About Gnosticism 
Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
Warning: This essay can only be of interest to those who want to know the Truth of things. If you disagree with what I have written, don't argue, just follow your own knowledge, for my motto is "Take it or Leave it!"
I am not sure whether you have noted or not that the words "Gnosis, Gnostic, and Gnosticism" and such, have been hijacked in recent times by all and sundry as they distort the very value of these words.
Unawakened readers of various magazines which have articles supposedly giving Gnostic explanations, generally speaking, don't know what they are reading. 
Again it is a clear example of the New Agers and other workers of Evil high-jacking the Truth and twisting it to support their own work of maintaining the Virtual Reality and obfuscating the Gnostic Truth.
Any writings that are spurious and/or promote the Virtual Reality, you may have noted, are promoted with the enthusiasm of Zealots.
Writings that try to lift the Evil Veil of Deceit and expose Reality, any that portray the world as it truly is, with all its pain, suffering and injustices, are ignored, attacked or buried under layers of unsustainable rhetoric spewed by those who could review them honestly. If they do review them, the writings are misinterpreted so as to sound like utter nonsense. That's how Evil works!
One may read dozens of books and magazines on Spirituality, the Awakening to God, the Spiritual Path, etc., and not see mentioned once the word 'EVIL'. For those authors, supporters of the Veil of Untruth, Evil does not exist. But, as you will see, our very existence on this level of consciousness IS about our personal and general struggle against Evil. Upon the outcome of that struggle depends our spiritual survival.
As I glanced at some of the recent publications, I wondered, in fact, how long it would be before they started advertising "Gnostic Snake Oil" and "Gnostic alloy wheels" on which the New Agers could drive towards their (fast disappearing) delusion of a New Golden Age, for themselves, and for this moribund Earth.
This plane is run on deception, lies and maliciousness for it has been created by Evil, for Evil, to exploit the trapped True Beings, a concept I shall explain shortly. If you cannot accept that, you would be better off reading a Motor or Woodwork magazine, for the rest will not apply to you, or be of any benefit to you.
You must also be aware of the fact that truthful information, once expressed on this level, becomes embroiled in the pervasive, destructive, ubiquitous and evil pollution of the Dark Realm, so much so that even words of Avatars such as Jesus, Manichaeus, Buddha, Mohammed and the like have been twisted to serve the evil rodents (Archons) who control this plane.
This is very much on purpose, so as to prevent the trapped True Beings seeking the True Knowledge from the "Tree of Life" with which Jehovah threatened death to any who attempted to awaken to his evil scheme. The simplistic myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, as childishly depicted in Genesis of the Old Testament, is nothing more than that.
If you must be convinced that indeed, as Nietzsche emphatically stated, "Language falsifies Reality", then read the Old Testament. That will set the baseline of how much one can trust the words of that god, Jehovah, and the convoluted truths of this plane that form virtually indecipherable banality. There is a reason why I am making this point at length and I hope it becomes clearer below.
So, what is Gnosticism? How does one become a Gnostic? Who is a Gnostic? Can one convert to Gnosticism? The answers are as simple and as complicated as you want them to be.
Gnosticism is simply a label meaning "(Inner) Knowing". It has been used as a catch all phrase to describe those whom the so-called Christian church wanted to label as heretics. 
But in the Gnostic sense, Gnosticism means the state of internal knowledge one has from connecting to the personal Inner Nous! This is of fundamental importance. It is not an externally acquired knowledge. It is the Inner Individual Divine Knowledge, called Nous present in ALL True Beings. Not all humans, not all consciousnesses, are True Beings.
Of cause those who cut this Nous off can no longer be called Gnostic. They become Agnostic, which is, without Gnosticism, without the Inner Knowledge, the Inner Divine Nous, just like the empty counterfeit robots and demons created by the Demiurge, the architect of this Plane of Illusion, the Physical Universe.
