

At first, the expressions were ethereal, but as the matter became more and more gross, physical manifestations were created, such as these bodies we now use. They are results of long, long experiments to get them to this state.

The plans for creation and running the dimension that the Evil Essence stole were incomplete, and that explains why so many of its creations and systems are so imperfect!

In this area, within our awareness, the expression of the Evil Mind was called Saklas, Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, Moloch, Satan, the Devil, Rex Mundi, and finally Jehovah.

Thus now you see why Jehovah had chosen Ones that he used to abuse, steal from, and murder the others who had some aspect of Divinity within them. And Jesus identified these Archons, Demons, Sons and Daughters of Darkness accurately in John 8:44.

This explains why Jehovah is seen as a cruel and sadistic liar, a prejudiced fornicator and murderer in his own scriptures such as the Bible.

This is the knowledge the Gnostic had which exposed the Arch demon and his ruthless destruction of Divine Ones.

The evil ones had to stop this knowledge from spreading for it would awaken those Jehovah had put into a trance (into the morphed and deleterious Illusion of the Virtual Reality). If they awoke, his tricks of exploitation would not work so well.

Too late, now people re awakening, for it is the Endtime.

Thus, you see, this dimension and all were doomed from the start.

Once it was realized the Evil Essence would not co-operate in any way, and in fact it sealed itself off from the influence of the Divine, plans were drawn up to rescue the Viables within the illicit dimension and transmute the Evil Essence and its progeny back into Primordial Energy as should have occurred immediately when the experiment went wrong.

Since then, a Battle of Essences has ensured.

The Divine Consciousness fought to keep the Viables safe until rescue could be accomplished.

In the meantime the Evil Jehovah used all his ruthless means to steal the Divine Energy of the Viables for, without it, ‘he’ and his apparatus could not continue. In the process ‘he’ destroyed many beings, having drained them totally of their energy. Many Divine beings have been lost in this way.

To keep Viables sustained, Avatars entered the dimension with vital, nourishing Divine Energy. They came in diverse circumstances. Here are a few examples in this human era, on Earth:

·        Spiritual Teachers ­ Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Elijah, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Aurobindo, Sai Baba (the real one), Babaji
·        Philosophers ­ Plato, Pythagoras, Nietzsche,
·        Warriors- King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Hitler,
·        Religious Reformers ­ St Theresa of Avila,
·        Pioneers of knowledge ­ Galileo,
·        Explorers ­ Christopher Columbus
·        Musicians ­ Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.,

·        Politicians ­ Abraham Lincoln, JFK,

But, at other times they came as simple folk, or even as double agents, appearing to be quite evil (Adolf Hitler).

These are only a very few examples. But it shows you that, with the distortion that occurs on this level, Truth can seem stranger than fiction. This visitation was repeated everywhere throughout the Universe in which Viables were trapped.

When you examine the lives of these beings, realize that there are 2 components:

1                   is the life of the Cardboard Box, and

2                   the manifestation of the Divine Essence within.

No physical body can escape all the traps of this dimension, so do not judge the entrapment of the physical body as you read of human things these beings did. Rather, recall the Divine role they were playing and the energy they distributed.

Ultimately, they knew within their being they were down here to do a job and lay plans for the Final Correction to the Problem of Evil.

In most cases they were identified as Avatars and the Evil System made their lives (of the shell, box) Hell in as many ways as possible.

Also realize I am giving you are a few facts about Earth in the last 2000 years or so. The same mechanisms applied to the whole Universe over its 14-16 billion years.

Thus you see, this dimension was doomed from the beginning.

The Plan of Correction was known from the time of the manifestation of the error and its non-compliance.

The War of Essences has raged since the beginning.

With these explanations, the reason for obfuscation of Truth now becomes obvious. You have the story of the Emergence of Evil!

So now you can see that Evil is not just the absence of Good as Augustine of Hippo proposed, but an active, destructive,  malicious, malignant, mendacious Force!

True Ones are prisoners in an energy extraction mechanism purposely developed for that.

The beauty, joy and happiness we experience on this level are illusions to appease the Cardboard Boxes.

Knowing this information, True Beings can have but one aim ­ to be rescued safely as quickly as possible.

