The Great Awakening
Awakening To What?
By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It 10-6-12

Like all my writings, this series of essays is to stimulate your awareness and accelerate your awakening in preparation for the Endtime.

I have given various concrete examples in previous essays to allow you to conclude the veracity of the following assertions:

This is a demonic realm, run by demons to exploit the rest of us.

History is bunkum, written by the victors, who are invariably the demons on this level.

History is written in such a way, as to obfuscate the TRUTH and not only present a Virtual Reality, a destructive and very exploitative nightmare, but also to confuse us as much as possible.

Here is an example of half-truths being used to confuse people and eventually form complete lies, thus obscuring the Truth.

I shall linger on this point for a moment.

Go to my website. On the 3rd page labelled 'My Family' read the essay of May 9, 2012, which I have called 'David Icke, Chalk or Cheese'.

Before I continue I want to make this point very clearly:

As you will all agree, Jeff Rense does a wonderful job with his site, and interviews, allowing all views to be represented.

In my writings, I am obviously giving you my views. At all times, regardless of what is presented, and regardless of the source, you must choose what Truth is for YOU.

Babaji is fond of saying that 'Truth is Truth, even if no one believes it!'

Many writers on these subjects of World Changes, Existentialism, Theology, Metaphysics and Spirituality, are like the blind men I mentioned in the story and poem about blindness and the description of an elephant.

If you read the websites and books of some people like Icke, you will see expressed sentiments like this:

The Truth is this;

No wait, it's that;

No, no, it's really this!

Oh no, it looks like it's that over there after all, etc.

Truth is Truth. It is not like a cloud that changes with passing conditions.

As I said, it is you who must choose what Truth is for you! You do not choose with outer mind analysis and by seeing who has the best argument or best presentation or biggest website, or the most financial backing.

You find Truth, for you, by referring internally to your Higher Mind, your Higher Consciousness, to your Divine Nous of which the Gnostics speak. You then assess if what is presented to you as Truth, by whomever, from whatever source, resonates with your Truth within.

As I have written, and you no doubt had noted, Religions try to take this ability to discern with your Higher Mind, this ability to access the Divine Particle within you, away from you with their punitive Dogmas, and such.

As far as I am concerned, if you are a Viable, you will resonate with my words and my energy.

If you are not a Viable, you will resonate with whatever words the wind blows your way and with whatever programming your Cardboard Box is responding to at that moment.

That latter path will eventually lead to vacillation, doubt and confusion, consternation, mental stress, and finally emotional madness, for you will be plunged into the Darkness of Untruth. That process is the very opposite of what Truth should do for you. Thus, that is the Path to the Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

Truth should clear your mind.

It should dispel confusion.

Truth should set you free.

It should give you true confidence.

It should set you on the Path of Light and onto mental and Spiritual Clarity, Joy and Happiness.

So, what is Truth for you? It is that knowledge contained in the Godly, and therefore Divine, Essence within you, the Divine Nous of which the Gnostics speak.

If you do not have such an Essence, you have no Truth.

As I have stated before, only 9% of the present population have that Nous. Thus, Truth is not the winner of a popularity contest.

Now you know why Viables have to fight every inch of the way in the gauntlet we are forced to run by Evil and its controlling demons.

The other 91% are out to contradict us every inch of the way. In former times, they slaughtered us with no qualms.

And, to make matters even harder for us, realize that of the 9%, only a small fraction is awake as yet.

But, I assure you, they are all labelled and ready for evacuation into the New Dimension.

In the past, any who have attempted to expose this desecration of Truth, and represent it as the Gnostics have done, have been slaughtered mercilessly by blood-lusting demons who feign airs of magnanimity.

Religions are obstructions to one's Truth and to a superior intellect and Higher Energy. In other words, they are obstruction to God rather than paths to 'Him'. I explained this at length in the essays on Religions. The solace they appear to give the few is but opium for the body and spirit. Opium eventually kills body, mind and spirit!

As I predicted long ago, people are waking up and abandoning Religions in droves. The clergy are desperately trying to turn them into social clubs where people can gather once more. Even the most forceful, strident and maliciously entrapping of the Religions, the Catholic Church, has had its attendance reduced to 15% of former times, while other less forceful ones are down to 5%in Oz, according to the latest government census figures.