Gnosticism therefore is not something one learns from books or from teachers or from schools and universities at all. What one would learn there is definitely not Gnosticism; it is the banality of distorted rhetoric as I pointed out above. Hence, we can again quote Frederick Nietzsche who said (I am paraphrasing) that to get to a semblance of truth, one must start by throwing out everything the theologians want to pass off as truth!
Gnosis, or Inner Knowing, is the Knowledge in the Inner Nuclei of True Beings. It is knowledge they have in their unique blueprint for their evolutionary path.
Before progressing further, I now need to explain by what I mean by True Being. Other explanations will follow later.
A True Being is a being created by the True God. Yes, indeed, as we will find out, there is also a false god, Jehovah, the god of this Evil Dimension. There are many dimensions, and indeed this one is unique; a very evil one, which will shortly be no more.
True Beings are made of Permanent Atoms, as distinct from untrue beings, or beings made with non-permanent atoms by the temporary, false god. All these concepts I have explained in detail in my books.
There are 2 types of non-Permanent Atom beings: "Robots" which are artificial consciousness occupying the bodies we have as humans, and "Demons" whose consciousnesses are made entirely of Dark Matter ­ not the astronomer's Dark Matter, but the Dark Matter of Undiluted Evil.
All True Beings were trapped in this dimension when it solidified due to a "Celestial Error" which spawned Evil.
All non-true beings are creations in, and of, this temporary dimension and cannot live outside of it without modifications made to their consciousnesses. This point is important to remember for when we discuss viability of beings at the time of destruction of this temporary Evil-created dimension which includes Earth, and the Solar System, all the Galaxies, etc.
True Beings have been created unique, and uniquely different. The truth they contain on the unique matrix of their created Divinity is going to express in unique ways. Hence, they would be foolish to allow their truth within to be constrained by external factors. But this is exactly what institutionalized religions try to do, in order to control people, control their minds, their thoughts, and their connection to their Inner Nous, in order to turn them into sheep! The false rhetoric of religions (which has some truths mixed in with it) attempts every method to cut the individual from the personal Inner Nous, their Gnosis, which, when expressed, is called collectively the Ancient Wisdom.
Because of variation in expressed Truth, each True Being will have what is essential for its survival in this hell and for its eventual liberation from this plane. This very fact, not understood at all by the agnostics, has spurred them on to attack Gnosticism for having indeterminate variability, and apparently 'shifting truths', unlike their institutions which had ossified pragmatism in the form of Dogma. Nonetheless what Gnostics had was the Truth, as compared to religious Untruth, and so they had to be attacked by the false religions every means possible where ever and whenever Gnosticism appeared.
The variations of Gnosticism come in the subtle points due, as I said above, to the individualistic variation of interpretive expression on this level, for Truth is Truth and immutable, ultimately. 
Thus, the basics of Gnosticism are inviolable Truths. They form the unchanging and unchangeable Principles of the Ancient Wisdom.
If you read anything that claims to be Gnostic, of Gnosis, of Gnosticism and does not include the following facts, then you know it is not true Gnosticism. It will be, in fact, trite nonsense. And there is plenty of it about, especially in New Age magazines in these days of turmoil when those without any inner truth are attempting to make sense of the madness that has gripped our dimension and to comfort themselves with the deceit and untruths that have worked so well for so long for them, or so it would seem. But really they are fooling themselves. They are due for a very rude, painful awakening to the Truth.
The basic Truths of Gnosticism are as follows:
* We are in the midst of a War of Essences, between Permanent, Divine Good and temporary, destructive Evil.
* Evil, as an Error of Expression, arising from a failed Celestial experiment, has usurped this part of Creation.
*  Evil has attempted destruction of unpolluted but trapped Theomorphs.
* Evil cannot live without the energy it exploits from the trapped Theomorphs.
* The Divine Good is winning the war, and liberating the trapped True Beings who have remained viable. That result was never in doubt.
* All Evil and all its Virtual Reality will be destroyed totally and forever by a Process of Transmutation.
I have written at length about these matters in my books.
