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Free The 99%
By Jim Kirwan
This 'movement' is about the 99% around the world who are in the process of 'Freeing Themselves," from the NIGHTMARES that have engulfed billions of peoples the world over.
There are of course dozens of deceptive organizations such as 'Move-ON' and all the other garbage that has been pretending to represent the public for decades, including all of Americas' political parties. But none of these so-called political parties has ever had the welfare of their members uppermost; at least not since I was old enough to be able to comprehend any of their written documents.
This is the first real effort here, to actually attempt to untangle the specific nightmares that were created to crush us within so much governmental red tape, criminality and confusion that it has become no longer possible to live anything like an authentic life anymore. For example in a recent article I mentioned just how many things are now PROHIBITED by one facet or another of everyday society. A critic of mine suggested;
"What we should do is to 'stop questioning' how much we have lost and concentrate instead of what we still have that we can actually still do!"
I agreed with him, for the sake of argument, but suggested that he immediately make a list of those things that anyone still do without having to pay fees, or fines, or without having to have a permit, a license or special permission from anyone or anything else?
He started to compose his list but was unable to list a single thing that did not require government involvement at every level of the potential activity to be undertaken. . . Please think about this and try to make
up your own list: THIS COULD ASTOUND YOU ­ because it will clearly demonstrate beyond all the articles you might have read; just how much of your entire life has NOW been TAKEN OVER BY THIS CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT!
POWER ~ IMPOTENCE: True power is about letting go, while Impotence is about clutching to the last cent, everything that was not yours in the first place.
Here is something else that has yet to arise in this new-push to FREE the 99%.
Whenever the public tends to think about religions; most tend to categorize this topic as having to do with formal religious affiliations. But there are way many MORE religions that most of us have ever even considered. For instance:
GREED; POWER; MONEY & CORRUPTION: These are all religions, perhaps not in the formal sense but they are all as powerful or more powerful than any of the ancient religious affiliations: In terms of what they have the power to do TO THE SOCIETIES, in which they attempt NOT just to function; but to DESTROY the host society upon which they each feed.
The same thing is true for all the other completely self-absorbed fantasies that attempt to dictate behavior to the larger society: All the SINS borrowed from religions that are currently being prosecuted under the false-color of "laws" enacted by the secular society: This covers sexual-behavior; drugs (legal & illegal), habits of all types that have not been approved-of by the NEW-OLD Victorians among us: And virtually every act that someone out there might be made uncomfortable by. A healthy society teaches its members how to adapt to discomfort as well as how to make time to enjoy oneself to the fullest! It is this positive aspect of this society that has traded in our "right" to enjoy ourselves throughout the course of our daily lives that has been targeted and utterly DESTROYED by the 1% who are now demanding absolute OBEDIENCE TO ALL THEIR OWN PERVERTED BEHAVIORS, at the expense of our normal lives in every areas of life from sex to child rearing, to education to the OPPORTUNITIES that no longer exist to make ANY CHOICES in any area where "choice" can mean the literal difference between life and death!
Yesterday I had a rather intense discussion with someone that disagrees with me intensely about the validity of Freeing the 99%. He said: "This was pointless; it will just revert as it always does to the few criminals that will control us all." He continued: "This has always been the same ­ always-going back to the Romans!" The discussion continued but I thought about it more overnight; which is what brought me back to the computer.
The point here is simple: It has been this way for over 5,000 years: Is it not time that we became responsible for ourselves and stopped looking to everyone else to "take care of us" as if we are all nothing but a bunch of children that are incapable of doing anything for ourselves? Have we yet not understood that to surrender all the major decisions in your life to some or to many different self-proclaimed 'AUTHORITES' is to die without noticing the fact of your own death, even though you are still walking around-for all intents and purposes-in everything that counts, if you are not in-charge of your own life, then you are definitely DEAD both to yourself and to the wider world. (1)
The wars must end in order to end the SECRET NO-BID CONTRACTS; which are the only reason for the wars in the first place. Watch this US Marine, and listen to his words very carefully ­ for he not only served in Iraq and Afghanistan, so did his mother and his father. This man apparently only KNOWS war. But in that knowledge he has learned how important any life can be: And he obviously KNOWS how disgusting are the behaviors of the NYPD in their demonstrations in his own city. The Trolls of NYPD did not lay a hand upon this man because his words and his demeanor made that impossible ~ this is what our efforts to assist the 99% in freeing themselves is all about. . . (2)
Incidentally there are literally millions of combat veterans all over this country. What if every one of them that joins in these demonstrations was to come dressed in combat fatigues? That might drive home the point that this entire nation has been USED & ABUSED by this government to the extremes that go beyond what is expected of all the rest of us. But moreover if the cops had to attempt to deal with our own armed forces at these demonstrations ­ that might prove to be an entirely other circumstance; in ways that could clearly change the behavior of the overweight trolls who are so bent on punching the innocent and defenseless at every opportunity?
Unlike Chris Hedges ­ I am older, and while I have never covered the wars he has seen up-close and personal; I have been here in the trenches, in this country all my adult life. For me the fight is NOT over, and this potential liberation (at our own hands) is the outcome that I have been chasing for the world, since I began to work on this back in 1964. Watch what he has to say and then add it to what you have either done or not done: Then ask yourself whether or not you are, in reality a real American, or just some hyphenated position holder in some irrelevant political party whose only goal has always been the total subjugation of everyone in this country and the world! (3)
THIS MATTERS, most of the rest of what we've been doing probably does not. . .
1) Think for Yourself
2) Marine Combat Veteran vs. The Cowardly NYPD
3) Chris Hedges: "This one could take them all down"
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