Religions remind me now of how conmen and women work. They try to appease you in some way, and make you feel good temporarily while they rip out whatever is in your wallet without you knowing. You will be worse for the experience, always. In former days of course, they emotionally blackmailed people with the Fears of Hell and Perdition.

This older article had attendance at 8.8%. The figures I quote are 2 weeks old.

If your train ride home is particularly long and boring, you can peep at these statistics:

Pentecostal churches are winning numbers because they are more about music and giving the Cardboard Box a good time and not about God and the Spirit as such even though they carry on about the spirit and its healing powers. They stimulate the emotions, thus draining the energy once again. See, it's all about draining energy of Theomorphs.

The healing is hysterical conversions and Prana distribution. See my chapter on healing in my books "Making Sense of the Madness".

Demons are involved every step of the way in Pentecostalism, as they are in all religions, and make no mistake about it, the episodes of speaking in tongues, so much admired by the attendees, is temporary demonic possession no less!

The church has the final say on everything for it stipulates this: 'all manifestations of the Spirit are to be judged by the church'.

Not only that, they have made Jesus Christ the One and Only God.

As I have explained elsewhere, Jesus Christ was but one manifestation of many of the Christ Light, of the Avatar (Son, or Aspect of the Supreme Godhead) that has needed to come into this Evil Dimension periodically for the various reasons of bringing in Light and Wisdom, and sustenance to the Viables until the time of the End.

BTW, Jesus was the name given to the Cardboard Box. Christ is the name of the Light of God carried by the Box. In the case of Buddha, or King Arthur, or Manichaeus, Mohammed, Nietzsche, Galileo, Columbus, Hitler, Aurobindo, Babaji, the real Sai baba, etc., etc., it is the same mechanism. They are Christ in Different Cardboard boxes. Makes inter-religious wars silly, does it not?

By promoting this exclusivity, the Pentecostal Churches are no different in any theological way from the other churches that present the trap for the True Spirit with different coloured ribbons round it!

Thus, the more things change, the more they are the same: from one trap into another for the silly sheople.

And like all demons, those in religious houses make accumulation of wealth their number one priority while they urge the poor to breed like flies in order to increase the energy harvest from the few Theomorphs caught in the midst of the throngs. Sexually assaulting young children is an entrenched culture within the religions and that is why the clergy have, on every occasion when they have been exposed, vigorously attempted to sweep news of it under the carpet. It is how demons get their energy as well as their sexual satisfaction.

Hypocrisy is the operative word on this level. Thus you have demons preaching love and peace even while they rape, plunder and murder. This could not be more clearly seen that in the 20 centuries of atrocious history of the Catholic Church, and the murderous imperialism and hegemony of the USA since its inception.

Science is a fraud and does its utmost to prevent anyone awakening to the Truth of life outside of physical, and from finding the Numinous.

Governments are run by the Archons-Demons-Beasts to control the 'peasants, the goyim, the milking cows,' and as we saw so clearly recently, with the devastating Financial Collapse, to steal from them as often as possible and as much as possible.

Opponents of the demons are eradicated at the slightest excuse, and in past writings I have given you the examples of Abraham Lincoln, JFK, William McKinley, etc., when they attempted to thwart the evils of the controlling demons who usually hid e in the shadows of governments and institutions.

Wars are initiated by fraudulent deeds for the benefit of the demons, who as I said, hypocritically voice the catch-cries of Democracy, Freedom and Social Stability when, in fact, they enslave the vanquished, steal their wealth and destabilize the populations, often using racial and inter-racial ill-will to fracture the conquered nations, as we have seen in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc. Divide and conquer is their modus operandi.

This video is inferior in every way, but it does make a few relevant points.

Science has used technology to further control us, poison us, abuse us, and now is about ready to cull our numbers drastically, even as its controlling demons again hypocritically broadcast their lies of helping suffering humanity. 'Just who compounded their suffering?' you may well ask!

I am sure you can expand this list quite a deal, as you examine the evil all around us.

If you cannot that see this world is evil and is run by demons to disadvantage those of Love and Light, then you are still asleep. Worse still, you could be blind to the Light in which case your prognosis is not good.

Let us hope you are not blind, and that my words will awaken you swiftly and surely so you can take your place in the ranks of the Just.