On this framework of Truth one can place any and every detail which colour the expressions of the Individual Nous throughout creation. Hence, this truthful schema accommodates the following concepts:
* Avatars (visiting Higher Consciousnesses ­ also known as Sons and Daughters of God) have come into this dimension periodically to nurture the trapped True Beings; to remind them of what has happened, for many have forgotten, due to programming (clouding) of their minds by Evil. It is the Avatars who are conducting the Rescue Plan.
* Rescuers (call them what you will - Messiahs, etc.,) are Divine Beings still on the planet (and in all other structures of this Universe) that have, and are, liberating the trapped True Beings and the robots judged as viable, as they expose all Evil and its practices, so that it will be eventually destroyed.
* Teachers who guided trapped True Beings, and told it as it is, fought the demons and robots, and that often cost them their physical lives as we see throughout history.  History books are replete with the murderous attacks of the churches on Gnostics who were known as the Bogomils, the Albigensians, etc., etc.
* Revealers of Truth have often exposed the falsehood of this evil, temporary, exploiting pseudo-reality.
(The history of Gnosticism is fairly obscure to follow in extant texts, mainly because texts have been greatly distorted. However, for all intents and purposes, it can be traced to the Hyperborians, who were members of the Ancients, that is, the Divine Beings who escaped the material manifestation as it was created by the rebellious demigod. And it was they who continually fed information of what had happened to the stuporous beings who remained trapped within the dimension.
From that time to our era of recorded history, traces of the Gnostic knowledge can be found in the cultures and books of the following:
A. the Altaics, a race of Nomads in the Mongolian region,
B. the people of the Indus valley,
C. the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others of that region and time.
D. the history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, the Middle East Christians, and Mediterranean peoples.
E. the Druidic movement of Ancient Britain.
F. the doctrines of Manichaeus.
G. the writings of Luria of Safaad.
H. the Essenes as revealed in the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1947.
I. the early TRUE Christians, as revealed in the Nag Hammadi library discovered in 1945.
J. the writings of Hermes.
There are many, many others. In fact, gnostic thought is found in the history of any people of whom records exist. From the Altaics to the Hindi, knowledge of the war of Dualism remains as pseudo-mythology in the form of Rama's exploits in the Ramayana, of Krishna's in the Mahabarata, and, of course, in the production of the Puranas, Vedas, and Upanishads.   I shall elaborate on this in a subsequent essay )
* Prompts to awaken individuals to their Inner Nous often come from other levels.
* Aliens exist and are either Good or Evil. Evil ones tamper with the trapped True Beings (as in traumatizing scenarios) and Divine ones come to proceed with the Correction  as well as guiding individuals.
* In due course, the Good Aliens will evacuate the Viables from this doomed orb.
* The scenario of UFOs as found in all cultures, in all eras, is certainly accommodated in the Ancient Wisdom, of Gnosticism. Why such ships are required by Divine Consciousnesses in order to travel is logistical, and all consciousness must obey the laws of a local dimension on entering it. Thus, in the physical, consciousness can only express adequately in a physical manifestation.
* Gnosticism reveals the imminent physical death of the Universe, since, from the earliest days of its formation, the True Beings knew this dimension would come to an end and they would be rescued from this prison. This has been the promise to this level made by all the Avatars since the entrapment began.
* The ancient Gnostic Wisdom exposes the evilness of entrapping external dogma, restrictive religions, etc. Jesus, a Gnostic, was quoted as saying he was cutting True Beings away from the "Old Law"; that Sacerdotes had taken the Keys of Truth and hidden them, and that the priests attempting to guide people (deceive them really) were waterless canals. If you think Jesus was not aware of the existence of True Beings, Robots and Demons in society, read passages of the Nag Hammadi Library and see for yourself.  Different words are used, but the meaning of 3 different types of beings is clear. 
*  Gnosticism knows of the existence of the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which maintains this evil plane and traps True Beings who are targets for exploitation and spiritual assassination.
* It exposes the basic evilness of matter, which is a temporary, polluted, mis-creation of the temporal misfit Jehovah, a product of the temporary Evil Mind which was spawned in the Celestial Error.