True Beings are slowly being asphyxiated just by being here.

No new Theomorphs have been created since this dimension was sealed by Evil. The increase in numbers we see has all been due to the creation of robotic and demonic consciousnesses.

All systems in the Evil Empire are imprecise and erratic. They have been so since the inception of the Empire.

Jehovah is a poor ruler, provider and planner. Look at Nature: there is gross imbalance in every sector. Often ‘he’ has had to wipe out large sections and start again. This is the seventh time that “Humanity” has been restarted. I may give details later.

Homeostasis in this Universe is an Illusion. The Evil Mind is constantly attempting to patch things up around the dimension.

Look at the inadequacy of these Cardboard Boxes. They are forever breaking down.  And they are programmed to copulate, copulate, and copulate. Thus, you have the explanation of why the population numbers have run out of control.

As I said, the boxes are programmed to breed, breed, breed. Look at the starving populations in Africa and other places. The only consistent thing they do is copulate to bring more cardboard boxes onto this level so that they can starve with them. If those people, who are robots, cannon fodder, and demons in the main, had any sense, the first thing they would do would be to stop reproducing and attempt to solve their food problems. But they can’t. Jehovah has programmed them that way. Thus the system breaks down inexorably.

There are many other examples I could give and you could list.

The inevitable fragmentation is due to the Process for the total and final elimination of all Evil. The Process is working to an End and is working well to reach its finality soon.

Why do I say we have reached the Final Stages?

JEHOVAH, the manifestation of the Evil Essence as we know it at this time in this area of the Universe, has been HARNESSED AND TRANSMUTED INTO INERT ENEGY.


What this means is that ALL the evil apparatuses, all the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations that has kept us trapped in ignorance and stupidity, in the Illusion of a useless Virtual Reality, are fragmenting and will dissipate in order to liberate us.

There is no other way that Liberation could be accomplished other than purposeful, active fragmentation of the Evil System and total dismantling of every aspect of the Evil System, brick by brick, molecule by molecule, quark by quark!

There is no other explanation for what is happening.

And with Jehovah dead, what do you think will happen to his ‘Chosen People’ when the mentally erratic robots, whom the Chosen Ones traumatized mercilessly, as they do to this very day, awaken to this? Just what do you think the demented robots who have suffered so much , over so many millennia , will do as they awaken to that fact of who has brutalized them for so long?

Can you imagine now that the prophecy made by Luria of Safaad will be fulfilled?

Woe shall come to the Chosen Children of Zion. By the way, the Demons are not the Jews. Demons are 30% of the earth’s population now. Many are Jews; many are Catholic, etc., etc. They are in all classes, all races, all religions, and all nationalities.

If you are Viable, you shouldn’t fear the traumatic changes we (the cardboard boxes) must, of necessity, undergo. In fact, you should be filled with JOY that finally our liberation has come. Our suffering and exploitation are coming to an end and we are going home to live forever more in Peace, Harmony and True Love.

Those of Evil do fear, for they now realize that they will be asked to account. They knew this day would come, but foolishly attempted to deny it would come. They have only themselves to blame if they have terror. It is not your fault or mine. They have had countless chances to turn to the Light.

Members of the Demonic Creation were constructed with no knowledge of Truth, Peace, Love and Light. They are blind to the True Light and cannot respond to True Love. The concept of Life outside this Universe is meaning less to them. As they have the (physical) power over the rest of us here (while we are in Cardboard Boxes), they think they are the fragments of the ruling evil god. And, in fact, they are!

Thus, when the New Agers say they are parts of  (the evil) god, they are correct.

As I have written previously, the demons are hateful, bellicose and destructive. Their role is to cause as much pain and suffering as possible in order to force others to liberate whatever Divine Energy is within them.

As they do this, they lust for power, money and sex.

Examine the activities of the Archons in charge and tell me it is not so.

Now you see the occult reasons for the Wars for Perpetual Terror. These wars are not just to steal the wealth of the conquered nations, or the acquired ability to dictate to the vanquished how low they should bow in salutation to the Demonic-Archonic-Conquerors and Masters, as the Spaniards did to the Mesoamericans.