In the meantime, the Madness gets worse:

Of course I know who each is from their energy, and from their reaction to my energy, and to the energy of my writings, which are one and the same. But I will not necessarily divulge that information about individuals on this level unless it is absolutely necessary.

What we will see is that each individual will express its ontology and state of viability, or otherwise, as we progress to the final moment. That is how it should be; that is how it will be.

But now, it is time to awaken to all of this and more. And as the awakening proceeds, the control by the scoundrels will become less and less. We will be set free, mentally at least. And they, being unharnessed for a specific purpose, will plunge headlong into the Abyss of the Damned.

It can end in no other way.

It will end in no other way.

My writings are to assist you in understanding what has happened to us, what is going on at present, and what will occur as we proceed.

The failures are angered by my words.

But, of what value is their anger? Better would it be if they prepared themselves for an eternity of Darkness and Despair, for that is what they have earned with their maliciousness.

Awakening to the Truth which may at first appear foreign to you is not always easy. The lower physical mind, that called the Monkey Mind, long ago, by Sanskrit scholars, wants to argue. It cannot understand things it has not been programmed and indoctrinated with.

The Monkey Mind is the mind of the Cardboard Box, of the physical body, and it is inimical to Truth. Bypass it at all costs and you will be fine. As I said previously, it has been created by Evil to serve Evil. Hence, it is not going to give you an easy time to awaken to the Truth that it has been created to hide, for it is your True Spirit's enemy.

If you find you are vacillating with various ideas and topics, just take your time. Sooner or later the information I give you will resonate with your Higher Mind to which you will connect, if you are a Viable, and you will be on your way to full Self-realization.

Realize that to attain such a connection you must take valid steps to cleanse, purity, protect, and avoid factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Excuses are for fools.

If you still drink heavily, take drugs, cavort with demons, have indiscriminate sex with beings whose ontology is less than desirable, if you still smoke tobacco or pot, then you are a hypocrite. You cannot be sincere. You cannot be a Viable, no matter how many excuses you can come up with to defend your vices. And under those circumstances, all you will connect to will be your vivid and livid imagination that will get you nowhere.

Many write to me after reading an essay or two and ask, 'Help me Purify, Cleanse, Protect; help me be viable, etc., etc. Teach me how to do these things.'

And I reply: 'Start reading my website, and then my books, in the order in which they are placed on the website.'

I usually never hear from the majority again. They cannot be bothered to make an effort even though it costs them a few pennies, less than a couple of Starbuck's coffees. How sincere do you think they were?

Once you connect with your Higher Mind, the amazing thing will be the fact that you will realize you have had this knowledge, or a gist of it, within you all the time. You just needed my prompting to awaken to it.

As I said in Part Two, the True spirit is entombed in an evil-created prison (the Cardboard Box). It has been made essential while we are on this physical level, but believe me, all its programming, pollution and its indoctrinations, all its needs and wants, all its urges and emotions, all its fears and mechanisms of egotistical survival are inimical to the True Spirit within.

Knowing these things will be of great help to you as the physical dimension fractures and eventually dissolves to be no more.

If you have understood my writings, you will see what a joyous event the Liberation from the prisons created by Darkness shall be.

If you have fully understood the gist of what I wrote in part Two, you are on your way to destroy the programmed FEAR of leaving the physical, and the FEAR of physical death!

It is only via such liberation that we are able to return back into the Light!

Between physical lives, all True Beings have been still trapped in the Darkness of the Etheric, Astral and Demonic planes. At present, only the Consciousness of Avatars can escape the physical, and all its sub-dimensions, after death of the body, and return to a special locus outside of this dimension. How do I know that place exists? I visit it often.

This last assertion of mine, that none but Avatars can escape the Physical Dimension at present, immediately poses questions concerning the validity of Near Death Experiences, of Astral Travel and the information gained in such exercise. I will discuss this another time. But for now, realize that Good and Evil beings exit in all levels of this illicit creation. Thus, such experiences can be illusions within an illusion, with some valid information given by True Beings who are in all aspects of the Illusion, some trapped, others working to support the Viables no matter where they be.