* Gnosticism exposes the existence of the two feuding creations and has done so throughout history. It is for exposing the War of essences repeatedly that the Gnostics were mercilessly slaughtered. 
This is the very reason why Jesus was assassinated: He exposed the War of Essences, the Demons in charge of this world, and described them as liars and murderers like their father, the Devil (John 8:44). Thus, the real Jesus, a fearless warrior, was a totally different being from the effeminate pansy the pseudo-Christians try to paint for their mindless, robotic followers.  
* Gnosticism knows of the Battle to the spiritual death between Good and Evil. 
You can add to this list concepts and thoughts which are of value to you in your journey out of this filthy place. 
If life was not as True Gnosticism implies, what the heck are we all doing suffering and dying as we do? 
What is there to fight? 
Why would a God of Love and Bliss harangue and abuse us this way? 
All the answers which do not fit the above are spurious and devised to confuse you, to create a veil of deceit, to make you lose your way in finding out the Truth. 
That is why you must rely on your Inner Nous and only on that! 
Spiritual Awakening means awakening to one's truth within. 
That is what Gnosticism means. The Gnostic is one who has connected to his/her inner Personal Nous. It does not have to join anything, or believe any set of Dogmas, or have a prescribed education, or be wealthy, or white, or European, or so-called Christian.
Hence, all these societies, sects, cults, institutions, establishments, religions, etc., which like to call themselves Gnostic and pass themselves off as the real McCoy are nothing more than part of the veil of the Evil Illusion. They are no more than the deceptive charade imposed on this plane by the demiurge's demons and robots. Do not fall for their connivance.
So, where does that leave the likes of me? What am I on about? What is the point of all the connections I make, the communications, my publications?
I have explained often that the Viables are building an energy connection. Many of you have experienced this connection repeatedly, forcefully and pleasantly, as you have read my material, attended my lectures, listened to my shows, etc. 
Lately, if you are awakened, and in tune due to some degree of spiritual and physical cleansing, you will have noted a greatly increased concentration of the New Green Energy which is significantly assisting those Viables who are to be evacuated from here in due course.
I, and those who are helping me, are performing prescribed roles:
1 Distribution of energy with which True Beings can be:
I stimulated to awaken to their own Inner Nous,
Ii sustained until they gain enough strength to stand alone
Iii assisted to perform their roles.
2 We are finding "our own" so that we can, not only awaken them, but also help them see the Light, break their fetters and prepare them for transportation out of here.  Remember, our own, who constitute the Viables, are in all the classes of Consciousness, not just in the Human class. Thus, the Animal Class is involved, as are the  Vegetable and Mineral Classes, and those levels above Human Consciousness. 
3 By talking about Evil, its demons, its Virtual Reality, its Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, we are exposing the Negativity in all its forms. 
4 Exposure of Evil nullifies the effects of Evil. That is why evil beings hate being told about evil! Once exposed, they are far less efficient in their roles as energy thieves. Talk of  Evil reminds them of whom and what they are, and what is in store for them if they have failed to turn to the Light. Evil beings cringe at the mention of the word Evil, as do  most New Agers. They will go to extreme lengths to deny its existence. 
New Agers will tell you that Evil does not exist, or that it is only in the eye of the beholder, or that it is only a temporary condition in one's life, and that it is essential for balance, etc., etc.
That is nonsense. Evil is not simply the absence of Good, as the demon St. Augustine of Hippo, an avid enemy of Gnostics, would have you believe.
Evil is an active, malicious, destructive consciousness that leads to spiritual death of all things, if allowed to continue unabated.
And who, what, are New Agers? Are they joyful visionaries of a world others cannot imagine on this level, let alone see? 
No; not at all. They are the enemies of Goodness. They are the deniers of Evil, deniers of the Correction of this Abomination. Unmasked, they are seen for what they are ­ Demons who are programmed to uphold the Virtual Reality and its false joy at all costs. Their ranks, of course, are swelled by mindless robots and unawakened beings that they have managed to deceive with their buffoonery. 