You now see that Evil has been perpetrated throughout history.

The Demons have been told about the day of accountability, but they simply scoffed, for in their minds, they are ‘god’ and need account to no one.

That’s why they are so arrogant and cockie when conducting their murderous affairs.

The overt expression of evil by evil ones that we see more and more every day is due to the fact that the Light has removed all restraints and the evil ones are being allowed to self-destruct.

Secondly, the energy coming into this plane has been greatly restricted, in fact almost stopped, except for the New Green Energy that I have mentioned before.

The evil ones cannot use this energy. Hence, they realize they are starving and are initiating these concentrated mechanisms to enhance suffering in order to release as much energy from the trapped beings as possible.

The wars, dishonesty everywhere, exploitation and pornography are such mechanisms.

You will also note that now, without restrictions, the media and politicians are catering for the demons. All semblance of Divinity has been well and truly removed from daily life. Contrary to what the demon Carl Sagan wrote, it IS a demon-haunted world! Sagan attempted to deny this Truth, as he denied Aliens and UFOs.

One very obvious mechanism for this catering to demons is to be seen in the TV shows and movies now made available. These are demonic and are catering to the demons who think they have won. The fact is that they are being allowed to self-destruct.

A day of enormous anguish and gnashing of teeth will occur when the demons realize that they ARE accountable, that they are not ‘god’, and that they are scheduled for transmutation. Then shall we see florid Terminal Madness. The day they make that realization will bring a great possibility that, in their anger, they will blow up the planet and all of us in it.

They had no chance of becoming viable, for Jehovah built (created) them with no chance of knowing Truth, the True Love or Light.

Thus, as I have revealed previously, not one demon has turned to the Light. Whomever I call a demon is destined for transmutation.

We will all have our psychic vision restored. And we shall see who is who. That has been promised to us. We will see demons in our family members. Some are already seeing them, having awakened sufficiently to have their true psychic vision restored.

We cannot be blackmailed by their identity.

We must realize it is their ‘god’ who built them with no chance of existing in Divine dimension.

Do not waste energy on them. They are your mortal enemies, and mine, regardless of what insincere words they utter.  

They were created to destroy you, if you are a Viable. Where is there need for pity?

Remember, emotions are not noble. They are evil mechanisms to drain us of our Divine energy. That applies to positive emotions, such as Joy for physical things, and Emotional Love and Happiness, which are transient illusions to drain us, if you think about it.

The need for compassion and pity are also evil mechanisms for the same reasons.

Realize that Evil is in every class of consciousness. Hence, as the Human Level (Class 4) fragments and self-destructs, so will Class one, the Mineral level, Class 2, the Vegetable level, Class 3, the Animal Level, Class 5, the Devic class, Class 6, the Galactic class, and Class 7, the Universal.

This explains

·        the increase in Natural Evil and the subsequent increase of natural disasters all around the Universe, not just Earth,
·        The loss of Flora and appearance of demonic GMO foodstuffs, even though they have been created by demons,
·        The disappearance of species and the madness in the animal class,
·        Human fragmentation and Terminal Madness,
·        Class 5 demons descending onto the plane and increasing evil activities,
·        Galactic madness with collisions, erratic activities in previously orderly galaxies, and engulfment of massive structures by rogue Black Holes,

·        Class 7: Universal decay. The Universe is dying. From a superior perspective it is dead!

Hence, you see, we are caught in, and are experiencing, the death throes of the Universe.

Death of the Universe and of themselves is seeping through onto the outer minds of non-Viables from the subconsciousness and that is why so many are becoming extremely depressed and suicidal with gross manifestations of Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It will get far worse.

Viables are being liberated from the trap.

It is as if the prison walls have come down, the guards are all but dead and we can race home, safe and free.

Those of the trap will perish with the trap. They have no future. They never did. They were illusions living in an illusion. And Illusions always come to an end.

For them, the Illusion was their reality. They had nothing else. They could not comprehend Truth, or Justice, Love or Light.

To Viables, the Illusion of the Virtual Reality was a filthy, murderous trick in which they were trapped, and knowing ones could not wait for their day of Liberation.

That day is here!


To be continued...

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

October 22, 2012



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