Before proceeding, I want to clear up a point I mentioned regarding plastic surgery in Part Two. Obviously not everyone who undergoes such surgery is a demon. There are many valid reasons why one needs and/or has cosmetic surgery. Some of the reasons are functional, some are medical, and some are part of the psychological and psychiatric therapy for problems the patients may validly have. Please understand that in these short essays I do sometimes use generalizations to make a point, and exceptions are understood to exist.

Fatal Traps for the Unwary:

At other times, any of us can be programmed, especially under extremely stressful conditions, to do foolish things, or God forbid, fall into traps and act like demons due to the pollution we acquire in those traps. That does not mean we are evil or demonic. More often than not, we come to our senses, when the stressful situations pass, and we make restitution to ourselves and others for our foolishness.

Some mistakes can virtually destroy our lives. For example, as a result of a dare, some young people may take illicit drugs after being taunted by their peers. It may also involve consuming large amounts of alcohol. If serious enough, with massive pollution acquired, the episode can result in temporary or permanent possession of the body by a demon or demons. This can later manifest as mental disease which may or may not be resolved by appropriate cleansing and treatment. It depends on how much damage has occurred to the Centres of Consciousness.

In a more acute and far more serious scenario, the body of the inebriated or drug consumer may be temporarily taken over by a demon that goes on a destructive rampage. Cases occur where the demon actually commits one or more murders, or rapes others, and/or commits armed robberies, extreme violence, etc., etc. These are all thrills for the demonic consciousness from which it gains energy.

The consciousness of the original inhabitant of the body can be pushed out of the body as in Body-snatching, or else be in the body with the demon simultaneously (Demonic possession) but is unable to exert any power to evict the demon.

When the demon or demons have had their fill, and the body sobers up, the original consciousness will express. When such people are caught they invariable tell the truth: 'I did not commit those crimes! It wasn't me, it wasn't me!'

Too late! On this level we have no way to physically measure this mechanism I have described. Some psychics can see what has gone on. Hence, the person is jailed, even executed. The responsibility was his or hers from the first instance, for it was its foolishness to acquire such massive pollution, via alcohol or drugs, or sex with demons, that allowed the demons into the body.

It is not unknown that the demons, on having enough 'fun' with the body, will actually destroy it, and statistically it appears as a suicide. I am aware of many such cases.

Thus, the foolish episode serves the Evil System well, does it not? It causes much pain and suffering all around, especially to those loved ones left behind who have no idea why their special young man or lovely, lovely daughter would do such a thing. It's an energy harvest all round for Evil. Nauseating is it not?

And this is the 'wonderful world' the idiots want to save?

The point is this: Be careful of what you do, what you consume and with whom you associate. This is no laughing matter. In previous essays I have given examples of demonic possession of the body following drug use. Excellent documentaries are available of the demonic take-over of communities in Oregon, Montana, and many other places. They may not call it demonic possession, but that is exactly what it is.

* Just who are the Pigs and Cannibals?

Another point that I made in Part Two that is worth revisiting is that of human consciousness in animals. Many such consciousnesses reincarnate in animal bodies for various reason, not of their choice, as I have explained in my books.

If you have extended vision, or once it develops sufficiently, you will see human consciousness in pets, animals used for food, in wild animals, even in trees, vegetation, etc. They are reduced to such a state by Evil. It is all due to the evil system exploiting their energy.

My point is this: once we recognize this situation, and especially once we see these beings, we should treat them via the Golden Rule; 'Do unto others as you would have done to you.' Thus, we need to show them all the love and affection we can muster. Realize it is not emotional love I am indicting.

Under those circumstances, where is there room in a knowing heart to slaughter them, hunt them for sport, be cruel to them, and eat them?

These are evil practices the demons taught us when we were in a stuporous state. And most people have been in such a state since the beginning of the Error. Even the interpolation in the Bible to use animals as we see fit and have dominion over them is a demonic insertion.

I have mentioned previously that medically it has been proven humans bodies were never meant to be carnivorous.

You would be wise to take note of these things and to stop eating flesh, not just for medical reasons, but especially for spiritual ones too.

Eating fish and vegetation has been made an exception for the reasons I enumerate in my books. While we eat them, we do so respectfully, and we are mindful of the Units of Consciousness who have had to sacrifice their Cardboard Boxes to help sustain ours.