Knowing this information and knowing that this Divine Rescue of Viable Consciousness is occurring on many levels and dimensions simultaneously (I have often stressed the fact that existence is multi-dimensional) our role of awakening True Beings to their Inner Nous is served by the very work some of us are doing. 
Now you may understand why I am not interested in members, adherents, disciples, sheep, sheople, sycophants, and the like. The connection to the Nous should be about personal liberation and freedom, not immersion into the dogmatic straightjacket of theological, religious, theosophical or philosophical, evil-inspired nonsense.
This then brings me to the next point: You will have noted that I have often said to read my material and take whatever you find of value. That is because, each being is unique, and will find a stimulus to awaken from diverse thoughts that I have written. Not all the points will strike the readers in the same manner. 
The writings are to act as mental stimuli, reactants, facilitating enzymatic precursors, not as dogma. 
Once you awaken to YOUR truth, off you go! If it is the Divine Truth, you are a Gnostic. You have the Gnosis, the Nous, the Inner Knowing, regardless of how little formal education you may have had, and regardless of how many useless facts of this pseudo-reality you entertain in your head. 
This stimulation cannot occur unless the ENERGY content of the writings is recognized! 
And this is where the demons and robots stumble badly, very badly, in fact. They are evil and are repelled by the energy. They cannot make sense of it. They are confused and threatened. But they do not know the reason why. When it is explained to them that it is the Energy Content, (it is the New Green Energy) they refuse to accept it, even as they blabber away headlong into the Terminal Madness of the Endtime!
The act of awakening the trapped True Beings cannot be separated from the Message being given to the Demons and Robots that this is the End! There is no more for them.
The false ones instead want to stress their divinity and the divinity of this putrid tormented and tormenting earth. Unashamedly, they will tell you they are 'god'. They will tell you with a straight face that there is no Evil and all are going to be rewarded by being elevated to greater heights of bliss, even as the nauseating vileness of the plane sends more and more into the Terminal Madness of the Endtime and, of late, to increasing incidents of gruesome, punitive suicide!
The ones created by evil are blind as well as liars. The more the whole Universe fragments ­ and there is plenty of evidence that this is occurring at an accelerated rate ­ the more the New Agers attempt to convince themselves the terminal fragmentation of all the physical is a Healing Process, which it is not of course, and that the end result will be bliss for all, no matter how destructive, hateful and evil they have been. The bliss will be in a new paradigm. And where is the evidence for this? There is none. We have to take their word.
Can you imagine any greater idiocy? 
Their false claim that the dying earth will heal itself soon, spontaneously, and turn into bliss, is like saying that a 90 year old in a palliative ward, minutes from death, will suddenly jump out of bed and run a world record for the marathon. 
All the evidence points to termination on this level. In the previous essay, I enumerated the problems in most areas of our existence.
Thus, words such as these I am writing now allow a very easy segregation of factions. They allow the obvious separation of the two creations. 
Those who truly perceive the energy and are buoyed by it are well and truly on their way out of this doomed dimension.
Those who are spiritually blind and cannot even admit the existence of Evil are evil themselves and doomed to shortly exist no more. 
Those who are threatened, frightened, nay terrified, by what I write, and by the contents of the True Gnostic Wisdom, are the Demons and Robots that have nothing but Gloom and Doom staring them in the face. 
Theirs is not a joyous liberation from Evil, even though many of them sycophantically and reflexly daily recite the Lord's Prayer which ends with " ... delivery us from Evil, Amen".
How can they recite this and not believe in Evil? They are hypocrites. 
What the heck do they think this means, if not exactly what it implies? 
So then, let's apply some of this knowledge.
If someone says to you Gnosticism is a hodge-podge of varying thought, an heretical off-shoot of early Christianity, your answer of necessity is "Sure that's how the evil Archons want to represent it. Actually, Gnosticism is the indestructible Truth contained in the eternal spirit!"