Given a choice we would not eat them. But as we must eat them to keep our Boxes alive, we should harvest these items of food serenely, lovingly and with respect. Alas, modern society is such that we have to resort to eating tinned fish and vegetables at times, and we do not know the circumstances of their gathering and deaths. We do not know how cruelly they were treated. From documentaries we know that often the actions of uncaring robots and demons are prominent.

Demons cannot help being demons. They also engage in cannibalism, in secret at present, but it will not be long before it becomes an open practice. We have already seen reports in the general Media of such things from Germany and Japan in recent times. It is interesting that in Germany the cannibal was declared insane, but in Japan he was not found mentally ill, merely undisciplined. So you see, the barriers to demonic lifestyles are breaking down.

I have visited Japan many times, especially in the 1990s and from 2000 to 03. There were 3 Theomorphs in the population when I last visited, and one was a foreign student. There are now no Theomorphs in those islands. It is truly the land of the dwarf (robots) as the Chinese call them. And, as they broadcast openly, the Chinese have the intention of annihilating them all.


How do I know these things?

How do I know who is who?

How do I know the exact number of Viables in the 'human' population, in the animal population, etc.?

How do I know what is occurring in other areas of the Universe, in other sub-dimensions?

For answers to those questions, be patient. You will just have to wait a little longer.

If you think I am making all this up because I have nothing better to do in the few seconds between medical consultations, what exactly are you doing reading this information? You should be selecting your outfit to match the colour of the transmutation vat you are going into!

Jokes side, if you are NOT starting to recognize the energy in these words, you are very deeply in trance due to the noxious poisons of the Evil System in which case I say to you: 'Wake up! Wake up! Time is short'.

The only other alternative is that you are nigh on spiritually dead. It is for you to find out.


Is this process in which we are caught really terminal for the Physical Dimension?

Or is the Physical, a self-propagating phenomenon which, having run out of energy at the end of its life, as the Laws of Thermodynamics suggest it must, able to spontaneously regenerate de novo, that is from nothingness, thus again contradicting the very first Law of Physics that governs our very physical existence?

You know by the way I posed the question that the End must come.

Questions you must find the answers to in order to awaken follow.

BTW I have supplied the answers in my books, website, lectures, essays, workshops, etc. I will continue to publish them in future essays, lectures and workshops.

Please do not write to me wanting personal questions answered. Research my works, read my books, and you will find all the answers you need.

So, for starters, consider these questions that follow. From what I have written previously you should have a fair idea of most of the answers:

Can there really be an Endtime?

Look at the lists of coming destruction I have provided for you and then answer the question.

Is there really Terminal Madness?

Measure the degree of Terminal Madness of the Endtime and then give me an answer.

As I stated in a previous essay, 88% of adults in Oz sought medical treatment for mental disorders in the last twelve months. Mind you, Australia is one of the most stable and happy nations on Earth. We missed the global depression. There are virtually more golf courses then there are malls for shopping; more tennis courts and swimming pools than there are houses; more sporting events then there are minutes in the day, more pubs and racetracks and betting shops than there are betting slips.

It's a robotic and demonic paradise. Consider how far more terrible the mental status would be in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, etc., etc. where the guts have been, or will be, ripped out of the lives of the inhabitants.

And what of the USA? It is a shambles. Don't believe me? The striking example I can give is the degree of mental disease suffered by immigrants from Mexico after entering the USA. Statistics show that the relatively healthy immigrants become mental patients very quickly because of the way of life in the USA. These are people with massively positive changes in their lives: better jobs, more money, social security, etc., etc. Imagine the depth of mental illness in the indigenes!

No wonder suicides numbers far exceed deaths from vehicle accidents as I pointed out in an earlier essay.

Here you have it: the USA is THE leader in Mental Illness too.

'One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for having a mental illness within the past year, and fully a quarter of those had a "serious" disorder that significantly disrupted their ability to function day to day, according to the largest and most detailed survey of the nation's mental health, published yesterday.

Although parallel studies in 27 other countries are not yet complete, the new numbers suggest that the United States is poised to rank No. 1 globally for mental illness, researchers said.'

Why are the controlling demons and the rich suddenly burrowing underground?

If Time is linear, by definition it must have a beginning and an end. What, who, is on the other side of those two marker points?