This then recognizes a redundancy in all the literature that the evil archons come out with. Look at what the Norway Gnostic Society does (that label, as all labels, sort of wants to make one laugh with this explanation, does it not?). It has indiscriminately collated all the nonsense containing the word Gnostic and presented it as Gnosticism, with perfunctory remarks about the most obvious distortions. These old books, manuscripts and writings are anything but Gnosticism. They are distortions of distortions, often written by polemicists to destroy Gnostic thought. 
There are 2 other aspects I wish to discuss.  
The first is the fact that this information cannot be classified as rarefied theoretical ruminations of an individual. Having started off by writing about metaphysical concepts such as other realms and dimensions, the properties of spiritual bodies, programming effects on minds, transmutation, essences, and ontology of identities, I then wrote that this generation has moved swiftly to pragmatic empiricism whether you agree or not. 
What do I mean by that? I mean that the concepts of Finality of the Physical, of the exposure of the Evil Essence, of its destruction via Transmutation, of the collapse of all the Physical Dimension and the Evil Empire are concepts and occurrences which we see, we witness, and we cannot miss. 
I have given details repeatedly in my writings. I gave you the prophecies of these things before they began to happen and I told you the how, when and why of it all. I could not do more than that. And it is in print for all to witness. If you are interested, check out the essay called 'Terminal Madness of the Endtime' that I wrote in the 1990s just for starters.
Now we come to the next extremely important point which concerns the reaction of the general populace to this information that forms the platform of True Gnosticism. 
If this information was the sum collation of the random thoughts of someone who has an overactive mind and nothing better to do, do you not think it would have been dismissed as fiction? 
Why do the Demons and Robots react so adversely to this information? 
Why can they not stand to have these facts revealed? 
You know the answer, and so do they.
The answer is that it is the energy content within the information which confronts and threatens them like nothing ever has before. And deep within, even though they may not admit it just yet, they are terrified witless. 
They try to laugh, if they do not abuse, as they scurry from one to the other to support themselves in thinking I am of no consequence. For them, ad hominum attacks against me, to shoot the messenger, are obligatory, as I have often noted. Such has been the case throughout history. 
But eventually as they exhaust all alternate explanations, they will succumb to the thought "What if he is right?" and finally "He is right after all!" That will be the very end for them.
All that will be left will be the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. 
Those of you who have been awakened know that you have been awakened, not by any intellectual argument which has been presented, but by a force which lit a Light within you and allowed you to resonate at the same frequency of the energy within these words and the ones in my books, once you heard what I had to say, and once you read what I wrote.
Of course, for most, on first meeting this material, the lower mind struggles to make sense of it and attempts to reject it, for it conflicts with the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination our bodies and their lower minds have been subjected to for a long, long time.
If you did awake, retrospectively you may even remember when the bell in your head began to ring, and you may realize, if you have not already done so, that your recognition of the Truth within you, your awakening, really had nothing to do with intellect or science, or extraneous facts or outer mind reasoning at all. 
The awakening occurred at a level deep within you which connected you to a side of you which you had probably not known existed. A whole new dimension in your being awoke and a self-confidence, an assurance arose which you would probably be at a loss to describe in mere words. 
That was probably the time you connected to the Gnostic Nous within which then confirmed the stimulus from this information being the correct one for you, regardless of whether it was a stimulus arising from the discussion of the history of Gnosticism, or of UFOs, other Realms, the Plan for the Final Correction of Evil, the coming Rescue of Viables, or the mechanisms of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which evil has used to keep us stupefied and moribund in its Virtual Reality, which I say again is fast collapsing.
No one needs to understand every concept of Gnosticism or its spirituality and metaphysics in order to succeed in awakening, in becoming truly God-realized and in preparing for the coming Liberation from Evil.
That last sentence makes no sense to Evil Beings, for they cannot understand anything outside of Evil. They cannot comprehend existence outside of this evil Dimension. They are blind to the True Light, and truth to them is the Unreality in which, and for which, they have been temporarily created. 
The small percentage of robots that have turned to the Light are an exception. To them the sentence is significant.
Returning to the Awakening Process, realize that, in fact, it is often a time-wasting diversion which can trap one into a peripheral, mental cul de sacs to try and understand everything in the physical mind. 
First of all it is not necessary that we understand everything in creation ­ we certainly don't.
And secondly, many concepts are not translatable into the mental paradigm of physicality which we have. We simply are incapable of comprehending thoughts which are beyond the brain function of these bodies. 
But the Nous of the Inner Being knows these things and that is why the being with such Nous is content in its own knowledge. At best this translates onto the physical brain and its mind as a feeling of "INNER KNOWING" that all will be well, for those of True Love, in due course. 
No doubt many of you have experienced this mental elation often, even in the direst of circumstances. It is the transcendentalism and also the untranslatability of the true knowledge of the Gnostic Nous which give this inner confidence and its psychic and mental stability in the worst of times. 
That is how Gnostic martyrs were able to march to their deaths on countless occasions. They knew the Truth. They had the Inner Knowing. No one had to tell them. 
Thus, indeed, the Truth within them set them free!
And that is what the Gnostic Truth is doing to those who have the Inner Nous of Gnosticism. 
But the lack of such a saving NOUS now, in the agnostic demons and robots, will afford no protection, as:
A  the programming of the plane dissipates ­ we are already witnessing this in fragmenting minds, erratic behaviour, disobedience on a grand scale, atavism, etc.
B the whole physical dimension fractures ­ many times have I enumerated the ways that is happening, 
C  Failures are shrouded in the psychic, mental and emotional uncertainty of their illusional deception, and their useless denial of the Endtime. Their state will be madness without the Inner Knowledge and without the protection of the Nous. This is the Terminal Madness of the Endtime I have written about. This is the cause of the wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is why, near the End, some of the living will envy the dead. Do not lose energy with these descriptions. All have had countless chances to turn to  the True Light and live in Love, Peace and Harmony. Instead, these that are failures will have remained as liars, murderers and hypocrites to disadvantage the True  Beings,  for it suited them to do so.
I have given details of where, when, how, and why the Final End will come for this planet in the literature I have published and the lectures and shows that I have given.
Indeed, especially in the early days, those who thought they knew better scoffed, as ignorant fools are want to do, at what I had to say. All I could do was bide my time. I knew with the Gnostic Certainty that all I had said and written would come to pass. 
Agnostics who pretended to seek spiritual answers said it was impossible that the situation was as I prophesied. Thus they went searching for other explanations. 
As each section of Humanity's Charade of false knowledge fails now, in this day and age, when the changes I describe are obvious to all, attempts by the Agnostics to provide meaningful answers also fail, and they will fall back, defeated, into a corner with the thought which they can no longer reject. Namely, that it is only this information which is left and which can provide the real answers all seek, for this is the True Gnosticism. This is the True Ancient Wisdom.
The genuineness of this information for failures and Agnostics will not be confirmed through the indelible due process of Gnostic Nous, for they have none, but from a painful process of deductive elimination which will strangle their minds. 
It will be painful and strangling for them, for they will realize the validity of this information contains also the affirmation of their failure, an ultimate exposure of their ontological nature and their fate. 
This they cannot contain. Hence, they will suffer the mental consequences I have described many times. But they have only themselves to blame for part of their self-imposed punishment will be to realize the validity of the very things they have denied so many, many times, namely, their evil nature and their ways which they refused to change, their need to account and the need for their final elimination, after repeated refusals to turn to the Light.
There is no need to understand all the concepts but it is of implied importance that one understands why all this is happening. 
From the reaction to disasters which I have discussed many times in the past, it is obvious most do not understand in the slightest what is happening. 
But slowly, inevitably, shockingly for them, it will dawn on them that this is the Final Generation. This is it! And they are NOT in control and neither is their evil father, the demiurge, Jehovah, one of the names of the evil Mind, which is no more.
I certainly do not want to linger on the necessary physical changes of the Clearing, nor on the dementing process of Agnostic demons and robots, and failed True Beings, for I would rather increase our Harmony and Joy, even as we all suffer inexorably in this dung-heap.