Watch the scientists get loopy:

And loopier:

If the Time of the Physical Dimension is linear and limited, having both a beginning and an ending, then another Time that supports the concept of Eternity must exist. And if it does, then a non-Physical Dimension outside of the Physical is mandatory.

That's the one I and Babaji, and many others come from. That's the one I periodically visit.

Does Evil really exist or is it an illusion and misperception?

Is your life

A) Full of love, laughter, happiness, serenity, fulfilment, Godliness?


B) Is it stressful, sorrow-filled most of the time, dramatic, traumatizing, draining, senseless, abusive, painful, merciless, haunting, destructive, murderous, disappointing, harrowing, death-dealing, and full of disappointment and misery?

Are there dishonesty, hate, hypocrisy, crime, theft, rape, suicide, destruction, never-ending wars, and emotional scars for all?

If it's more like the latter, then Evil exists!

If Evil is an illusion and a misperception of defective minds, as some contend, why do we suffer the consequences of Evil even when we wish not to?

The answer is simple. Evil is real. It is not an illusion. It is not simply in the eye of the beholder. Evil will destroy you and every other True Spirit if it is given half a chance. Evil is NOT just the absence of Good.

Can there really be a non-physical Universe outside of this Universe?

Yes, it exists. I have been there. "I", not the Cardboard Box, come from there.

That is where Jesus went to:

New International Version (1984): Simon Peter asked him, "Lord, where are you going?" Jesus replied, "Where I am going, you cannot follow now, but you will follow later."

Jesus was telling Peter that He was going back to the non-physical dimension from whence Avatars come.

By saying 'you will follow later', Jesus was explaining that on termination of the Physical Dimension, the non-Avatar viable consciousnesses would go with Him to that Dimension.

Those 13 little words that Jesus said contain

i the promise of Liberation and rescue of the Viables,

ii Proof of the existence of Life after Physical death,

iii The existence of Dimensions outside of the Evil Physical.

iv Suggestion that Jesus was NOT of this world, and this, of course, tell us that He was a Divine Consciousness.

v By saying 'NOW', Jesus suggested the existence of not only a different space (New dimension) but also a different time once the time and space of this evil dimension ceased.

Can the recently developed String Theory that is leading us towards a 27th dimension propel us into a non-physical locality like Quantum Physics seems to promise?

Quantum Physicists have a tendency to become Metaphysicians for the simple fact of encountering unknown time and space in which the quantum articles disappear. Metaphysics is the only field that will accommodate that which they observe.

Please read these papers and similar ones with caution for, in the main, they are written by minds that have not yet accommodated the Numinous as we have in these essays.

I reproduce them simply to support my point of the New Physics leading us to Metaphysical Science in which I have a PhD.

Is there really life after death of the physical body?

Well, if there isn't, both you and I are wasting our time. If there isn't, we might as well be watching wrestling on TV, eating cheese laden pizza and being served cold beers by blond bimbos. Just kidding!

I have given you numerous examples of scientific evidence for consciousness residing outside the body.

I have experienced many, many times, as we shall see, when my consciousness leaves this body and goes into another dimension from whence I come.

I have seen Babaji and many other Avatars do the same thing.

Where do I get my information from? I will address this in due course.

Why do I say we are not all equal?

Here I reproduce the types of consciousnesses in human bodies from my essay Collapsing the Virtual reality, Part 3: Explaining the Paths by which the Truth shall set us free

The Classes of Consciousnesses in Human Bodies:

Previously I had written that there are many classes of consciousness in human bodies and that they are physically indistinguishable to the untrained observer. You will note that the majority in the different classes are NOT Sons and Daughters of the True God.

These classes are as follows:

I Ancients: These were Theomorphic Class 5 beings present in the vicinity of this dimension when it was still ethereal, and before the takeover by Evil. They were to organize and supervise the evolution of the lower Theomorphic classes in the dimension.

II Ancients of Ancients: This was the Evolutionary second generation of the above. Many of these were hopelessly lost in the Virtual Reality and became desperate to go Home.

III Theomorphic Earthling Class 4 beings: As I said, most of these were rescued in 1999 and only a few remain on the planet.