I shall do that by telling you soon we will be in an Evil-free Zone, in a state free of pain, misery and suffering; free of disease and death; free of physical, mental, emotional and psychic exploitation and all the other mechanisms which make this place Hell, including the confusion, doubt, uncertainty and the programming, pollution and indoctrination. 
Soon we will be in a much better place. However, I do want to mention the Nihilistic approach of some to the Endtime. 
The fact that, when not programmed to be nihilistic and irrational, the thought of Transmutation fills the consciousness with horror implies that the process is some sort of disaster which the consciousness would rather not undergo. That too will add to the naked terror of failed ones. Hence, when the physical mind is no longer protected by the programming of the Illusion, for the Illusion itself is destroyed beyond serviceability, that terror of the consciousness will seep onto the physical mind which will find its state intolerable, compounding its madness. Any thoughts then of Nihilism will have the irrelevance of full dismissal, for the consciousness thus affected will realize its nihilistic tendency was simply a false protective mechanism masking the reality of its fate.
There is no physical, mental or psychic escape from the process of Correction, Translocation of the viable ones and Transmutation of the self-judged failed ones.
Will I, like Christopher Columbus, parade in the streets to shout "I told you so" in their faces? I think not. I have much better things to do with my time and energy. Besides, those four words will ring in their minds so loudly they will be almost deafened to their cries of despair, but not quite. And even louder will be the nagging thought in each "I have no one but myself to blame for my failure. I am not worthy to continue!" Thus will each have passed its own sentence.
Many, no doubt will want to ask, what was in it for me? I, like you, have a lower body with its brain and mind, and a Higher Consciousness working through the lower body. 
Like all awakeners, I needed to awaken and connect the lower and Higher beings. I needed to contact my Nous and I needed to accept the offer to perform the role which I would be assigned if I accepted. And this occurs to every True Being on this plane. 
Once I accepted, my task, aided by the many other workers on this level and many other levels, was to assist other True Beings to awaken and prepare for evacuation. It is as simple and as complicated as that. 
Details of how we came together with other workers, how my awakening was accelerated, how I acquired the knowledge which I have in part distributed, etc., are not all that important. 
I have detailed some of them in a book about my experiences, including my UFO experiences.
Time, on this absurd level, is short. And that, the viable ones will realize, is not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all, for it means the end of all those evil things which we have been forced to bear!
No bonus points for guessing why the agnostic demons and robots are hostile to this information. It is aspects of Gnostic Truth which they have been programmed to bury. 
Now you know why they slaughtered all Gnostics whenever they appeared anywhere on the planet, even though those Gnostics tried to live a sedate, secluded life away from the demons. 
But this time is different indeed. Nonetheless, the failures simply do not want to hear it. And that reveals another side of them. Besides being mendacious, extremely deceitful, exploitative and devilishly lustful, they are cowards of renown. Sure they bully and slaughter whenever they can, but when faced with the Truth or an awakened True Being, with the essence working within her or him, they are seized with the panic of doomed morons. 
They then stoop to the overt hatred and name calling we all know so well. That is why I had written earlier that up until now, on this evil level, the greater the demon, the greater the exultation s/he received and that the greater the Light bearer, the greater the humiliation, abuse and ridicule s/he has to endure.
The fact that so few now appear to be viable Theomorphs in this spiritual black hole is not as remarkable as it may seem when you realize the spiritual carnage that has occurred.
The majority of Theomorphic consciousnesses has already been evacuated in 1999 as I revealed elsewhere.
There will always be knockers who wish to denigrate anyone else's spiritual progress. They will not be able to do it for much longer, I tell you.
But, who cares what the demons say? They have no understanding whatsoever, so how can they judge what is going on in the world? They try to judge because they are evil fools and evil fools always judge in ignorance!
If you have the Gift of the Inner Nous, be a student and attain further Wisdom. Do not be a fatuous boaster.
Copyright: J Chiappalone January 12, 2012
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