IV Class 4 Aliens: These are Beings from other planets that had been kidnapped and placed on Earth. These beings who have been kidnapped from other planets can be both Theomorphic or of Evil origin. Many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings and are expressing an intense desire to go "Home", They know they do not belong here.

Indigo and Star Children, so-called, roughly fall into this group. They are, in fact, advanced robots and demons from other more developed planets and star systems, forced to come here as their home planets are destroyed. Their lack of empathy is pathognomonic, inspite of what the delusional and celebratory New Agers say about them.

V The counterfeit evil-created robotic and demonic beings of Evil's Class 4.

VI Class 5 beings: These are Spiritual beings called Walk-ins. They can be good (Angelic, Devic), or Evil (Demonic). They are the Pixies, devas, leprechauns, fairies of which many have become aware throughout history. Before the Evil Takeover, there was liberal exchange between the Classes of Consciousness. This communication was cut off by Evil in order to control and reduce awareness. But now, as the Virtual Reality collapses, the inter-dimensional barriers will crumble and communication will once again be established. That is why ghosts and apparitions are being seen more and more frequently and easily, and why it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with astral and etheric levels.

VII Fallen Class 5 Theomorphic beings: If a consciousness loses a great deal of energy, a point is reached where it can no longer sustain the body of expression in that class, and is forced to drop to the class below. This also works for Class 4 consciousnesses in human bodies. If such consciousnesses lose sufficient energy, they may not be able to sustain a human body after death and will be forced to re-incarnate in an animal body. As I have explained elsewhere, many human consciousnesses are in the physical bodies of our pets! Many Class 5 angels and devas have fallen due to evil drainage and are in human bodies. Often they have spontaneous recall of their greater World, and their anguish of their loss and their homesickness are great. Maladjusted ones can seek escapisms and self-destructive behaviour. And all this is due to the influence of Evil and its destructive drainage of energy from Theomorphs..

VIII Special Creations of the Supreme Command for this Endtime. In this lifetime, since commencing this work in 1984, I have been involved with the creation of some of these beings. As an example, Lea, Cara and Phoebe, have been created specifically to help me in the Clearing of this Planet in its Endtime. They are working in Higher Levels.

IX Evil incomplete beings (called Soulless Beings). These are a specialized class of demonic consciousness that can be likened to drones in our earthly wars. They are vicious and malicious to the extreme. There have no compassion. They have no comprehension of Truth, Goodness, Justice, Love, Harmony or Peace. These are also in places of High Command in the Evil ranks. You will not have to think hard to find examples all over the world. They bomb and murder indiscriminately. They are killing machines when allowed their heads. They have no places whatsoever in the future.

X Consciousnesses who are Rescuers: These are also called Avatars in ancient texts. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Zoroaster, Jesus, Marcus Aurelius, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Merlin, King Arthur, Nostradamus, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, William Shakespeare, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Nietzsche, Hitler, Edgar Cayce, Shri Aurobindo, (the real) Sai Baba, (the real) Heidekhan Babaji, and many, many others are of this category. They have presented as world teachers, as explorers, artisans, musicians, poets, philosophers, etc., but also as simply people who brought down energy (and knowledge) to stabilize the plane. Sometimes they acted as double agents and secret agents in this War of Essences. Of course, this Class of Consciousness is here on the planet at this Endtime.

This detail should put paid to the evil fools who want to argue that Humanity is homogenous and that we are all "One". They say this, forcefully of course, in an attempt to hide the Truth and their own evil nature, so that they can continue pilfering the energy of those not evil that they have trapped. But, their reign is over. The Evil Empire and its Virtual Reality are all but finished.

With this knowledge, realize that your little dog or cat many well be one of your deceased relatives. Your next door neighbour may well be a pixie or an angel or a demon; your spouse may well be a demon! Judging by the divorce rate, there is a high percentage chance of this being the case.

* It's been tough going in this essay.

Let's finish on a humorous, scientific point:

Breakthrough medical news sent this morning to doctors who subscribe to Medscape Daily News (an American Medical Magazine): 'Cherries may prevent gout flares'.

Golly!! Even Simpletons have known this fact since the days of Atlantis!

But, Modern Medicine has just caught up with the ground breaking knowledge. Verily, Science is at the forefront of backwardness.

To be continued ..........

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

October 6, 2012



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